Top 5 Fundraising Ideas from The Next Generation of American Giving [+Slides]

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Online Fundraising Blackbaud fundraising ideas fundraising infographic fundraising research fundraising slides fundraising tips next generation of american giving All generations are not created equal! But you knew that, right?

The Evolution of NPTech: Keynote and slides

Amy Sample Ward

There were interesting conversations at every turn and I also had requests to share my notes and slides. Below, you can find my full speech and slides, as well as links to address questions and requests from many of those I met with. Slides. Yesterday, I had the huge honor and pleasure to present the keynote at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits ‘ NPTech Conference, eStrategy in an iWorld.

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Resources and Slides: Ten Nonprofit Work Practices for Impact without Burnout

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Slides. Yesterday, Aliza Sherman and I shared some insights from our forthcoming book “ The Happy Healthy Nonprofit ,” a work in progress.

6 Proven Ways to Grow Your eMail List using Facebook [w/ Slides]

Connection Cafe

” Bonus material … For those who attended our npEXPERTS webinar series … here are the free Facebook marketing videos [by John] and the slides from the session. Growing your email list is core to any nonprofit’s email marketing strategy.

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Inspired Blogging for Social Change (Video + Slides)

Have Fun - Do Good

You can watch the video on the Mission List website, or on the player below: I''ve also uploaded the slides to SlideShare , if you want to flip through and/or download the presentation: There are links at the end to all of the inspiring blog examples. Hello Have Fun, Do Gooders!

All about editorial content planning and blogging strategy [SLIDES]


Check out this fab slide deck by Sarah Evans. This post contains an embedded slide deck. I’m going to see if she might be willing to present this for us sometime in the new year… Search Marketing Expo: Blow me away blogging from PRsarahevans.

[SLIDES] How to Identify Influencers the Right Way


————– This post contains a really good slide deck. Nice deck on Social Influence by Danny Brown, co-author of Influence Marketing , the book I pointed to a few days ago. “Today, influence is determined by how high a social score you have.

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[SLIDES] What Old School Hip Hop Teaches Us About Content Marketing


So as promised, here are the slides and rundown for you. This post contains a very cool slide deck. Bryan Kelly and I presented this session at ASAE’s Marketing, Membership and Communication Conference last week and the feedback we got was phenomenal.

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[SLIDES] Social business is how we will deal with disruption.


Love this deck from my friend Hessie Jones at ARC. Check it out. “A fundamental shift in business communications is taking place. Technology is changing rapidly, real-time discussions are having more impact on business and the global economy is moving toward greater efficiency and austerity.

26 Disruptive & Technology Trends


Oh and check out slide 27-28. From Brian Solis. 26 Disruptive & Technology Trends 2016 – 2018 from Brian Solis. ——— ( photo credit ). Featured Social, In Theory Industry Insider

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The key to great digital storytelling


Di-Day Slides from Simon Mainwaring. Love this deck from Simon Mainwaring about digital storytelling. See what you think! ————– ( photo credit ). Content Strategy

Social Media for Non-Profits - Workshop slides

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are the slides from my Mesh workshop - Social Media for Non-profits. Great opportunity? Colossal waste of time? The answer is YES. Social Media for Non-Profits Workshop View more presentations from Wild Apricot. social media training Social networking

The Openness of Slides

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Now, this was ten years ago, so he used Kodak slides (remember those) as his visuals. Of course, he gave attribution to all his funders, showing a slide of the project they funded and often including a logo. She has also shared her slides and wiki here.

Two Great Content Marketing Slide Decks


Here are two slide decks for you, chock full of ideas for your content marketing. Thanks to Lee Odden and Monique Pouget for their insights! Content Strategy Potluck

An Introduction to Social Media For Strategic Communication


Slides 1-11: Social media is about technologies used in an environment by people. Slides 12-19: And these people include almost everybody doing almost everything. Slides 20-15: Still, there is plenty of confusion because social evolved from mass media.

9 Essential Elements for Online Success


Download Slides. Download Slides. Download Slides. We wrapped up the “ 9 Essential Elements for Online Success ” webinar series this week and are thrilled at the level of participation we received! By popular demand, here are the presentations for you to review and download: 1.

The Rise of Visual Content


Phenomenal slide deck by Kirsten Jassies. Direct link to slide deck if it’s not showing up. ———– Content Strategy Social, In Theory

Advocacy in the Cloud slides and recording

Below is the recorded presentation, as well as the slide deck we presented. I recently had the pleasure of facilitating a Dreamforce session where two amazing people talked about how their organizations have gone all-in with engagement.

13 Nonprofit Marketing Changes to Make in 2013 [SLIDES]


A MUST READ slide deck from Kivi Leroux Miller. Enjoy. 13 Nonprofit Marketing Changes to Make in 2013 from Kivi Leroux Miller. Implementation

Building Blocks of Social Media - Webinar slides and notes

Amy Sample Ward

Here’s my slide deck: Social Media Building Blocks. You can see screen shots of both of these in the slide show above. Today was the first webinar in the Storytelling & Social Media series from NTEN and TechSoup Global. I’m happy to say that I had the great honor of serving as the speaker for the webinar and had a ton of fun.

Corporate Humanism is the #1 Trend Business Trend that Matters in 2012


This slide speaks for itself; and it’s what we’re digging deep into in Humanize. Check out the full slide deck from Rohit here. … at least according to the always super smart Rohit Bhargava.

Slip sliding away at the Relay For Life snail race

AFP Blog

Slip sliding away at the Relay For Life snail race: "SUNSET BEACH -- British resident Pyrii Akula, a student studying 3D modeling at Bournemouth University in real life, won the Relay for Life giant snail race yesterday. The event, in its second year, is a race across 45 sims in the virtual world of Second Life. Racers collected donations which go to Relay for Life, a charity set up to help find

Being brave at the top of the slide

Connection Cafe

Because that's the feeling at the top of a water-slide, too. Roberta Sladovnik was brave as a child - she's an alum of (and now a fundraiser at) the Colorado Childrens’ Chorale where she took the stage and sang at an early age.

Craigslist Foundation Nonprofit Boot Camp: Session Slides

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

As promised, I'm posting the slides from the session that Susan Gordon from Causes and I gave this afternoon at Craigslist Foundation Nonprofit Boot Camp Thanks! As promised, I'm posting the slides from the session that Susan Gordon from Causes and I gave this afternoon at Craigslist Foundation Nonprofit Boot Camp Thanks! Craig's List Nonprofit Bootcamp View more OpenOffice presentations from kanter.

Come for the content, stay for the community


Came across two slides decks on the same day that I thought were unexpectedly about the same thing – loyalty and community. ——— This post contains not one, but two awesome slide decks!

Edelman’s 2013 Trust Barometer is out


You know this by now, but if you want the full scoop, see the slide deck below. This post contains a video and a slide deck. ———-. Click through if you can’t see them. Useful Data

Stats for Congress on Twitter [Data]


Slide deck from Edelman analysing data from Members of Congress on Twitter. Tip o’ the hat to Robert Hay for the find. Capitol Tweets: Yeas and Nays of the Congressional Twitterverse. View more presentations from Edelman Insights. Useful Data

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A Slide From Downes Recognition Factor Presentation

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

A Slide From Downes Presentation Originally uploaded by cambodia4kidsorg. This slide caught my attention and I took a screen capture. I downloaded the powerpoint and browsed it quickly.

Mobile is an Opportunity to Re-Humanize Your Company


in this slide deck. This post includes a slide deck. …or so says Dan Keldsen at Human 1.0 Check it out. The Mobile Tribe – Human 1.0. View more presentations from Dan Keldsen. __. If you’re reading this in a reader and can’t see them, click through to the post.

AAM Recap: Slides, Observations, and Object Fetishism

Museum 2.0

You can view and download all the slides here. I just returned from the American Association of Museums (AAM) annual meeting in Philadelphia. I led two sessions, one on visitor co-created museum experiences, and the other on design inspirations from outside museums.

Mashable's Summer of Social Good Slides

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Be A Generous Geek View more presentations from kanter. Be A Generous Geek View more presentations from kanter. fundraising2.0

Please end your slide show with this. Distributed ask.

Network-Centric Advocacy

Here is an interesting distributed ask (please end your power point with this "one slide").

Five Cool Decks About Content Strategy


Acquia Slides from Simon Mainwaring. I liked these. And I could have spread them out, but what the hey, here they all are in one post for you. Happy perusing! The Convergence Imperative from Jason Falls. Web Content Strategy for Nonprofits — ADRP 2014 from Caryn Stein.

Nice Slide Deck About Building Community


Online Communities: what works, and what doesn't. View more presentations from Bart De waele. tags: online communities ).

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Kentucky Nonprofit Workshop on Web 2.0: Slides, Reflections, and Notes

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Many folks at the workshop wanted access to copies of the slides. What I am finding is that workshop participants need slides with information that can help explain all this to their executive directors and help initiative a conversation.

Durff's Slide Show: Why Integrate Blogging

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My twitter friend Durff asked for feedback on her slide show. The title slide - "Teaching to Transform" should be a second or two longer and then hit me a visual that shows "transformation" -- maybe a bored student and then an engaged one. I thought it was excellent and told her so. She pushed me for some "analytical criticisms" because it for a class/grade and asked me not to diplomatic.

Using Twitter to Build a Community and Recruit Volunteers

Amy Sample Ward

I’ve presented about Twitter before, as well, so in addition to sharing some notes and resources, and my slides, from the presentation on Friday, I want to also round up other Twitter-related posts and links here. Presentation Slides.

AAM 2010 Recap: Slides, Surprises, and a Banjo

Museum 2.0

You can view and download all the slides here. You can view and download the slides here. A few things that stood out: Beck Tench continues to blow me away with her thoughtful, clever, and powerful approach to her work (and her slide presentations).

Minnesota Nonprofits and Technology Conference Keynote: Slides

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

| View | Upload your own. Audience feedback here

Principles of Social Business


Flip through this excellent slide deck. Olivier Blanchard needs no introduction here. Principles of a Social Business Intro 7DEE. View more presentations from Olivier Blanchard. Social CRM and ROI The Social Organization