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Kentucky Nonprofits Team Up to Raise $2.9 Million in 24 Hours - NonProfit PRO : 'via Blog this

10th Annual Kentucky Nonprofit Network’s Nonprofit Leadership Forum

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Related Links : Kentucky Nonprofits website. Presentations from 2012 kentucky presentation socialmedia workshopDate :October 24-25, 2012. Location : Lexington, KY. Topic : Community-Driven Planning: Creating a Social Media Strategy. Description : This all-day workshop starts with the real foundation of social media engagement: community and content.

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Nonprofit Data: The Case of the Kentucky Equal Justice Center


A social advocacy organization uses data to effect good, with measurable results. How does an advocacy organization measure its effectiveness in a data-driven way? Chris Bernard. Editorial and Communications Director. Idealware. read more

Social Media Game: Kentucky Derby Remix for CNPE Conference

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The second session is the Kentucky Derby version of the Social Media Game. Center for Nonprofit Excellent Workshop View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. tags: nptech nonprofits ). On the road again for the next couple of weeks, including a trip to Romania. I'm facilitating a couple of workshops as part of the Social Media track for annual conference for the Center for Nonprofit Excellence in Louisville, KY. I'm doing two workshops.

Kentucky Nonprofit Workshop on Web 2.0: Slides, Reflections, and Notes

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

That's a video blog post I did to demonstrate how a simple technique for creating effective videos using your cell phone or digital camera and placing it one the web, in this example, on YouTube.

From Coast to Coast: How Healthcare Organizations are Handling the Outpouring of Support and In-Kind Gifts

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Kentucky (U niversity of K entucky HealthCare) : My fellow Kentuckians – First o f all, thank you. Kentucky (UK Health C are) : We are accepting donations of homemade masks.

Q&A with sgLEADERS: Dwight Dozier, Georgia Tech Foundation

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Dwight was also involved with CASE Kentucky as a board member, annual conference chair, and president of the organization. The “Q&A with sgLEADERS” series on sgENGAGE aims to provide readers, including the next generation of social good leaders, with valuable insights from executives across the social good community. Today’s Q&A is with Dwight D. Dozier, CIO of the Georgia Tech Foundation.

You Tube embedded player

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Meanwhile, just to show you what this tool looks like, here's a Kentucky version of an oldtime fiddle standard, Katy Hill, played by Michael Garvin. I'm a little late, I guess, in discovering how cool You Tube is. The ability to place a video directly on your site in a visual player component is fantastic. I've been avoiding getting a video camera because I know how much time I'll waste with it. but I may not be able to resist.

Maximizing Meetings: 3 M’s to Make Event Committee Meetings Meaningful

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She leads the Events Strategy Team at Ashley|Rountree and Associates —a nonprofit consulting firm based in Louisville, Kentucky. Tammy Moloy is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub. Tammy has managed events for more than 23 years in major markets such as Los Angeles, Nashville, Boston and Washington, DC, and has managed more than 75 special events in her career.

Is Social Media the Fund Development Professional’s Magic Bullet?

NonProfit Hub

Tammy Moloy is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub, and a Senior Consultant with Ashley|Rountree and Associates, a leading regional non-profit consulting firm based in Louisville, Kentucky. Tammy Moloy is a Senior Consultant with Ashley|Rountree and Associates , a leading regional non-profit consulting firm based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Looking forward to 2009

Judi Sohn

It’s more than separating those who gave $500 from those who live in Kentucky. One thing I think C3 (my org) does well is that we take a lot of short, successful hops. Yes, we’re making a difference against colorectal cancer, and that’s ultimately our big-picture goal. But we’re getting there with a series of small steps. Every November we meet for a strategic retreat where we look (briefly) at where we’ve been, analyze where we are, and make a plan for next year.

Planning a Legacy that Honors Others

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Congratulations to Wesley Manor Retirement Community in Louisville, Kentucky. Honorariums and memorial gifts are meant to celebrate an occasion or celebrate the life of a friend or relative. Should I ask if you’ve ever made an honor or memorial gift, most of you would say “Yes!” And, should I ask if that was a current gift – a one-time gift given from disposable income – most of you would say “Yes!” again.

Gift 159 Blogger's Challenge (You Can Help If You Aren't a Blogger Too!)

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Primarily, mountaintop removal is occurring in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. The 4-minute video above is the story of Daymon Morgan who lives on one of America's Most Endangered Mountains, the Huckleberry Ridge in Kentucky. is a campaign to stop mountaintop removal for coal mining. What is mountaintop removal you ask?

10 Amazing Environmental Nonprofits You Need to Know About

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" Central Kentucky Audubon Society. The Central Kentucky Audubon Society is a full service environmental organization for the 10 bluegrass counties in Central Kentucky. Our recently completed 2015 Green Tech Success Story Contest winners and finalists are an impressive group, showcasing the broad reach and impact of TechSoup member charities doing environmental work.

The Cost of Starting a Nonprofit in Every State

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Kentucky. The process of starting a nonprofit requires a fair amount of savvy and know-how. Building from the ground up, it’s often difficult knowing where to start. Questions arise like “What do I need” and “Why do I need it?” ” One of the biggest question marks comes up when it’s time to calculate the cost of your nonprofit.

Earnest Review


You must be living in the District of Columbia or in any other state other than Alabama, Nevada Delaware, Kentucky, or Rhode Island. The process of refinancing student loans can be difficult. It may even seem like a tall order trying to trim down the number of loans you have and looking to get the lowest interest rate, and you may end up giving up. You shouldn’t though. There are companies that specialize in helping students tackle their debts in a more organized and affordable manner.

Why needs your help


If you live in Kentucky, it's easy to see why you should support a site targeted to help people in rural areas find jobs. needs your help to survive. Do you need more reasons to go donate now ? Here's one. Five years ago, I was a website consultant to nonprofits. I had an idea -- hey, someone should do reviews and information about nonprofit software that all organizations can benefit from! -- and I talked to a bunch of people to see if the idea had legs.

Corporate Altruism: The Blurring of the Lines Between CSR and Cause Marketing

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Komen for the Cure teamed up with KFC (formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken). Photo by Vardhana. Note from Beth: Kami Watson Huyse , who is also my business partner at Zoetica , and I are currently Fellows at Society of New Communication Research.

How Does Limited Liability Affect a Nonprofit

ASU Lodestar Center

Kentucky. posted by. Steve Cook. Attorney. Cook & Cook. How Does Limited Liability Affect a Nonprofit? Limited liability entities are often formed (at least in part) to protect the assets of for-profit business owners from the financial obligations of a particular business. In the case of a nonprofit, however, the entity is generally not permitted to have owners who are entitled to the profits of the organization. Rather, any profits earned by a nonprofit must be reinvested.

Why Komen Was Destined to Clash with Social Media


You can read about its partnership with Kentucky Fried Chicken to see another recent decision that marred the organizations reputation and we talked earlier about its aggressive brand strategy that penalized hundreds of small nonprofits. This is a guest post by Kami Watson Huyse, CEO of Zoetica Media and editor of the Communications Overtones blog.

The Bold, Focused Ideas of Breakthrough Nonprofit Brands: Book Giveaway Winners Announced

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Bold, Focused Ideas of Breakthrough Nonprofit Brands by Carol Cone.

The Value of Diverse Perspective: Reimagine Opportunity Challenge Wrap-Up

Tech Soup Blog

We talked to survivors and individuals who ran programs in Kentucky and New York City. This post was written by Marnie Webb, who leads TechSoup’s newest division, Caravan Studios. There, she builds technology that connects local communities to resources that help them solve problems and impact issues. Marnie gets wonky about things like data, APIs and community organizing, especially when they all come together.

Foundation Transparency – Foundation Center’s Surprising Glass Pockets Website

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Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. ? is a website sponsored by the Foundation Center that is focused on transparency among funders. A revealing fact is that 70% of the approximately 80,000 U.S. foundations still don’t have websites, quite possibly intentionally.

NetCentric Advocacy: Fighting Cancer One Cup at A Time: AlexsLemonade Continutes to Distribute Lemonade Organizing Tools via The Net to Fight Cancer

Network-Centric Advocacy

I thought I would revisit after the Kentucky Derby winner donated $5,000 to the stand. I thought I would revisit after the Kentucky Derby winner donated $5,000 to the stand. NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity.

Komen Kan Kiss My Mammagram, PinActivism, and Newsjacking for a Cause

Beth Kanter

I immediately forwarded it to Nancy Schwartz, because she had blogged about Komen’s Kentucky Fried Chicken partnership and I knew she’d want to follow up. Source: via Beth on Pinterest. On Tuesday, the Susan G. Komen Foundation , a leading breast cancer charity, pulled hundreds of thousands of dollars in breast cancer screening funds from Planned Parenthood. Each year millions of women are screened for breast cancer at Planned Parenthood, and Susan G.

Best Internet Marketing for a Cause 2006

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Photo credit: Eastern Kentucky Mountains by Colin Mutchler. What makes us write a donation check, spread the word about a campaign, or show up for a meeting or protest? What makes us want to act for social change? Emotional connection. Passion for a cause.

Finding the Great Impact Story

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A TEALS teaching assistant for a classroom in rural Kentucky noticed the transformation of a young man involved in the program. A couple years ago I was working at a nonprofit, and I made a call to a small grassroots organizing group in Arkansas. I was building social media contacts with progressive policy organizations and conducting a routine communications capacity audit.

Story 48

A Non-Techie Looks at Mechanical Turk | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

s Fitness in Kentucky (and a bunch of other gyms.) Skip to content Clients Services Portfolio About Us Contact Blog Home > Blog Recent Posts 07/16/2010: The Wisdom of the Old Spice Man 07/12/2010: Is your online campaign going to succeed?

Jewish Television Network Delivers Online Religious Service

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I live in the mountains of Kentucky, many hours from the nearest Jewish community, and often find it difficult to travel for services. Once again the Jewish Television Network let people remotely watch Kol Nidre (Jewish High Holiday) service from their home via live webcast. And, for the second year in a row it was a hit. Now I don’t think the point was that people should stay home and experience religious services that way.

Do You Know the Chase Bank Routing Transit Number?


Kentucky. Your bank’s routing number is significant because it is the key to knowing where to send and receive money. In fact, when banks ask for a “voided check,” they are usually looking for this number. Another reason you need to know your bank’s routing number is that; it will definitely come in handy when you need to sign up for direct deposits, make payroll payments or even when you want to send out wire transfers. Chase bank routing numbers.