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Drive Extraordinary Outcomes Through Lifecycle-Forward Measurement

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Many think of nonprofit marketing measurement in a purely performance-based way, but this doesn't always tell you where the audience is in their relationship with your nonprofit when they took action and how that deepened their relationship with the organization. This is where lifecycle-forward measurement is helpful.

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How to Stretch Impact Measurement Dollars

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Impact measurement is mission-critical. Thankfully, regardless of how small the budget, there is a lot that organizations can do to maximize their impact measurement dollars. After all, it is essentially an assessment of whether or how well an organization is living up to its mission.

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The NonProfit Voice Ep 83: Harnessing and Measuring the Power of Influencers

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join The NonProfit Voice to discuss the benefits of measuring influencers’ impact on virtual events. Maxine Tatlonghari of the American Lung Association and Nick Lynch of

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How to Measure Engagement in 2022 (And Why It’s So Important)

Association TV

Why measure engagement in 2022? Digital engagement is the direct line into your audience’s unfiltered and unbiased opinion. Okay, so why would you want an unfiltered and unbiased opinion? Because this helps you understand what your audience loves about you, and what they don’t like so much.

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Visual Dashboards Help AAPA Understand Members & Measure KPIs

Association Analytics

The post Visual Dashboards Help AAPA Understand Members & Measure KPIs appeared first on Association Analytics.

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Nonprofit ROI: How “Measuring the Good” Can Help Nonprofits Justify Investments

Blue Avocado

The post Nonprofit ROI: How “Measuring the Good” Can Help Nonprofits Justify Investments appeared first on Blue Avocado. Expanding what “return on investment” means to your nonprofit — beyond just money — can help provide a clearer idea of how you’re helping your community and serving your mission goals.

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Statistics Canada seeks participation in crowdsourced review of poverty measurement

Charity Village

As part of the Third Comprehensive Review of the Market Basket Measure (MBM) , Statistics Canada has launched a crowdsourcing initiative to validate how they measure poverty. They are seeking support to increase awareness of this crowdsourcing initiative.