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5 Ways to Make Your Email Fundraising Appeals Sound More Human

NonProfit Hub

Together with the TSHA team, we devised a treatment that sounded more like something a human would write. And maybe next month. Bottom of Form.

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3 Fundraising Experts Sound off on Donor Retention from the Donors Perspective

Connection Cafe

How do your donors feel about you? Seems like a good question to ask yourself once in a while. Relationships are complicated. After that get involved.

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How to Sound like an SMS Pro

Mobile Commons

The first step to sounding like an SMS pro is learning the lingo. The post How to Sound like an SMS Pro appeared first on Mobile Commons.

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Surround Sound Fundraising


Savvy nonprofits are moving to “surround sound” fundraising. Brenna Holmes. Vice President of Digital. Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey.

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Summer Days with Mountains to Sound Greenway


We recently built a website and integrated database for the awesome Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust here in Washington state. This weekend, they’re kicking off 100 days of 100 things to do over 100 miles of gorgeous Washington soil and sound. The Mountains to Sound Greenway 20th Anniversary Trek! Summer is here. Woooooo!

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How To Avoid Sounding Like A Monkey

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Original photo by Mapes. Created in FD Flickr Tools. ReadWriteWeb has a summary of the conversation. With the advantage that people have heard of it.

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance Cleans Up the Sound


Goliath legal work to enforce the Clean Water Act and clean up Puget Sound. Long-time ONE/Northwest client Puget Soundkeeper Alliance got a lovely front-page article in the Seattle P-I today, covering their innovative, aggressive David-vs.-Goliath Nice work by P-I environmental reporter Robert McClure!

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance Cleans Up the Sound


Goliath legal work to enforce the Clean Water Act and clean up Puget Sound. Long-time ONE/Northwest client Puget Soundkeeper Alliance got a lovely front-page article in the Seattle P-I today, covering their innovative, aggressive David-vs.-Goliath Nice work by P-I environmental reporter Robert McClure!

I used the word Social Graph -- I sound like a monkey and my name is LuLu

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I wrote the word " social graph " in a post, so I guess according to Dave Winer, I sound like a monkey. HSUS MySpace Page | Take the Quiz! So, I couldn't resist finding out what kind of monkey I am and all for a good cause. It's fun. Each chimp has a distinct personality, with likes and dislikes and a unique communication style.

Infographic: How Tech Changed The Way We Work


Americans used to dread the sound of the the a rattling filing cabinet. The internet, too, has made work possible.

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8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling


If you have gorgeous images with bad sound, your video will be skipped over before you know it. 1 – Tell a Story. 5 – Think Mobile.

Infographic: Nonprofit Twitter Cheat Sheet


Over 9,000 tweets are sent every second, so getting noticed by your target audience isn’t as easy as it sounds.

We Need Facebook (?)


I tend to hear this question a lot these days - nonprofits are looking for ways to effectively utilize Facebook (If this sounds familiar, be sure to check out Raheel Gauba’s piece on getting started with Facebook ). And why not?

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What Are Admin Expenses?

Connection Cafe

It sounded like a worthy cause, until I asked what percentage of sales actually went to the league. The answer was 7%.

Surprisingly Powerful Content Marketing Hacks for Facebook

John Haydon

Okay, so this might not sound like content marketing hacks for Facebook. Well, we have good news. It’s called “engaging content”!

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Unleash the Power of Your Story to Connect with and Engage Donors

Connection Cafe

Sounds simple, but is it? There’s a common need across all nonprofits: The need to raise more money and keep more donors.

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Social Ambassadors Bring P2P Success to End-of-Year Campaigns

Connection Cafe

If this sounds familiar, it is. Over the past several years, much has been written about the rise of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Fundraising.

Lowering the ‘Giving Barrier’ for Millennials

Connection Cafe

Sound selfish and contradictory? When looking at these statistics, it’s clear that Millennials are eager , and would like to contribute.

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The Future of Fundraising is Already Here. Stop Fundraising! Start Inspiring!

Connection Cafe

Historically, fundraising was concentrated around a certain time of the year (imagine the sounds of the Salvation Army’s bells). billion.

A Reality Check for Nonprofit Professionals: Are You Taking the High Ground?

Connection Cafe

Are we getting that message out, or are we guilty of sounding generic? Given that this is an election season in the U.S. , Well, that was then.

Engaging Millennials for Nonprofit Storytelling

Connection Cafe

These stories don’t try to guilt the reader into donating, nor do they sound “doom and gloom.”. So where should you start? Engagement.

Failing Forward: Why building failure into your organizational culture can make it more successful


Most people bristle at the sound of the “F” word. Michelle L. Chaplin. Senior Manager, Online Fundraising. "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." " - Thomas Edison. Failing is something to be ashamed of or something to use for deprecation (#FAIL, anyone?).

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How KidsQuest Converted Members into Loyal Donors

Connection Cafe

Does telefunding sound like an old-fashioned fundraising approach to you? The calling campaigns, however, were extremely successful.

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Fill More Seats and Boost Engagement with These Arts Pricing Terms

Connection Cafe

When you love pricing, it can be easy to slip into pricing jargon…which might sound like a foreign language to some. And here ). Heat map.

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Attention all business book enthusiasts!


I also have a big pile of books on my desk that I want to get to (Sound familiar? Do you love to read? I do! Sigh. I know you do too!)…

[Cool Infographic Friday] All You Need To Know About The Anatomy of Songs


This is what they sound like to me. So in the spirit of Cool Infographic Friday, here’s all you need to know about the anatomy of songs.

6 Trends That Will Impact the Social Good Sector in 2017

Connection Cafe

Fundraising practices are excessively varied and often for less than sound reasons. – Steve MacLaughlin, VP of Analytics at Blackbaud.

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All Facets of the Impact Investing Field at SOCAP16

Connection Cafe

Sound familiar ? At the forefront of strategies is impact investing. The Path to Effective Impact Investing. But it’s not that easy.

[Cool Social Tools] Awesome-ize your Instagrams and Vines with VideoSound


add a narration to the video with a built-in Sound Recorder Tool. mix the original video’s soundtrack with music and sound recording.

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Why Pop-Ups Should Be Part of Your Online Fundraising

Connection Cafe

Strange as it may sound, the website is still an untapped area for some fundraising campaigns. Probably. Are your constituents? Likely.

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4 Tech Trend Predictions for Nonprofits for 2016

Connection Cafe

Relevant even for a nonprofit designer like me. Here are my top 4 quotable takeaways, but I encourage you to watch the full transcript (5 min).

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Infographic: How To Make Your Nonprofit Online Messaging Stick


Changing the way you communicate online sounds like a daunting task, but it can be very simple. Advertising online has become second nature.

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Flowchart: Where Should You Post Your Social Media Status?


We love to talk about social media strategy on the Care2 Frogloop blog, particularly around engagement. Social Networking Trends Web 2.0

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DIY Fundraising – Easy Money for Your Nonprofit?

Connection Cafe

They just sound so hands-off and easy! Plan to invest – Just because DIY sounds simple and inexpensive doesn’t mean it is.

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Video Is A Must For Your Organization’s Content Strategy

Connection Cafe

Add captions to your video – Most people watch videos without sound! What would you rather do: Watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in a movie theater, or flip through the storyboards? I know the storyboards seem pretty cool, but if you have to choose just one, you’d probably watch the movie. Why we love video. Can they do it?

The Difference Between One-Time and Lifelong Volunteers: A Short Case Study

NonProfit Hub

Plus, it’s easier for you to sound pleasant and welcoming in a phone conversation rather than in email text. It’s an open window.

Using #GivingTuesday to Turn Your Mission into Action

Connection Cafe

You also might accuse me of sounding like a broken record because I tend to say this a lot, but it needs to be said.

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Why I won’t be buying a Kindle

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Kindle, at first blush, sounds pretty cool. Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Why I won’t be buying a Kindle November 26, 2007 I think I might need a new blog category: why I won’t be buying … First Leopard, now, Kindle.

Start With Why: How to Improve your Nonprofit Messaging

NonProfit Hub

For nonprofits to be successful at generating money from both fundraising and earned income, they have to be able to communicate effectively.

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Designing Your Nonprofit Culture for Successful Technology Implementations

Connection Cafe

How do we measure that success? Does the project end at the go live? Culture is often overlooked, but it is so critical to the success of teams.