Boosting Arizona's Philanthropic Resources

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Arizona Grantmakers Forum. In my last post , I highlighted the current status of Arizona's philanthropic sector, based on a research report released by Arizona Grantmakers Forum in January 2011. While the markets have rebounded somewhat since 2008 and thus individual and foundation assets have grown, it's unlikely that Arizona's relative position compared with other states has changed. 1] It would be interesting to see how Arizona compares on all these factors.

What are you doing for Arizona Gives Day?

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Arizona Gives Day Nonprofit. Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits. Join the hundreds of Arizona nonprofits who are combining forces on the one day that the people of Arizona have the power to raise as much money as possible for the state’s nonprofit sector through the fastest growing method of giving: online fundraising. The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and The Arizona Grantmakers Forum have teamed up to do what has never been done before in our state.


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Ask a Nonprofit Specialist - Arizona Gives Day

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Is the upcoming Arizona Gives Day a good opportunity to do this? I made my modest gifts, despite living in Arizona, and these, combined with over 88,000 other gifts raised over $20 million in one 24 hour period to support Colorado nonprofit organizations. Arizona nonprofit organizations can participate in our own Arizona Gives Day on April 9, 2014. In order to do so, Arizona organizations should be preparing now to maximize their results.

Research Friday: Take our fun quiz on the nonprofit sector in Southern Arizona!

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In celebration of the ASU Lodestar Center’s official expansion of programs into Southern Arizona, we have put together a fun 11-question quiz on Southern Arizona’s nonprofit sector. It is based on our newly released research report: Scope of the Nonprofit Sector: Southern Arizona. Note: Southern Arizona, in this report and quiz, is defined as Pima, Cochise, and Santa Cruz counties. research friday Stephanie La Loggia Scope of the Nonprofit Sector: Southern Arizona

Public Allies Arizona: Burning You With the 5 Core Values

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posted by Chrisal Valencia Member Events & Volunteer Coordinator Local First Arizona Public Allies has played a very definitive role in my life. As I prepped for what I wanted to say to the next graduating class of Public Allies Arizona, I took a queue from my own days as an ally and reflected. Chrisal Valencia is the Member Events & Volunteer Coordinator (& wearer of multiple hats) for Local First Arizona.

Public Allies Arizona: Getting Things Done for America

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posted by Annie Bello Graduate Public Allies Arizona I quickly realized that Public Allies was no cop out when we were sworn in as AmeriCorps members. We’re Public Allies Arizona Class of 2014 and we all are going to keep getting things done for America. Back in September when I stood beside more than 40 committed Allies who had a variety of values, backgrounds, beliefs, and goals, but all taking the same oath I realized this was the real deal.

Research Friday: Current Status of Arizona's Philanthropic Resources

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Arizona Grantmakers Forum. Today, we welcome Marissa Theisen of Arizona Grantmakers Forum to discuss findings from the 2010 Arizona Giving Report. As a state-wide sector, it can help us to understand what funding looks like across Arizona. Arizona Grantmakers Forum (AGF) released a 2010 Arizona Giving Report earlier this year. Arizona ranked 40th among states in terms of private foundation assets per capita. posted by.

Don't Cry for Me Arizona

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I was in Seattle, my husband and children were in the Boston area, and my mother-in-law was on her death bed in Arizona. It was logistically impossible for me to fly back to Boston in time for my husband to leave Boston to get to Arizona. That's a photo I snapped at Pike's Marketplace. Apparently, there was quite a ceremony around the daffodils that were brought into the market. I noticed them on the roof and in the stalls. Had to photograph them.

Ask a Nonprofit Specialist: What does the repeal of Arizona's solicitation law mean to my nonprofit?

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Question: How have the requirements for charitable solicitation registration in Arizona changed with new legislation? Is this good or bad for nonprofits in Arizona? The Arizona legislature recently passed legislation that repeals Arizona’s solicitation registration laws and the requirement that nonprofit organizations file annual solicitation registration or renewal forms with the Secretary of State. Is deregulation of charitable solicitations good or bad for Arizona?

11 Hispanic and Latino Organizations Everyone Should Know


Chicanos Por La Causa was founded in 1969 to confront oppression facing Latinos in Phoenix, Arizona as part of the movement led by Cesar Chavez. Hispanic Heritage Month, officially founded in 1968 , occurs each year from September 15 to October 15, a period which includes the anniversary of independence of eight Latin American countries. During National Hispanic Heritage Month in the U.S.,

Research Friday: Arizona’s seniors: The latest profile of volunteering behavior

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What about volunteers in Arizona and particularly senior volunteers? Are Arizona seniors influenced by both formal and informal social networks to volunteer? These challenging questions were addressed by the 2010 Arizona Health Survey sponsored by the St. Dr. Lili Wang and I analyzed the sample of seniors to determine the impact of social context on senior volunteers in Arizona. posted by Carlton Yoshioka, Ph.D. Professor and Director. of Academic Programs.

GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising


For example, dynamic fields could allow you to display a picture of the Badlands to readers in South Dakota, while readers in Arizona see the Red Rocks of Sedona. It’s no secret that storytelling in the digital age is essential for nonprofits , but the efficacy of stories depends largely on how clearly and strategically they’re communicated to each unique segment of your audience, also sometimes known as a persona.

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Research Friday: Senior Arizona volunteers -- how do they stack up against the rest of the nation?

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A few years ago, the ASU Lodestar Center, working in collaboration within the AIM Alliance (nonprofit centers in Arizona, Indiana, and Michigan), investigated giving and volunteering behaviors specifically within those three states. of how to help Arizona best utilize the 50+ volunteer crowd. Over 3,500 households in Arizona, Indiana, and Michigan were asked about their giving and volunteer behavior. posted by. Carlton Yoshioka, Ph.D. Professor and Director.

One of Many: Intermountain Centers for Human Development Supports Arizona's At-Risk Population

Tech Soup Blog

Based in Tucson, Arizona, ICHD provides myriad out-of-home and home-based support services to people with developmental disabilities, both children and adults. This post is part of a series highlighting TechSoup member organizations' achievements. Changing a person's life for the better might only take a few minutes or hours. It can be something as small as a referral, a resume-writing class, or a few counseling sessions.

Research Friday: ASU is an Important Central Hub for Nonprofit Organizations

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& Management Student, Arizona State University. In fact, the Arizona sector works that way, too — we often connect to each other through hubs. This kind of analysis fascinates me, and I think it can really help others understand what's really going on in the Arizona nonprofit sector. research friday Phoenix College of Public Programs Arizona State University central hub nonprofit Arizonaposted by. Mary McGillicuddy , Nonprofit Leadership.

Research Friday: The Real Impact of Collective Impact

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Here in Arizona, I think one of the best indicators of our ability to do this was the Central Arizona Project , which was truly a collective impact approach to solving long-term issues around water. So this isn’t necessarily new, these concepts we have to remind ourselves over and over that we can tackle some of the toughest issues facing our community, and I think the Central Arizona Project is a great example. posted by.

Your Official Netroots Guide to Shopping Local (and Progressive) in Phoenix


That's why, with help from the awesome folks at Local First Arizona , I've put together an eating, drinking, shopping, and local attractions guide to supporting local and progressive businesses in Phoenix! In case you haven't heard, the progressive community is gathering next week in Phoenix for one of the most anticipated events of the year: the tenth annual Netroots Nation conference !

ASU Lodestar Center Blog: Forum Follow-up, Part 1

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Disclaimer Thursday, March 10, 2011 Forum Follow-up, Part 1 posted by Travis Butterfield , Project Coordinator ASU Lodestar Center As has previously been mentioned, the ASU Lodestar Center recently collaborated with the Arizona Grantmakers Forum to present the 13th Annual Forum on Nonprofit Effectiveness, "Nonprofit Grantees & Funders: Building Strong Relationships - Assuring Community Impact." Keeping the Volunteering Torch Lit Research Friday: Take our fun quiz on the Arizona.

Four Characteristics of High Impact Giving: Takeaways from PhilanthropyMatters

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posted by Terri Wogan Calderón Executive Director & Partner Social Venture Partners Arizona. These events are designed to share leading-edge thinking and to stimulate new ideas for philanthropy in Arizona. Social Venture Partners Arizona Founder Jerry Hirsch introduced Kat Rosqueta, Founding Executive Director of the Center for High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania, to 80 attendees.

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Minimum Wage Laws and How They Negatively Affect Agencies

Vertex Systems

In 2016, Arizona signed a minimum wage mandate into law that required employers to pay $12/hr. While this may have helped out those on minimum wage, it wound up hurting some 600 agencies in Arizona state to the tune of several hundred million dollars per year. . . Over the past few months I’ve noticed more and more states signing set minimum wage/hour mandates into law. minimum wage. .

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How can nonprofits use technology to increase their impact?

ASU Lodestar Center

Alexandra Oropeza earned her master’s degree in nonprofit leadership and management from Arizona State University in May of 2020. She is a program director at Child & Family Resources, a nonprofit organization in Arizona.

If DSP’s Could Change a Few Things.

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Suppose a DSP got tired of living in the humid climate of Florida and wanted to move to the dry Arizona climate. The requirements for a DSP to work in Arizona could vary widely from those in Florida. It then becomes a real pain to have to jump through all the hoops to get re-certified in Arizona in a reasonable period of time. What would they change to make their work lives more rewarding and fulfilling?

Nonprofits Pitch for Big Awards

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posted by Sentari Minor Director of Engagement and Education, Social Venture Partners Arizona Nonprofit leaders know that storytelling is paramount to advancing their organization’s mission. But SVP Arizona Fast Pitch presented by Social Venture Partners Arizona (SVPAZ) helps select Valley nonprofits do just that.

A First Timers Guide To Washington Dc Auto Concept Loans

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Our Sunlight City site is effortless for customers throughout Peoria, ARIZONA, Glendale, ARIZONA, and Phoenix, Arizona, AZ. Cash Period Loan Center is the #1 source regarding Arizona cash loans, Name Loans, and Private Loans. Use now regarding car label loans together with competitive car finance rates in Arizona ( az ). 1 (800) Car-Title delivers competitive interest Arizona auto title loan products with versatile monthly payments.

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How nonprofits can leverage private sector practices amid COVID-19

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Nonprofits in Arizona are facing some terrifying scenarios when it comes to maintaining funding amid COVID-19. All of the above points are concerning, and as Kristen Merrifield, the CEO of Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits said, “it is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Research Friday: Who grants the most? Who gets the most?

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In the quiz, we asked a few questions about Arizona's largest nonprofit organizations, in terms of assets, grantmaking, and donations. Most of the grantmakers in Arizona are private foundations. Arizona is home to over 1,000 private foundations, and, as most people answered correctly in the quiz, the largest is the Virginia G. Some of the other large private foundations in Arizona include the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy and the Flinn Foundation. posted by.

Participant of Public Allies Class 12 Shares What She learned

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After the interview process, I was placed at the Arizona Commission for Post-Secondary Education (ACPE), which ironically, was my least desired match. My position title was College and Career Goal Arizona Communications and Volunteer Specialist. My roles included supporting the College and Career Goal Arizona (C2GA) programs as well as assisting the other in-house programs. posted by Hanna Burris Class 12 Public Ally.

Were We Crazy to Pursue Service Enterprise Certification? Our Rewarding Journey with SEI

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posted by Susan Nusall Director of Volunteers at Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education/Arizona Bar Foundation. Our organization, the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education/Arizona Bar Foundation, is 40 years old, and we have always believed in volunteers and how much we need them in order to fulfill our mission. What comes to mind when you hear Diagnostic Survey? How about Certification Rubric?

Digital stewardship

AFP Blog

Digital stewardship: "Digital stewardshipMore of the faithful give through the Internet, donate with plasticRuss WilesThe Arizona RepublicApr. 7, 2007 12:00 AMWelcome to religious giving in the 21st century.No longer do Americans have to write checks or dig into their wallets for crumpled dollar bills when it comes time to make donations. These days, churchgoers and those of other faiths

American Express Leadership Academy alumna Elena Zee shares profound impact of 2019 Aspen Institute Fellowship

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posted by Elena Zee Alumna of American Express Leadership Academy at the ASU Lodestar Center's Class VII President and CEO of the Arizona Council on Economic Education. Elena Zee is President and CEO of the Arizona Council on Economic Education. Elena Zee (back row, fourth from left) joined 14 other selected participants for the American Express Leadership Academy 2.0 at the Aspen Institute: A Fellowship for Emerging Nonprofit Leaders.

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Stop! Collaborate and listen

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Arizona Gives Day is an incredible collaboration of over 913 nonprofits working together to raise funds. During the Spring 2020 Covid-19 pandemic Arizona Gives Day set an all time record raising $6.2 Illustration by Jocelyn Ruiz.

The voice and vision of the volunteer

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Trehon Cockrell-Coleman is a graduate of the Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management program at Arizona State University. After years of acknowledging and working with more than capable school-aged youth while juggling a career as a test engineer in Tucson, Arizona, he is now a proud graduate of the MNLM Class of 2019! Illustration by Jocelyn Ruiz. posted by Trehon A. Cockrell-Coleman, Fall 2019 Alumnus, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management.

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What factors contribute to successful nonprofit executive compensation strategies?

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Sara Ebert is a 2020 graduate of the Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management program at Arizona State University. posted by Sara Ebert Spring 2020 Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management.

"We Believe in Everyone’s Right to Choose Services that Most Interest Them"

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When I joined Public Allies Arizona, I was placed at Arizona Foundation for the Handicap, which is a day center for adults with special needs. In Arizona, roughly 100,000 Arizonans have some form of a disability. He was placed at Arizona Foundation for the Handicap [AFH] as a Creative Activities Coordinator. Public Allies Arizona is a 10-month apprenticeship program designed to develop the next generation of civic leaders

Nonprofit Start-Up Fever Hits the Valley, Sweeps the Nation

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Associate Professor, ASU School of Community Resources & Development Early each semester I graph five years-worth of the number of Arizona nonprofits that gained status as income-tax-exempt under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. In a normal month, 40 to 50 Arizona nonprofits will gain ‘public charity’ status from the IRS. You can see this reflected in the chart, with a low-point coming in the average for November and December 2012: 31 new Arizona charities.

How can nonprofits and funders create mutually agreeable performance measures?

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Whitney Herr-Buchholz, Fall 2019 Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management Director of Operations & Advancement | University of Arizona School of Dance. Ben’s Bells Project and the University of Arizona teamed up to create surveys that measure outcomes from the nonprofit’s Kind Campus curriculum. Whitney Herr-Buchholz is a graduate of the Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management program at Arizona State University.

Nonprofit leadership styles for recruiting and retaining staff

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Krisa Duff is a graduate of the Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management program at Arizona State university. posted by Krisa Duff Spring 2020 Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management.

Research Friday: The Self-Sufficiency Standard

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The Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona (WFSA) commissioned a study to create a more comprehensive, useful measure of self-sufficiency. The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Arizona 2012 , is a comprehensive, user-friendly tool that can be used by agencies and individuals to help Arizona’s families make real progress toward economic security. Finally, while the FPL is the same no matter where one lives, the Self-Sufficiency Standard varies by Arizona county.

Class 12 Ally Shares Experience in Program

ASU Lodestar Center

After graduating college and moving to Arizona, I was unsure of what path to take in life. Throughout the placement process, I was introduced to Arizona Foundation for the Handicapped (AFH) and immediately knew that it was the type of organization I wanted to work for. Ellie Slater is a Class 12 Public Ally, placed at Arizona Foundation for the Handicapped (AFH) as a community engagement coordinator. posted by Ellie Slater Class 12 Public Ally.

How can we work better together?

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Justin Chavez is a graduate of the Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management program at Arizona State University. Illustration by Jocelyn Ruiz. posted by Justin Chavez, Spring 2020 Alumnus, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management.

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Elena Zee shares profound impact of 2019 Aspen Institute Fellowship

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Elena Zee Alumna of American Express Leadership Academy 2015 President and CEO of the Arizona Council on Economic Education. Elena Zee is President and CEO of the Arizona Council on Economic Education. Elena Zee (back row, fourth from left) joined 14 other selected participants for the American Express Leadership Academy 2.0 at the Aspen Institute: A Fellowship for Emerging Nonprofit Leaders.

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The Three P’s of Board Performance

ASU Lodestar Center

Bo Buchanan is a graduate of the Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management program at Arizona State University. Buchanan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from the University of New Mexico, sits on the Arizona CURESMA Board of Directors and is the President of the George Roskruge & S. Barry Casey Masonic Memorial Library & Museum of Arizona posted by Bo Buchanan Spring 2019 Alumnus, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management.