Slideshare and Pinterest for Nonprofits

Amy Sample Ward

and on this last episode we talked about two popular tools: Slideshare and Pinterest. Slideshare. I use Slideshare for my presentations and other workshop or training materials. Column Five has a new infographic about Slideshare user data with some interesting highlights.

The Slideshare zeitgeist 2011


Loving this quick slide deck showing some stats of the most popular presentations on Slideshare this year. SlideShare Zeitgeist 2011. Looks like slides are definitely moving away from Powerpoint Hell… yay! View more presentations from Rashmi Sinha. Presentations Social Learning

Nine Ways Networked Nonprofits Use Slideshare

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Slideshare. These are my notes for webinar about Nonprofits and Slideshare , a social site where community members share presentations, documents and pdfs. I drank the Slideshare kool aid in November, 2006. I also share my Slideshare content in my other social streams.

The benefits of Slideshare for B2B marketing


Slideshare is awesome for B2B marketing. Using SlideShare for B2B Marketing from Michael Brito on Vimeo Jonathan Boutelle, their CEO, explains why in this short video. I particularly like the idea that we’ve moved from “push marketing&# to “permission marketing&#.

5 lessons we learned experimenting SlideShare as a visual blog | Blog

AFP Blog

5 lessons we learned experimenting SlideShare as a visual blog | Blog : SlideShare is a great platform for visual content and an amazing company: in just a few years, it has become the YouTube of presentations, one of the Top 150 sites in the world with an impressive 3 Billion views per month from 60 million unique visitors.

Using SlideShare for Good: Examples

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Storytelling is a best practice for fundraising pitches and that's why I think SlideShare is a great tool for causes. The example above isn't the first I've seen of using SlideShare for social fundraising or emergency relief. There is also a regularly updated slideshow about the number of victims by Oliver Ding who also created the 24 ways to give slideshare below. Other examples of using SlideShare for disaster relief or donations: Burma Cyclone Relief Effort

SlideShare Adds Audio and Meeting Rashmi

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

That's Rashmi Sinha, the CEO of Slideshare. And everyone know how much I love SlideShare ) I got to met her at BlogHer and talk about Slideshare! Slideshare recently launched slidecasting, the ability to add audio. Photo: Jennifer Pozner.

Audio 65

NpTech Tag Summary: The SlideShare Edition

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

SlideShare is a site to host and share presentations. At last month's NetTuesday , Jonathan Boutelle, Co-founder and CTO of SlideShare gave a presentation on how Nonprofits can use SlideShare. I love SlideShare for many reasons that I've shared before. There many more in the group and many more for you to discover on SlideShare and add to the NpTech group if you're interested in sharing.

Forum One's Experience with SlideShare


Today we'll talk about the category leader for posting and sharing PowerPoint presentations, SlideShare. We recently described how we use social media at Forum One.

Blogging and Podcasting for Writers on SlideShare

Have Fun - Do Good

I've posted my presentation about Marketing and Test Marketing Your Work Online that I gave at the San Francisco Writers Conference , if you want to check it out. Blogging and Podcasting for Writers View more presentations from Britt Bravo. tags: writers podcast ) writing writer author book blog podcast

LinkedIn Applications: I just added my blog and slideshare content! Wow!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

For my profile, I added BlogLink (it posts my blog posts to my profile automatically) and SlideShare's Application. (In In the video above SlideShare's CEO Rashmi Sinha demonstrates the application.). Meet Sarah on LinkedIn View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

Fundraising Appeal on SlideShare for Cyclone Nargis Relief Efforts

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

| View | Upload your own. The slide show mentions this organization, The Haven Project

Guest Post by Rebecca Leaman: Social Media for Non-Profits: 26 Great Slideshare Presentations You Can Use

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

If you've been thinking of launching or expanding your organization in social media, Slideshare is a good starting point for information and advice.

Please Vote For Me (and Jonathon Colman, too): World's Best Presentation Contest over at SlideShare

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

SlideShare is holding it's second annual World's Best SlideShow competition. | View | Upload your own. If I win, the prizes (Apple computer or other items) will go to Cambodia. Jonathan Colman has also uploaded a slideshow for the contest and I just voted for him. So take a few minutes and vote for both of us. And, if you've entered the slideshow contest, leave a comment and I'll return the favor and vote for you

Beth Kanter’s Social Media Listening for Nonprofits

NCE Social Media

This slideshare presentation is from her social media wiki and discusses the importance of knowing what people are saying about your agency on social media sites. Tags: Marketing and Awareness Tools beth social media slideshare kanter Without a doubt, one of my favorite social media and nonprofit writers is Beth Kanter. I’ve written about her work before.

Designing for the Social Web

NCE Social Media

I wanted to share an interesting Slideshare presentation on designing for the social web. Tags: Education and Training Research social media slideshare design I think it takes an interesting looks at social web design - what really goes into it and what you should consider for your own organization.

Design 100

The Social Life of PowerPoint Presentations (or why I really love SlideShare)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Which brings me to the reason why I love SlideShare. SlideShare is a social networking site that lets you share Powerpoint presentations. Oh, one other benefit of slideshare for me - I am trainer and have taught people presentation techniques -- good powerpoint. I've found slideshare extremely useful for collaboration. I put up the draft in slideshare and let my collaborators download and remix.

Holly Ross at NCE

NCE Social Media

Tags: Education and Training Tools holly nashville nce nten presentation ross slideshare

NetCentric Advocacy: Valdis Krebs - Social network analysis: 1987-2007 » SlideShare

Network-Centric Advocacy

Network Traffic Map of Sickness » April 25, 2007 Valdis Krebs - Social network analysis: 1987-2007 » SlideShare Valdis is one of the greats. Posted at 02:52 PM in netcentric | Permalink | Reblog (0) Comments Valdis Krebs - Social network analysis: 1987-2007 » SlideShare Valdis is one of the greats. NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity.

Social Media for Non-Profits: 26 Great Slideshare Presentations You Can Use

Wild Apricot Blog

Great new presentations on social media are coming out almost daily, and many are directed specifically to the needs of non-profits. But it can be time-consuming to search out those that are up-to-date, actionable, and appropriate to nonprofits. Here's a hand-picked selection of slideshow presentations to get you started.( read more ). Best practices online community Social networking case studies Non-profit Communications social media

7 Easy Ideas to Give Your Next Presentation Oomph

Tech Soup Blog

presentations microsoft digital storytelling Powerpoint Slideshare Did you know that audiences forget 90 percent of what's presented to them? Well, of course you did! You've sat through your fair share of screamingly dull presentations where you felt proud that you remembered even 1.7

The Benefits of the Cloud

NCE Social Media

Tags: Education and Training Marketing and Awareness Tools blog cloud nten slideshare

Nice Slide Deck About Building Community


Tags: slideshare community slideshows

The social network commitment

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

The content-focused networks, like delicious, slideshare and flickr, I generally use as primarily a one-way method of publishing specific kinds of content to people I know (and, of course, people I don’t know, since it’s public.) Slideshare : Again, a service I hardly use for social networking - I use it to make public presentations that I’ve done.

Nonprofit Marketing 101


Tags: slideshare non-profit

How To Think Like A Nonprofit Social Marketing Genius: What's Your Brilliant Thought?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How To Think Like A Nonprofit Social Media Genius View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. tags: nonprofit socialmedia ). Here are my slides from the Convio " Social Media for Social Good " for tomorrow.

Another awesome slideshow


Tags: slideshare web 2.0

Volunteers Please Come Back

Wild Apricot Blog

Here''s a look at survey findings (and SlideShare presentation) that offer insight into what motivates repeat volunteers. Volunteers

Authenticity is the new Cool and other lessons from my Pecha Kucha Session at ASAE 2008


Tags: slideshare associations sharing slideshows ASAE

Welcome to the Social Media Band Wagon

NCE Social Media

I came across another great Slideshare presentation by Danielle Brigida, the Social Media Outreach Coordinator fro the National Wildlife Federation. Please enjoy.

SlideShare takes you ppt file, converts it to flash, then makes in embeddable on your site for viewing. 3 Comments joe | Wednesday, 18 October 2006 at 10:18 am Hi, would you mind providing me an invite to slideshare? Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home My Dreamforce Slides My Dreamforce Slides Last Updated on Monday, 16 October 2006 03:38 Written by Steve Monday, 16 October 2006 03:38 Check out this cool service for posting Powerpoint slides on the web.

Beth is coming to London…

Steve Bridger

View on slideshare.

Kenya 81

Pinterest Analytics Explained – A Video Guide for Beginners

John Haydon

After the slideshare deck trended on slideshare, I decided to publish the edited version for everyone here. During this week’s Hump Day Coffee Break, a weekly mini-webinar I do for my e-mail subscribers ( click here to learn more ), we dove into Pinterest Analytics.

A Culture of Content


” [Slides] A Culture of Content by Altimeter Group from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare. Really like this Altimeter deck. Click the webinar link for a replay.

The 2014 State of Digital Transformation


Slides] The 2014 State of Digital Transformation by Altimeter Group from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare. Lots of good stuff in this Altimeter report on Digital Transformation. Jamie Notter and I have a whole chapter on Digital in our forthcoming book.

Top Three Platforms Your Nonprofit Should Use


Two of them (SlideShare and YouTube for Nonprofits) go a long way to increasing a nonprofit's visibly in Google searches and who wouldn't want that? SlideShare. You've probably heard of SlideShare by now or even watched a presentation or two.

Putting your people at the heart of your social media strategy

Steve Bridger

View on slideshare. This was the title of a talk I gave at the end of February and I think it is important, and frankly, worth repeating over and over. It needs to be said that ‘digital’, and all the new stuff that we call ‘social media’, isn’t really the point; relationships are the point. Same as it ever was. And yet so much has changed.

How to use Canva to Create Stellar Visual Content [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

John Haydon

Here’s an edited version of “How to use Canva to Create Stellar Visual Content” (slideshare is below the video): Online Fundraising content creation content marketing howto video visual content If you’re not familiar with Canva , you should be.

How to Use Twitter Better

Connection Cafe

Twitter 101 for Nonprofits (Slideshare). Author: Cheryl Black. Home school your way to a more successful Twitter presence. Here’s a baker's dozen of resources that can help you wow the socks off your colleagues. I humbly suggest bookmarking this page right now. Beginner.

27 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

John Haydon

Check out the Slideshare below (which you can also download as a PDF here ) and the recording here. Network for Good hosted a webinar yesterday where I presented 27 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page.

PDF 110

Do You Have the World’s Best Nonprofit Presentation? You could win a Macbook and Projector!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’ve been an active member of the Slideshare community, sharing, browsing, and collaborating on content and watching how nonprofits use the platform from about November 2006. David Armano is an expert on visual communication with several very popular presentations on SlideShare.

Leveraging Social Identity


Webinar] Leveraging Social Identity, by Altimeter Group from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare. Watched this over the weekend. It’s really good.

Flickr for the Cultural & Heritage Sectors

Steve Bridger

You can view this deck on Slideshare, but this time I thought it would be appropriate to upload the slides (as images) to Flickr! I was invited to give a so-called “masterclass&# [cough] at the Social Media Exchange in London this week. This is me setting up !). You may already know that I’m a huge fan of Flickr. I’ve remained loyal since 2004, and despite some recent ups and downs (thanks, Yahoo!),