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How To Get More Donation Pledges For Your Nonprofit


You’ve probably heard of a donation pledge if you’ve been in fundraising for any amount of time. A donation pledge is when a supporter promises to give a certain amount of money in a set time frame. Why Ask For Donation Pledges? So what is the benefit of a pledge over a donation? Increase Gift Sizes. It’s All Automatic.

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The Evolution of NPTech: Keynote and slides

Amy Sample Ward

There were interesting conversations at every turn and I also had requests to share my notes and slides. Below, you can find my full speech and slides, as well as links to address questions and requests from many of those I met with. Show how many people are pledging to participate! Show how much money is being raised!

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6 Proven Ways to Grow Your eMail List using Facebook [w/ Slides]

Connection Cafe

Research has also shown that people who pledge to make a donation will likely will follow through on that promise. For example, the American Diabetes Association has a micro site around making a pledge to stop diabetes. People joining this list are likely to support the organization by volunteering or donating. Thanks for joining us!

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Does Suggested Content Capture Your Imagination?


Or are you more excited to let visitors view lifetime giving totals and pay offline pledges? webinar ( recording | slides ) and tell us what you can’t wait to get your hands on! The possibilities to tailor content to visitors and provide engaging online experiences are endless! Does Suggested Content capture your imagination?

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[VIDEO] Raising More Money By Asking (And Answering) Better Questions


And we’ll be sending out the recording as well as the slides later on today. . And I’ll let you bring up your beautiful slides, and the floor is yours, gentlemen, so take it away. . Also, a little shout out to our colleague Kevin Wilson who’s managing the slides for us at Harvey’s office. So good news.

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Presentation: Making Advocacy Pay


Pledge vs. contact your legislator. You can also check out slides below. One year later, 31,000 took another action, 700 converted to donors online, and 1,325 converted to donors via mail. The panelists also discussed the importance of activist relationship management - Recruit, Engage, and Convert. Constituent relevance. Social media.

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Major Donors: How to Attract (and Keep) Them


One way to ensure that the ask is being made on a consistent basis is by implementing pledges. These can be created in powerpoint, google slides, or even canva. You want to make sure you have a plan in place from the day the gift is made through your fiscal year and in an ongoing cycle. Know What’s Next.

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