Value of volunteer time rose nearly 5 percent in 2020


Independent Sector has announced that the estimated value of a volunteer hour in the United States reached $28.54 Calculated by the University of Maryland's Do Good Institute , the estimate is based on hourly earnings released by the U.S. per hour for the District of Columbia. “As

When is Equal Pay Day for social sector leaders in your state?


In other words, if you’re a woman nonprofit CEO, the gender pay gap is costing you an additional 2+ months of pay above and beyond the pay gap in the general population. . In honor of nonprofit CEO Equal Pay Day, I calculated the gender pay gap for leaders in each state.


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Key takeaways from Candid’s 2021 Nonprofit Compensation Report


This week, Candid released the 21 st edition of our annual Nonprofit Compensation Report. It is the only large-scale analysis of its kind based entirely on data reported to the IRS and continues to be the most comprehensive nonprofit compensation study available. .

VisionLink’s Strategic Advantage Department Produces Complete College America’s National STEM Careers Academy


We’ve made progress in giving students from all backgrounds access to college – but we haven’t finished the all-important job of helping them achieve a degree. Counting the success of all students is an essential first step. And then we must move with urgency to reinvent American higher education to meet the needs of the new majority of students on our campuses, delicately balancing the jobs they need with the education they desire.”

3 Key Compliance Reminders for 2021 and Beyond


Though the COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of life on hold, your nonprofit hasn’t stopped operating. There are major penalties for non-compliant nonprofits, ranging from late filing fees to revocation of your nonprofit status. Game of chance compliance.

How This Nonprofit Increased Donations After Switching to Salesforce

Saleforce Nonprofit

PFLAG works to empower individuals to be proud of their identity. The PFLAG network consists of more than 400 chapters, which crosses nearly all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Nonprofit Audit 101

The NonProfit Times

From the nuts and bolts of the nonprofit audit overall to the technology that allows organizations to gain a leg up, Abila’s guidebook will provide you and your nonprofit finance team with the resources and tools needed to drive growth and success. We cover a lot of ground in the guide, including: Types and formats of audits. Three stages of an audit. Title * Number of employees * Please enter a number from 0 to 1000000.

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Technology Evolves Fundraising, But Charleston Principles Remain Unchanged - The NonProfit TimesThe NonProfit Times

AFP Blog

The attorney general cites the charity for being in violation of The Charleston Principles, a set of guidelines issued in 2001 by the National Association of State Charity Officials (NASCO), which 39 states and the District of Columbia rely on, to varying degrees, when governing online charitable solicitations.

DC Does Public Information Right

Forum One

Yesterday, my colleague Chris von Spiegelfeld shared some impressions of our recent event Web Sites Without Walls.

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Nonprofit Strategy Conference Calls from PdF

Tech Soup Blog

The Personal Democracy Forum is hosting a series of three conference calls over the next month. How to Lead "The Networked Nonprofit" November 11, 2010 Speaker: Allison Fine , Senior Fellow on the Democracy Team at Demos: A Network for Change and Action and co-author of The Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive Change. The topics and speakers for these look very promising.

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Slides by New OMB e-Gov Head Vivek Kundra

Forum One

Federal News Radio reported today that Vivek Kundra, Chief Technology Officer for the District of Columbia, has taken a position as new Office of Management and Budget administrator for e-government and information technology: Kundra comes to OMB from the Washington city government where he was chief technology officer. also oversaw the development and implementation of major citywide applications, such as online mapping and real time data feeds from 259 databases.As

Loco for Local: Regional Examples of Open Government

Forum One

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people interested or involved in local open government projects. Ever since I began hearing about Open 311 , SeeClickFix , FixMyStreet , and other projects with a local focus, I became interested in how the principles of open government would look for municipalities. Unfortunately, these aren’t the types of projects that attract media attention.

16 Million 2-1-1 Calls in 2009


From our colleagues at the United Way of America, an update on 2009 Call Volume: 2-1-1 call centers across the country have completed their annual survey of call traffic. This is an increase of 13% in call volume over 2008. More than 40% of the 16,235,348 callers had basic human service needs for housing, utilities, food, clothing, personal and household goods. In the basic needs category 27% of the calls were for housing and utilities and 10% for food and meals.

6 Governments Who Set Their Data Free

Forum One

And they're doing it in ways that allow people to build web applications on top of the data. communities (and readers of this blog) have heard about the federal government's initiative (and the winner of a certain Apps for America competition using these data sets). Here are a few examples: District of Columbia's Data Catalog : The District has opened up 405 data sets across multiple agencies.

Win a Trip to the Obama Inauguration with Your Commitment to Change

Have Fun - Do Good

How are the first 8 days of your New Year's resolutions going? Do any of them involve serving your neighborhood, your community, or even your nation? The contest is open to people who reside in one of the 50 U.S. States, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico. You could win a trip to the Obama Inauguration by submitting your commitment to change to the Case Foundation's online civic engagement campaign, Change Begins with Me.

Supporting Nonprofit Tech Educators Across the Globe

Tech Soup Blog

Here's your monthly roundup of free in-person #Tech4Good events. But first I'm going to show off on behalf of our NetSquared organizers. I have the very best job at TechSoup — I get to support our network of nonprofit technology event organizers. This remarkable cohort of 250 community builders are hosting monthly free workshops and networking events in more than 74 cities, and they're doing it entirely as volunteers.

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Start 2017 by Building Your Tech Skills and Community

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup's NetSquared community is hosting free monthly technology meetups in 74 cities globally, but with more than 39,000 members, it can be hard to get a sense of the community's needs. That's why we do an annual survey of our members — because our local volunteers are always striving to figure out how they can help your nonprofit use technology to do more good. To be a part of a larger nonprofit community/networking.

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Hackathons for Good: Techies, Thinkers, and Activists Unite

Tech Soup Blog

When you hear the term "hackathon," you might imagine a group of coders getting together to break into a protected website or engaging in some other shady activity. There are many different types of hackathons: from company hackathons (such as Facebook's All-Night Hackathon ) to government improvement hackathons (like #HackWeTrust. One of the projects, GoodGym , is a group fitness app where participants get fit by doing physical tasks that benefit their communities.

Is There a Community of #Tech4Good Activists Waiting for You?

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup's NetSquared community of Tech4Good meetups is growing! As of January 25, there are 40,000 nonprofit members attending free tech networking events and workshops in 75 cities. Keep reading for a roundup of upcoming events or search the directory. Here are the top nine cities without a NetSquared group and an estimate of how many potential members are waiting for you on Vancouver, British Columbia: Design for Nondesigners.

Nonprofit Tech Trends from Tech Impact

Tech Soup Blog

By using data sets published by the government, they developed an interactive tool that allows child advocates and policymakers to assess health, security, and education opportunities for the most vulnerable in the District of Columbia. Take a look at the power of this information here. While apps are not new, some of the ways that they are being used by nonprofits are. One of the greatest barriers to breaking down the digital divide is bandwidth.

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The Importance of Nonprofit Workplace Culture: Learning to Move on from Your Mistakes

NonProfit Hub

But mistakes are just a part of life. For the fourth article in our nonprofit culture series, we interviewed Eric Angel of the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia —DC’s oldest and largest general civil legal services program. The Legal Aid Society was named one of the NonProfit Times Best Places to Work for 2013. They’re a small nonprofit organization that operates with a staff of around 47 employees. ———————————.

Top States for New Donors & Online Donors | Nonprofit Trends with.


All Blackbaud Blogs Contact Us About Nonprofit Trends Books Research Reports Speaking Top States for New Donors & Online Donors Posted by Steve MacLaughlin on November 23rd, 2010 Blackbaud has a tremendous amount of data about the nonprofit sector. Today we’ll take a look which states have the highest percentage of new donors and online donors. This group is comprised of 14 very large nonprofit organizations with data from 2009.

Top States for Loyal & Wealthy Donors | Nonprofit Trends with.


All Blackbaud Blogs Contact Us About Nonprofit Trends Books Research Reports Speaking Top States for Loyal & Wealthy Donors Posted by Steve MacLaughlin on December 14th, 2010 Blackbaud has a tremendous amount of data about the nonprofit sector. Today we’ll take a look which states have the highest percentage of donors giving five or more years and donors with annual incomes greater than $100,000. That’s the power and importance of benchmarking.

Shovel-Ready Online Civic Projects #3: Health Care Provider Data Feed

Forum One

This is the third in our series of "shovel-ready" internet projects -- Forum One's take on how to spend the the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)" popularly known as "the stimulus package.". As usual, jargon bounced off the walls: "in-network services," "co-pays, "deductibles," "out-of-pocket," and my favorite, "Pre-existing Condition Exclusion Period.". For starters, I know of no single reliable, comprehensive health care directory.

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Mr. Manager, Tear down this wall!

Forum One

People curious to learn more about these trends packed a room at the National Press Club in Washington on September 16 to discuss the challenges and successes of content syndication. The speakers wasted no time discussing the values and benefits when opening up the flow of information. Some presenters jumped at the chance to defend Jeffersonian principles through the timely release and transparency of public information. NPR also requires users of its API to use a unique key.

New Intranet for Feeding America | Beaconfire Wire

Allegiance Group

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