Elearning vs Classroom Training – Let’s Understand Their Pros and Cons


Elearning is the new and inexpensive alternative to classroom training, which is becoming more popular and preferred method among organizations. Cost Difference: Another major difference is the cost effectiveness of eLearning and classroom training.

Teaching with Tech: The Incredible—and Inevitable—Evolution of the Digital Classroom

Byte Technology

Consider some of these facts: • In 1996 only 14 percent of classrooms had Internet access; 13 years later 93 percent were wired into the World Wide Web. Taken in a whole, it’s now possible to earn most any degree without ever having to step into a traditional classroom.

Back to School: New Tech for the Classroom of the Future

Byte Technology

Featuring a wide field of view and highly intuitive head tracking, both connect to their respective devices and operating systems and, because they’re comfortable and light, are perfect in a classroom setting of antsy kids.

6 Tips for Successful Mobile Video Assignments in the Classroom - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education

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6 Tips for Successful Mobile Video Assignments in the Classroom - ProfHacker - The Chronicle of Higher Education : However, in the three years I’ve been teaching mobile video in a course titled “Information 3.0,” even those students who initially say they are very familiar with video later admit that they learned a lot from repeated practice and application of video production skills.

MathAndCoding Turns the Library into a Coding Classroom (Part 2)

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In part 1 of this series, we introduced MathAndCoding , a nonprofit that offers teen-led programming classes for children in public libraries in the Silicon Valley area. In part 2, we offer a librarian's perspective as the host for this program.

Putting XO Laptops Under Christmas Trees—and into Classrooms—via Amazon | Xconomy

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Putting XO Laptops Under Christmas Trees—and into Classrooms—via Amazon | Xconomy: "Under the Give One, Get One (G1G1) program, consumers can buy two laptops for $399. One will be shipped to a school of OLPC’s choice, and the other to any recipient of the buyer’s choice. Part of the purchase price is tax-deductible—though OLPC says buyers should consult their accountants to figure out how much.".

New Models for Children's Museums: Wired Classrooms?

Museum 2.0

To many of these folks, Bob's wired classrooms seem threatening. The wired classroom is not a free-for-all nor an entirely screen-based experience. The “wired classroom” model accepts and integrates technology instead of avoiding or denying it.

Digital Video in the Classroom

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I'm working with a newly established community technology center that is housed in an after-school program on an instructional technology plan for lab. One area we're looking at is digital video, so have been madly reviewing educational resources and options. I found a great resource, [link] which had exactly what I was searching for - a piece on strategies for multi-level projects

Start Blogging Today – An new online classroom for growing nonprofits and small businesses

John Haydon

One of the many projects I’ve been working on for the past few months is an online course called “Start Blogging Today&#. And it launches today.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Join us at ILA to learn how to break through the challenges of shifting practices, advocate for all students, and make a difference in and out of the classroom. It's finally here!

11 Hispanic and Latino Organizations Everyone Should Know

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Hispanic Heritage Foundation is an award-winning nonprofit that identifies, inspires, prepares and positions Latino leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities.

Volunteering 101 for Schools


However, with the help of VolunteerMark these kinds of catastrophes can be avoided and a school-wide event and even a classroom can run smoother It’s a special time at your child’s school. They’re so excited. It’s Field Day.

4 Ways Colleges Use Technology To Increase Campus Engagement


For most college students, their cellphone never leaves their side - 94% even want to use mobile phones as an educational device in classrooms. In this blog series, we'll be focusing on how Higher Educational Institutions use technology to communicate with and engage their students and alumni.

Wild Apricot Blog : Campaign Maps: How 3 Nonprofit Organizations use Online Maps to Send a Message

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Map 36

2009 DonorsChoose.org Social Media Challenge

Amy Sample Ward

The challenge runs throughout October, with hundreds of bloggers and Twitterers rallying to support classroom requests on DonorsChoose.org. All told, they raised over $275,000 for classroom projects reaching 67,000 students in low-income neighborhoods around the country. Public school teachers post project requests that range from a $100 classroom library, to a $600 digital projector, to a $1,000 trip to the zoo. The DonorsChoose.org Social Media Challenge is back again!

NRDC Launches the Solar Schools Revolution | Nathanael Greene's Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC

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That’s why next week, NRDC is launching Solar Schools: Powering Classrooms, Empowering Communities. NRDC Launches the Solar Schools Revolution | Nathanael Greene''s Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC : We can do something, though. Something upbeat and local and smart: put solar on our kids’ schools. Our plan, ultimately, is to help every school in the country that wants solar to get it. But to get going, we need your help.

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3 Nonprofits Doing Cool Things With Tech


Walden Woods Project uses Skype to reach classrooms. Teachers are connecting speakers from across the globe to their classrooms, The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports. Image courtesy of SustaiNet Software.

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Infographic: Technology And Education


When researchers and education professionals started looking at technology as a means of innovation in the classroom, many thought that the future of technology’s role in education was in the use of devices.

After Frustrations in Second Life, Colleges Look to New Virtual Worlds - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education

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After Frustrations in Second Life, Colleges Look to New Virtual Worlds - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Some colleges that have built virtual classrooms in Second Life—the online environment where people walk around as avatars in a cartoonlike world—have started looking for an exit strategy.".

Celebrate #GivingTuesday by Teaching About Giving

Connection Cafe

The teachers are the real heroes here (as they often are), the inspirational inflection points that take this well-thought-out, well crafted curriculum to the kids who gather in their classrooms. I love #GivingTuesday.

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Training on your new database

Robert Weiner

If you're training a lot of people, try to train in a classroom setting so everyone hears the same thing. But recognize that not everyone will be available for classroom trainings, and some people will need 1 on 1 training to understand the concepts. Test the computers and software in the classroom before every training. A question was posted to a listserve for nonprofit techies looking for tips on training staff on a new database.

DonorsChoose Interview & Social Media Challenge

Amy Sample Ward

At Socialbrite, we’d like to call on our readers to support students in public school classrooms in low-income areas. Meantime, if you’re not familiar with DonorsChoose, the idea is a simple one: It’s a site where public school teachers could post what materials they were lacking in the classroom. They hope individuals will contribute around $17 million this year for books, field trips, art supplies and technology needed by classrooms in low-income areas.

New on SSIR: A New Tool for Digital Storytelling

Amy Sample Ward

My latest contribution to the Stanford Social Innovation Review is now posted – you can read the post and join the conversation on the SSIR opinion blog , or in full below. —– I’m really excited by tools that enable digital or transmedia storytelling.

Flexible Space: The Secret To Designing Powerful Training

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Graduate Students at MIIS Class Doing Group Exercise in Flexible Classroom Space. I was able to pull this off because my course took place in the Digital Learning Commons “ D-Space ” – a state of the art flexible classroom space.

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DonorsChoose.org Moving money into SC schools like TySheoma Betheas!

Network-Centric Advocacy

Donor’s Choose is opening a money pipeline into the classrooms in SC. Teacher requests directly from SC classrooms. Education in the spotlight: Support classrooms like Ty’Sheoma Bethea’s!

Watch me cut off all my hair for #EpicThanks (video)

John Haydon

The goal this week is to build more classrooms for Shepherd Middle School in Tanzania. This week is EpicThanks where the entire internet will explode with gratitude.

Visiting Schools in Pohnpei

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The classrooms have doors that open to the outside, because of the warm weather. Most classrooms have desks and textbooks and all have chalkboards. We went into a classroom where I could immediately tell that the teacher there as well as one of the students both had the condition.

iCared with lots of others for Convio Cares Week

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The project that I volunteered at with fifteen other Convio employees was a classroom makeover for a local Austin school, Gus Garcia Middle School. Our challenge was that the classroom was not originally well suited for the activities that take place in it. Author: Corey Pudhorodsky.

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Higher Education and the Mobile Revolution: How Texts Make Better Schools and Students

Mobile Commons

Ten years ago, text messaging’s role in the classroom was a head scratcher. All of these methods have helped keep classrooms full at a time when college admissions have dropped for the first time in 15 years. These days, however, it is a no brainer.

UC Santa Cruz Students Volunteering for Impact with Bookshare

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The idea of incorporating textbook proofing into classrooms as a service-learning opportunity is one that we only recently began exploring and we’re delighted to see it put into action so quickly and well.

Trainer’s Tip: Your Room Set Up Can Make or Break the Learning Experience

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand how the feng shui of a classroom impacts learning. Circles without tables, just chairs helps promote group discussion. That’s why I always enjoy teaching in flexible classroom spaces.

Data and the Human Touch

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

He could no longer keep up with his peers in the classroom. Sophia and her family were left confused and concerned about her future in the classroom. Meet Kevin and “Sophia” (who anonymously shared her story with my team).

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10 Holiday Gift Programs That Benefit Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Gifts range from symbolic adopt-an-acre of a national park gifts to funding a classroom project in a low-income community. As a follow-up to 25 Online Gift Stores That Benefit Nonprofit s , below are 10 holiday gift programs that benefit nonprofits.

Learning + Technology: The Latest on What Associations Are Doing


percent report doing blended learning, an approach that typically combines classroom-based and online learning. I asked Jeff Cobb to share a summary of his great new report on social learning, a topic which you know is dear to our hearts. Download!

Accessible eBooks for Equal Opportunity

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

He could no longer keep up with his peers in the classroom. Kevin Leong was in kindergarten when he experienced an organic brain injury that forced him to relearn everything from walking to using the bathroom.

eBook 219

Free education tools you have never heard of


There are thousands of science eBooks, ask expert section and online classrooms on the website. This site is a great resource, although quite unknown compared to the mighty Reddit, this site gives users the opportunity to share information through classrooms.

What We Can Learn from Finnish NGOS About Resilience

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Before I left for Finland, I read Timothy Walker’s Teach Like Finland: 33 Simple Strategies for Joyful Classrooms. In Finland, classroom time incorporates “brain breaks” after 50 minutes when one’s natural focus and energy begins to wane.

10 Ways Board Members Can Fundraise WITHOUT Asking for Money

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She is Vice President of Training at Pursuant where she transforms individuals into confident, successful fundraisers through classroom, custom and online training. In every webinar, classroom training or custom training I lead, I get an earful about lackluster boards.

Money 75

The Compliance Learning Management System (LMS)


Last week Gyrus Systems earned a “Top 10” award from Talented Learning in the “ Best Employee Compliance LMS ” category. Gyrus Systems is pleased to have our efforts recognized by a well-respected organization like Talented Learning.

When Data Gets Personal


At DonorsChoose.org, any public school teacher in America can ask for funding for a particular classroom need and any individual can donate to support that project. The numbers, added to a teacher’s reasoned and heartfelt plea, equal solutions in classrooms.

Trainer’s Notebook: The Importance of Hands-On Learning

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand how the feng shui of a classroom impacts learning. Classroom style with desks puts a barrier between the students and the instruction, especially when people are using laptops or tablets to take notes.

Visually Engage Your Constituents with InFocus

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InFocus innovates collaboration solutions that drive successful, visual teamwork in video walls, control rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, and workstations throughout the world. With the digital displays that InFocus provides through TechSoup, you can communicate and collaborate in meetings, presentations, classrooms, and offices. The InFocus IN112x digital projector is a versatile digital projector for displays from classrooms to conference rooms.

Museum Verbs and Defining Who are We.

Museum 2.0

We often think of our teachers as being less than classroom teachers and our gallery staff as “just” teaching little kids. After the International Committee on Museums spent some time debating the definition of museums, many folks took up the charge on social media to give their own definitions. I’m inviting people to share their definitions, here and on social (and tag me); I’ll summarize your thoughts next week. We need new #MuseumVerbs. Let me suggest one to start us off: Let go.