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The Delaware Humane Association, The First Ever Indoguration™, and a New World Record for the Most Pets on a Single Zoom Call


That’s exactly what happened when President Joe Biden arrived at the Delaware Humane Association to adopt a dog named Major. When opportunity knocks, nonprofits need to be ready to answer the door and be open to the possibility of expanding their operations.

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Microsoft Citizenship Donating Office 365 To Nonprofits


Many nonprofits are benefiting from moving email, calendar, documents, and data to the cloud including the Boys and Girls Club of Delaware. Boys and Girls Club of Delaware. Download our free Ebook, Office 365 For Nonprofits - A Primer , and check out our npOffice (Office 365) offering. Tech Impact has been of significant help.

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Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Training for Nonprofits :: Collingswood, NJ

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Proceeds benefit Volunteers of America Delaware Valley. Location: Volunteers of America Delaware Valley, 235 White Horse Pike, Collingswood, NJ ( Google Map - 7 Miles from Downtown Philadelphia). Date: Thursday, September 22, 2011. Time: 9:30am – 3:30pm. Cost: $149 per person. How to Register: Sign up! View: Training Agenda (PDF).

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How 4DL Transformed Its Website with TechSoup Website Services

Tech Soup Blog

One nonprofit from Wilmington, Delaware, is making headway on the issue of educational inequality in America. TechSoup's Website Services helped transform the organization's website so that it could better serve its communities.

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Tim Cook to donate his fortune to charity | Maryland-Delaware

AFP Blog

Tim Cook to donate his fortune to charity | Maryland-Delaware : "Cook, who is close to becoming a billionaire, says he will pay for his nephew''s college education, then donate the rest of his wealth to philanthropic projects, according to Fortune. Cook isn''t the first top executive to give his money away." ''via Blog this'''

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3 Vital Resources for Nonprofit Start-Ups

Blue Fox

Last week our CEO received a phone call that started like this: “Hi Chantal, I’m staring a nonprofit in Delaware and could use some support getting my organization off the ground. How to Start a Nonprofit? Is this something you can help with or do you only work with established nonprofits?”

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When is Equal Pay Day for social sector leaders in your state?


$81,039.00. District of Columbia. 216,744.50. 160,250.00. 121,761.00. 109,415.00. 118,244.00. West Virginia. 105,481.00. 154,274.50. 109,249.00.