Guest Lecture: NYU – Data and Storytelling

Amy Sample Ward

presentation Presentations from 2011 community content data guest lecture planning storytelling strategyDate : April 28, 2011. Location : New York, NY. Topic : Nonprofits & Social Media. Description : This class is part of the Master of Science in Public Relations and Corporate Communication program at NYU.

NYU Guest Lecture: Data for Strategy Building and Storytelling

Amy Sample Ward

Last week I had the huge honor of guest lecturing in Laurel Hart’s class for the masters course in Corporate and Organizational Communications at NYU’s school of continuing studies. presentation storytelling community content data guest lecture metrics nyuIt was nearly their last class of the term, and we had some great conversations about process and implementation of content planning and community engagement.


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Cohort-Based Online Courses: The Solution to Boring Lectures & Virtual Fatigue

WBT Systems

You heard it here first: associations with cohort-based online courses will dominate their market and provide the most effective, transformational educational experience to professionals in their industry.

KAUST Winter Enrichment Program 2013: Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

Amy Sample Ward

The course will include a lecture providing insight into the best practices of featured tools, and a hands-on learning component to help participants explore the tools directly on their laptops or in small group facilitated discussions. presentation Presentations from 2013 course kaust lecture middleeast saudi universityDate : January 23, 2013. Location : King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Topic : A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media.

Day at University of Washington

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Leaders to Legends Breakfast Lecture Series

Day at University of Washington

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Leaders to Legends Breakfast Lecture Series

Understanding Donor Intent and How to Honor It

Wild Apricot

Imagine for a minute that your old college has asked you for a donation to help renovate a lecture hall. Having fond memories of your post-secondary years and wishing to help improve the experience of current and future students, you happily make the. fundraising

Top 10 interior design Apps – Free home design & decorating Online

Find the free stuff

From simple cooking lectures to do your bridal makeup, the world of applications has really made lives easy and simple. Currently, the applications available on Android and IOS devices helps most of us to save time, effort and money doing things we normally could not do. The good thing is that with the help of. The post Top 10 interior design Apps – Free home design & decorating Online appeared first on

Sneak Peek: The Science Behind Engaging Your Supporters


In my free time, I'm a fellow and lecturer at Georgetown, focusing on how to best activate audiences to support causes/nonprofits. If you've been keeping up with EveryAction, you're familiar with our recent development series, "New Year, New Heights." We explored everything from must-have nonprofit reporting tools , tips for upping your email game , direct mail strategies , and most recently using data to improve your major gifts program.

Lame spam of the day: boundless online grant applications

Robert Weiner

I cling on to listening to the newscast lecture about receiving boundless online grant applications so I have been looking around for the finest site to get one. I was struck by the language in this spammy blog comment. My first thought was that "boundless" online grant applications meant "endless", which would be horrifying. But maybe they mean "for unlimited amounts of money".

Spam 115

8 Tips for Crafting an Appealing Year-End Email Appeal

The Modern Nonprofit

Treat your Email like a conversation rather than a lecture. Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes 8 Tips for Crafting an Appealing Year-End Email Appeal. Twelve percent of all charitable giving occurs in the last three days of the year – December 29, 30, and 31.

email 67

The Science of Nonprofit Video Engagement: How To Use Emotion to Increase Social Sharing

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Their work has been featured in The New York Times, NPR, CNN and AdWeek and Doug is a guest lecturer at Stanford University on the power of storytelling for nonprofit organizations. By Doug Scott , the founder of Tectonic Video , a leading video agency for nonprofits.

Video 243

Receiving the 2011 CASE Award for Enterprising Social Innovation

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

As part of receiving the ESI Award, I was thrilled to deliver the 2011 Annual ESI Lecture and to meet the Fuqua School’s community. I hope that in my lecture, I convince my listeners, especially students, that they don’t need technology degrees to succeed in high tech. Second year MBA student and CASE Fellow Joanne Sprague wrote a thoughtful blog to reflect on my visit with CASE, where you can also watch the full video of my ESI lecture.

Award 136

[PODCAST] What’s Next? with Kathleen Janus

NonProfit Hub

Kathleen “Kelly” Janus is a social entrepreneur, author and lecturer at Stanford University’s Program on Social Entrepreneurship. In this episode of What’s Next?, Randy and Kathleen Janus talk about social entrepreneurship and how it can be used to tackle some of society’s grandest problems. Also discussed in this episode is earned income , overhead costs, root-cause initiatives and more.

Public speaking for change

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I originally started this blog as a way to keep more of our Benetech team aware of what was going on with me and other team members (through guest blogs) while on our travels. Many of us spend a big chunk of our time on the road rather than in the office, and it's good to share some of the reasons our office chairs are often empty! Speaking publicly is an important part of our work.

Public 122

Top Nonprofit Blogs to Bookmark Today

The Modern Nonprofit

She was one of the first to publish about using social media for social impact and has lectured at Stanford University. Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes Top Nonprofit Blogs to Bookmark Today.

5 College Fundraising Ideas (That are Fun and Easy!)


lecture, it’s easy to stress out. College Fundraising 101: Where to Start. Oh, the college years. What a fun, informative and (sometimes) stressful learning experience those times were! Between paper deadlines, tests, and not over-sleeping for your 8:00 A.M.

Fun 83

Incorporate These Three Learning Styles When Teaching Employees Something New

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Lectures and class discussions are effective training tools.

Teach 52

Back to School: New Tech for the Classroom of the Future

Byte Technology

Online resource EdSurge has even compiled a five-point list for educators to help understand and begin merging VR into their lectures and lab exercises as well as how to create their own custom-made videos as supplements to their normal teaching routines. With the surging popularity of every manner of tech device—on our wrists, strapped to our heads etc.—it

How To Create A Welcoming And Productive Work Environment

Eric Jacobsen Blog

With 30 years of experience bridging gags in diverse workplaces, and as a sought-out lecturer and a TEDx speaker, Kriska provides expert insights and actionable strategies in her book to help you: Effectively repair division.

Caltech: Founding Values

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Richard Feynman once tried to reduce an advanced physics concept to a freshman lecture. The first lecture I heard as a freshman at Caltech was delivered by Feynman on the topic of liquid helium three, and I was certain he did understand the topic! Address on receiving Caltech’s Distinguished Alumni Award May 18, 2013 Caltech was founded to give back to society through science and engineering, to discover knowledge and apply that knowledge.

Syria 164

Guest Post: Maintaining a connection with pandemic-inactive volunteers

Twenty Hats

Smithsonian Associates (SA) , which annually presents 700+ classes and other educational and entertaining programs, made a hard fast pivot in June 2020, when it began to present all of its lectures and art courses as livestreamed programs on Zoom.

Poll 71

Beth is coming to London…

Steve Bridger

On that score, it’s well worth making time to listen to Euan Semple ( @euan ) doing what he does best at the ‘Do Lectures’ back in mid-September… before the leaves turned and fell.

Kenya 62

How to get your educational nonprofit into classrooms, without leaving the office

The Nerdy NonProfit

Teachers can work with students on a particular subject and have live video lectures bookend the units. Educational nonprofits face some barriers when reaching their target audiences.

Trainer’s Tip: Your Room Set Up Can Make or Break the Learning Experience

Beth Kanter

As a long-time trainer, professor, and teacher, I feel strongly that interactive learning activities – going beyond the death by Powerpoint Lecture – is the key to retention and application for participants. Your room set up can support your instructional activities that engage participants or get in the way. If you are trying to do an interactive lecture, it stops group interaction. You can build your resilience by listening to a lecture!

How To Create A Welcoming And Productive Work Environment

Eric Jacobsen Blog

With 30 years of experience bridging gags in diverse workplaces, and as a sought-out lecturer and a TEDx speaker, Kriska provides expert insights and actionable strategies in her book to help you: Effectively repair division.

How to Change the World: A Free Course on Social Good

Tech Soup Blog

The course will include talks, lectures, and panel discussions with the addition of hangouts, discussion groups, and readings to further explore the issues. Want to learn how to make positive change in the world through a top university? 92nd Street Y , a New York City-based nonprofit community and cultural center, is launching a free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) called How to Change the World through Wesleyan University and Coursera.

Social Enterprise and the Small Business Administration

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Author Andrew Wolk, a Senior Lecturer at MIT on Social Entrepreneurship, focused much of his discussion around the concept of how social enterprises were a socially useful response to market failure. Benetech was recently featured in a report to the President (of the U.S.) on small business. There was a chapter in the report entitled Social Entrepreneurship and Government, and Benetech was one of the case studies used (see pages 36-37).

The Ultimate Guide to Volunteer Recruitment: 15+ Strategies


For example, you’ll need far fewer volunteers at a small lecture event than you will at a community-wide dance-a-thon. Some groups who may have cancelled in-person events due to COVID-19 may be back to hosting in-person guest lectures, while others have resumed events online.

How To Create A More Inclusive And Diverse Workforce

Eric Jacobsen Blog

With 30 years of experience bridging gags in diverse workplaces, and as a sought-out lecturer and a TEDx speaker, Kriska provides expert insights and actionable strategies in her book to help you: Effectively repair division.

Evans School hosts Microsoft forum about corporate giving - The Daily of the University of Washington

AFP Blog

Evans School hosts Microsoft forum about corporate giving - The Daily of the University of Washington: "Last night, the Evans School of Public Affairs hosted a forum on corporate social responsibility as part of an ongoing course offered at the Evans School that features lectures from various leaders of business and industry.The lecture featured two representatives from locally based corporate.

New on SSIR: Slacktivism, the gateway to change?

Amy Sample Ward

I recently did a guest lecture at The New School on the topic, I’ve had countless conversations with colleagues and friends, and I’ve been capturing ideas and questions to myself on scraps of paper everywhere. My guest lecture notes cover the first point, and today I want to share a few ideas about slacktivism as a gateway to change. My latest post is up on the Stanford Social Innovation Review – you can read it and join the conversation at SSIR or read the repost below.

Change 163

A Guide to Pricing your Virtual Event


Virtual events can offer live sessions, webinars, chats, lectures, and networking events. One of the most complicated decisions of the virtual event planning process is determining how to price your virtual event.

A reflection from two talks

NCE Social Media

Social Media and Fundraising – Guest Lecture at Point Park University from Dave Tinker, CFRE. In the past week I’ve given two talks to two different groups on the same subject – social media and fundraising. The first group was a group of 32 professionals who work or volunteer for nonprofit organizations through the Foundation Center located at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Beyond Survival: Post-Disruption Nonprofit Culture Strategy


Eschew lectures, educational pieces, self-congratulatory prose, and corporate speak. This nonprofit culture strategy post is part 3 in a 3-part series. Read part 1 and part 2.

New Benetech board member, Robert Wexler

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Rob is also a lecturer at Stanford Law School where he teaches the Law of Nonprofit Organizations. Our Nonprofit Legal Expert Continues to Offer Wise Advice My last post mentioned our recent Benetech board meeting. This seemed like a great moment to introduce our newest board member, Robert Wexler. Rob has a deep understanding of what makes nonprofits successful. He’s a principal at Adler & Colvin, San Francisco's top law firm specializing in nonprofit law.

How Video Conference Helps in Education

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Whether we want to organize webinars, make presentations of content, teach a virtual lecture, invite foreign experts to present topics of interest, answer questions, online, about a task or show our students how to use a web tool or how to perform some Excel formula. Video Conference is taking over the corporate world and have also delved into the education system.

The Secret Science Of Brilliant Leadership

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Trained as a medical doctor, Watkins became an honorary senior lecturer in neuroscience and psychological medicine at Imperial College, London and an affiliate professor of leadership at the European School of Management, London. Coherence: The Secret Science of Brilliant Leadership is the book by author Dr. Alan Watkins.

The Road to Accessibility without Borders: Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of the Marrakesh Treaty

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

One year ago, on June 28, 2013, at a diplomatic conference in Marrakesh, Morocco, the World Intellectual Property Organization ( WIPO ) agreed on a historic international copyright exception for people with print disabilities.

4 Strategies to Increase Donor Loyalty


A lover, not a lecturer. Did you know as many as 81% percent of new donors don’t return to give again? And only 43% of all donors remain loyal? Do you know what your retention rates are or how to increase donor loyalty?

Donor 108

How To Become The Person Others Follow

Eric Jacobsen Blog

explains Spodek, who is an Adjunct Professor at NUY and a lecturer for Columbia Business School. Yes, it will take you some time to read Joshua Spodek 's book, Leadership Step by Step. Yes, it will be a little like doing "homework."

4 Clever Ways to Recruit and Retain More Members at Arts & Cultural Organizations

Connection Cafe

Bonus points if they’re accompanied by a related lecture and/or snacks.) I f your organization is in a big city — or if you just have a lot of visitors — special access to exhibits with smaller crowds is a major draw for potential members. . Do you have “No Monet” ?

Building Immersive, Innovative Digital Experiences for Arts and Culture

Forum One

For example, during the pandemic and while the campus remains closed, AMFA offers online education and arts programming so a key feature of their new website was a comprehensive calendar integration platform to highlight virtual lectures, live performances and art classes.