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Improve Your Nonprofit’s Programming Focus Through Matrix Mapping

NonProfit PRO

Yes — the matrix map. It is very tempting — and common — to pursue a variety of programs that promise short-term financial return and satisfy the wants and desires of the staff and board. So, is there a tool that can help you create a more streamlined and focused approach for your nonprofit?

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Unlock the Power of Maps to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising

The Fundraising Authority

Uncover the Benefits of Maps for Nonprofit Fundraising. Maps are one of the most powerful tools available to nonprofits when it comes to creating compelling visual stories. Maps can be used to illustrate the work of a nonprofit, the areas they serve, and the impact of their fundraising efforts.


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The Expanded Matrix Map: Leveraging Your Triple Bottom Line for Fundraising

Blue Avocado

In today's changing world, adding organizational values into the Matrix Map is crucial for nonprofits to demonstrate the impact of funding. The post The Expanded Matrix Map: Leveraging Your Triple Bottom Line for Fundraising appeared first on Blue Avocado.

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Mapping Your Data Strategy Cannot Wait

NonProfit PRO

The risks of putting it off are too significant: you lose funding due to an inability to meet reporting requirements.

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Why Journey Mapping is so Important to Creating Amazing Member Journeys

The MatrixFiles

The form itself will look simple BUT it will ultimately be the result of intentional journey mapping to ensure that the sign-up process is simple and amazing. Then we map out the journeys they need to take to get what they want. You need to map all of your user journeys. How do we do it? Give us a call.

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Using Service Design to Map Your Digital Ecosystem

Forum One

Two of our most used service design activities are ecosystem mapping and service blueprinting. Ecosystem mapping is a visual representation of all the components of an ecosystem, physical or digital, while service blueprinting creates a visual representation of a journey from both the “front stage” and “backstage” perspectives.

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Wild Apricot Launches Members Location Mapping

Wild Apricot

With the new location gadget you can map your members, saving your and your visitors time and effort. Check out what you can do and how to use it in this post.

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