How Your Nonprofit Can Routinize Reflection

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Reflection is a critical step in assessing individual and team performance at your nonprofit. A reflective process, whether it is a structured process for individuals or groups, can give us insights about what worked and what could be improved.

Keep Calm and Write It Down: How Reflective Practice Leads To Better Results for Nonprofits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

One of the most valuable is to incorporate a process evaluation, capturing what actually happened as the event or program unfolded. You can always learn from documenting as an event unfolds and having a formal reflection or debrief post program or event.

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Reflections on a Decade of Designing and Facilitating Interactive Webinars

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I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect again on a decade of experience of designing and delivering interactive webinars. This can be as simple as a poll or having participants type a reflective question in the chat at the beginning.

Three association practices that reflect your workplace culture


Did you miss these? Jamie’s Association Success posts in December focused on the visible parts of culture… The Link Between Office Design and Culture. Several years ago I saw a presentation from an association CEO who had recently redesigned their office space.

NTEN Leading Change Summit #14lcs: Reflection

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Overnight Reflection. What I think is the magic is the use of “overnight reflection.” So, being able to “sleep on an idea” and share a reflection is great. Photo by Trav Williams.

GuideStar DonorEdge Learning Conference: Reflections from the Innovation Lab

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The “5 in 10” tag line reflected how donors could learn through videos and stories about 5 nonprofit issue areas in 10 minutes. In May, I was lucky enough to spend a few days with community foundations at the annual GuideStar DonorEdge Learning Conference.

Autumn: A Time for Harvest and Reflection

Connection Cafe

There are several other metrics you can look at, but these are just some that might be helpful for your organization to reflect upon this season.

Observations and Reflections on #TakeBackThePink

Amy Sample Ward

You can read the summary of how the free agent community came together to self-organize and create a public action as well as a full report of the lessons learned and reflections on the #TakeBackThePink campaign in this public google doc. Observations & Reflections.

Quick Reflections from Social Innovation Summit 2011

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I’ve been heads down working on my next book about measurement and networked nonprofit s with KD Paine and our editor, Bill Paarlberg , sprinting towards our deadline. Writing a book is always a learning experience and I can’t express my gratitude for having such a wonderful co-author and fantastic editor. The combination of learning so much about topic, plus the writing process has been incredible.

International Women’s Day 2016: A Time to Reflect and to Act

Connection Cafe

So I have picked these four words as orienting themes as I reflect on life – as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, volunteer, board member, social change advocate and business colleague. Today, on International Women’s Day , I’m grateful, proud, realistic and hopeful.

Reflections from #15ntc Session Walking As Work and 20/8/2 Rule

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This year I designed and facilitated a highly interactive session called “ Walking is Work: Don’t Call It A Break ” with Ritu Sharma. I also lead a conference networking walk following the session. This post summarizes some thoughts and reflections.

SXSW Reflection: Using Social Media to Facilitate A Global Back Channel at a Panel Session

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Experimentation Free Agent reflectionOver the past month, I have been thinking about a couple of different ideas and how to incorporate them into training design to facilitate learning. My questions are: 1.

Reflections from 12NTC Panel on Data Visualization

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This post summarizes how you can use session documentation and reflective practice to improve the content and delivery of your session. Click Thru to See Larger Image.

Bridge Building or Trust Busting: A Warts-and-All Reflection on “Learning in Public”?

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This is a terrific write up of the session I presented on “ Learning in Public “ Bridge Building or Trust Busting – a Warts-and-All Reflection on “Learning in Public”? Guest Post reflectionFlickr Photo by AnEye4Pictures.

How Nonprofit Professionals Can Manage Workplace Stress Triggers

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1: Make Time Everyday for Reflection: Keep a Journal. The first step is self-awareness and that happens through tracking and observing yourself in work situations that trigger stress. One way to do this is to build in some reflection time into your day and maintain a journal.

Reflections from NTC Plenary Panel on Innovation

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Typically, I like to incorporate some “share pairs” some reflective questions that people in the audience can share with each other. Knowledge Capture and Reflection. With every presentation, panel, or workshop, I do knowledge capture and reflection.

11NTC reflections


(Picture from [link] ) The hallway conversations, the parties, the amazing array of sessions and vendors. And the inevitable depression that sets in after the return to the office. Oh NTC, how do I love thee, let me count the ways! Best attendees EVAR! The hallway conversations are always terrific.

The Power of Small Wins: Celebrating Your Nonprofit’s To Dones

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Mindfulness Organizational Culture Reflection TipsWorking as a nonprofit consultant can sometimes feel isolating.

Reflections from Networked Nonprofit Workshop for Latin American NGOs

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I always like to start with an icebreaker that allows participants to reflect and identify burning questions.

Reflections On This Year's Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Retreat

ASU Lodestar Center

Stacia Stone, a second year Urban Studies student and first year NLASA member, wrote this reflection on the retreat: There is a passion within students working to enter the nonprofit sector that is unlike any other.

NTEN Webinar Reflections and Resources: The Unanticipated Benefits of Content Curation

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I was reflecting back to those days and I realized that part of my work included content curation, although at the time I didn’t call it that. I also taught many workshops where I included techniques on how to deal with information overload caused by using the Internet to get our work done.

High Holidays Lessons for Everyone: Using Reflection to Move Forward

See What's Out There

Transitions are always a time for reflection, regrouping, and looking forward. Fall is always a time of transition when vacations are over, school years are starting, and the weather changes. When a leader retires, the organization must take stock of where they are at, and what they need for the next era. When a child […]. strategy

The One Simple Thing That Nonprofit Leaders Do To Keep Inspired and Avoid Burnout

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That’s her cue to go out side for a walk, get away from the screen, and have some reflection time to think the impact of her fundraising beyond the dollars. Mike blocks out time for solo thinking and reflection on his calendar and they avoid scheduling meetings one day week (Friday).

Trainer’s Notebook: Reflections on Designing and Delivering Training To Get Results

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There are many ways to do this, but try to avoid the “Q/A of the Expert at the End,” and facilitate discussion that is more reflective. Reflection. Participants from a nonprofit work on their network map during the workshop.

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What’s Your Personal Craziness Index? Identify, Take Action, and Avoid Nonprofit Burnout

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Happy Healthy Nonprofit Reflection

Reflections of a Nonprofit Heart

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by. Laura L. Bush, Ph.D. Manager of Curriculum. Design & Innovation, ASU Lodestar Center. In junior high, I once jumped off a table Wonder Woman-style (but without bullet-proof bracelets) to defend another child from being teased.

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance: AMI 2014 Reflections

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Lyn McDonough , Program Coordinator Sr.

Reflections on the path to social sector success

ASU Lodestar Center

posted by Karen Ramsey. President & CEO , Lead for Good. Instructor. Nonprofit Management Institute. There is one thing all radically successful people have in common: their ferocious drive and hunger for success makes them never give up.". Bernard Marr, business author.

What Nonprofits Need To Do More in 2015: Embrace Stillness

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And, every year when the calendar flips over, we embrace reflection and setting goals. Leadership Mindfulness Reflection The new year is always a popular time for all of us to take stock and see the big picture.

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New on SSIR: Reflections on Jumo & Need for Co-Creation

Amy Sample Ward

—– I recently posted about Jumo with reflections, notes from my experience using the new platform, and questions – this post has also generated a great deal of valuable conversation in the comments (over 70 thoughtful comments so far).

Reflections from Stanford Nonprofit Management Institute: New Skills for a Complex World

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” This post shares my notes from that session along with a reflection about my session and some resources.

Reflections from Arts Leaders Workshop: Resilient Leaders from the Inside/Out

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Participants reflected on their style strength and how it has helped them be successful in different situations. We had some fun doing role plays with a partner to figure out their style and some reflection on how we needed to adapt. Reflection questions : “Why did this work?”.

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Reflections: Center for Health Leadership Social Media Workshop

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Some reflections: Health Organizations: Social Media. The Networked Health Organization. View more presentations from Beth Kanter.

Peer Learning As A Prelude to Collective Action for Social Change: Reflection

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Ahead of time,participants were asked to share a screen capture of their most engaging or best performing content on social channels and include some reflections based on sharing the metrics against goals. Source: Spitfire Twitter Feed.

5 Methods for Avoiding Procrastination for Nonprofits

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You start each day writing down the three most important tasks on your to do list and reflecting on it for 5 minutes. At the end of the day, you reflect five minutes on what you accomplished. This can help you catch yourself when you procrastinate and establish better habits.

Reflections from Social Good Brasil and a New Word: PhilanthroTeen!

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Conferences Movement Building Networks reflection brasil

First Reflections on Jumo

Amy Sample Ward

As you may have heard , Jumo is now open in beta. What is Jumo?

#npfail Reflections and Call To Action from NTC Plenary on Failure

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Gratitude: 2016’s Word of the Year

Connection Cafe

It’s a new year, so that must mean it’s time for reflection. That’s the only way I can explain why I hadn’t run across this book before, why it presented itself to me as I was reflecting on 2015 and thinking to the future. Nonprofit News gratitud New Year's Resolutions planning reflectionI guess it makes sense how endings, followed by beginnings, naturally push us to hit rewind and replay what went well…and what we actively seek to leave behind.

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Dangerous/Ridiculous: Reflections on AAM

Museum 2.0

Last week, I was in Minneapolis for the American Association of Museums annual meeting. As always, the conference was a party mix of inspiring and dull, familiar and new. It's one of the rare settings in which you can see glimpses of the past and the future all under one roof.