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The Magical Nonprofit Financial Ratio Matrix

Blue Fox

Our team at Blue Fox created this Magical Ratio Matrix to help your organization measure its financial health against industry standards. What are the red flags for each ratio? Are your ratios within the acceptable range? Dust off those financial statements and put them to work! So, how do you measure up? Did you get a red flag?

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A Guide to Email Accessibility Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Key criteria for nonprofits to consider when designing emails for accessibility include: Ensure that your brand colors pass ADA contrast ratio guidelines of 4.5:1

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Matching Gift Guidelines | Ratios, Minimums, Maximums & More

Double the Donation

Thousands of companies match donations made by employees to a range of nonprofit causes through corporate matching gift programs. However, billions of dollars in available corporate matching revenue go unclaimed each year?—largely

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How do grantmaker CEO salaries compare with other staff? 


One of the more helpful ways to explore top executive pay is to examine the ratio of their compensation compared to that of the “median worker” (i.e., For example, in The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism , John Bogle estimated a nationwide ratio to be approximately 280:1 in 2004 (up from 42:1 in 1980). The median ratio was 2.7:1

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A Closer Look at Nonprofit Technology Benchmarks: Staffing Ratios


Another benchmark we think is importmant for nonprofits to consider is the ratio of organizational staff to their tech-responsible staff. Even though Leading Organizations tend to be larger, their staffing ratio of org staff to tech staff is still lower than that of Struggling Organizations, who tend to be smaller organizations.

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What Are Key Event Metrics and Why Do They Matter?

Greater Giving

Cost-to-Revenue Ratio. A cost-to-revenue ratio is a slightly different measurement than ROI that can tell you how much profit your event made versus the costs sunk into it, helping you determine whether the event overall showed a profit or a loss. The lower the ratio, the more effective your spending is. . spent, you made $100.

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How Ambitious Managers Make The Jump To Leadership

Eric Jacobsen Blog

How to perfect the do-to-say ratio. Regarding the do-to-say ratio, Bryant shares that one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart is to build a reputation for reliability and follow-through—somebody who always does what they say they are going to do. The book covers: The central paradox of leaders: selfless vs. self-centered.