How to Demonstrate ROI to Your Nonprofit Board Members

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How to Best Illustrate ROI. With careful record keeping and data management, you are likely able to make the case that your nonprofit’s return on investment (ROI) is acceptable no matter the number. .

Measuring Sponsorship ROI 

The Sponsorship Collective

In business, if you want to determine how successful anything you do is, you track the return on investment or ROI. For instance, if you spend $1,500 on a billboard for 30 days and the billboard nets you 500 new leads who end up earning your company $3,000, then your ROI was $1,500.

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4 Ways to Measure Volunteer Program Return on Investment (ROI)

Volunteer Hub

Here are 4 ways to measure volunteer program ROI and ensure you are getting the highest amount of value. As your nonprofit grows, so does the need to optimize your volunteer program and effectively measure ROI. Oftentimes, it is easy to overlook the ROI of a volunteer program.

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How to Measure Event Sponsorship ROI

The Sponsorship Collective

The ROI formula is a very simple one, especially in marketing and sponsorship. and subtract that from what they spent on the sponsorship, and you’ve got ROI. The post How to Measure Event Sponsorship ROI appeared first on The Sponsorship Collective.

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Sports Sponsorship Measurement and ROI Metrics to Track

The Sponsorship Collective

The post Sports Sponsorship Measurement and ROI Metrics to Track appeared first on The Sponsorship Collective. While many aspects of sports sponsorship such as assets and activations are intangible, whether your sponsorship deal was a success is very much a tangible thing.

5 Ways To Maximize ROI For Your Next Hybrid Event


At each hybrid event, event planners can take advantage of some critical features in order to boost ROI before, during, and after the event takes place. With some planners, event organizers can actually set up multiple levels of event management to truly maximize your hybrid event’s ROI. .

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Social Media ROI

NCE Social Media

His website, Socialnomics , has a video about the return on investment (ROI) of social media. If you use of social media, have you considered the ROI? Watch this video and see if you think of new ways to consider ROI for your organization’s efforts. Tags: Education and Training equalman qualman roi socialnomics Erik Qualman is a thought leader in the use of social media in business.

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Nonprofit Software: Determining the Return on Investment (ROI) for Core Solutions

NonProfit PRO

Is your nonprofit seeking to increase efficiency and build capacity?

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How Digital Advertising Maximize Your ROI?

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The post How Digital Advertising Maximize Your ROI? In order to promote the business agendas, they need digital advertising.

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Maximizing your event marketing ROI: 4 Fundamental Strategies

Greater Giving

Fundamental Strategies to Maximize your Event Marketing ROI. This guide will look at four transformational fundraising strategies for increasing your nonprofit’s ROI from its event marketing outreach. When you spend time and money marketing to people who are unlikely to attend your event, your ROI will inevitably take a hit. The post Maximizing your event marketing ROI: 4 Fundamental Strategies appeared first on Greater Giving Blog.

What’s the Real ROI of Your Nonprofit’s Capital Campaign?


ROI is usually shown as a percentage calculated by dividing the net profit or loss by the initial cost. Often, in fundraising, people would like to know the ROI of various ways of raising money. What’s the ROI, for example, of your annual gala? Capital Campaigns and ROI.

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Five Steps to Finding ROI

Amy Sample Ward

Many organizations struggle with the idea of ROI and metrics when it comes to social media because so much of it feels, well, untouchable. Given the answers to 1-4 of our example, some of the metrics we could use to measure our success and ROI include: volunteer participation, online “chatter,&# and program growth. Tags: case study case studies strategies metrics roi socialmedia strategy

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Colleges & Universities Choose Salesforce to Accelerate Advancement ROI

Saleforce Nonprofit

To learn more, see how Salesforce can help your advancement and alumni relations teams drive efficiency and ROI. The post Colleges & Universities Choose Salesforce to Accelerate Advancement ROI appeared first on

6 Time-Saving Hacks to Improve Your Fundraising Efficiency and Gain ROI


The post 6 Time-Saving Hacks to Improve Your Fundraising Efficiency and Gain ROI appeared first on Classy. Boost your fundraising efficiency with a list of actionable time-saving opportunities to implement right away. . More time means more focus on impactful campaigns.

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SXSW: Nonprofit ROI Poetry Slam

Amy Sample Ward

Beth Kanter is moderating the Nonprofit Social Media ROI Poetry Slam. Tags: roi sxsw nptech events Check out the SXSW session info here. PRESENTERS. Beth Kanter - Beth’s Blog [Moderator]. Danielle Brigida - National Wildlife Federation. Wendy Harman - American Red Cross - National Headquarters. Carie Lewis - The Humane Society of the United States. David Neff - American Cancer Society [Judge]. Katie Paine - KDPaine & Partners [Judge]. Holly Ross - NTEN [Judge].

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Storytelling Tips: Measure the ROI of Your Non-Profit’s Stories

The Storytelling Non-profit

Whether you tell stories in your fundraising or communications program, chances are you want to understand the impact and return on investment (or ROI) of the stories you tell. Crunch the Numbers We really can’t talk about measuring ROI without talking about our numbers.

WomenWhoTech: Social Media ROI Panel

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Social Media Roi Slidesbk. I’m doing a panel titled “Social Media ROI&# with Lauren Vargas from Radian 6 and moderated by Roz Lemieux from Fission Strategy. ROI had it origins as an accounting term and was originally a measure of return on the total investment in the entire business. But ROI was not really intended to measure a technology project, program, or tool or any other isolated aspect of an organization. The Four I’s of ROI.

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ROI for a donor database

Robert Weiner

Even in the situations above, a ROI calculation may be appropriate. Has anyone done a fairly complete cost justification or calculation of ROI, based on all of these items? When I’ve looked at ROI, my analyses have been client-specific, dealing with issues like: An inability to produce reports or time spent manipulating reports that should come straight from the system. And if fundraisers hate the current system, ROI may not matter.

4 Ways a CRM Improves Your Nonprofit’s ROI And Pleases Your Board


Can your nonprofit even measure its return on investments (ROI)? Putting together an ROI report can be time consuming, but can also lead to great data and help you find ways to trim costs without shirking quality. And to make it even better, a CRM is very likely to improve your ROI and make your board very happy, according to Technology for Change. Fundraising Industry News board cloud cloud computing constituent relationship management system CRM IT support ROI

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Quiet People, Event ROI & More

Wild Apricot

We explore everything from “getting more ROI” from a conference, to the importance of capturing emails and saying your thank-you’s. This week’s link round-up is a mixed bag of expert insight, cautionary tales and practical tips. Fundraising events Apricot Jam membership

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Steps to calculate ROI from your LMS


LMS should focus on the basic requirements like saving training time duration and cost, cutting down the employee turnover rate, and providing the best solution in the market

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Measuring ROI in Multichannel Fundraising


Measuring ROI in multichannel fundraising campaigns can be a lot of work, but … Fundraising Industry Trends Research & Trends multichannel fundraising ROI

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Best Practices to Improve Your Training ROI


Training's impact on intangibles will have to be converted into quantifiable scores to be added to the measurable metrics for a better picture of the ROI

Four Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Question Facebook’s Integrity, Longevity, and ROI (Return on Investment)

Nonprofit Tech for Good

To question Facebook and it’s integrity, longevity and ROI [Return on Investment]. 3) Facebook ROI is limited and often over-rated. Personally, my ROI from Facebook isn’t that great. There is some ROI, but there is also a lot hype about Facebook. Tags: Facebook ROI (Return on Investment) Social Media This very long post has been a long-time coming for so many reasons.

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How To Evaluate Your Event’s Success And Measure Your Nonprofit’s ROI


And if you don’t measure your ROI, you’ll never know if you’re actually making money or if you’d be better off focusing on more lucrative and less time-consuming strategies. . Here are a few things to do when thinking about your events and their ROI.

Five Ways Nonprofits Can Transform Their Social Media ROI (Return on Investment)

Nonprofit Tech for Good

years, I have been providing lots of little tips on how nonprofits can increase their ROI through my Twitter , Facebook , YouTube , and MySpace Best Practices, but now that the vast majority of nonprofits utilize social media and have been for awhile, I think most of us are ready some more advanced strategies. Tags: ROI (Return on Investment) Social Media For the last 4.5

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Maximize ROI by Minimizing Spam Rates

NonProfit Hub

The post Maximize ROI by Minimizing Spam Rates appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Email Marketing Featured Fundraising deliverability email hub marketing Nonprofit ROI spamPicture this—your nonprofit has its next email fundraising appeal down. You’ve perfected the copy, mulled over the ask and even added photos and graphics to really make sure that you crush it to get a stellar response. The work is done and you’ve finally clicked send.

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SXSW: Nonprofit ROI Poetry Slam

Amy Sample Ward

Using a poetry slam format, each panelist will present a five-minute poem or story about how their organization has successfully implemented a social media strategy experiment and how they considered the ROI. Tweet your questions with the #roi or @amyrsward and we’ll try to get them in!

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Top 10 Reasons to Have a Strategic Marketing Plan

Byte Technology

That makes it challenging for the agency to show adequate ROI or valuable conversions to their client when there is no strategy behind the advertising spend. Your marketing and competition analysis should clearly display marketing and advertising channels that have given you the best ROI.

From TechPresident: Facebook Haggadah: A Case Study in Viral ROI

Amy Sample Ward

Sifry , the co-founder of Personal Democracy Forum, took a closer look at ROI for Facebook apps in his piece last week Facebook Haggadah: A Case Study in Viral ROI (Is This App Different From All Other Apps?) What questions about ROI do you or your organization have when considering the build or integration of a Facebook app or similar tool? Tags: otherblogs roi facebook metrics Micah L.

Promoted Facebook Posts for Nonprofits: The ROI of $30 Spent in Advertising

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The Return on Investment (ROI) was not significant enough to make me a convert. The Return on Investment (ROI) would perhaps be higher if I experimented with multiple posts and varying content, but again, being as thrifty as I am (and as most nonprofits are), it’s too expensive for me to want to experiment with a second or third promoted post. That said, let’s have a look at the ROI: Promoted Post Shared on Monday, June 11 at 9:30am EDT.

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The Long-Term ROI Of LMS On The Team And The Business


Companies are increasingly adopting the use of LMS. Here are various potential benefits that can be reaped by using an LMS in the organization

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Start-up Marketing: How To Do It Right

Byte Technology

Marketing Website Design & Development Website Development digital marketing marketing plan marketing planning marketing ROI new business marketing start-up marketing strategic marketingA start-up is the most challenging and rewarding project for a marketing agency.

How-to: Calculate the ROI of Your Online Ads


Being new to this, we also had to determine how to measure the return on investment (ROI) of our ad buys, to help guide our efforts in the future. for the 785 clicks that turned into 281 conversions: Your actual ROI calculation will depend on the value you put on this conversion. We'd be interested in hearing about your efforts to calculate ROI. Data google analytics NPTech NTEN roi Communications

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4 Ways Data and Analytics Can Help Nonprofits Achieve Positive ROI

Connection Cafe

My recent paper, Remarkably Outstanding Implementation: The Foundation for Positive ROI with Target Analytics , is now available. As I prepared and wrote this paper, several thoughts occurred to me about the importance of measuring ROI for nonprofit analytics projects that I thought I would highlight for you in this post. It is appropriate to expect positive ROI from data analytics, but remember that expectations must be fueled by actions! And that will create positive ROI!

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How Showing Donors the ROI Will Boost Your Fundraising

NonProfit Hub

It’s evident that when you can show a donor the tangible return on investment (ROI) of their gift, you get a higher average gift and more frequent giving. It allows you to see which fundraising activities provide the highest ROI and contribute the most to your fundraising goals.

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What’s the ROI of Online Voting and Fundraising Contests?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Tags: Fundraising ROI Strategy agc2 case foundation contests

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What’s All The Fuss About ROI?

Connection Cafe

One of the most common terms in fundraising analytics is Return On Investment or ROI. Let's examine ROI in terms of how it relates to nonprofit fundraising analytics in two ways. Analytics Data Mining & Modeling Fundraising Success & Performance Identifying Prospects jargon metrics performance Return On Investment ROI

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NTEN #ONTC: Slides, Resources, and Reflections from ROI Session

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I just finished my session on ROI as part of the Online Nonprofit Technology Conference - a two-day virtual conference. I presented on ROI and Nonprofit Technology. The chapter includes detailed checklists, case studies, and how-to steps for analyzing ROI for nonprofit technology projects. I'm started with a very brief primer on ROI which provided a basic overview of the concepts. But the real learning came from a couple of ROI cliff hangers.

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SXSW Nonprofit ROI Poetry Slam


Proving ROI to your managers. Tags: NPTech sxswnp roi measurement sxsw Four great panelists, three funny judges, and the incomparable Beth Kanter put on quite a show. Oh, and we tried to learn a few things along the way. Some of the issues our poets raised: Combining qualitative and quantitive data. Using measurement as a learning tool. Whether or not online mom communities are mean.

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Facebook ROI: Not Just a Myth


When it comes to nonprofits – and particularly, nonprofits on Facebook – we're all looking for the answer to the question: What's the ROI? The truth is, ROI can be calculated in a variety of ways. How's that for ROI? If you follow best practices , run fun, interesting campaigns, and source your recruits, you can see an ROI in both fundraising and advocacy. By Heather Shelby, Online Membership Associate, Environmental Defense Fund.

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Why Operational Efficiency is the New ROI

Connection Cafe

But for grantmaking organizations that are not traditionally fundraising like many of their nonprofit partners, what does ROI look like? This is the ultimate ROI to be able to communicate back to their boards, stakeholders, and community partners. .

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ROI (Results on Insights) of Online Communities

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by Cursed Thing Last year at this time, I was in Austin, TX doing a keynote workshop for Legal Services Corporation on the ROI of Nonprofit Technology. I interviewed technology practitioners from the poverty law community about how they approach ROI and significant technology systems investments like client databases, document assembly systems, or video conference systems. Tags: ROI

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