Ask a Nonprofit Specialist - Arizona Gives Day

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Is the upcoming Arizona Gives Day a good opportunity to do this? I made my modest gifts, despite living in Arizona, and these, combined with over 88,000 other gifts raised over $20 million in one 24 hour period to support Colorado nonprofit organizations.

Public Allies Arizona: Getting Things Done for America

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posted by Annie Bello Graduate Public Allies Arizona I quickly realized that Public Allies was no cop out when we were sworn in as AmeriCorps members. We’re Public Allies Arizona Class of 2014 and we all are going to keep getting things done for America. Back in September when I stood beside more than 40 committed Allies who had a variety of values, backgrounds, beliefs, and goals, but all taking the same oath I realized this was the real deal.

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Ask a Nonprofit Specialist: What does the repeal of Arizona's solicitation law mean to my nonprofit?

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Question: How have the requirements for charitable solicitation registration in Arizona changed with new legislation? Is this good or bad for nonprofits in Arizona? If Arizona charitable organizations actively solicit or regularly receive. posted by.

Public Allies Arizona: Burning You With the 5 Core Values

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posted by Chrisal Valencia Member Events & Volunteer Coordinator Local First Arizona Public Allies has played a very definitive role in my life. As I prepped for what I wanted to say to the next graduating class of Public Allies Arizona, I took a queue from my own days as an ally and reflected. Chrisal Valencia is the Member Events & Volunteer Coordinator (& wearer of multiple hats) for Local First Arizona.

What are you doing for Arizona Gives Day?

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Arizona Gives Day Nonprofit. Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits. The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and The Arizona Grantmakers Forum have teamed up to do what has never been done before in our state. Not only does Arizona Gives. posted by. Jill Christiansen.

Research Friday: Take our fun quiz on the nonprofit sector in Southern Arizona!

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In celebration of the ASU Lodestar Center’s official expansion of programs into Southern Arizona, we have put together a fun 11-question quiz on Southern Arizona’s nonprofit sector. It is based on our newly released research report: Scope of the Nonprofit Sector: Southern Arizona.

Research Friday: The Real Impact of Collective Impact

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Here in Arizona, I think one of the best indicators of our ability to do this was the Central Arizona Project , which was truly a collective impact approach to solving long-term issues around water. Click here to read Marissa Theisen's "Boosting Arizona's Philanthropic Resources.".

Research Friday: Arizona’s seniors: The latest profile of volunteering behavior

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What about volunteers in Arizona and particularly senior volunteers? Are Arizona seniors influenced by both formal and informal social networks to volunteer? These challenging questions were addressed by the 2010 Arizona Health Survey sponsored by the St.

Don't Cry for Me Arizona

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I was in Seattle, my husband and children were in the Boston area, and my mother-in-law was on her death bed in Arizona. It was logistically impossible for me to fly back to Boston in time for my husband to leave Boston to get to Arizona. That's a photo I snapped at Pike's Marketplace.

Nonprofits Pitch for Big Awards

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posted by Sentari Minor Director of Engagement and Education, Social Venture Partners Arizona Nonprofit leaders know that storytelling is paramount to advancing their organization’s mission.

Research Friday: ASU is an Important Central Hub for Nonprofit Organizations

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& Management Student, Arizona State University. In fact, the Arizona sector works that way, too — we often connect to each other through hubs. research friday Phoenix College of Public Programs Arizona State University central hub nonprofit Arizonaposted by.

Nonprofit Start-Up Fever Hits the Valley, Sweeps the Nation

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Associate Professor, ASU School of Community Resources & Development Early each semester I graph five years-worth of the number of Arizona nonprofits that gained status as income-tax-exempt under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. posted by Mark Hager, Ph.D.

Research Friday: Senior Arizona volunteers -- how do they stack up against the rest of the nation?

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A few years ago, the ASU Lodestar Center, working in collaboration within the AIM Alliance (nonprofit centers in Arizona, Indiana, and Michigan), investigated giving and volunteering behaviors specifically within those three states. of how to help Arizona best utilize the 50+ volunteer crowd.

One of Many: Intermountain Centers for Human Development Supports Arizona's At-Risk Population

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Based in Tucson, Arizona, ICHD provides myriad out-of-home and home-based support services to people with developmental disabilities, both children and adults. This post is part of a series highlighting TechSoup member organizations' achievements.

Helping Families and Staying Secure with Office 365

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With only a two-person IT department serving more than 200 employees and 600 volunteers, Daniel Yu, IT director for Arizona Baptist Children's Services (ABCS), has his work cut out for him. Images: Arizona Baptist Children's Services.

How to Use Social Influence to Inspire Action

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To test his thoughts, he worked with hotels in Arizona to find out what kind of messaging would best encourage guests to reuse towels. Persuading people is never easy, but it can be a game-changing skill in the nonprofit world.

Reflections on the path to social sector success

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worker born in Yuma, Arizona, he and his family spent many years toiling away in the fields in California after his father lost his Arizona. She teaches NMI 105 High Impact Leadership for Arizona State University’s Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation.

ASU Lodestar Center Blog: How my mother and AmeriCorps made me a.

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Disclaimer Wednesday, March 16, 2011 How my mother and AmeriCorps made me a better man posted by Michael Soto , 2nd Year Fellow – Public Allies Arizona / Arizona Citizens for the Arts Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to serve my country. Today, I am about two-thirds of the way through my second term of national service in Public Allies Arizona and AmeriCorps. Keeping the Volunteering Torch Lit Research Friday: Take our fun quiz on the Arizona.

Taking Your Professional Development Global!

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I was able to participate thanks in part to professional development grants from Arizona Commission on the Arts and Sigma Alpha Iota. She is a faculty associate with Arizona State University’s Lodestar Center , a graduate of Valley Leadership ’s Class 33, and volunteers as a board member for Arizona Citizens for the Arts, vice chair of Valley Leadership Class 36, and cofounder of Classical Revolution PHX.

The Great Connection: Engaging Donors in Your Mission

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He has served as President of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Southern Arizona Chapter; as Chair of LEAVE A LEGACY® Southern Arizona; and as President of the Planned Giving Roundtable of Southern Arizona. posted by. Clyde W. Kunz, CFRE , ASU Lodestar Center.

Diversity recruitment key to nonprofit boards achieving mission

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Joseph Garcia began work at Morrison Institute for Public Policy in April 2009 after a career in journalism that included experience as a top editor, columnist and news reporter at The Arizona Republic , The Daily Times , Tucson Citizen , USA Today and The Associated Press. Garcia, a former political reporter, has taught at Arizona State University's Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication and at the University of Arizona School of Journalism.

Non-Boring #Tech4Good Meetings for Nonprofits

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Phoenix, Arizona: Phoenix: QuickBooks Made Easy. Phoenix, Arizona: Data Management: What Nonprofits Need to Know. Phoenix, Arizona: Defining and Targeting Your Audience: Marketing for Nonprofits.

Wrap Up of Nonprofit Llama Drama


If you missed it, let''s quickly recap: Described as the "Bonnie and Clyde of llamas," two llamas broke out of an Arizona retirement home and instigated a high-speed llama chase across the state. Did you catch the llamas on the loose yesterday? They were all the rage, and some nonprofits ran with it too.

Charities are not the only nonprofits on the block

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As the Executive Director of the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association, I seemed to be the only inhabitant on the 501(c)(6) island. Sonja Moseley has a Master of Nonprofit Studies with an emphasis in member recruitment and retention from Arizona State University, in addition to a B.S.

The Mistakes of a Crisis

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Lars Ward is a graduate student in the Lodestar Center's Master of Nonprofit Studies program at Arizona State University. Lars currently works for the ASU Lodestar Center as a Research Aid, helping manage the AzGates platform, a free grant resourcing tool for Arizona nonprofits.

Social Impact Investments

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Bayan Dwaik is a graduate of Arizona State University. posted by Bayan Dwaik Graduate Alumna, ASU Master of Nonprofit Leadership & Management. What criteria should nonprofits consider before accepting a social impact investment?

Engaging and Retaining Skilled (and Key) Volunteers

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posted by Sentari Minor , Program Specialist, The Rodel Foundation of Arizona. Sentari Minor is a Program Specialist for the Rodel Foundation of Arizona. In these hard economic times, nonprofits are famously struggling—fighting for funding and fighting for resources. Now, more than ever, it is important for nonprofits to play smart while building capacity. At the heart of this notion is leveraging volunteers.

[Tips for Nonprofits] The Art and Science of Persuasive Fundraising

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As a professor of psychology at Arizona State University, he wanted to understand why he, a psychology professor, was persuaded to buy more and more boxes every year. A while ago, I read a book called Influence Science and Practice by Robert B. Cialdini.

Tips 106

The Cost of Starting a Nonprofit in Every State

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Arizona. Arizona state taxes: $12 per license/location. The process of starting a nonprofit requires a fair amount of savvy and know-how. Building from the ground up, it’s often difficult knowing where to start. Questions arise like “What do I need” and “Why do I need it?” ” One of the biggest question marks comes up when it’s time to calculate the cost of your nonprofit.

Get to Know the Lodestar Center: Elsbeth Pollack

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Elsbeth Pollack Program Manager, Public Allies Arizona. Learn more about Public Allies Arizona Welcome to a new ASU Lodestar Center Blog series, “Get to Know the Lodestar Center!”

Where have all the interns gone?

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As the Senior Program Coordinator for Arizona State Universities’ Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, my responsibilities include supervising and placing senior internships, much like many undergraduate and graduate degrees require for graduation. A third generation native of Arizona, Lyn is currently Sr. Program Coordinator for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics) at Arizona State University (ASU.) posted by Lyn McDonough , Program Coordinator Sr.


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As a knowledge enterprise, our Center finds the wherewithal to regularly produce a few core research products in our Giving and Volunteering Study , our Arizona Scope of the Nonprofit Sector , and our Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Study , along with our work on Models of Collaboration.

Research Friday: Who grants the most? Who gets the most?

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In the quiz, we asked a few questions about Arizona's largest nonprofit organizations, in terms of assets, grantmaking, and donations. Most of the grantmakers in Arizona are private foundations. A great local resource is the Arizona Grantmaker's Forum.). posted by.

Your Official Netroots Guide to Shopping Local (and Progressive) in Phoenix


That's why, with help from the awesome folks at Local First Arizona , I've put together an eating, drinking, shopping, and local attractions guide to supporting local and progressive businesses in Phoenix!

Priceless Board Members

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Jessie left Arizona at the end of 2012, but is fully committed to the nonprofit industry. Jessie grew up in Chicago before moving to Tucson to become a University of Arizona Wildcat for life, landed in Phoenix to start her professional career and is now enjoying life in sunny San Diego.

Four Characteristics of High Impact Giving: Takeaways from PhilanthropyMatters

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posted by Terri Wogan Calderón Executive Director & Partner Social Venture Partners Arizona. These events are designed to share leading-edge thinking and to stimulate new ideas for philanthropy in Arizona.

Sometimes nonprofit social media successes are solely in the execution

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As I write, this we are focusing a social media campaign around Arizona. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2011 with a BIS concentrated in technical communications and film & media studies. posted by. Isaac Kiehl. Communications Coordinator. ICAN: Positive Programs.

Lights, Camera, Nonprofit Social Media Engagement!

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He graduated from Arizona State University in 2011 with a BIS concentrated in Technical Communications and Film & Media Studies. posted by Isaac Kiehl , ICAN , Positive Programs for Youth, Communications Coordinator. One of the primary gauges we use for digital communications is post reach and engagement, including number of views and amount of individuals who have interacted with a “like” or comment.

How can nonprofit organizations improve accountability to the populations they serve?

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Natalia Winberry completed her undergraduate studies at Beloit College in 2007 and started her career in 2008 as an AmeriCorps VISTA in Phoenix, Arizona. Natalia graduated in May 2017 with a Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Arizona State University

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance: AMI 2014 Reflections

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A third generation native of Arizona, Lyn is currently Sr. Program Coordinator for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics) at Arizona State University (ASU.) posted by Lyn McDonough , Program Coordinator Sr.