How To Find Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Audience


The post How To Find Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Audience appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. You know you should be tweeting, posting, sharing, and engaging. But are you entirely sure who’s on the other end of all your nonprofit’s social media marketing efforts? The truth is, most nonprofits run wildly into the light, hoping their ideal donor, volunteer, or otherwise constituent is on the other side eagerly awaiting their arrival. […].

How Make-A-Wish is Telling New Stories with Audience Personas

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Trainer’s Notebook: Online Interaction Tools To Engage Your Audience in the Room and Beyond

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This past month I’ve done several workshops where I experimented with different audience online interaction tools to engage people in the room as well as a remote audience tuning in through a live video stream. I did not have a remote audience.

Your Audience’s Content Is King (and Your Content Is Subservient to It)

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When it comes to advocacy and political campaigns, we must understand how our audience is talking about our issues and candidates before we know what to share on our social media platforms. Without knowing what issues matter most to the audience, a campaign may end up focusing on less important issues. Another explanation may be that the way the campaign is talking about the issue—the frame it is using—is different from the frame its audience is using to discuss the issue.

What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You About Your Audience

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The methodology and report provide some great insights about how to think about social media behaviors of our audience. According to the study, 85% of social media updates come from enthusiasts, however this group represents only 29% of a company’s social media audience.

Kid-Tested, Hipster-Approved: How Austin’s Thinkery Curated a Whole New Audience.

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The event is definitely a hit, and Thinkery has enjoyed increased revenue, an expanded audience, and an increase in their supporter base. I asked the team for tips on how they implemented Thinkery21 – check it out: Pick topics that excite your audience. Oh, Austin, TX.

Why Millennials Are One of Your Best Audiences


Millennials have been pigeonholed as being lazy, but when it comes to social justice issues, Millennials are quite passionate about causes and donate money to the issues they support.

Tools to Help Grow Your Social Media Audience

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Use this tool for straightforward audience growth on Twitter and Instagram. While Crowdfire will help you grow your audience by sheer volume of engagement, having great content will increase conversions. Jason Grad is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub, and Founder of Bstow.

Active Training: To Get Nonprofit Audiences Engaged, Keep Them Moving

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Keeping nonprofit audiences engaged during training can improve your outcomes. Energizers are activities designed to awaken a sleeping audience or activate a jaded one.

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Three Analytics Tools to Gauge Your Social Audience’s Pulse

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One of the key messages in the book is that nonprofits should not start with the tools and data, but start to clearly define success and their audience. By doing so, they will understand the few data points and the tools needed to collect that data to figure out if they have been successful!

The Attention Economy: How to Turn Your Audience into Passionate Subscribers

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One way to accomplish this is through content marketing – a marketing technique that informs, engages, and/or entertains your audience with the goal of ultimately driving constituent action. […]. Content Marketing Nonprofits audience content marketing marketing There is a big difference between organizations or companies who use marketing to sell something, and those who use marketing to create passionate subscribers to their brand.

5 Social Media Stats That’ll Help Your Nonprofit Understand Audiences


We know our audiences are out there on social media. Marketers from the nonprofit sector and the for-profit sector alike are attempting to harness the power of social media to connect with these audiences. to start engaging with their audience and growing its group of ardent followers.

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Breaking: Demographic Analysis of Your Instagram Audiences Is Now Possible


Demographics Pro is pleased to announce the addition of Instagram audience analytics to its leading social profiling platform. Strongest brand affiliations within her audience include Sephora, Forever 21, Benefit Cosmetics and Victoria’s Secret.

How to Create Valuable Audience Personas for Your Nonprofit

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This is the fundamental basis of audience personas. The post How to Create Valuable Audience Personas for Your Nonprofit appeared first on The See3 Blog. strategy audience personas demographics nonprofit target audienceThousands of volunteers, donors, and supports are, or have the potential be to be, involved in your nonprofit’s mission.

How To Use Facebook Metrics To Give Your Audience the Content They Want Most

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4. Consistency is Not the Hobgoblin of Small Minds: Research has shown that if you have a consistent posting schedule of high quality content that your audience wants, they will come to you. Dan Zarrella’s research suggests posting every other day is is optimal.

Pinterest: A Tool To Curate Relevant Visual Content for Your Audience

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Content curation should link to your integrated strategy objectives and identified audience. Here’s a site that already has the audience everyone wants: women and moms who make most of the household buying decisions. My Pinboards on Pinterest.

Understanding Your Audience

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Use these five audience insights available through Google Analytics as you develop and adjust your web strategy. It’s important to keep focused on details that involve your audience and in turn give your constituents the best service in all areas, including online. Author: Alissa Ruehl. The start of a new year is the perfect time to focus on a user-centered strategy for your website. How well do you currently understand your users?

Why Your Audience Should Be #1 in Any Social Media Strategy

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Whatever you’re posting, from quirky videos at the office to educational infographics, your social media should have a defined goal—and that starts with identifying an audience. Step 1: Knowing Your Audience. However, with multiple audiences, it’s important to stay consistent.

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Crafting Sticky, Emotional Stories That Reach Your Audience (Part 2)

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People don't connect with other organizations; they connect with other people, Mr. Pcholkin said to our audience. The Beginning: How Do You Draw Your Reader In?

One Simple Secret to Social Media Success: Post Consistent Content Your Audience Loves

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Post consistent content that your audience loves and your social media will be successful. I know from my past data that my audience also loves practical cheat sheets too. Is it that simple? Yes and no. Using best practices and tips based on research can help you improve.

Is Your Organization Looking At Alternative Audiences


In fact, instead of targeting obvious audiences (e.g. young moms), it is often more effective to try to identify lateral audiences that aren’t targeted as heavily. One good way to identify alternative audiences is to look at the traffic from your existing users.

Using Social Media to Speak *With* Your Audience.


Have a policy change to communicate to your audience? But what does your audience do when they want to reach you with a question, idea, concern, or suggestion? So building a custom experience to learn from an audience or host a Q&A is simply not an option.

[Cool Infographic Friday] How to Use Snapchat To Reach Younger Audiences


Anyone using Snapchat successfully to reach members or consumers? by Column Five Media. ————– ( photo credit ). Cool Infographic Friday Cool Social Tools

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Yes, Audience Participation Can Have Significant Value

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I'd say that these techniques support audience development, repeat visitation, membership, maybe could even attract new kinds of donors. We try to design every new program with a partner organization with an audience for whom that kind of content or format is already appealing.

Crafting Sticky, Emotional Stories That Reach Your Audience

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So, isn't it obvious that's how you should be reaching your audience? Understand Your Audience. The more you write directly for your audience, the more they will relate to your story. Should You Ask Your Audience to Share Their Stories?

[Cool Social Tools] Mattr Segments Your Social Audience To Identify Influencers


—————– Segment Your Social Audience To Identify Influencers with Similar Values. Increase Audience Engagement: See the topics / trends in your influential conversations.

What Does Audience-Centered Look Like? It Looks like Glasgow Museums.

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When we say we want our museum to be "audience-centered," what do we mean? They catered to different audiences.

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HOW TO: Tweet for an International Audience

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but it is a great tool for scheduling Tweets (and Facebook Status Updates and Foursquare Shouts) in advance to reach an international audience (or while you are on vacation or unable to tweet in real-time).

Using Facebook Groups for Deeper Engagement with Audience or Your Peers

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Note from Beth: Facebook Groups can be used to help build communities and for deeper engagement and learning with your audience or peers.

Want to get your audience hooked? Try something interactive.

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Interactivity on websites means more audience engagement, and audience engagement is at the core of every nonprofit communications strategy. The post Want to get your audience hooked? Here are a few interactive-inspired approaches for your nonprofit's next web campaign. Try something interactive. appeared first on The See3 Blog. web interactive scrollytelling storytelling website

Your Nonprofit’s Newsletter: You Are Not the Target Audience


Your Nonprofit’s Newsletter: You Are Not the Target Audience. Me: Your board members are not the target audience for your newsletter, so their opinions about it aren’t that important. 1. Understand Who the Target Audience Really Is.

The Best Tool To Manage (And Grow) Your Twitter Audience Without Wasting Time


How do you effectively manage and grow your Twitter audience? Mell Rulli. Co-founder. ModMark Group. Beyond your Twitter feed: here's a 10-tip how-to on using Hootsuite as a tool to better connect with your people. I swear by Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media platform that helps you manage social media by allowing you to publish and schedule messages, monitor mentions and conversations about your brand, and track analytics—all from one organized dashboard.

Audience Demographics and the Census: Do We Have a Match?

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Now, as a museum director, I''m thinking about that goal less abstractly and more concretely in terms of what a target audience can and should look like. Arts audiences, on average, are older, whiter, and more affluent than the American population.

Adventures in Participatory Audience Engagement at the Henry Art Gallery

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These nontraditional audience engagement techniques helped make complex goals and visions explicit and understandable to visitors. This winter, I once again taught a graduate class in the University of Washington's Museology program.

Embracing a More Diverse Audience in Arts and Culture

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If arts and cultural nonprofits fail to cultivate more diverse audiences, they risk decreased attendance and bankruptcy. These changes will increase attendance rates, deepen audience engagement , and encourage more individuals to donate to their efforts.

Your Social Media Audience—Who’s Using What and How Much

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Pinterest’s audience is female-heavy; as 42 percent of women online use the site, compared to just 13 percent for men. Knowing Your Audience. You have more success with your efforts if you are reaching the right audience. It seems like everyone is using social media.

Tools Galore: How To Track What Content Resonates With Your Audiences


Do you know what types of content or campaigns resonate with your audiences on your website, email list, and social media channels? This will help your organization improve your understanding of what your audience responds to.

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Are you reaching your audience on their terms?


I just watched this fantastic TED talk by “reformed marketer” Amy Lockwood.

How Nonprofits Can Engage an Audience Through Storytelling

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Telling a good story can influence the mindset of the audience, and this explains why a lot of businesses today are using this tool to market their brands to their potential customers. Select Your Audience. Of course, not everyone on this planet is your audience.

Does Your Institution Really Need to Be Hip? Audience Development Reconsidered

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Race Through Time was designed specifically for this audience of 30 and 40-somethings looking for fun social events with a Santa Cruz bent. Everything about the event--from the time slot to the tone of the content to the music played--was designed for that audience.