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Drive Extraordinary Outcomes Through Lifecycle-Forward Measurement

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Many think of nonprofit marketing measurement in a purely performance-based way, but this doesn't always tell you where the audience is in their relationship with your nonprofit when they took action and how that deepened their relationship with the organization. This is where lifecycle-forward measurement is helpful.

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5 Fundraising Measurement Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

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Here are five things not to do when measuring the performance of your online fundraising and marketing programs.

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How to Stretch Impact Measurement Dollars

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Impact measurement is mission-critical. Thankfully, regardless of how small the budget, there is a lot that organizations can do to maximize their impact measurement dollars. After all, it is essentially an assessment of whether or how well an organization is living up to its mission.

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Outcome Metrics– Measuring What Matters in the Nonprofit World

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Examine how modern technology continues to shift finance from a “scorekeeper” role to a “value driver” role. Finance teams will lead the way in sustaining funding, strengthening stewardship, and maximizing impact.

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Measure What You Value: Designing a Values-based Performance Appraisal System

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What should be measured? Don’t get me wrong: Aspirational language is great for identifying what the value is , but it can be difficult to measure employees against this standard. The behaviors above are actionable, observable, and easy to measure. How often should they be done? Should they be tied to pay increases?

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How to Measure Engagement in 2022 (And Why It’s So Important)

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Why measure engagement in 2022? Digital engagement is the direct line into your audience’s unfiltered and unbiased opinion. Okay, so why would you want an unfiltered and unbiased opinion? Because this helps you understand what your audience loves about you, and what they don’t like so much.

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Helpful Ways to Measure and Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Performance


Unless you measure your nonprofit’s performance, it’s impossible to know where you are succeeding and where you need to focus future efforts. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to measuring performance, but every successful fundraising team should have the ability to assess and refine its data.

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