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The Top 3 Charity Rating & Badge Programs for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Heather Mansfield , founder and editor-in-chief of Nonprofit Tech for Good Seventy-two percent of individuals say that the presence of a charity rating badge increases their likelihood of giving. To update your profile and access your badge, sign up to access the Nonprofit Portal.

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Better Event Badging: A Brief Guide

Cadmium CD

Fortunately, those times are behind us as we enter an era of seamless and efficient event management solutions , where contactless badge printing can transform the event experience. We all remember the days of waiting in long, tedious lines to enter an event.

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1 Million Trailhead Badges: Lessons from’s Trailhead Journey

Saleforce Nonprofit

You may have even earned some badges. As we cross the milestone of having 1 million Trailhead badges earned, now is a great opportunity to reflect and share key takeaways on what our team learned through the process of designing and implementing a learning program on Trailhead. And more cool badge art for your collection, of course!

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Open Badges – What you need to know


Open Badges – What you need to know. Regardless of how you slice it, a very important aspect of the gamified mix is badging. Though there are many beliefs as to the best way to establish a badging program, it is hard to argue the fundamental benefits of and the flexibility that an open standards system provides.

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Gamification – Badges, Levels, or Leaderboards?


Gamification – Badges, Levels, or Leaderboards? Good gamification addresses that inner drive in 3 ways: Badging. Badging is an online representation of an earned skill, allowing you to share your skills and interests with the world in a visual manner. He has 300 Badges!!!” appeared first on Gyrus.

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Use New-Hire Employee Name Badges

Eric Jacobsen Blog

If you lead an organization that uses employee ID badges, considering using a different color or a special designation on the badges for newly hired employees for at least their first 30 days and ideally up to 60 days.

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Making Digital Media Learning Badges Work

Forum One

Recently, I joined a number of luminaries for the launch of the 4th Digital Media Learning (DML) competition, Badges for Lifelong Learning. Digital Learning Badges are online tools that recognize, measure, and support lifelong learning. Digital Learning Badges are online tools that recognize, measure, and support lifelong learning.

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