Wild Apricot Launches Members Location Mapping

Wild Apricot

With the new location gadget you can map your members, saving your and your visitors time and effort. business-association member-location member-mapping map locationCheck out what you can do and how to use it in this post.

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4 Tips for Members Location Mapping to Suit Any Organization

Wild Apricot

These tips will help any organization save time and make their members' lives easier with the members location mapping gadget. product map members-location-mapping

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3 Ways to Boost Your Website with Members Location Mapping

Wild Apricot

Get inspiration for how to use the members location mapping gadget on your website by taking a look at these 3 customer examples. product-post location map members-location-mapping

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How Nonprofits Can Use Customer Journey Mapping

See What's Out There

Nonprofits can use customer journey mapping to increase supporters by understanding how existing donors and advocates communicate with their organizations. The post How Nonprofits Can Use Customer Journey Mapping appeared first on See3 Advice for Do-Gooders. Uncategorized web customer journey customer journey mapping nonprofit tech user experience user journey user journey mapping ux

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World Map of Social Media

NCE Social Media

I recently came across a world map of social media on the Vincos Blog. Tools social media facebook maps global vincosI really enjoy their post because it shows you the gradual change in social networks in different parts of the world. Only three years ago you can see that there are many different social networks dominating in different countries. As social networks have matured and the weaker networks have faded away, you can see what is left.

Map 116

Hurricane Sandy Situational Map


Because of the severity of Super Storm Sandy, the VisionLink team has launched a real-time situational map at [link] : Open Red Cross Shelters NOAA projection of the storm path Geo-located Twitter data about the storm Power Outage KML East Coast Traffic Routes As the hurricane continues to move along the East coast and as conditions improve or worsen depending on your location, please be sure to stay safe until the storm has passed.

Google Online Mapping Tools: Planning Advanced Mapping

AFP Blog

Google Online Mapping Tools: Planning Advanced Mapping: "Google Online Mapping Tools: Planning Advanced MappingUsing Google Maps APIs and KML tools to create online maps *By: Chris Peters and Mano MarksMay 22, 2009In TechSoup's companion article A Nonprofit's Introduction to Google's Online Mapping Tools, we provide an overview of the more basic features and uses of Google Maps and Google Earth

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Mapping an Engagement Strategy for Successful Year-End Appeals

Connection Cafe

After organizational buy-in, segmentation, and testing, it’s time to map out your engagement strategy. Framework for Mapping Your Engagement Strategy: Mine the Data — Who has usually given by this time of year but hasn’t yet? The truth of the matter is your organization isn’t the only one that’s realized December is such a valuable time for fundraising , so you need a thoughtful approach to help your messaging stand out from the deluge of asks your donor is no doubt receiving.

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Online Marketing Strategy Starts With a Map


Do you ever feel like you’re approaching your digital marketing without a map? This, in my experience, is the most forgotten piece of the map – the network of partner and competitor sites, the web of content-sharing relationships, the guest posts and video appearances you do – that have a significant power to affect public opinion about your organization’s work and identity. Welcome. Settle in and stay awhile. You’re in good company.

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Using Geospatial Maps in Time of Disaster


Geospatial mapping is an increasingly hot topic in large-scale natural disasters, including Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma Tornadoes. As technology continues to advance, data mapping is moving from being a powerful tool for specific cases to being a new norm in all disaster relief. VisionLink President & CEO Dr. Douglas Zimmerman discusses these important shifts in disaster mapping and partnership-building in the Mapping Disasters article of Apogeo Spatial Magazine.

Feel the Heat: Great Tools for Mapping Website Interactions

Byte Technology

Well, if you have, then it’s time to check out heat-mapping, programs that help you gain insights into user interactions such as where on your site they click, what specific areas they explore more than others and generally how they use your site for their purposes. Essentially, the tools and programs for creating a heat-map build an “overlay” of your various site’s pages, and areas that attract more activity appear “hotter” than sections that experience low activity.

Mapping the Crisis

AFP Blog

Mapping the Crisis: "Ushahidi is just one of many nonprofits, governmental agencies, and human rights lobbying agencies using maps for humanitarian work. Unfortunately, these organizations are notoriously bad at sharing data, according to Patrick Meier. To solve this problem, Meier recently started the International Network of Crisis Mappers (INCM), which aims to connect people and organizations.

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The Importance of Heat Mapping for Truly Effective Website Design

Byte Technology

Whereas Analytics still holds immense value to determine what is working and what is not, the truly savvy website developer and owner couples it with heat mapping, complex graphic displays that show what areas of a web page or site are most frequently scanned by visitors and how they’re interacting with different page elements such as video, text links and the like. Heat mapping answers many questions other analytical tools do not: Are your visitors distracted by too many choices?

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How 'Crisis Mapping' Is Shaping Disaster Relief in Nepal

AFP Blog

How 'Crisis Mapping' Is Shaping Disaster Relief in Nepal : "Answering those questions is the goal of crisis mapping, which has become an important assist to first responders in Nepal as they try to untangle logistics and respond to needs for medical care, shelter, and food and water since calamity struck last Saturday." 'via

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Mapping Facebook for marketers


Platlas is a clickable map (“atlas”) of Facebook, created by Carrot Creative , which allows you to visualize – as a marketer – all of the different ways that people interact with Facebook. As we all know, Facebook is crazily complex and annoying in a million ways – but since your people are on it, you gotta be there.

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Network Mapping – are you doing it?


Have we progressed any with the idea of network mapping ? There are two different lens to think about network mapping. The map can be of social media conversations, for example these network maps of Twitter conversations. Or they can be maps of networks of organizations and communities. For example, the Irvine New Leadership Network project that has used network mapping for two purposes: 1) evaluation 2) direct network engagement.

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The Giving Map (washingtonpost.com)

AFP Blog

The Giving Map (washingtonpost.com): "The Giving MapIn this holiday season of particular economic hardship, charitable giving is critical to many in our region. The Giving Map is designed to make it fast and easy to connect you with a nonprofit organization that helps others and fits your areas of interest, whether that's hunger and homelessness or arts and education.

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The Right Direction: Free Plugins to Put your Website on the Map

Byte Technology

Indeed, so much of what we do online these days depends on our physical location, with a host of apps that can make recommendations and programs that sync seamlessly with map services. The aforementioned Google Maps is certainly a leader in the online map market—you can embed a code that you paste into your WordPress posts. You can also embed the map before or after a post, or use a shortcode to stick it within the post itself.

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VisionLink Is In The News: Real-Time Winter Storm Map


Due to the potentially historic damage of this storm, VisionLink successfully created a unique geo-tagged map to chart--in real-time--the damage reports from those in the storm''s path. This tool allows anyone in the country to track the impact of this major weather event.” -- Dr. Douglas Zimmerman , VisionLink''s president and CEO Where can I see and share the map?

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Mind Mapping Options for Your Usages

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Mind Mapping is one of the methods used to graphically represent ideas more clearly. Its name changes according to professional cultures (it is called “mind map” at school, “topogram” for learning professionals or “heuristic diagram” for cognitive science specialists), but its structure remains the same and can be described as a “data tree”. What Can We Do Thanks To Mind Mapping? Mind Map can be a great way to isolate information.

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Mapping Boundaries Upgrade


Ever wished you could draw a diagram on a map with a few clicks? Well, part of the much larger upgrade being released this week allows authorized users to create their own mapping boundaries--for nearly any purpose. Integrated with the Resource Directory in CommunityOS, these mapping tools become even more valuable as clients and community resources can be visually presented.

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Google Maps Dirty Trick or Malfunctioning "Feature?"

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

However, Google Maps routed me to a point two miles away when I typed 300 Funston into my Android phone's Google Map function. Here's the link as it works right now: 300 Funston - Google Maps , hope they fix it soon. Or did Google Maps just know that I needed to go to the Main Post of the Presidio to honor the original location of the Archive? Wasted about 30 minutes this morning thanks to a weird coincidence.

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Social Media Data Mapping


Assisting the American Red Cross, VisionLink''s Community Operating System is being used to deploy a real-time national map for this Winter Storm. It is the combination that is powerful: as the same CommunityOS solution can also register, track and provide case management for clients; capture, map and assess community resources (for day-to-day and disaster use); manage volunteers and much more.

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Data Digest: Maps, Trends, and a Social Progress Index

AFP Blog

Data Digest: Maps, Trends, and a Social Progress Index : Data Digest is a weekly round-up of the latest news on data-related projects in the nonprofit sector, compiled and authored by Keisha Taylor of GuideStar International and TechSoup Global. This week, the call for data measurement in the social sector heightens with the proposition of a Social Progress Index and ways that NGOs can use data maps to increase effectiveness.

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The Culture Map

Eric Jacobson

And, that's why Meyer wrote her book, The Culture Map. Meyer explains in her book that there are eight scales (the Culture Map ), each of which represents one key area that leaders must be aware of, showing how cultures vary along a spectrum from one extreme to its opposite. The Culture Map is filled with engaging, real-life stories and anecdotes from around the world. Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Leadership Books The Culture Map

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6 Ways to Tell Your Story With Interactive Maps


If you're into interactive maps, it's a good time to be alive! Seems we've entered a golden era of interactive mapping, with no shortage of exciting ways to display geographically-specific data. In the last few years, we've seen exponential growth in interactive mapping software that presents data from all sorts of angles. Data interactive maps Leadership mapping MS-DS nptech nten Open Source Paul Chamberlain Strategy Communications

How To: DIY Community & Content Mapping

Amy Sample Ward

During this time, I’ve help create community maps and strategic plans with my own team and with many other groups. More and more often, I get asked at conferences or on the blog for more information about how to create a community map or content plan. Community Map. Why : Why map your community? Content Map. This content map can help everyone know where information flows and where conversations may be taking place.

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Smart mapping tech helps deliver more food to Singapore’s most needy | Press Releases | Asia | Sustainable Business

AFP Blog

Smart mapping tech helps deliver more food to Singapore’s most needy | Press Releases | Asia | Sustainable Business : "Thanks to state-of-the-art mapping technology, one of Singapore’s most loved non-profit organisations is making their food donation programme ‘smarter’ than ever before. Anson Quek, Executive Director of Food from the Heart (FFTH), said the charity’s high productivity can be attributed to their recent adoption of a customised smart mapping application." 'via

Google launches crisis map anticipating hurricane Isaac | Fox News

AFP Blog

Google launches crisis map anticipating hurricane Isaac | Fox News : To do its part, Google has launched the new website aggregating info on tropical storm Isaac as part of its Crisis Response project. NPHurricane NPDisasterRelief NPtech

Succession Strategy: Mapping the Next Generation of Leadership

NonProfit Hub

The post Succession Strategy: Mapping the Next Generation of Leadership appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. I always find it a little funny when I hear someone say, “The future is now.”. My immediate thought tends to be, “ But what does that even mean?” Frankly, it sounds like somebody is trying to be a little too philosophical. I liken it to when someone is sharing “the secret to life,” but really just spewing nonsense.

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How Effective was Crisis Mapping During the 2011 Japan Earthquake? | TechPresident

AFP Blog

How Effective was Crisis Mapping During the 2011 Japan Earthquake? The volunteers behind 4636 – the Ushahidi crisis map that enabled Haitian earthquake victims to broadcast disaster conditions via text – formed a significant portion of the humanitarian response to the quake. Yet crisis mapping in the immediate aftermath of the Japan earthquake, including an Ushahidi map of Twitter reports, Sinsai.info, was not as critical to response

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Philgorithms: Two Examples of Data Mapping to Guide Donor Decisions

Beth Kanter

As COVID accelerates innovative uses of AI in many areas, we are also seeing more development of AI-powered data mapping tools for philanthropic advising and to support donor investment decisions. The interactive mapping tool harnesses COVID-19 incidence rates, community vulnerability scores, and detailed nonprofit profiles to help donors invest in the communities most affected by the pandemic.

Geo-Tagged Map Shows Impact of Hurricane Joaquin in Real Time


Map illustrates damage reports as hurricane hits North Carolina. 5, 2015— VisionLink , a community inspired software and consulting company, has developed a free, shareable, real-time, geo-tagged map depicting actual damage reports produced by Hurricane Joaquin. VisionLink encourages local and national media to share and embed this unique map on their websites to better educate their audience on the hurricane’s progress and impact.

Beyond the Pie Chart: Maps

Tech Soup Blog

Charts and graphs are useful, but when you have any kind of location data — whether it's postal codes, state abbreviations, country names, or your own custom geocoding — you've got to see your data on a map. You wouldn't leave home to find a new restaurant without a map (or a GPS anyway), would you? Part 4 in our Beyond the Pie Chart series covers mapping. When to Use Maps. Use maps to show geocoded data.

Chart 47

Get Results When You Put Yourself in Your Donors’ Shoes

Connection Cafe

hjc has worked with dozens of nonprofits to ‘stand in the shoes’ of their constituents, a process known as Constituent Experience (CX) journey mapping. Get more details about Knowledge Network’s journey mapping experience and read case studies from other nonprofit organizations.

NYC leverages social media to map evacuation info for Hurricane Sandy | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs

AFP Blog

NYC leverages social media to map evacuation info for Hurricane Sandy | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs : The City of New York utilized its Open Data platform to help residents deal with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. The effort, which is part of the Digital Road Map the City launched last year, integrates geographic information systems (GIS), social media and other private and public assets to inform New Yorkers about the dangers posed by the storm.

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Haiti Earthquake: Orphans, Crisis Mapping, and Tech Volunteers

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Crisis Mapping My colleagues at Ushahidi have been working around the clock and around the globe mapping crisis information from Haiti. For those you who are not familiar with Ushahidi, they have a platform that allows anyone to gather distributed data via SMS, email or web and visualize it on a map or time line. Tags: maps Earthquake Aftermath in Jacmel Photos by Andrew Bigosinski, Director of Ciné Lekol.

Map 83

Social media, crisis mapping and the new frontier in disaster response | Global Development Professionals Network | Guardian Professional

AFP Blog

Social media, crisis mapping and the new frontier in disaster response | Global Development Professionals Network | Guardian Professional : Social media, crisis mapping and the new frontier in disaster response During a crisis the large amounts of data produced can be overwhelming to analyse.

Crisis Mapping in Haiti from Ushahidi, Donate by Texting

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My colleagues at Ushahidi have already swung into action and are mapping crisis information from Haiti. For those you who arenot familiar with Ushahidi, they have a platform that allows anyone to gather distributed data via SMS, email or web and visualize it on a map or timeline. Tags: maps Disclaimer: I'm on the board).

Map 75

Association Best Practices, Repeat Volunteers, Empathy Maps and More

Wild Apricot

This week’s link round-up offers 5 posts with insight into: challenging association best practices; motivating repeat volunteers; help with making social media matter; and using empathy maps to improve event success. Apricot Jam

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Google, World Bank use Map Maker to improve Africa's disaster response?( - Internet-based applications and services )

AFP Blog

Google, World Bank use Map Maker to improve Africa's disaster response( - Internet-based applications and services ) : Innhold a- Google, World Bank use Map Maker to improve Africa's disaster response o Michael Malakata 19.01.2012 kl 18:33 | Computerworld Zambia By providing access to a Web-based community mapping tool and data, World Bank and Google are aiming to improve the ability of African and other developing countries to monitor public services and respond to disasters

Africa 116

Using a Matrix Map to View Impact and Profitability

NonProfit Hub

Authors Steve Zimmerman and Jeanne Bell have introduced a proven method for change management called matrix mapping. The matrix map cultivates sound decision-making that embraces the entire organization’s capacity rather than one program or person. Zimmerman and Bell have accumulated a deep understanding of how the matrix map tool is working for nonprofits thanks to five years in the field with their first book, Nonprofit Sustainability. Intro to the Matrix Map.

Map 54

Data and Maps: Making Place Legible


More specifically, what about mapped data? Creating display maps – in print or as digital images – is easier than ever before, and interactive, web-based mapping is all over the place, so to speak. But, while some of us may "ooh" and "ahh" over a particularly cool-looking map, most people have a hard time actually reading and understanding maps. Some of this is a general cognitive truth, but a good part of that comes from poorly designed maps.

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