Managing a Flash Crisis: How to Handle Online Criticism of Your Organization


At Epic, we’ve given it a name: a flash crisis. A flash crisis happens when a negative post, comment, blog, or video goes viral and the winds of chatter whip it up into a firestorm. Adele Cehrs. President. Epic PR Group. Understanding how a strategy, announcement, or issue will play out on various platforms can mean the difference between creating a winning campaign and a PR disaster. As social media evolves, every drop of news, hype, or rumor can cause a consumer reaction.

Flash Mob Gone Wrong. What if?

Network-Centric Advocacy

We know there have been flash mobs that lead to vandalism and muggings. Flashmob gone wrong. This is interesting food for thought in 5:40 seconds. We have seen international networks work to rescue people or foster hate crimes.

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FLASH MOBS - Association Bisnow - Washington

AFP Blog

FLASH MOBS - Association Bisnow - Washington: "You may have seen the YouTube clips of strangers simultaneously freezing in place at Grand Central Station or randomly dancing in sync to a Michael Jackson song on the streets of Stockholm. Now, a DC non-profit is harnessing the power of flash mobs

Have Fun, Do Good Video: Beyonce's Let's Move! Flash Workout for Kids

Have Fun - Do Good

Flash Workout together. Initiative with Flash Workout Event on the The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation And of course, watch the video , and get dancing!

How to Organize Have Fun Do Good Flash Mobs with Gabriela Masala, a Big Vision Podcast Interview

Have Fun - Do Good

It feels like that's a way in which the arts can be visionary, be change agents, and also be really fun and playful, which is primary to living." - Gabriela Masala This month's Big Vision Podcast guest is Gabriela Masala talking about how to organize have fun do good flash mobs.

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United Way Flash Mob Raises Awareness Of Drop In Charity Donations Amid Recession -

AFP Blog

United Way Flash Mob Raises Awareness Of Drop In Charity Donations Amid Recession - "But the so-called flash mob outside South Station at 5:05 p.m. wasn't a prank or political statement. The stunt was organized by the local United Way to draw attention to the hard times local charities are going through.There's a huge need for everything from clothing donations to food donations.

Adopt the Sky: Another Flash Advocacy Site

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Here's another flash site that allows you to "adopt the sky" while signing a petition. The EPA recently announced changes in ozone pollution standards that fall far short of what the scientific and health community recommends. To raise awareness and encourage action, they've launched a project with Earthjustice called Adopt the Sky ([link] This site offers everyone a chance to make their voice heard. Visitors can add their own personalized message about the issue and ???adopt???

American Indian Resource Center: A TechSoup Youth Organization Profile

Tech Soup Blog

She is a power user of Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver for her websites, InDesign for newsletters and pamphlets, and Flash for animations (all available to eligible nonprofits in the Adobe Creative Design Suite and some also individually available.).

Accessible Flash? Maybe | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

That usually means some more intricate components, like a Flash application, are usually out. Yes, I know you can make Flash accessible. But if you’re not ready to give up your Flash application or your site’s accessibility, you still have some options. You can’t make the Flash application now, and then decide to make it accessible later. Flash actually offers some elements that make it more accessible than standard HTML web content.

Voices from the Community: Security

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Ban flash drive use to prevent viruses? Preventing viruses when flash drive use is necessary and frequent. Privacy Security Software Tech Planning mobile phone malware mobile phones information protect virus safety protection planning policy policies flash drive smartphone VPN email securityVoices from the Community is a series of blog posts highlighting various threads from the TechSoup Community Forums and other TechSoup online community channels.

Getting Good Pictures - How to Use Your Flash

See What's Out There

One big issue in getting good pictures with amateur camera equipment is controlling the flash. What most people don’t consider, though, is that the flash generally provides horrible light. In any case, most people make two mistakes with the flash: using it when they shouldn’t, and not using it when they should. When to Avoid the Flash. Your camera’s flash probably has a range of about 10 feet. They’re all firing their flashes for nothing.

Sprout - A Flash Editor - Let's You Customize Your Own Widget

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The product is a drag-and-drop Flash authoring tool built on Adobe's Flex. You can use this flash editor to create your own custom widget for fund raising - adding multimedia content. That's a widget I just created using Sproutbuilder , a new product form the creators of ChipIn.

Beautiful Web Fonts Part 1 – The Flash Method

Beaconfire Wire

Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR). In this post, I’ll talk about sIFR, or “Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR),&# named for Shaun Inman, the pioneer of the technique. Basically, this method relies on javascript and Flash to replace plain old HTML text with the same text in a small Flash file during the loading of the Web page in your browser. Also, your site visitors must have both JavaScript enabled and Flash installed.

Nonprofit Email Design: 20 Tips for More Effective Emails


Use of animated gifs, flash, videos, iframes, forms, javascript, AJAX are not recommended. Email communications are a critical piece of every nonprofits engagement strategy.

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Trainer’s Notebook: Online Interaction Tools To Engage Your Audience in the Room and Beyond

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flash polls. I wanted the ability to do report outs visually and quickly, flash polls, and an online Q/A function. Colleague Jeremiah Owyang mentioned a tool called “ Slido ” he was using in Paris at the

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5 Ways the Internet of Things Could Transform Fundraising

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Imagine: A breaking news story flashes on your refrigerator screen with an option to finger scan an urgent donation to a community in need. By the year 2020, over 26 billion things — cars, appliances, roads — will be connected to the internet.

4 Steps To Assessing Your Data Protection Plan


external hard drives and flash drives), the source you backup to matters. Image courtesy of GRT Corp. Because nonprofits deal with donor, volunteer, partner, sponsor information, and market and social data, a sustainable backup solution is essential to maintaining these resources over time.

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The Six Week Solution for a Successful Year-End Giving Campaign

Connection Cafe

Now, it passes in a flash, which is a little disconcerting seeing as the end of year is just over six weeks away. Six weeks… As children, that seemed like an eternity.

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How to Broadcast Your Impact with Facebook Live

Connection Cafe

Regularly flash your beautiful smile. Facebook Live is a feature that lets any Page live-broadcast events, breaking news, interviews, and more. Nonprofits like The Met and Best Friends Animal Society are using Facebook Live to engage donors in powerful and very creative ways.

Direct Marketing Trends You Won’t Read About in InStyle Magazine

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Are these flash-in-the-pan trends, like the velour tracksuit, or are they here to stay and worth investing in? News flash: these direct marketing fundraising trends are here to stay. . I love fashion trends.

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Experts Tackle Rapid Response Magic: Turning Bad News Into Big Results

Connection Cafe

In the world of nonprofit advocacy , the tides can change in a flash. The savviest organizations expect the unexpected and plan ahead for anything!

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly


Ditch the flash. There’s been a lot of talk about mobile throughout the last few years, but it seems that many of us still struggle when it comes to creating a website that can be read easily by mobile browsers.

Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home links for 2007-01-30 links for 2007-01-30 Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 January 2007 08:34 Written by Steve Tuesday, 30 January 2007 08:34 goodwidgets – Photo Widgets for Websites nice flash widgets for putting photos on websites (tags: widgets flickr flash ) This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 30th, 2007 at 8:34 am and is filed under Misc.

3 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Use Vine And Instagram


They were born into a world saturated with technology, flashing lights and sounds, and commercials aiming for the “shock factor.” Image courtesy of Ciniva Web Agency. The one demographic that is increasingly difficult for nonprofits to reach is the nation’s youth.

Is failing fast failing you?


Don Draper portrays the tortured creative director who smokes a cigarette, sips some whisky after a nap in his plush office and suddenly a fully fleshed out campaign concept just comes to him like a flash. Guest post by Adele Cehrs, CEO at Epic PR.

Time to Update That Software! Adobe Releases Critical Patches

Tech Soup Blog

Adobe released critical patches for Flash Player , Photoshop and other products on August 9. At least one of these patches almost certainly affects you and your organization: Adobe estimates that Flash Player is installed on over 98% of computers in the U.S. For Flash Player users (meaning, pretty much everyone), Adobe recommends that users update to Adobe Flash Player version

Mobile-Friendly Searching: Getting Your Non-Profit’s Website Up to Speed

Byte Technology

This easy-to-read report will show you in a flash if people are arriving at your pages from a smartphone or tablet through the use of wonderful pie charts and graphs that anyone can understand.

6 Device Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

Tech Soup Blog

Whether it stores work data or your personal files, an external hard drive or a USB flash drive can be a tempting target for thieves. Also, consider keeping your external hard drives and USB flash drives in a secure space, whether a locked drawer, a safe, or a locked room.

Quote of the week: online communities and complexity


From Rachel Happe in this post : I believe that online communities address the growing flash points where the complexity of markets clash against the complexity of organizations.

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Book: We First: How Brands & Consumers Use Social Media To Build A Better World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It refers to a corporation’s responsibility to shoulder the impact they have on the economy. He describes the use of a “flash mob&# going to a shareholder’s meeting and demanding a claw-back for ill-gotten bonuses.

Flash 44

Emotions vs. Numbers| Developing the Right Strategy for Your Next Fundraising Appeal

Connection Cafe

Images of abandoned, starving, and abused animals are flashed on the screen as Sarah implores us for a donation which will, we’re to assume, help alleviate the suffering of the animals shown in these gripping images.

When Fonts Attack, It's Time to Patch

Tech Soup Blog

If you noticed that your browser blocks Flash , that was a direct result of this incident. Microsoft released a critical security patch this week, affecting both Windows computer and Windows Server products.

Flash 24

Is the New Facebook “People Talking About” Metric As Meaningless as Number of Likes?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo by lecercle.

The Old and The New: It’s Always Our Challenge

Connection Cafe

I learned computer programming in a chilly room filled with massive equipment, flashing lights and mysterious noises. I recently completed my goal to earn a Doctorate. The last time I attended a university, it was on a beautiful, old campus lined with brick buildings with white pillars. I had an electric typewriter at home and carried a calculator that added, subtracted, multiplied and did division.

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The Bring Your Own Device Nightmare


Thousands of internal organisational confidential documents can be copied, innocently or maliciously, in minutes to someone’s USB flash drive. A USB flash drive lost on the train can find its way into the wrong hands, generating negative PR, fines, lost clients, members and – potentially - funding. Give everyone a hardware encrypted USB flash drive – partly flawed. Hardware encrypted USB flash drives offer strong security but are sometimes expensive.

Flash 12

3 Mobile Trends on the Horizon for Nonprofits

Connection Cafe

Or having unplayable videos on mobile devices, such as ones that require Adobe Flash. 15% of all internet traffic in May came from mobile devices (up from 10% the previous year). It’s predicted to be 30% of all traffic by the end of next year.

6 Great Interactive Data Visualization Tools (Part 1)


Websites are loaded with eye candy these days — from slick user interfaces to interactive maps to cool photo slideshows — all achieved without Flash, just HTML, CSS and Javascript. Paul Chamberlain. Senior Producer. While it's tempting to just jump in and add the latest cool feature to your site, you have to first make sure it's a good fit for your users and your brand.

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Hearing an Echo in the Voice AI Wilderness


The news of the day is given to us from our preferred sources we select for our Flash briefing. This post originally appeared on Amplified Growth. ——–. How did you find out what the weather would be like today? Did you ask the air? Did it answer back?

Why Your Nonprofit Is Not Ranking on Google


This might be more of a technical point, but if there is something that takes forever to load on your page (flash movie or some JavaScript function for instance) your rankings will drop.

What Gets Measured Gets Better

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flash forward 18 months, and I’ve become a measurement evangelist.