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How a Targeted Second Ask Surpassed Its Goal With a Nearly 50% Response Rate

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The American Battlefield Trust was $27,000 short of projected revenue for its effort to save 128 acres of Civil War Battlefield in Perryville, Kentucky, in the fall of 2019. As this particular track of land would essentially complete the preservation of the Perryville site – the last piece of the puzzle – they had to figure out a way.

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10th Annual Kentucky Nonprofit Network’s Nonprofit Leadership Forum

Amy Sample Ward

Related Links : Kentucky Nonprofits website. This session will explore the basics of measuring the return on investment you make in all technology, and provide an overview of the changing [increasing] fundraising landscape online.

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Client Spotlight: Camp Fire Sunshine


Camp Fire Sunshine hosted a Kentucky Derby Party fundraising event with drinks, food, and fun activities for attendees to take part in while watching the Kentucky Derby races. The sponsorship categories were based on the Kentucky Derby, as this was a Kentucky Derby-themed fundraising event. What they did. What you can do.

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Bright Idea: Create Fundraisers Based on Major Events


Located in Kentucky, RSBC shares a home state with the Kentucky Derby. They took a Kentucky tradition that their supporters were excited about and used the buzz about it to create a popular and successful fundraising event. Their Night at the Races fundraiser takes place on the Friday following the Kentucky Derby.

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How The Nature Conservancy’s Work in the Cumberland Forest Supports Jobs & Climate Mitigation

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One great example of the intricate connections of habitats, wildlife, and people is our Cumberland Forest Project , located where Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia meet in the Central Appalachian region of the eastern U.S. And through that work, we know that nature provides for us as much as it depends on us. © Travis Dove; July 2019.

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Bloomerang Gives Back in 2021


And because our main offices are located in Indiana and Tennessee, we wanted to help those impacted by the recent tornadoes in Kentucky. For Empathy , we chose Black New Orleans Mom. For Innovation , we chose Code The Dream. All Hands and Hearts will receive a gift as well.

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AmFund’s Best and Worst Dates for Special Event Fundraising


Even the dates with smaller events, like the Kentucky Derby, are good to avoid. Also, for those Kentucky Derby Day events, May 7th 2022 will be your date! This weekend gets consumed with Super Bowl parties and other related events. It’s not a good idea to have your event competing with one of these types of sporting events.