Business Process Reviews – SO much better than they sound!


Recently, as I’ve been talking to clients about the impact that the pandemic has had on their members, conferences, and budgets moving forward, the topic of improving efficiencies and better utilizing existing software systems inevitably comes up.

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Surround Sound Fundraising


"Surround sound fundraising recognizes that there is no such thing as a single-channel donor, because there is no such thing as a single-channel person." Savvy nonprofits are moving to “surround sound” fundraising. Brenna Holmes. Vice President of Digital. Chapman Cubine Adams + Hussey. " The growth of the Internet and the expansion of digital communications give nonprofits new ways to reach their donors and supporters.

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Financial Systems Integrations:  It’s less scary than it sounds

NonProfit Hub

The post Financial Systems Integrations: It’s less scary than it sounds appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Imagine you’re a large, professional organization. You’ve been getting your revenue primarily from memberships, conferences for members, and fundraising ?

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Awesome Video, Awful Sound? Record Audio Like a Pro

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup has put together some great tips for how to make a good video, including pointers on how to optimize composition , lighting , and sound. Video is one of the best ways to tell your nonprofit's story. It's four times more inspiring than static content, and by 2016, online video users will likely double to 1.5 billion. Ready to jump in?

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This is What the Participatory Museum Sounds Like

Museum 2.0

It's late in the afternoon. I'm cranking away on a grant proposal, when suddenly, a classical rendition of "All the Single Ladies" wafts up the stairs. In the office, colleagues lift their heads. "Is Is that.?" someone asks. Yup," another nods. We grin. This is the magic a piano in the lobby makes. We've now had a piano in the MAH lobby for several months. About once each week, a visitor walks in and blows everyone away. Sometimes it's a homeless person. Sometimes a lover's duet.

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Summer Days with Mountains to Sound Greenway


We recently built a website and integrated database for the awesome Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust here in Washington state. This weekend, they’re kicking off 100 days of 100 things to do over 100 miles of gorgeous Washington soil and sound. The Mountains to Sound Greenway 20th Anniversary Trek! This is nine days of biking and hiking from Ellensburg to the shores of Puget Sound – Mountains to Sound Greenway style. Summer is here. Woooooo! Time to get outside.

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5 Ways to Make Your Email Fundraising Appeals Sound More Human

NonProfit Hub

Together with the TSHA team, we devised a treatment that sounded more like something a human would write. But the subject line sounded grandiose and possibly hyperbolic. Maybe it sounds more like “marketing” in our heads. The post 5 Ways to Make Your Email Fundraising Appeals Sound More Human appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. If you’re a nonprofit, chances are you are sending an email fundraising appeal this month. And maybe next month. And definitely the next month.

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Why “Segmentation” Isn’t as Scary as It Sounds (And You NEED It In Marketing)

NonProfit Hub

The post Why “Segmentation” Isn’t as Scary as It Sounds (And You NEED It In Marketing) appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. This article originally appeared in our Nonprofit Hub Magazine, a free bi-monthly magazine dedicated to providing focused content on a particular topic. By now, your appeal should be written. But if not, this is your last warning! In our November/December edition, we explored how to build your 2015 marketing plan.

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How To Avoid Sounding Like A Monkey

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The title comes from Dave Winer's blog post " How To Avoid Sounding Like A Money ," a reaction to the words "social graph" versus social network. Original photo by Mapes. Created in FD Flickr Tools. ReadWriteWeb has a summary of the conversation. I like what Stephen Downes had to say : So is it a 'social graph' or a 'social network'? Some of the recent work in the field has started to talk about the 'social graph'.

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Puget Soundkeeper Alliance Cleans Up the Sound


Goliath legal work to enforce the Clean Water Act and clean up Puget Sound. Long-time ONE/Northwest client Puget Soundkeeper Alliance got a lovely front-page article in the Seattle P-I today, covering their innovative, aggressive David-vs.-Goliath It’s an unusually meaty article that explains in-depth the legal background, Puget Soundkeeper’s strategies, and the impact they’re having. Nice work by P-I environmental reporter Robert McClure!

Sound 36

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance Cleans Up the Sound


Goliath legal work to enforce the Clean Water Act and clean up Puget Sound. Long-time ONE/Northwest client Puget Soundkeeper Alliance got a lovely front-page article in the Seattle P-I today, covering their innovative, aggressive David-vs.-Goliath It’s an unusually meaty article that explains in-depth the legal background, Puget Soundkeeper’s strategies, and the impact they’re having. Nice work by P-I environmental reporter Robert McClure!

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3 Fundraising Experts Sound off on Donor Retention from the Donors Perspective

Connection Cafe

How do your donors feel about you? Seems like a good question to ask yourself once in a while. Better yet, it seems like a good question to ask your donors once in a while! Relationships are complicated. You and I both know that. I have to check in with my wife all the time to be sure everything is OK. Sometimes it’s as simple as paying attention to how she says good morning. Sometimes it’s a long conversation. Sometimes it’s a look or gesture.

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The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Signature Sounds, Writing It Down, and Picking Up Tabs.

Connection Cafe

Here are this week’s nonprofit highlights: What’s the sound of your nonprofit’s brand? Colleen Fahey’s article, How Audio Enhances Your Brand Content: Find Your Signature Sound , provides guidance for how your nonprofit can strengthen its voice. I’m horrible with goodbyes. I mean, horrible.

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I used the word Social Graph -- I sound like a monkey and my name is LuLu

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I wrote the word " social graph " in a post, so I guess according to Dave Winer, I sound like a monkey. HSUS MySpace Page | Take the Quiz! So, I couldn't resist finding out what kind of monkey I am and all for a good cause. The HSUS newest campaign is geared towards helping the 1,300 chimps still condemned to life in research labs across the country. It's fun.

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Be a Smart Small Fundraiser

NonProfit PRO

While the concept of fundraising via e-appeals and mail may sound so last century, I assure you it is an important foundational piece for a fundraising program of the 2020s.

What We Learned About Digital Engagement from the 2019 M+R Benchmarks Report


The big sound bite from this year’s Benchmarks Report is that total online revenue grew by only 1% in 2018. And honestly, 1% growth is not as scary as it sounds. Every year, nonprofit consultants M+R release their annual Benchmarks report , which provides an overview of digital trends in the sector. This year's report addressed issues such as email list growth and churn, the rise of monthly giving, and the impact of social media's peer-to-peer fundraising for nonprofits.

Why I won’t be buying a Kindle

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Kindle, at first blush, sounds pretty cool. Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Why I won’t be buying a Kindle November 26, 2007 I think I might need a new blog category: why I won’t be buying … First Leopard, now, Kindle. I’ve been waiting for devices using the e-ink technology for a while now.

Arts 100

7 Tips to Make Sure That Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event Doesn't Flop


Add the total for all the line items for the event (drinks, food, sound equipment, etc) to your net fundraising goal to get a gross dollar amount that needs to be raised from the event. Nonprofit fundraising events are a great way to raise money and increase your organization’s profile at the same time.

Why Your Supporter Should Be at the Heart of Everything You Say

NonProfit PRO

The use of the word, “talking” is deliberate here because your communications should sound like a personal conversation you are having with your donor.

[Guide] Creating Video for Nonprofits


How do you think about sound when you’re creating a video? Sound inspires me. When you're building a movement, video is an indispensable storytelling tool. By appealing to a wide range of our senses, videos capture our attention and activate our emotions, unlike any other medium. With more Americans getting their news through social media, video content provides an opportunity to grow your audience and make your story heard.

8 Secrets To Writing a Great Nonprofit RPF With Ease [Free Template]


This may sound like a lot to consider, but you'll be glad you invested a little more ahead of time if it means saving yourself a lot time later. When your nonprofit needs a new vendor or consultant, the standard course of action is to send out a Request for Proposal (RFP) - indicating that your organization is interested in receiving information from vendors.

Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Brian wins Mountains to Sound Race Brian wins Mountains to Sound Race Last Updated on Monday, 30 June 2008 10:44 Written by Steve Monday, 30 June 2008 10:44 The 100-mile Mountains to Sound relay race was run yesterday in 90 degree heat. 25% of the proceeds of the race go to ONW/Northwest client Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust.

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Can You Hear Me Now? Does good-quality audio really make a difference?

Association TV

One frequently overlooked, but just as important, piece of the content puzzle is how it sounds. Your members are listening. And if you want to interest, engage and inspire them, then what they hear is crucial.

Audio 164

Live Video Versus Pre-Recorded Videos for Your Nonprofit

NonProfit PRO

While that might sound good in theory, is it indispensable to make that spend if a nonprofit has a small budget Not too long ago, a nonprofit pro asked in a social group what others would do to market and promote their organization with a limited budget.

Video 173

Nonprofit Financial Planning: How to Create a Blueprint for Sustainability

Wild Apricot

Proper financial planning and establishing sound accounting practices for your nonprofit are key to remaining sustainable. Here's how you can get started

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Unsatisfied: Do Your Donors Feel Like They’ve Been Swindled After Giving?

NonProfit PRO

Does this sound familiar? We’ve all been there. A purchase that seemed like a good idea at the time but with such terrible follow up, we’ve vowed never to shop or visit again. Here is the hard truth, unfortunately. Is this how our donors feel?

Donor 197

Book Review of Erica Waasdorp’s ‘Monthly Giving Made Easy’

NonProfit PRO

At first, I thought that Erica’s approach to monthly giving sounded too good to be true. But after the two webinars, several delightful conversations and reading her new book, "Monthly Giving Made Easy," I’m convinced that it definitely is that good and that easy! Monthly Giving

Review 159

Budgeting and Forecasting for Nonprofits & Charities

Charity Village

Original Broadcast Date: August 11, 2022 Summary: Having a sound budget is essential for every nonprofit and charity. A sound budgeting process allows organizations to better manage their funds and provides greater transparency to funders.

How to Start a Chamber of Commerce in 7 Steps

Wild Apricot

If you think a “chamber of commerce” sounds a little old-fashioned, even a little pretentious, you’re not the only one. But the archaic-sounding name makes sense seeing as how the first chamber of commerce was founded in France in.

France 124

Can Recurring Giving Really Be That Simple?

NonProfit PRO

Maybe because we think that if it sounds too simple, it just can’t be true. We fundraisers tend to overthink things. I’m not totally sure why, but fact is that we do.

Giving 141

Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development

Forum One

Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week. I wish I was able to attend, but am glad that many of my clients have the opportunity to go. The conference is held every two years, and is always.

Physics Central Redesign Launched | Beaconfire Wire

Allegiance Group

Skip to content Clients Services Portfolio About Us Contact Blog Home > Blog Recent Posts 07/16/2010: The Wisdom of the Old Spice Man 07/12/2010: Is your online campaign going to succeed? 06/28/2010: User Expectations and Interface Response Times 06/16/2010: Making the most of conference hashtags: A tool for presenters 06/08/2010: Beaconfire Survey: Seductive Interactions 06/08/2010: Emailing with Convio – Testing Conditional Content 06/07/2010: Goin’ Barefoot?

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Feel good or fear? How you can move donors to act

Hands on Fundraising

I know, it sounds nuts, right? Knowing when fear and good feelings move donors to act is important. Here in the northern hemisphere, the sun is shining, the weather is warm… it’s summer. My favorite time of year.

Sponsorship and Car Sales 

The Sponsorship Collective

Pushy salespeople, mountains of paperwork, leases that sound good until you actually have to start paying them. I’m sure everyone has a horror story or two about buying a car, right?

Sound 72

Relationship Building in Sponsorship 

The Sponsorship Collective

I know, that sounds surprising, right? There’s a misconception among sponsorship seekers that you have to build a relationship with your sponsors to increase the chances of working with them again.

Sounds like Householding… This entry was posted on Monday, October 1st, 2007 at 7:33 am and is filed under CRM , Technology. Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Native Householding coming in Winter ’08? Native Householding coming in Winter ’08? Last Updated on Monday, 1 October 2007 07:33 Written by Steve Monday, 1 October 2007 07:33 Does anyone know anything about this coming feature ?

NetCentric Advocacy: Speed Geeking gets to Japan: Pecha Kucha

Network-Centric Advocacy

I also love the translation on the site (Japanese for "the sound of conversation.") I also love the translation on the site (Japanese for "the sound of conversation.") NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity. Home Green Media Toolshed Profile Twitter Shared Links Subscribe Archives « What is Scarce in Advocacy and Campaigns?

Japan 40

51% of Donors Not At All Interested in Social Networks - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


April 23, 2008 | William Tam Americans love polls, surveys and sound bites. frogloop Home frogloop Home Receive monthly updates Subscribe to our RSS feed Follow frogloop on Twitter Most Popular Posts Social Network ROI Calculator Social Networking for Nonprofits: ROI, Tracking Tools and More "While Theyre Hot!"

Nonprofit Credit Card Processing: Everything You Need to Know

Wild Apricot

Credit card processing for nonprofits may sound high-tech and complicated, but even the smallest organization can easily get set up to receive payments.

How To Design A Giving Tuesday Landing Page That Drives Donations (Updated – 2021)


Building and marketing a campaign that would attract donors might sound simple in theory, but the execution is the most challenging part. Product marketing for-profit or non-profit is no walk in the park.

It can sound complicated, but it’s a straightforward concept: integrating your constituent data means connecting the information from the various systems you use to communicate with and track your consituents so that your organization can see a unified view.

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Ad Grants | 2021 Updated


And while advertising might sound like a ‘dirty word’, nonprofits can’t bring in the funds needed to fuel their important work without it. Long gone are the days when direct mail and door-to-door were sufficient to get the word out about an organization.

How to Host A Virtual Walk Fundraiser [+ Ideas for Success]


A virtual walk fundraiser is just what it sounds like: a fundraiser where your supporters raise money for your cause by pledging to walk a certain amount or distance and asking their friends and family for donations.