National Family Literacy Day

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This Sunday while you're finishing off the Halloween candy, think about doing something for National Family Literacy Day. The idea behind the day, sponsored by the National Center for Family Literacy is to promote family literacy. Sunday, really, is just another reminder that every day can be literacy day. Tags: Reading facebook Bookshare National Family Literacy Day literacy

Read2Go Tops iTunes Literacy Charts!

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The first one shows the Special Education category on iTunes, with the Read2Go logo being used to represent the Literacy and Learning section. And, the second one shows why: our Read2Go application is at the top of the Literacy and Learning section!

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Literacy for a billion: PlanetRead

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

One of the most exciting literacy social enterprises that I've run into is PlanetRead. They have also done extensive measurements of their impact and see real progress on advancing literacy.

Betsy Beaumon on Benetech's Literacy Program

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The Year That Was and the New Year Ahead Guest Beneblog by Betsy Beaumon, Benetech's VP and General Manager of the Literacy Program 2012 was a year of titanic shifts in the fields of consumer technology, education, and publishing, along with the requisite challenges brought about by such rapid change. Route 66 Literacy Did you know that we have another fabulous online service that helps adolescent and adult beginning readers learn to read?

Route 66 Literacy Beta Users

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Route 66 Literacy began its first beta at Community Association for Rehabilitation, Inc. (C·A·R) C·A·R) in January, here in Palo Alto, California.

Daily DoGooder: Fighting to Bring Literacy to the World

See What's Out There

Change the world, one video at a time.Fighting to Bring Literacy to the World | 2:00 Established by two Notre Dame undergraduates with the help of seed money from the University’s Social Venture Plan Competition, Better World Books has sold more than 30 million unwanted, used books, contributed over $10 million for literacy initiatives [.].

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The Reading, Literacy and Learning Conference. The Reading, Literacy and Learning Conference. The Annual Reading, Literacy & Learning conference is a source of information for anyone affected by dyslexia and other learning based challenges. It's finally here!

Twitteracy (Twitter Literacy)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Howard Rheingold has an interesting post titled "Twitter Literacy ( I refuse to Make Up a Twittery Name for It ). Rheingold suggests that is an example of social media literacy: Twitter is one of a growing breed of part-technological, part-social communication media that require some skills to use productively. The phrase "Twitter Literacy" made me think of this pretty funny syllabus called " Writing for Nonreaders in the Postprint Era.

Twitter’s Claire Williams Shares Why Literacy Is Her Cause

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: As a supporter of the work that the Sharing Foundation does for children in Cambodia, I’ve seen first hand the value of literacy programs in developing countries. Read our blog about it, check out our literacy micro-site , and tweet with the cool widget we made.

Three Reasons Kids Need Digital Literacy and Citizenship Education

Beth Kanter

As a parent of wired kids, I think teaching digital literacy is very important for parents to do. Three reasons kids need digital literacy and citizenship education — and three ways to provide it – Guest Post by Emily Esch. Photo by WhiteAfrican.

Cell Phone Literacy Ideas in China

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I just had a great meeting with Jenny Zhao where we talked about the cell phone industry in China. Jenny manages the China operations for a global cell phone technology company. One of our dreams for the Route 66 technology is that it could be used to teach reading to people all over the world, in English as well as other languages.

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The Librarian of Marrakesh

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book caravan books librarians literacy Marrakech Marrakesh Morocco women women''s rights One of the joys of my role is meeting other social sector leaders: people with a powerful passion for good. We learn from each other, and try to help each other when we can.

Are You Passionate about Technology and Social Good? Benetech Needs You!

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Benetech is hiring new Vice Presidents for our Global Literacy and Human Rights programs. The Vice President of Global Literacy leads Benetech’s biggest program, standing at the confluence of some of the most active and rapidly evolving fields: digital content, EdTech, domestic and international education, and user-centered design. Benetech Bookshare human rights jobs Labs literacy social enterprise social entrepreneur social entrepreneurship

Nonprofit Advocacy Can Be a Force Multiplier for Social Change

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Bookshare today is part of a broader effort by Benetech’s Global Literacy Program to improve the lives and learning of students with the biggest challenges. This post originally appeared on Arabella Advisors'' Greater Good blog as part of the series Impact 2014.

Advancing Reading Equality with Bookshare’s Exponential Growth

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I’m thrilled to share with you some of the recent amazing impact of Bookshare , a Benetech Global Literacy initiative and the largest accessible online library of copyrighted content for people with print disabilities. Many thanks to all our financial and programmatic partners, collaborators and supporters, volunteers, and, of course, to Betsy Beaumon, General Manager and Vice President of the Benetech Global Literacy Program, and the entire Global Literacy team!

Social Media Basic Literacy Skills In the Nonprofit Workplace

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Michele Martin and Tony Karer have been blogging at the Work Literacy blog for several months now. The topics they look at are what I might call social media literacy skills. Source: Pew Internet and America Life Project: " Networked Workers " Study.

Listening Literacy Skills: What keywords or phrases have brought you some insights?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The most important listening literacy skills are. Reiteracy is Social Media Listening Literacy. What else makes up listening literacy skills? What are your stories about how your organization's listening literacy skills have returned value?

Research Friday: Financial literacy: understanding money for today’s activities and tomorrow’s security

ASU Lodestar Center

1 This study, Financial Literacy and Knowledge in the Nonprofit Sector (PDF) , "engaged a random sample of primarily human service nonprofits, as well as health, civic, environmental, arts, and education nonprofits." The report is divided into five areas of study: I) financial knowledge and literacy, II) indicators for programmatic and financial decision-making, III) the board role & governance, IV) controls and procedures for financial management, and, v) some closing thoughts.

How to Evaluate Your Digital Literacy Program: Free Webinar on June 30

Tech Soup Blog

How to Evaluate Your Digital Literacy Program Thursday, June 30, 11 a.m. computer-related programs, those who support digital literacy programs, or BTOP. Access to the Internet and computer training are key services. public libraries and some nonprofits provide. To bolster their efforts, the. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided $7.2 billion to expand access to. broadband services in the United States. Many groups received BTOP funding.

Mayrie ReNae Annual Valentine's Day Scholarship

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accessibility volunteers Bookshare literacyLast November, Mayrie ReNae, a beloved colleague and part of our Bookshare extended community, passed away after a battle with cancer. Mayrie was a Bookshare member, volunteer and staff person, who contributed hundreds of books to the Bookshare collection and provided invaluable guidance to our volunteer crew for many years.

Benetech Truth #1: Social Change Through Technology

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Our work to date repeatedly demonstrates bridging this market failure gap: Our Literacy team has reinvented the traditional library for the blind, reducing the cost of producing an accessible book by a factor of 100 and ending the book famine that people who are blind or print disabled have faced for years. Beneforge social entrepreneurs Benetech a11y social enterprise Benetech Truths Bookshare socent accessibility human rights environment lucre literacy

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New Media Literacy Site from MIT - and check out the great Vlog Tutorial!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The new media literacies web site is working to integrate new media materials into compelling activities for K-12 students for use in or out of school. From Steve Garfield's Flickr Stream.

Member Round Up: A busy September with new research, a cure for website obesity, and world literacy day


On September 8, Unesco observed its 40th International Literacy Day, from which Care2 highlights some shocking statistics on literacy around the globe and reminds us that the ability to read and write is a human right. Flickr: Juushika Redgrave This past weekend saw the first offical day of fall which means we can all look forward to months of potted mums, candy corn, and annual conferences.

Exciting Benetech Leadership News!

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Betsy Beaumon, formerly of BEA Systems and numerous other high tech roles (including founding her own social enterprise in the 1990s), has joined us as our new Vice President and General Manager of Literacy Programs. Over the last year, I've spent half my time just on Bookshare, but Betsy Beaumon's arrival will allow me to worry less about the day-to-day operations, while gaining a partner for strategizing the future of our Literacy programs.

Building a Digitally Literate Community

Tech Soup Blog

A few months ago, I attended Microsoft Citizenship's YouthSpark Connection event and heard first-hand from recent high school graduates about how dire the need for digital literacy is. Defining Digital Literacy. But first, what exactly is digital literacy?

Route 66 Meeting

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We recently had a meeting in Silicon Valley to celebrate the progress we're making with the Route 66 Literacy program. She heads the Center of Literacy and Disability Studies of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Will Facebook’s Bridge the Global Digital Divide?

Tech Soup Blog

Digital Divide libraries digital inclusion tslibraryorg digital literacy Facebook’s new initiative is a big news item in NPTech and global digital inclusion news.

Why Kansas City Has a Shot at Bridging the Digital Divide

Tech Soup Blog

Digital Divide libraries digital inclusion digital literacy tspubliclibraries I had the opportunity to participate in the launch of the new Kansas City Digital Inclusion Fund. It addresses the thorny problem of bringing the 25 percent or so of people in the city who are still not participating in the information age to inclusion. I say thorny because despite the nearly $300 million in stimulus funding awarded by the U.S.

Corporate Citizenship and Digital Inclusion: Empowering Communities, Nonprofits, and Public Libraries

Tech Soup Blog

project is focused on teaching digital literacy to young people so they can be prepared for 21 st. Digital Divide libraries digital inclusion digital literacy

Are You Sending an E-Card to Mom or Dad This Holiday?

Tech Soup Blog

Security symantec digital inclusion tssymantec digital literacy tscommunity org According to a Pew Internet report in mid-2012, over half of American adults older than 65 are using the Internet and email, and about a third of them are using social networking sites like Facebook as well.

E-Readers for Everyone: Teaching Tips Webinar

Tech Soup Blog

Digital Divide eLearning Event Online Seminar Training library libraries nonprofits webinars nonprofit education online training e-book tablet literacy e-readerMore than three-quarters of the nation's public libraries offer e-books, but most Americans don't know that this service is provided by their local library.

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3rd Annual EveryAction Nonprofit Halloween Costume Parade


Children's Literacy Initiative. The Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI) began as a way to provide collections of excellent children’s books & trainings in reading-aloud to teachers in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Happy Halloween from all of us at EveryAction! Each year, our staff marks the occasion by dressing up as some of our favorite nonprofit organizations as a way to recognize their incredible work and the start of end-of-year fundraising push with some fun.

Martus 4.5: Lowering the Barrier to Better Information Security through Strong Crypto

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can now be configured in less than 10 minutes by anyone with basic digital literacy skills, so that even less tech-savvy users can easily and quickly implement Martus’ secure documentation capabilities with distributed backup. Last week, the Benetech Human Rights Program released version 4.5

Thank You, Gerardo!

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Gerardo’s contributions related to the Benetech Global Literacy Program include: Overseeing the building of the tech infrastructure that has taken Bookshare from serving tens of thousands of members to over 300,000 members, with a rapidly growing collection of 280,000+ accessible ebooks.

On the Future of Braille: Thoughts by Radical Braille Advocates

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Guest Beneblog by Betsy Beaumon, VP and General Manager, Benetech’s Global Literacy Program. With the goal of promoting braille literacy, this landmark meeting brought together braille experts from around the world to Perkins’ campus in Watertown, Massachusetts.

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Belfast Nonprofit Brings Affordable Technology to Mainers | Bangor, Maine News, Sports, and Weather - WABI TV5

AFP Blog

We are a computer literacy project, 501 C3, and we help get computers into the hands of underprivileged, schools, non profits, and libraries,” said Martin, the executive director Belfast Nonprofit Brings Affordable Technology to Mainers | Bangor, Maine News, Sports, and Weather - WABI TV5 : We’ve helped almost 10,000 families so far in the 12 years,” said E-Commerce Manager Calvin Robbins. Jodi Martin started the nonprofit, Information Technology Exchange, with her husband. “We

How Cross-Sector Collaboration is Helping Fight Youth Unemployment in Boston

Connection Cafe

Boston University provides in-kind space to host professional development forums, EVERFI supplies financial literacy coursework, and Boston’s Center for Teen Empowerment adds expertise in the youth development space. Where does your organization sit in your community?

Boston 191

Infographic: The Internet is Important to Everyone

Tech Soup Blog

digital inclusion tslibraryorg digital literacy As more and more information moves online, Americans without Internet access are increasingly being left behind.

Twitter to squeeze the wine business for charity | Webware - CNET

AFP Blog

Twitter to squeeze the wine business for charity | Webware - CNET: "n an attempt to boost literacy rates around the world, Twitter has launched a wine label with San Francisco-based winery Crushpad.The label is dubbed Fledgling Wine. In addition to its Web site, the self-described 'social winemaking venture' has a Twitter page too that just kicked in minutes ago

How Text Messaging Closes the Word Gap in Young Children

Mobile Commons

The results: Literacy rates improved for children whose parents received literacy text messages. The study found that the parents who received the literacy text messages were far more likely to engage their children in learning how to read.

You Gotta Believe: the Finest #UNselfie Posts of #GivingTuesday 2016


My #GivingTuesday #unselfie goes to @LBPLFoundation because libraries are still critical to literacy in our community — Kate (@KAzarPD). Ah, #GivingTuesday. the day donors wake up from their post-Thanksgiving food stupors, reflect on spending too much money during those retail-holidays-that-shall-not-be-named, and decide to offset the materialistic frenzy with some good-for-the-soul charitable giving - and then, of course, they take a selfie.

Route 66 Goes Public

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We just launched the Route 66 Literacy web site. I think Karen Erickson's creation has terrific potential for expanding literacy It has information about the Route 66 concept and includes a pointer to a public demo site with free sample content. I really appreciate the funding we have had for Route 66 from the Severns and Special Hope Foundations: it's made it possible for us to go this far.

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Heroes with a Heart: Nominate a Nonprofit Hero Today!

Amy Sample Ward

We all know someone quietly changing the world each and every day. He or she is not on the front page of the newspaper, and not mingling with the Gates and Buffets of the world. Everyday people have shown extraordinary commitment to making this world better and actually get to work doing it.