6 Creative Program Ideas for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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On a recent trip to Chicago, I checked out the Museum of Contemporary Art. As I walked around delighting in the weirdness that is contemporary art, I realized how advantageous it can be to not have any permanent exhibits. Arts & Cultural arts programming membership strategy

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Arts & Cultural Takeaways from bbcon 2019

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It’s been nearly two months since bbcon 2019 in Nashville, and I’m still thinking about the live music, inspiring mainstage content, and incredible sessions delivered in the Arts & Cultural track. With 150+ attendees from the Arts & Cultural community in attendance, we had so many great opportunities for sharing best practices and rallying around big ideas in our space. Arts & Cultural arts fundraising bbcon bbcon 2019

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Top #GivingTuesday Takeaways for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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Museums or performing arts centers can do the same but ask their followers to name new statues or caption new pieces of art. Arts & Cultural Nonprofit Fundraising #GivingTuesday arts fundraising Giving Tuesday tips year-end fundraising tipsThe results are in – and this year was the biggest # GivingTuesday yet! GivingTuesday Data Collaborative?reports reports that in the U.S.?online

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#GivingTuesday: The Arts & Culture Way

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Arts and Cultural organizations are capitalizing on this giving movement by creating a clear call-to-action attached to customized campaigns. Don’t let it pass without acting and have fun building your Arts & Culture campaign.

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Celebrating Women Leaders in the Arts & Cultural Sector for International Women’s Day 2020

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I had a total fan-girl moment meeting Colleen when she delivered the Arts & Cultural track’s keynote at bbcon 2019 in Nashville last October. These are just a few of the countless women in the arts and cultural space who we we’re grateful to work with.

3 Lessons Arts & Cultural Organizations Can Learn from Retail

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Being new to the arts & cultural space (career-wise, not interest-wise), I’ve been doing a lot of reading to get a better understanding of this industry. What’s surprised me are the parallels I see with other industries – namely retail where I was most recently focused – and it got me thinking: what can arts & cultural organizations learn from the retail industry? What are they doing, and can we apply the same concepts in arts & cultural?

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Performing Arts Fundraising: How to Target Life-Long Supporters

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Almost every arts organization would say that audience development is vital to their long term viability. Arts and cultural organizations are left wondering: Who should we focus on because they have the potential to become long-term patrons?

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Inconveniently, Subscriptions Still Sustain the Arts

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This post was originally published on Analysis from TRG Arts. Have you ever wondered why so many arts organizations still sell subscriptions? Many in the arts industry say that the subscription model is dead. Today, many arts organizations believe that they have to change or die.

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4 New Year’s Resolutions for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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To help, here are some thought-starters from the Blackbaud Arts & Cultural team – along with a sneak-peek at what we have planned for 2020 so far. . . All too often, bright, talented people burnout and leave arts and cultural work because of the cumulative effects of toxic stress. Arts & Cultural community involvement Donor Engagement member engagement2020 is here!

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One Mom’s Tips for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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As I think about arts & cultural institutions, I realize that my family is an ideal target for these organizations. What does our consumption of arts & cultural organizations look like? For performing arts, maybe something as simple as adding a reminder to my calendar on the day and time tickets go on sale. Here are some ways that arts & cultural organizations can address the desire for something different.

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Generational Giving at Arts & Cultural Organizations – A Donor Story

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Maybe think about activities you could support that would offer parents a place for their kids to go and learn, like a movie series, art classes, or a small-scale concert. Instead of an event, create a little scavenger hunt for kids to complete as they walk through your historic mansion or art museum, to make it fun for kids to explore and learn. My inclination toward the arts and cultural world was naturally occurring.

4 Clever Ways to Recruit and Retain More Members at Arts & Cultural Organizations

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These aren’t just jokes for people who like art — they’re real membership categories at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in Charleston. Al though I live a thousand miles away, I almost bought a membership just to support their art puns. .

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3 Things Arts and Cultural Organizations Can Do to Make Visitors Feel More Comfortable When They Reopen

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Colleen surfaces several insights that are out of the control of arts organizations , such as the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine and the government lifting travel, movement and access restrictions. .

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7 Ways for Arts & Cultural Organizations to Retain Members

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Members are the catalyst of your arts or cultural organization. Arts & Cultural Aquariums Donor Stewardship Gardens Museums performing arts sustaining members ZoosThey believe in your staff, your mission and support your goals. And while attracting new members is a never-ending process, retaining existing members is equally as important.

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Embracing a More Diverse Audience in Arts and Culture

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Sara Woldt is an MBA candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Bolz Center for Arts Administration with career interests in marketing and development. If arts and cultural nonprofits fail to cultivate more diverse audiences, they risk decreased attendance and bankruptcy.

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#BBCON 2016| What’s in It for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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Knowing that those three days are so jam-packed with content, I often get asked what bbcon offers for arts administrators, and the answer is…a lot! So I went ahead and picked out some of the top sessions for Arts & Cultural organization to make planning your conference journey just a little bit easier. Maximizing Engagement at Your Arts & Cultural Organization – Learn how you can move your visitors from “hello” to “I do” with a personalized journey for your supporters.

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Pricing Discrimination: Should Your Performing Arts Org Price Based on Demand?

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So if Coca Cola can’t pull it off, can your performing arts organization? Scaling the house: scaling the house refers to dividing the seats of a performing arts venue into those that are more and less desirable and charging different prices for them based on that desirability.

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Arts nonprofit? Read this now!


There’s a new resource for people in nonprofit arts whose work involves technology. I am extremely excited to be helping start a NonProfit Arts Community of Practice through the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). PLEASE JOIN and/or share with your arts colleagues. HEADS UP!

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Insta-what? Pin it where? Why should arts and cultural organizations use Instagram and Pintrest?

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Arts and cultural organizations have an advantage over other nonprofit organizations : they have things to take pictures of. Note: I also think this could be great for performing arts organizations. Are you using Instagram or Pintrest at your arts and cultural organization?

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5 Nonprofit Trends at Arts and Cultural Organizations

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As always, I read this article through the lens of our arts and cultural customers. As a result, I put together my perspective on this game changing technology for arts and cultural organizations. What other trends are you seeing in arts and cultural technology for 2014?

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The Art of Innovation


The Art of Innovation. I was asked recently as part of an interview what my favorite quote is.

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Walk in Your Visitor’s Shoes: How to use the Buyer’s Journey to increase Attendance at your Arts & Cultural Organization

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Arts & c ultural organizations can use this framework to send the right messages to the right people at the right time. . Let’s consider each stage from a n arts & cultural point of view and for our purposes rename this a visitor’s journey. . purchase prior to the summer) and emails from performing arts centers with their performance line-up and when tickets go on sale. . Read more: 7 Ways for Arts & Cultural Organizations to Retain Members . .

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Augmented Reality and Social Good: The Art of Creating Meaningful AR

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Paul will be joined by Nik Honeysett, Guru board member and keynote speaker for bbcon’s Arts and Cultural track! Guru is also sponsoring the arts and cultural reception on October 17th from 8:00 to 10:00pm ET, at the Museum of Industry.

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Can Public Art Increase Civic Participation?

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NSD) aimed to improve the voting experience and increase civic engagement using public art. Use Art to Tackle the “Big Issues”. We also worked with the Mural Arts’ Restorative Justice Program, specifically with The Guild.

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The Art Of Change Leadership

Eric Jacobsen Blog

The Art of Change Leadership demystifies the psychology behind our reactions to change and offers a powerful collection of tools to inspire individual and collective transformation quickly and more effectively, explains author of the book, Cheryl Cran.

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Disney’s Secret Sauce – 3 Learnings You Can Take Back To Your Arts Organization Today

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I appreciated seeing all the additional innovations that have continued, and it also reminded me how much of this applies directly to the Arts and Cultural space. This should be a core value of any arts and culture organization.

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Crowd Fundraising for the Arts: No Running, Walking, or Freezing Plunges Required

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Here are 3 arts and cultural organizations that have given crowd fundraising a go for compelling causes: National Air & Space Museum. Are there works of art you want to restore? Nonprofit Fundraising Arts & Cultural crowd fundraising crowdfunding fundraising ideas peer to peer

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The Dallas Museum of Art Took a Major Risk, and The Outcome Has Been Remarkable.

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By Jen Leavitt, Arts and Cultural Consultant. . About a year ago, the Dallas Museum of Art did something truly innovative. Dallas Museum of Art has taken the concept of website and email marketing metrics and made them analogue.

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Personal Stories – Arts Orgs Need Not Apply?

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Working with arts organizations there are often concern that your constituent stories aren’t as impactful. million likes surely someone touting the effect of music and art on their lives can get just as many. If a mother or counselor calls you to express gratitude for that after school program, that summer art camp that kept her child off the streets or the guitar class in the gym on Saturdays, dig in. Annual Fund Fundraising Arts & Cultural museum

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Fill More Seats and Boost Engagement with These Arts Pricing Terms

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It’s no secret that arts pricing is one of my favorite topics (See here. I do recognize, however, that arts pricing may not be at the top of everyone’s happy hour conversation starters. TRG Arts describes this as placing patrons in the venue in a way that makes a house feel fuller.

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Finding Data Management Solutions for Arts and Culture Organizations


Arts and culture organizations such as media companies, magazines, public radio stations, museums, theaters, and arts advocates have unique needs when it comes to data management. CRM arts and culture

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Introducing: The Art of Relevance

Museum 2.0

My new book, The Art of Relevance , is now available and ready to move from my computer to your hands. WHAT'S IN IT The Art of Relevance is about how mission-based institutions can matter more to more people. The Art of Relevance is not a how-to. Book: The Art of Relevance

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The Art of Social Media Listening


The Art of Listening from Jason Falls. A good refresher by Jason Falls. ————– ( photo credit ). Debunking the Hype Implementation Risk and Social Media

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The Seven Arts Of Change

Eric Jacobsen Blog

David Shaner's compelling, The Seven Arts of Change , shows business leaders that transforming a business only happens when each employee equates organizational change with the process of deep personal growth.

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The Top 4 Challenges Facing Arts and Cultural Organizations

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Integrated Marketing Arts & Cultural Membership online ticketing ticketing Guest post by Jonathon Leeke, Product Manager at Blackbaud. .

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? Art iPads from Darien Library - YouTube

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? Art iPads from Darien Library - YouTube : Published on Nov 11, 2013 Darien Library is offering iPads loaded with apps and programs designed to allow users the opportunity to explore the relationship between art and technology.

5 Ways Arts & Cultural Organizations Should be Using QR Codes

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Integrated Marketing Arts & Cultural eMail marketing for nonprofits fundraising ideas qr code ticketing QR codes, short for quick response codes, are the perfect way to get patrons (and potential patrons) more information about your organization. They connect your offline marketing with your online content. You can direct constituents to buy tickets on your website, become a member, register for an event, make a donation, or sign up to be a volunteer.

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Halcyon's By The People Festival: How One Organization is Using Data to Unite People Around Art


Halcyon is a DC-based arts and culture organization that brings together diverse groups of changemakers in art and social enterprise and provides a safe haven for their bold ideas to take flight. CRM arts and culture

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[Tips for Nonprofits] The Art and Science of Persuasive Fundraising

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A while ago, I read a book called Influence Science and Practice by Robert B. Cialdini. In this book Cialdini wrote about why he was always duped into buying Girl Scout cookies. Each year, he was persuaded to buy more boxes than the year before.

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Inspiring Loyalty: Donor Stewardship in Arts and Culture

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Sara Woldt is an MBA candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Bolz Center for Arts Administration with career interests in marketing and development. Stewardship is often discussed as it relates to university advancement and is more rarely discussed in terms of arts and cultural organizations. Stewardship Arts & Cultural donor retention fundraising tips

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The Seven Arts Of Change

Eric Jacobsen Blog

David Shaner's compelling, The Seven Arts of Change , shows business leaders that transforming a business only happens when each employee equates organizational change with the process of deep personal growth.

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The Marriage of Art and Technology - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly

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The Marriage of Art and Technology - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly : "Suitable Technologies recently partnered with eight U.S. The eight inclusive museums include San Francisco’s de Young Museum, Seattle Art Museum, San Diego Museum of Art, Detroit Institute of Arts, San Diego Air and Space Museum, San Diego Museum of Man, San Jose’s Computer History Museum, and the University of South Dakota’s Natural History Museum.

5 Steps to Content Marketing Success for Arts and Cultural Nonprofits

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How can arts and cultural organizations start leveraging content marketing? There are 5 steps to start a content marketing program at your arts and cultural organization. Arts and cultural organizations have an unfair advantage when it comes to content creation.

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