Why Work on Childhood Obesity?

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There are lots of resons that I like working on childhood obesity. She looked into the room and of activists working on health and childhood obesity and pulled from a lifetime of experience to tell us "we are all at the bedside." None of them seemed linked to the pure data that explains the problem.(obesity obesity rate widget) Data is compelling. The control of the widget helps make you think about the issues behind the data.

Growing Readers: Free Webinars for Early Childhood Orgs

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The Early Learning Lab , Frontiers of Innovation , and New Profit , along with partners Joan Ganz Cooney Center and TechSoup, are working together to build the technology capacity of the early childhood education field. In partnership with these organizations, TechSoup will be hosting a series of webinars about technology and innovation for early childhood literacy organizations and researchers.

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How the American Childhood Cancer Organization Used Crowdfunding to Raise Over $43,000!

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Last year we shared how the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) used Teespring to exceed their fundraising goals with a few clicks of a button. We took childhood cancer statistics and had it spelled out in the shape of a gold ribbon. Since then ACCO has continued to be wildly successful through a total of 7 Teespring campaigns, raising over $27,000! But they aren’t done: they continue to launch new successful campaigns.

Map of a Movement : Where are leaders working on childhood obesity? Are you on the map?

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. One of the projects I am working on is focused on addressing the issue of childhood obesity.(learn There are a few advanced features like the ability to customize the map size, add your logo or change the zoom (if you work on any of the issues related to childhood obesity or want to support those that do please start spreading the map far and wide.). learn more about the issue at RWJF) .

Network Widget - Get One. Connect the people you know to leaders working on Childhood Obesity.

Network-Centric Advocacy

Technology, Gender Roles, and Early Childhood Education

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Click here to download video. My daughter is 4 and in her pre-school is a computer. I've been lingering a little at drop off to observe how she interacts with her peers at the computer. It struck me how gender inequities start an early age. I thought that with some intervention we might avoid some problems for my daughter down the road should she wish to pursue technology. Technorati Tags: nptech , net2 , webjustice2.0 , blogher

7 Nonprofits Fighting for Immigrant Rights


There are nearly 800,000 people protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA paved the way for these children of immigrants to obtain work authorization and relief from deportation, enabling them to go on to universities and build careers and families. With the announcement of DACA’s repeal, the program has stopped accepting new applications. For those currently in the program, their work permits and legal status will begin expiring March 2018.

Our EveryAction Hero: Girls Inc.


Another huge issue is the uncertain fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. With over 1,400 sites in 400 cities across the United States and Canada, the organization has grown tremendously since its founding in 1864. Through educational programming, mentorships, and advocacy, Girls Inc.

6 Practical Tips for Promoting Your #GivingTuesday Campaign on Social Media

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Other hashtags related to childhood cancer include #findacure, #gogold, #morethan4, #littleheros, etc. By Kristina Brunnler , Marketing Manager at MobileCause. In 2019, more than 20 billion social media impressions were made on #GivingTuesday.

Download Delta Emulator from AppValley Store Play Nintendo Games on iOS

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Delta Emulator is a comprehensive gaming emulator for iOS, developed with a sole purpose of making you relive your childhood moments again. Do you want to play Nintendo Games on your iPhone or iPad? This post I will let you know, How to Play Nintendo Games on iOS by Download Delta Emulator! All of us. The post Download Delta Emulator from AppValley Store Play Nintendo Games on iOS appeared first on PhreeSite.com.

At the table with Share Our Strength | Beaconfire Wire

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Their mission of “No Kid Hungry&# is one we stand behind and their 10 point strategy for ending childhood hunger in America is smart and effective. In parallel, we’re helping out on their holiday fundraising, which for the first time will include alternative gifts to fight childhood hunger in the United States.

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10 Organizations Leading The Way This Mental Health Awareness Month


The Village Network considers itself a not-for-profit with a for-profit mentality, in the sense that they use sound business principles such as research-based leadership to build a forward-thinking and constantly developing model for helping youth rise above adverse childhood experiences to lead healthy and positive lives. Approximately 1 in 5 American adults experiences some sort of mental illness in any given year.

Millennials will benefit and suffer due to their hyperconnected lives | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project

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Millennials will benefit and suffer due to their hyperconnected lives | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project : Overview Teens and young adults brought up from childhood with a continuous connection to each other and to information will be nimble, quick-acting multitaskers who count on the Internet as their external brain and who approach problems in a different way from their elders, according to a new survey of technology experts

Wild Apricot Blog : The Evolution of Fund-Raising – From Telethons to Online Giving

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What It’s Like To Ring The Opening Bell For Twitter As A 9-Year-Old In A Bird Tutu | Fast Company | Business Innovation

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She is Vivienne Harr, who recently raised more than $100,000 to fight childhood slavery by spending 365 days behind a lemonade stand. What It’s Like To Ring The Opening Bell For Twitter As A 9-Year-Old In A Bird Tutu | Fast Company | Business Innovation : ut instead, when time came to pronounce Twitter public Thursday morning, a 9-year-old girl dressed in a “little bluebird” tutu dress appeared behind the bell.

Y of N.Y. Uses Social Media to Collect Stories—and Donors - Social Philanthropy - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas

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Within 48 hours of issuing the appeal by e-mail and social media, the organization received nearly 300 stories recounting childhood swimming lessons, triathlon training, exercise programs started after injuries, and long-ago summer camps Via the Chronicle of Philanthropy Y of N.Y.

:Pallotta: Mindset Curbs Ability of Nonprofits to Fulfill Potential

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Speaking at the annual convention of the Provider’s Councila statewide association of private, community-based care giving organizations offering educational, health, and social services, which posted a record 1,200 registrations, Pallotta said nonprofits need to think radically differently about their approach to solving social problems like childhood poverty and adult illiteracy." ''via Blog this

Daily DoGooder: Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything

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Change the world, one video at a time.Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything| 3:57 Ounce of Prevention Fund Through the voices and perspectives of children themselves, this moving video really shows why early childhood programs can make a lasting impact on a child’s life.

Going Virtual is Not Enough: Reimagining Traditional P2P Walks for Fall 2020 and Beyond

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Canadian Cancer Society’s Neon Night for Childhood Cancer: Neon Night for Childhood Cancer is a non-competitive fun run/walk that takes place at night. Participants are encouraged to “wear their brightest gear to help illuminate the night all in the fight against childhood cancer.”

Bill Clinton Taps Revamped Causes ‘Birthday Wish’ To Raise Money For Charity

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Bill Clinton Taps Revamped Causes ‘Birthday Wish’ To Raise Money For Charity: "Former President Bill Clinton is looking to turn his 64th birthday into an opportunity to counter malnutrition in Colombia, reduce childhood obesity in the US, and improve lives around the world.

The Power of Focus: Using OKRs to Turbocharge Your Foundation’s Effectiveness

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Consider the following OKR for a foundation that focuses on reducing childhood obesity nationwide: Objective: Eliminate childhood obesity in the Northeast. Key Results: Reduced grant funding time for approved organizations fighting childhood obesity by 25%. One of the new management trends driving the for-profit world is the effort to implement objectives and key results (OKR) performance management systems.

5 Simple and Unique Fundraising Ideas We’re Sure You Haven’t Tried Yet

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If you want to go after the older crowd, you could feature some games from their childhood that would bring back a lot of nostalgic fun. 5 Simple and Unique Fundraising Ideas We’re Sure You Haven’t Tried Yet. Do you want to raise funds for your organization?

The Top Charity Event Ideas to Know for 2020

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A return to carefree childhood experiences is a concept that is growing in popularity. Plan some lighthearted events that will inspire laughter and encourage supporters to remember the best parts of childhood. By Paige Kutliek , SEO Manager at GoFundMe Charity – an easy-to-use platform that helps nonprofits raise money by offering robust fundraising features , such as custom branding, registration and ticketing, advanced data reporting, and customizable donate buttons.

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No Kid Hungry’s #SaveSummer Campaign Wins a Blackbaud Impact Award

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A multi-channel campaign to end childhood hunger. As part of their mission to end childhood hunger in America, No Kid Hungry launched the 2014 #SaveSummer campaign to engage their supporters across the country. Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign is one of the most innovative and successful examples of nonprofit achievement.

Client Success with CHOICES

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CHOICES - the Center Helping Obesity in Children End Successfully - is a grassroots organization whose mission is to fight against the deadly epidemic of childhood obesity. By promoting weight management and lifestyle changes through nutrition education, peer socialization, physical activity and community involvement, CHOICES hopes to significantly reduce the presence of childhood obesity in their communities. Author: Blair Naylor. Another great success story!

How to write a Strong Nonprofit Mission Statement [Template + Examples]

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CoachArt: CoachArt creates a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. How to write a Strong Nonprofit Mission Statement [Template + Examples]. Do you want to learn how to Write a Strong Nonprofit Mission Statement?

Want to Co-Create an Exhibition on a Hot Issue? Introducing the Community Issue Exhibition Toolkit

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The lessons I learned from Lost Childhoods are at the heart of the OF/BY/FOR ALL project we're building now. Through Lost Childhoods , we saw youth step into their power. Two years ago, our team at the MAH embarked on our most challenging co-creation project ever. We partnered with foster youth, former foster youth, artists, and community advocates to create an exhibition that used art to spark action on issues facing foster youth. Short story: we learned a lot.

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5 Building Blocks of Strong Nonprofit Brands

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The V Foundation empowers cancer research by funding at prominent cancer centers across the nation, whereas Vs. Cancer helps athletes to fund local pediatric oncology programs and childhood cancer research. Nonprofit branding is all about how others view your organization and your efforts. If you know what American Red Cross, UNICEF, or AARP does regularly, you know that nonprofit branding works. Creating a brand leads to more recognition, clarity and potential donations ?

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The Truth About Nonprofit Storytelling

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One of my favorite stories from childhood (and beyond) begins, “Once there was a tree. I’ve been working as a fundraiser long enough to see some “next great things” come and go. Others stuck around for several years, or even became a mainstay of fundraising. So forgive me, but I just don’t get this “new” idea being proclaimed from the rooftops about storytelling. Don’t misunderstand—I believe storytelling is absolutely critical for fundraising success.

Help Kids Live Longer and Healthier. Help means Connect. Help Means Act.

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Will you do something about childhood obesity? Childhood obesity is a problem. There is only one way to organize a movement, "ask". There are many great causes out there and many new ones pop up with the publication of new research, the crisis of a new event, or a population reaching a breaking point. However, causes don't make change. You do. People need to understand/feel the crisis or the problem. We need to understand that there is something we can do to change the problem.

Three Tips for Common-Sense Fundraising

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One of my childhood memories relates to my dad trying to convince my mom that he hadn’t made a wrong turn to the east toward Green Bay, WI, despite seeing the “Home of the Green Bay Packers” along the road. Even if you aren’t a frequent flyer, you probably have an opinion about United Airlines—and it’s likely that recent events regarding forcibly removing a paying passenger to accommodate crew members impacted that opinion.

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We got patients $15 million for Christmas!!

Judi Sohn

In addition to colorectal cancer research, the funds will be used to conduct research in the following areas: melanoma and other skin cancers, pediatric brain tumors within the field of childhood cancer research, genetic cancer research and genomic medicine, kidney cancer, blood cancer, Listeria Vaccine for infectious disease and cancer, and radiation protection utilizing nanotechnology. C3 Helps Secure $15 Million for New Cancer Research Program.

Cancer 100

We got patients $15 million for Christmas!!

Judi Sohn

In addition to colorectal cancer research, the funds will be used to conduct research in the following areas: melanoma and other skin cancers, pediatric brain tumors within the field of childhood cancer research, genetic cancer research and genomic medicine, kidney cancer, blood cancer, Listeria Vaccine for infectious disease and cancer, and radiation protection utilizing nanotechnology. C3 Helps Secure $15 Million for New Cancer Research Program.

Cancer 100

Five Reasons to Come to MuseumCamp 2017

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A month before MuseumCamp, the MAH is opening a new exhibition, Lost Childhoods , co-developed with foster youth, youth advocates, and artists in our community. At MuseumCamp, we'll pull back the curtain on Lost Childhoods' process and product. Dear friends, We're about a month from the deadline to apply for MuseumCamp 2017 at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH). Here are five reasons YOU should apply this year. Dive into co-creative project design.

Slacktivism: Can Cartoons Raise Awareness or Just Make Us Feel Good?


In an effort to raise awareness for child abuse, thousands of Facebook users changed their profile photos to one of their favorite childhood cartoon characters (full disclosure: mine was Underdog.) The campaign spread and went viral via this copied status update, “Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon character from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Did you notice something toony about Facebook last weekend?

How the ACCO Used Crowdfunding to Help Kids with Cancer

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We spoke with Program Director of the American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO), Amber Masso, who told us about their previous fundraising methods: mass mailing, cold-calling, etc. The shirt design features a gold ribbon, the international symbol of support for those living with childhood cancer, in honor of September being National Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

Sharing the Love: 5 Tips for Gathering New Email Addresses and Donors with Valentines

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Tip 1: Highlight a Treasured Childhood Memory. Back in 2014 the donor relations team at Cincinnati Children’s was getting a lot of requests. Our generous community – including lots of schools – wanted to send our patients paper valentines. As hard as it was to say no, we cannot accept paper valentines due to infection concerns. Imagine all of those germs…. So instead we created an online form using our donor management software.

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Platform Power: Scaling Impact

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They were off-site for the first time in years, holding a special study session sparked by an exhibition about foster youth, Lost Childhoods. It happened because two of our Lost Childhood partners urged it into being. The Lost Childhoods exhibition is a platform for 100+ partners to share their stories, artwork, ideas, projects, volunteer opportunities, and events. Last month, I sat in the back of a meeting room at the MAH and watched something extraordinary happen.

Two Opportunities at the MAH: MuseumCamp and an Incredible Job

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There will also be a deep dive into the MAH's new issue-driven exhibition pilot, Lost Childhoods. You’ll lead the activation, documentation and evaluation of the issue-driven exhibition Lost Childhoods about challenges facing transition-age foster youth. Dear Museum 2.0 friends, I want to share two great opportunities to get involved at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History in 2017. APPLY TO MUSEUMCAMP.

Escaping the Stigma: What Nonprofits Need to Help Donors Understand

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” I love when he rationalizes how we allow people to make millions off of selling violent video games to kids—but try to make a million curing childhood cancer and we’re parasites. I’m not sure what happens to completely competent business owners when they put on the “donor hat,” but there seems to be a double standard for how I need to run my nonprofit business versus how this donor gets to run her for-profit business.

From boring to brilliant: Using data for maximum impact

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For example, I recently wrote a grant that addressed childhood obesity. In my example, it has been well established that childhood obesity is a problem; there isn’t a need to belabor that point or include a bunch of data to support that. Are childhood obesity rates higher? example you could include data that shows how childhood obesity is. effect on childhood obesity. posted by. Carolyn Owens , Grant Writer & Partner. 501 Navigation.

New Ideas at TED2014

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Improving childhood nutrition. I just returned from a spectacular week at this year’s TED conference in Vancouver, Canada. TED gives me the chance to brainstorm with loads of people who gather to discuss ways to change the world through technology and design.

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Podcast: No Kid Hungry Explains How Text Messaging Connects Families to Free Lunches

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In Episode 8 of Using the Whole Whale , a podcast on data and technology and the nonprofit world, Jason Wilson from Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign shares his story of how text messaging campaigns are ending childhood hunger in America. The real power of mobile isn’t in mobile web pages or applications – it’s in text messaging.