The Value of Knowing Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Byte Technology

Website Conversions. One of those crucial metrics is your website’s conversions. At Byte Technology , we have experts who are professionals at providing strategies that can increase your website conversions. What is Website Conversion? Examples of Website Conversion.

The Overwhelm We Share

Social Velocity

I see you reliving a conversation you had with an exasperating board member as you make your morning coffee. The post The Overwhelm We Share appeared first on Social Velocity.

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8 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Conversational Marketing

Forum One

Though conversational marketing is relatively new, it speaks to the growing expectation of a personalized experience and the opportunity to connect and start a one-to-one conversation. Get a conversation started. And conversations don’t have to be all business!

Blog Redesign: Focused on Conversation

Amy Sample Ward

This week, I’m sharing 3 separate posts to get your feedback and ideas about how I can make it as valuable to you as possible. Thanks to everyone that’s shared comments so far in this process! Redesign topic #2: Focused on Conversations. I’m happy to take on the role of conversation starter, sharing news or case studies or ideas that are interesting and letting all of you run with it. Focus: Content that’s conversation worthy.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 197: Protecting Patient Information—A Candid Conversation on Healthcare Compliance


Topics Discussed in This Episode: Compliance officer’s viewpoint on sharing patient data. The post The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 197: Protecting Patient Information—A Candid Conversation on Healthcare Compliance first appeared on npENGAGE. Protecting patient information is critical.

Charitable Giving in Higher Education: A Conversation with CASE’s Sue Cunningham


Sue Cunningham, president and CEO of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), shares her perspective to help higher education advancement professionals position their institutions for future success.

Creating a Safe Space for Members to Share

Joy of Membership

When I was in conversation with Connie, I always *felt* her listening. Is it that she gave her full attention without all of the distractions that are so typical in most conversations? Kidpower Safety Leadership Challenge: Simple powerful messages to use and to share [link] .

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Connecting in a Disconnected World: A Recap of our “Teeny Conversation”

Top Nonprofits

Not surprisingly, many shared how they have seen a decrease in participation as events went online. Given the variety of sectors represented, there were a unique range of ideas that leaders shared, such as; • A museum, unable to have visitors, became much more connected with.

Using Twitter for a Global Conversation

Amy Sample Ward

Over the last few months, we have seen Twitter serve the global community by playing an important role in communications - whether it’s finding new friends (#FollowFriday), or telling the world about your government/election/political state (#IranElection), whether it’s having a conversation together (#4Change), or non-linearly replacing your RSS feed. That’s part of the key to success when using Twitter for a Global conversation.

New on SSIR: Effects of Joining the Conversation

Amy Sample Ward

You can read the post and join the conversation over there – it’s also copied below. Despite the generic title, this is a report chock full of examples, best practices and data about the effects of joining the conversation online. The 30 participating organizations in the report are members of the State Fiscal Analysis Initiative, a group of independent, nonprofits with a shared commitment to responsible budget and tax policies.

Understanding Conversion Rates in Google Analytics

Byte Technology

However, website analytics experts are lamenting the fact that not enough people understand and are truly utilizing the results of one of Google Analytics most misunderstood—and indeed debated—feature: conversions. Happily, Google Analytics conversion feature is set up to track the objectives you want to achieve: you can have up to 20 goals in your profile in one of four sets, and each are important to understanding how well your site is working.

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NPTech Conversations in SXSW Panels

Amy Sample Ward

We’ll share big ideas for using social media for nonprofit program delivery and some good tips for crowdsourcing for social change. The SXSW Panel Picker is now open for your thumbs up or down on the thousands of panels proposed for next year’s SXSWInteractive festival. What’s SXSWi ?

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Messages, Stories, and Conversations: Creating a Strategy for your organization and your supporters

Amy Sample Ward

I have said it many, many times and so have lots of others—you’re probably tired of hearing about how social media is supposed to be “a conversation.&# And that’s okay! Because it isn’t JUST a conversation! Do they want information, support, value or recognition; maybe they want to be included, give feedback, share their stories or campaign on your behalf. How have you mapped your conversations and messages at your organization?

Audience Engagement Conversation at Western Museums Association

Museum 2.0

And, in many of our prep conversations, we talked about the real challenge of changing human systems. Share here in the comments or on social. As always, tag me in your posts and shares so I can include you in my summary post at the end of the month ( @artlust , @seemarao , @_art_lust_ ). The Western Museum Association was kind enough to invite me to speak on a panel about engagement at their annual meeting in Boise.

Relaunching: A place for conversations, content, and more!

Amy Sample Ward

I can’t wait for your feedback, comments, recommendations for further improvements, and general reaction; but first, I need to share some thank yous and some background for all those who have followed this process. There would be no need for a redesign, or a site at all, if it wasn’t for all of you reading, commenting, sharing, linking, and generally driving this space. or come across more valuable items to share. Input #2: Focused on conversation.

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Easily Measure Conversion Rates by Setting Goals in Google Analytics

NonProfit Hub

For nonprofit marketers in particular, tracking conversion metrics on supporter behavior is what you should probably be focused on — versus just viewing vanity metrics of how many people have visited your website. Setting Goals in Google Analytics is an easy way to track these conversion metrics on your supporters. Log in to Google Analytics > Click on Conversions on the left-hand side > Click on Goals > Click on Overview > Click on gray Set up Goals button.

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iPhone for Good: Join the conversation!

Amy Sample Ward

“iPhones for Good&# is part of the Change the Web Conversation Series , a series of open chats that explore specific technology platforms for good, running concurrent with the Change the Web Challenge. Join the Conversation. The community will be invited to ask questions, share examples & ideas, and in general rock the discussion. You’re invited to join in a live and open text chat to discuss how the iPhone can be used for social change.

Nonprofits Imagine a Better Sharing Economy

Tech Soup Blog

Nonprofits should lead the sharing economy and demand more from the private sector. The Sharing Economy -- the use of networked, often mobile, information technology to share goods and services -- offers nonprofits new possibilities for innovation and efficiency along with new paradigms to move from scarcity to abundance. Whether it’s AirBnB , the Sharing Cities Network or Car2Go , the range of sharing economy examples is reaching a tidal flood.

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The ABCs of Relationship-Building Conversations

Get Fully Funded

Being me, I struck up a conversation with him before I had completely said “hey&# to the ladies. As I thought about what made it so simple to be with Paul, I came up with these ABCs of relationship-building conversations: A. Hit the comment link and share your thoughts. Tags: Donor Relations Major Donors donor conversations Last week, I met up with some friends for lunch and got a lesson in relationship-building from a 3 year-old.

15 conversation starters for rebooting charity

Steve Bridger

Social media provides a platform for you to earn trust by telling specific and impactful stories that are shared in the moment through online and offline networks to fuel action. I am not at all sure that in the future, people will share the same affinity and allegiance to big charity ‘brands’ as my generation has shown with sustained loyalty. Are you setting up a culture that celebrates sharing, collaboration, collective action and trust?

What's in a Conversation?


The second is that cocktail parties are all about conversations, and all KINDS of conversations. And social media is all about all kinds of conversations. " kinds of conversation. Both kinds of conversations are valuable to you and your guests. You may share resources ("I found a great babysitter in the neighborhood!"), Flickr Photo: b_d_solis Imagine you're at a cocktail party.

Book Review: Leadership Conversations

Eric Jacobson

Halfway into the 300-page book, Leadership Conversations , I had turned the corners of nearly every fifth pags. There is so much to learn from Leadership Conversations. Stieglitz wrote the book because they believe that a leader''s most powerful skill is the ability to hold effective conversations. So, in their book, they detail the four types of conversations every leader must effectively master. In future posts, I''ll share more gems from the book.

Why Conversion Is A Better Objective Than Traffic Referral

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

He goes onto say how they focusing their integrated strategy on a metric that matters: conversions. Petri’s post shares a few thoughts about how his organization is focusing on the relationships through connection, not just traffic. However, conversion rates were flat. Rhrough our social media channels, we learned that families wanted to share their wish experiences, and we were not giving them an outlet to do that. Active Social Engagement/Sharing Channels.

A shared WordPress framework cuts costs for MENTOR and affiliates

The Nerdy NonProfit

A large component of MENTOR MN is to serve, educate, and share resources with other mentoring organizations, making the website a key component and tool. However, once more conversations ensued, this project evolved into something much bigger.

Scholarships in the Time of COVID-19: A Conversation with UW Madison

Connection Cafe

In the podcast, Keith shared that UW-Madison has seen a significant shift toward support ing emergency funding on top of their regular scholarship funds. It’s no secret the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of scholarship management this year.

Care to Share: Allowing You Users to Submit Content on Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

One of the hallmarks of a great website is creating a dialogue that allows your users and loyal visitors the opportunity to be a part of the conversation. However, it’s important to note that there are intrinsic pitfalls with using this method: you’ll have to share a password with them and, if you’re using two-step authentication, the login process will be more difficult.

Strengthen Your Community with a Knowledge Sharing Network


Consider how you can support more robust knowledge sharing. By providing your stakeholders with a dedicated place to share knowledge with one another, community building happens naturally. What is a knowledge sharing network? A robust knowledge sharing network might involve people sharing resources, best practices, worst practices, just-in-time information, quick tips, and deep thinking, all focused on a specific topic. Community knowledge sharing Program

Let’s Talk About Succession Planning: Getting the Conversation Started


Melissa Mendes Campos, of California’s La Piana Consulting, shares her very useful thoughts on this topic in a terrific guest post this week. Let’s Talk About Succession Planning: Getting the Conversation Started. Starting the Conversation about Succession Planning. For this reason, it can be useful to purposefully link succession planning conversations to strategic planning. The hard part is getting the conversation started. It’s All About Conversations.

The Next Generation of Networked Social Change: Embracing the Share Economy

Beth Kanter

Meal Sharing (@MealSharing) May 13, 2014. Earlier this week, a mixed crowd of entrepreneurs, investors, start ups, nonprofits, social activists, and others came together for the inaugural conference on Catalyzing the Sharing Economy defined as the use of networked, mobile, information technology to share goods and services. Think AirBNB and Uber, but it is much more than that. One of the categories is “food swapping” or “food sharing.”

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Getting Conversation Ready

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Holly Ross wrote a good reflection piece about public conversations on blogs and how to get your audience ready for that conversation. She makes the point: What I am saying is that your audience may not be ready to have the conversation that social media enables. That's because social media does not just enable conversations. It enables PUBLIC conversations. You have to be ready as conversation facilitator. Care to share your experience?

More Likes, More Comments, More Shares: Using Psychology to Get the Most from Your Facebook Page

Byte Technology

Why aren’t they commenting on our content and mission and becoming a part of the conversation? Indeed, it appears that liking something such as photo or video, sharing information with others and commenting on said information is hard-wired into the human psyche, an inescapable and inherent trait that guides our thinking and our interactions with others.

Cause Fatigue Redefined: More conversation for the 09NTC

Amy Sample Ward

It’s just the kind of conversation starter I wanted to throw out there! I can’t wait to hear your ideas on this and to share mine, too. Want to talk about in person - I’ll be at the NTC and will be eager to continue the conversation there as well (will update the blog with highlights from those offline conversations!).

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Christine Egger, In Conversation: How I Have Fun, Do Good

Have Fun - Do Good

I create conversations. In my experience the most fun, most good-doing conversations are the kind in which the participants not only learn about themselves and each other, but actually become themselves in the process. Something we’re “conversing for the purpose of.” The word conversation has come to primarily mean an exchange of words and ideas. Those are the kinds of conversations I love.

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Using Social Media to Share Research

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

One of the ideas we explored is it possible through social media to share some of the findings in a conversational way to help prod more insights from the field. We experimented with “Conversational Case Studies&# and found that conversation in the comments helped improve the richness of the final report. Another way to use social media is for the sharing and distribution of the finding.

Why are Associations missing from the Digital Credentials conversation?

WBT Systems

Here are just a few quotes from some of the multitude of articles, which highlight the increasing importance of and real need for a change in the way we learn, recognize the achievement of skills and competencies, and share these achievements with employers. Associations are Missing From The Conversation. Why are associations missing from the conversation, and, more importantly, the solution to the education-to-employment skills gap?

Share of the American Wallet: What It Does and Does Not Mean for Your Nonprofit

Connection Cafe

The Blackbaud Institute’s newest research report, Share of the American Wallet , was released earlier this month. Next, plan who to target for conversion to a donor, or for increasing their giving. Communication is key here also; use every available method (email, social media , mail, and your nonprofit website ) to promote your organization and share your impact.

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Sharing Power, Holding Expertise: The Future of Authority Revisited

Museum 2.0

This week, I've had multiple conversations with colleagues in the arts, symphonies, and urban planning about the fear professionals have about "losing control" when opening up new opportunities for people to participate. Inviting participation, letting go of control, holding expertise, and sharing power is critical to inclusive practice. We have to change the framing of this conversation. In these conversations, people often say, "don't expert voices matter?"

The YouTube Conversation Game

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Alan has replied and Karen has jumped into the conversation. Alan, I can't wait until you come back from your session and share the thinking with your peers about how to use this stuff in the classroom My virtual colleague, Alan Levine has been exploring the use of YouTube, Flickr, and other free tools in the classroom for the K-12 Online Conference. When I saw his video, I responded with one of my own pointing him to my YouTube Interviews.

Launching the Global Scale wiki: Learn and share about scaling up!

Amy Sample Ward

Bonnie Koenig and I have had some great conversations about how we have seen and how we have tackled scale in our work. In those conversations, we realized that we probably had some good examples to share and case studies to provide; but we also realized that there were many, many more people we wanted to be having the conversation with! Looking forward to sharing with you there!

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Share The Bad News

Eric Jacobson

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 Share The Bad News Of course its much easier to share good news with your employees, but its perhaps even more important to share the bad news. Dont give them a false sense of the situation by sharing only good news. Posted by Eric Jacobson at 8:13 PM Labels: Communications Skills , General Management Skills , Leadership Skills , Management , Providing Feedback , Team Building , Team Building Vision Sharing 1 comments: Shawn Murphy said.

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Share your best post in the Net2 Think Tank

Amy Sample Ward

We know you wrote about some really interesting things, shared great ideas and even captured conversations and presentations on your blog or website this year. Share your best blog post from 2009 one more time! It’s already December and we are fast approaching 2010. As a way to hold on a bit longer to 2009, this Net2 Think Tank asks for your best blog post from the year.

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Crossing the Digital Divide: Meetups Bring Online Conversations Home

Tech Soup Blog

It's been shown that these methods lead to higher conversions than e-newsletter promotions. Use this as an opportunity to keep the momentum going by promoting your next event, and track your social media shares and other metrics to assess your future strategy. Guest blogger Carrie-Jaffe Pickett ( @carriewriter ) is an award-winning writer and editor specializing in e-newsletters, public relations, website copy, and editorial solutions for clients.

Intergenerational Wired Fundraisers: A Conversation

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

He discovered the Sharing Foundation's project on Global Giving and decided to enter the America's Giving Challenge. Not the Sharing Foundation's web site ). Nhuong Son is in college, a Cambodian American, who believes in the importance of the Sharing Foundation's mission from first hand experience. " Now, that is a great question and I told Nhuong that the Sharing Foundation has a very low administrative percentage.