Why Work on Childhood Obesity?

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There are lots of resons that I like working on childhood obesity. She looked into the room and of activists working on health and childhood obesity and pulled from a lifetime of experience to tell us "we are all at the bedside." None of them seemed linked to the pure data that explains the problem.(obesity obesity rate widget) Data is compelling. The control of the widget helps make you think about the issues behind the data.

Growing Readers: Free Webinars for Early Childhood Orgs

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The Early Learning Lab , Frontiers of Innovation , and New Profit , along with partners Joan Ganz Cooney Center and TechSoup, are working together to build the technology capacity of the early childhood education field.

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How the American Childhood Cancer Organization Used Crowdfunding to Raise Over $43,000!

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Last year we shared how the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) used Teespring to exceed their fundraising goals with a few clicks of a button. We took childhood cancer statistics and had it spelled out in the shape of a gold ribbon.

Network Widget - Get One. Connect the people you know to leaders working on Childhood Obesity.

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How Social Listening Resulted in One Nonprofit’s Most Successful Email Campaign Ever

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While we didn’t endorse any candidates in the primaries or general presidential election, starting in Iowa in the summer of 2015 all the way through to Election Day, we worked to elevate the issue of early childhood education in the U.S.

Three Tips for Common-Sense Fundraising

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One of my childhood memories relates to my dad trying to convince my mom that he hadn’t made a wrong turn to the east toward Green Bay, WI, despite seeing the “Home of the Green Bay Packers” along the road.

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The Truth About Nonprofit Storytelling

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One of my favorite stories from childhood (and beyond) begins, “Once there was a tree. I’ve been working as a fundraiser long enough to see some “next great things” come and go. Others stuck around for several years, or even became a mainstay of fundraising.

Two Ways To Use Crowdsourcing for Face-to-Face Conferences

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The discussion will explore how the needs of California’s youngest children can be brought into the larger education discussion, including how to attract other allies for early childhood education in California. Flickr Photo by Pierre-Alain Dorange.

No Kid Hungry’s #SaveSummer Campaign Wins a Blackbaud Impact Award

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A multi-channel campaign to end childhood hunger. As part of their mission to end childhood hunger in America, No Kid Hungry launched the 2014 #SaveSummer campaign to engage their supporters across the country.

How Independent Fundraising Momentum is Reshaping Traditional P2P

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Brandon made his next major foray into crowdfunding a few months later with an appeal to support childhood cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

From boring to brilliant: Using data for maximum impact

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For example, I recently wrote a grant that addressed childhood obesity. In my example, it has been well established that childhood obesity is a problem; there isn’t a need to belabor that point or include a bunch of data to support that. Are childhood obesity rates higher?

How Do You Inspire Visitors to Take Action After They Leave?

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This month, we opened a new exhibition at the MAH, Lost Childhoods: Voices of Santa Cruz County Foster Youth and Foster Youth Museum (brief video clip from opening night here ).

Platform Power: Scaling Impact

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They were off-site for the first time in years, holding a special study session sparked by an exhibition about foster youth, Lost Childhoods. It happened because two of our Lost Childhood partners urged it into being.

Client Success with CHOICES

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CHOICES - the Center Helping Obesity in Children End Successfully - is a grassroots organization whose mission is to fight against the deadly epidemic of childhood obesity. Author: Blair Naylor. Another great success story!

Growth Hacking Your Mission With People Power

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For example, Save the Children Action Network remarked their most effective email campaign directly following the election was the result of dramatically pivoting their campaign message around early childhood education once they saw how passionate their supporters were around the election results.

Take a Baby Step Toward Education Through Storytelling

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Early childhood education is the most important investment we can make in our children’s future. events tsdigs digital storytelling tsevents early childhood education campaign baby steps Baby Steps | A Community Competition.

Next-Level Fundraising with Nonprofit Psychology

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Research on nearly any topic can be found, from early childhood development to education to addiction recovery.

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6 Fundraising Platforms That Have Disrupted Charitable Giving Forever

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The American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) is currently selling a t-shirt with the names of 3,400 children and teens who have fought or are still fighting childhood cancer. Image courtesy Tsahi Levent-Levi via Flickr.

Help Kids Live Longer and Healthier. Help means Connect. Help Means Act.

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Will you do something about childhood obesity? Childhood obesity is a problem. There is only one way to organize a movement, "ask".

Seven Ways to Make Sure Your Blog Gets Noticed

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As childhood obesity disproportionally impacts children of color, we specifically used social media strategies to reach communities of color. 1 item of discussion was childhood obesity, which garnered 65 out of more than 400 tweets! Flickr Photo by alshepmcr.

Escaping the Stigma: What Nonprofits Need to Help Donors Understand

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” I love when he rationalizes how we allow people to make millions off of selling violent video games to kids—but try to make a million curing childhood cancer and we’re parasites. I’m not sure what happens to completely competent business owners when they put on the “donor hat,” but there seems to be a double standard for how I need to run my nonprofit business versus how this donor gets to run her for-profit business.

Announcing… 29 New Favorite Nonprofits for 2012!

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Educate about the reality of rampant childhood sexual abuse in America: @ Darkness2Light. Every January Nonprofit Tech 2.0 selects a new set of nonprofit avatars to be featured in the Nonprofit Tech 2.0 banner. The selection process is a personal one. I choose nonprofits that in my mind have excelled at social media throughout the previous year and represent causes that I feel are timely for the coming year.

[Case Study] Why Nonprofits Should Save Some Marketing Budget for Facebook Advertising


nonprofit fighting to end child hunger in America, wanted to increase registrations for its Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry , a national fundraising initiative that encourages people to host bake sales in their communities to help end childhood hunger. Guest post by Amanda Sides.

7- Step Non-Profit Plan to Attract and Keep Corporate Partners

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This is not to say that the cause, whether it be access to clean water, cancer research or childhood education, does not carry a compelling moral imperative that is reason enough for the company to get involved.

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How the ACCO Used Crowdfunding to Help Kids with Cancer

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We spoke with Program Director of the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO), Amber Masso, who told us about their previous fundraising methods: mass mailing, cold-calling, etc.

[Guide for Nonprofits]: How to Engage Social Media Influencers to Extend Your Reach and Drive Action

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Influencers Play Critical Role in Giving Day Campaign: The No Kid Hungry Social Council and Bloggers are a collection of diverse individuals committed to the fight to end childhood hunger and are the driving force behind their campaigns. Social media influencers aren’t elusive.

Three Reasons Kids Need Digital Literacy and Citizenship Education

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Just as media and technology have affected the nature of childhood and education, they’ve also affected the nature of parenting. Photo by WhiteAfrican. Note from Beth: By the time you read this post, I’ll be in the air enroute to Rwanda for a training project.

7 Reasons Nonprofits Don’t Try Harder with Social Media

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The participants of the challenge ranged from your childhood friends to celebrities, athletes, politicians and business moguls. Kayla Matthews is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub. She is a writer and blogger with a passion for self-improvement and helping others. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter to read all of her latest posts. _. Take a look at any social media platform, and you’ll see it’s dominated by celebrities and big corporations.

Youth Programs Featured in TechSoup Global’s Local Impact Map

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Childhood Cancer Support in Canada. Finally, I liked the story of Candlelighters' Childhood Cancer Support Program in Ottawa, Canada.

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Research Friday: Branding in the nonprofit sector

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Before graduating he was accepted to Teach for America and has been placed at a nonprofit preschool that provides early childhood education to low income families in Los Angeles. posted by. Alex Flores , Teach For America. Welcome to Research Friday ! As part of a.

4 Lessons on Building Games for Change

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Because childhood obesity is a much more widespread problem than pediatric cancer, “we realized that philanthropic dollars alone would really not allow us to reach nearly as many kids as might benefit from this,” Tate explains.

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How to Build Relationships with Your Future Major Donors and Board Members: Millennials

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Put simply, it’s their drive to be the “cool” parent (I’ll spare my mother any personal embarrassment by recounting childhood anecdotes about that very drive). “People try to put us down (talkin ’bout my generation). Just because we get around (talkin ’bout my generation).

United Nations Sets a New Agenda for Global Philanthropy

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The previous UN Millennium Development Goals addressed eradicating poverty and hunger, combatting diseases, promoting maternal and childhood health, increasing primary education, and sustaining the environment.

One Thing Your Organization is Missing (And It’ll Surprise You)

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You’ve been hearing that practice makes perfect since your childhood days (OK, you were right, mom and dad). And we admit, practice with your social media marketing and fundraising tactics will make you better. But there’s something else that you’re missing—and it’s important.

Tap Into Millennial Potential by Creating a Stellar Website

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Plain and simple—they’re a foundation that raises money for childhood cancer research, “because research saves lives.” Millennials are set on making a difference. In fact, only 15 percent of millennials didn’t give to an NPO in 2013.

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New Ideas at TED2014

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Improving childhood nutrition. I just returned from a spectacular week at this year’s TED conference in Vancouver, Canada. TED gives me the chance to brainstorm with loads of people who gather to discuss ways to change the world through technology and design.

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Fundraising Metrics: Don’t Just Count the Dollars

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Terry McManus provides leadership and coordination for TGen’s fundraising efforts in the areas of neurogenomics, metabolic disorders, and rare childhood disorders.

How Text Messaging Closes the Word Gap in Young Children

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For years, early childhood educators have tried to bridge the “word gap,” a term coined from a well-known study that showed how children from more affluent families are exposed to – and know – millions of times more words than children that come from lower income families.

Year-End Giving Prep: 21 FAQs Answered by Fundraising Experts

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Brock Warner, CFRE is the Senior Manager, Fundraising at War Child , a humanitarian organization devoted to protecting childhood in war zones.

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How the Latino Community Foundation Used Learning and Pivoting to Get Better Fundraising Results

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In 2012, President Obama responded to the activism, passion, and residency of the Dreamers, by issuing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to protect them from deportation and provided them with temporary work visas.