4 Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Use SharePoint


Put very simply, SharePoint is software used to build websites. Once you and your team learns a little bit about SharePoint, it can help you incorporate your social networks, professional networks, search engines, and website without touching any code. Here are a few reasons why your nonprofit should consider making a switch to SharePoint according to John Stover from StoverEffect.com. SharePoint is free if you are running on Windows Server 2008.

Why SharePoint Scares Me


For the past four years or so, at two different organizations, I've been evaluating Microsoft's Sharepoint 2007 as a Portal/Intranet/Business Process Management solution. Sharepoint 2007 (aka MOSS) is not free, but I can pick it up via Techsoup for a song. All pretty compelling, and I'm not alone -- from the nonprofit CIO and IT Director lists I'm on, I see that lots of other mid to large-sized organizations are either considering Sharepoint, or already well-ensconced.


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Improving Internal Communications with Sharepoint


Find out how a simple Sharepoint site cuts down on headaches and improves communications. At the largest science center in the Western Hemisphere, data sharing used to involve a lot of emails to different departments. NTEN: Mark, tell us about your organization. Julia Smith. Education Manager. read more

SharePoint Server 2010 Learning Resources

Tech Soup Blog

Microsoft just released SharePoint 2010, the latest version of its enterprise-level content-management, search, and collaboration platform. TechSoup has donations of SharePoint 2010 Standard Edition , SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition and SharePoint Workspace 2010 to eligible nonprofits and libraries. Expert SharePoint Consulting from mindSHIFT. Sandboxing SharePoint 2010.

“True cost” of SharePoint

Beaconfire Wire

Useful article in CIO about what to factor in when calculating the true cost of implementing Microsoft SharePoint. Some of it is obvious, but there are a few things that are easy to miss.

Office 365, SharePoint, and Disruption

Tech Soup Blog

First, if you have not been exposed to Microsoft’s Office 365 product or to their SharePoint solution, let me take just a moment to provide some background. What Are Office 365 and SharePoint? Some of the plans that you can choose also include SharePoint. SharePoint is a powerful alternative to traditional shared folders. There is a hosted or cloud version of SharePoint and a locally-installed server version of SharePoint.

Free Beer, SharePoint, and an April Fool

Gavin's Digital Diner

It said: “ SharePoint Designer 2007 is available as license-restricted freeware. ”. Here’s the scoop, the lowdown, the straight poop: As of April 1, SharePoint Designer is free. I use SharePoint Designer (hereafter referred to by me as SPD). But, it’s true — acceptance is the first step — I like SPD — that affection affliction goes hand in hand with my liking SharePoint. SharePoint rocks. Moreover, you don’t want to touch SharePoint with FrontPage.

SharePoint Post on Idealware.org Blog from Gavin Clabaugh

Tech Soup Blog

On July 22, Laura Quinn from Idealware posted a message to their blog titled " A Microsoft SharePoint Overview " which was re-posted from the NTEN Discuss discussion list and Gavin Clabaugh. read more.

Open Source vs. Proprietary: CMS

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Proprietary stand-alone CMS (such as Sharepoint.). Microsoft Sharepoint might be the most common I’ve heard of. The advantage of using Sharepoint for Microsoft-centric shops is that there is full integration with lots of internal network resources. CMS Nonprofit Tech Open Source Web Tools blackbaud convio commonground drupal plone sharepoint wordpressContent Management Systems are an essential part of the communications function of nonprofit organizations.

The Ultimate Nonprofit SharePoint App: The Case Management Database of Children's Network of Solano County

Tech Soup Blog

Here’s what I asked Darren: Why you decided to build a case management database in SharePoint? Our new SharePoint web-based version how many organizations we can serve. We decided to upgrade the Childnet Results Manager from a local area network based system using Microsoft Access to a web-based system using Microsoft SharePoint 2010, backed with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2008.

The Potential of SharePoint for Nonprofits and Public Libraries - Free Webinar March 9

Tech Soup Blog

If these scenarios sound familiar, come see if Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online could be a fit for your organization. Connect, Collaborate, and Engage: The Potential of SharePoint for Nonprofits and Public Libraries Wednesday, March 9, 11 a.m. Nonprofits and libraries are consistently challenged to collaborate with their staffs, boards, and other supporters in efficient and effective ways.

Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, and the Cloud

Tech Soup Blog

Microsoft's new version of Office 2010 is interesting in several ways, especially in its approach to green IT and cloud computing. It introduces a hybrid approach in which MS Office users can use "on premises" based software that is loaded on your PC for tasks that require full-featured tools, and you can also create, store, edit, share, and co-author office documents online at no cost so that they are accessible to you anywhere with an Internet connection.

Microsoft Citizenship Donating Office 365 To Nonprofits


Office 365, SharePoint, and Disruption. Industry News case study cloud computing donate donation foundation free Lync microsoft nonprofit Office 365 SharePoint software virtualization "); September 10, 2013, Microsoft announced Office 365 donations for eligible nonprofits, large or small.

Resource Roundup 8/20 | Idealware


Fun with MOSS – Data Views and Custom Filters « Digital Diner

Gavin's Digital Diner

Comments Posts Home Some Stuff About Me Contents & Site Map Disclaimer Lifestream « Sow’s Ears and Turing Tests Dancing with Abby Normal… » Fun with MOSS – Data Views and Custom Filters In previous versions of SharePoint, I was often frustrated with how difficult it was to do things I thought should be simple. They are one of the more powerful SharePoint tools. Please note: To play with DVWPs you need SharePoint Designer (MOSS 2007) or Visual Studio.

From the Collective Desk of NTEN Discuss


We also considered Sharepoint, which we use here, but ruled it out for a number of reasons, mostly because we don't want to store our documents in a database. Peter also shared an Idealware article on DMS systems and a post on why SharePoint scares him. . Gavin Clabaugh, Digital Diner , added quite a few thoughts on the side of SharePoint : And, to reiterate your point, Document Management is about documents; secondly it’s about humans. That brought me to SharePoint.

August Communications Roundtable


blogging Communications NPTech policies sharepoint socialmedia web2.0You know that we're always trying something new here at NTEN, especially if it means that it will bring our members closer together. We recently launched a couple of roundtable discussions - phone calls with an online chat component - for IT Staff and communications/marketing folks.

Skype Me, Dr. Memory!

Gavin's Digital Diner

A few days ago, a reader of this humble blog asked if I knew a way to embed “Skype Presence&# in a SharePoint Web Part. I’ve not a clue what kind of demand this puts on SharePoint — but since this is all “client-side&# code, it shouldn’t be a problem. I didn’t. But, I was intrigued. That’s a bad sign… as it usually means I’m going to stay up until the wee hours.). It turns out to be pretty easy-breezy, with a few caveats.

Skype 43

4 Steps To Assessing Your Data Protection Plan


Nonprofits are looking to cloud services, such as Microsoft SharePoint, Google Drive, and DropBox to backup their backups, but some organizations don’t stop there. Image courtesy of GRT Corp. Because nonprofits deal with donor, volunteer, partner, sponsor information, and market and social data, a sustainable backup solution is essential to maintaining these resources over time.

Data 150

The Cloud for Nonprofits


This cloud service gives organizations email services, file sharing, contact and calendar sharing, SharePoint, website hosting, and more. VisionLink attended the Annual Colorado Nonprofit Association Conference last week to meet many of Colorado''s wonderful nonprofiteers as well as the companies who support them. As always, we attended a few sessions to learn what was going on in the nonprofit world and to hear about the hottest topics in nonprofit technology.

4 Nonprofits Using Office 365 To Further Their Missions


By virtualizing their web-based operations with products like Office 365 and SharePoint, employees were able to access documents, Outlook, shared calendars and even their desktops from any computer or mobile device. Switching to Office 365 provided the foundation with new cloud-based applications for communication and sharing, such as SharePoint and Lync. As of last Tuesday, Microsoft Citizenship is donating Office 365 to eligible nonprofits in 41 countries!

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Storing/organizing digital assets : you most likely do on your laptop(s), SharePoint, Google Drive, DropBox, etc. Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software for Nonprofits. Why Branding and Content matters and how Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software can help Nonprofits to win the hearts of Donors and Volunteers. Branding is key to nonprofits, content helps to build a brand and a Digital Asset Management system helps to scale content while always staying on brand.

Dumb Blobs

Gavin's Digital Diner

With only a little fancy footwork, I was even able to detach any attachments, saving them with a unique “key&# to a SharePoint document library, along with a PDF copy of the original message (also tagged with the same unique key). file-renaming to save copies of the original message and attachments to a SharePoint library. Tags: NPTech Sharepoint Technology Web/Tech blobs email software Email — you may be addicted to it, you may hate it, abuse it, love it, or eschew it.

How Nonprofit Board Members Can Help Their Boards with IT – Get Rid of IT!


Not only is email part of the Office365 package, but it includes something called SharePoint. SharePoint helped us organize all our shared documents in one place, logically. BoardAssist’s mission is to identify high impact agents of change for nonprofit boards. One of the best ways to “be that change” on your board may mean taking a look at your nonprofit’s IT department and asking if your nonprofit is doing the best they can.

New to TechSoup: Clearing Up Cloud Confusion with npOffice

Tech Soup Blog

SharePoint Online. Just like a traditional server, SharePoint Online lets users in your. can access its cloud equivalent within a SharePoint environment. If you've ever had any questions about whether the cloud is right for your organization, npCloud is here to help. TechSoup's recent Global Cloud Survey. found that more than half of organizations that responded would like to move to the cloud within the next few years, but lack the knowledge or. support to do it.

Association/Nonprofit Social Media Jobs


Specific duties include managing: ASHA’s collaboration sites (SharePoint), SIG online communities (Higher Logic platform), live events (CoverItLive), and web-based meetings (GoToMeeting). Here are two of the latest association social media job postings I’ve heard of recently. Know of any others? Please post links in the comments!

Job 79

Now Available on TechSoup: Small Business Server 2011

Tech Soup Blog

Compared to Small Business Server 2008 (which TechSoup also offers), the 2011 versions include updated versions of the bundled server software: Windows Server 2008 R2 instead of plain old 2008, Exchange Server 2010 instead of 2007, SharePoint Foundation 2010 instead of Windows SharePoint Services, and SQL Server 2008 R2 instead of just 2008 (included with the Premium Add-on).

3 New Word 2016 Features to Try Today

Tech Soup Blog

Whenever you save a Word document to OneDrive or SharePoint, it can be shared with your co-workers. Here's how to set things up: Create a new Word document and save it to OneDrive or SharePoint. In part two of our deep dive into the new Microsoft Office, we show you step by step how to use three of the best new features in Word 2016. Don't have Microsoft Office 2016? Get it now through the TechSoup Microsoft donation program ! — Editor. Collaborate in Real Time.

Tech Impact Helps Nonprofits Open a Door to the Cloud

Tech Soup Blog

His budget projection showed that moving NCFR's Exchange and SharePoint servers to Office 365 would save several thousand dollars compared to the costs of software licenses and consulting help to implement platform upgrades. " Samuels is thrilled with the results of moving to Office 365, writing that: "[NCFR] is now on the most up-to-date Exchange and SharePoint platforms available, professionally hosted and perpetually updated, with our data safely stored out in the cloud.

TechSoup Limited: An Outlet Mall for Your Nonprofit

Tech Soup Blog

Some products unique to TSL include a HIPPA compliant database ( CTK Apricot ), Microsoft SharePoint consulting ( mindSHIFT ), voice over email messages ( GoldMail ), VoIP handsets ( GIPS ), and more. In case you missed the announcement in mid-May, we have a new, special program for product donations called TechSoup Limited. Think of it as a mix between an outlet mall and an exclusive boutique. Products available.

Are You Ready to DIY Office 365?

Tech Soup Blog

Most nonprofit organizations can get free access to hosted email (Exchange), files (SharePoint & OneDrive), and instant messaging (Lync) in the cloud from Microsoft. Shared Files (SharePoint Online). Do you have a lot of time to explore SharePoint? Unlike Exchange Online most people do not have extensive experience with SharePoint. SharePoint is a complicated tool with a ton of features and a somewhat confusing interface.

CTT Showcases Remote Work Solution as London Prepares for Olympics

Tech Soup Blog

They are taking advantage of web-based email, file sharing through the cloud using Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online , a Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system, and teleconferencing via GoToMeeting. Charity Technology Trust (CTT), TechSoup's partner in the UK, has been devising a strategy to prepare for the predicted impact of the Olympics on London's transportation system this summer.

Office 2016 for Mac Now Available

Tech Soup Blog

Cloud storage: Office applications integrate with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint, so you can access your files across devices. The newest version of Office for Mac is now available as a donation through TechSoup! Eligible organizations can request the full Office for Mac suite or the individual Outlook or PowerPoint applications. New Features for All Applications in Office for Mac.

DAM Pictures « Digital Diner

Gavin's Digital Diner

I built a photo management system with SharePoint. My DAM system is a testament to the flexibility of SharePoint. Now, in interest of full disclosure, I had thought about the problem for a couple of years, and I had designed a couple of other DAM systems in previous versions of SharePoint, including SharePoint 2001, SharePoint 2003, and WSS 3.0. – Between you and me, with SharePoint, backwards thinking is required. SharePoint leaves you wondering.

The Real Meaning of Digital


They complain that they are being forced to use email or Sharepoint or whatever tool the older generations are infatuated with, even if it doesn’t get the job done or is structured in a way that interferes with the goals. In the research for our next book, we’ve been asking Millennials a few questions. Some of their answers, as expected, are more about life stage than generations.

Getting Your Paws Around Office 365

Tech Soup Blog

He did share that the one exception was getting staff to use SharePoint (which for those who are not familiar is document storage and collaboration software). While he didn't cite any specific issues, my own experience in using SharePoint is that it takes some time to familiarize yourself with the interface and functionality of the site. How about a warmer, fluffier article about Office 365? Literally.

Microsoft Office 2010 Coming Soon to TechSoup

Tech Soup Blog

The suite will be available as a TechSoup donation in June, along with updated versions of SharePoint, Visio, and other Microsoft products. You've probably heard the news that Microsoft Office 2010 is launching soon. If you're interested in requesting Office when it's available, you might want to make sure your organization or public library is registered with TechSoup and review Microsoft's donation policies.

TSG2011: Field Report from Day Two of the TechSoup Global Contributors' Summit

Tech Soup Blog

To me," he said, "More than any other technology we've worked with, Office 365 and Sharepoint provide the biggest opportunity for transforming nonprofit behavior, helping organizations think in new ways about technology. This post was authored by Erica Lorraine Scheidt, Director of Marketing at TechSoup Global. I'm in Silicon Valley, joined by the partners that make up our international network , more than 60 individuals representing 35 capacity-building NGOs from around the world.

Microsoft Office 2016 Is Now Available!

Tech Soup Blog

Cloud storage: Office applications integrate with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint, so you can access your files across devices. The newest version of Office is now available as a donation through TechSoup! Eligible organizations can request the following Office 2016 products for Windows: Office Standard or Office Professional Plus. Access. Outlook. PowerPoint. Publisher. Project or Project Professional. Skype for Business (formerly Lync Desktop).

NTEN Water Cooler Chat 3/19


Your friendly neighborhood Socialfish will be "IN" the NTEN Office Hours Communications Chat Room every Thursday (that's today!!) at 3 pm EST. Got burning questions about social media strategy? Or just want to hang out and shoot the breeze and get a break from work? Now's your chance! Last week, Chris Bucchere and Dave Sabol very kindly hosted for us.


Upcoming Webinar March 20: Office 365 for Nonprofits - A DIY Overview

Tech Soup Blog

SharePoint. Interested in getting your nonprofit or charity onto Office 365 , Microsoft's online email, calendar, office productivity, and. collaboration platform? Not sure how to do it? Then join Sam Chenkin from Tech Impact. this Thursday, March 20 from 11-12:30 Pacific time (2-3:30 Eastern) for Office 365 for Nonprofits: A DIY Overview. This free 90-minute webinar, for a brief overview of what comes. with Office 365 followed by a roadmap of the broader considerations and.

Getting Your Paws On Office 365

Tech Soup Blog

He did share that the one exception was getting staff to use SharePoint (which for those who are not familiar is document storage and collaboration software). While he didn't cite any specific issues, my own experience in using SharePoint is that it takes some time to familiarize yourself with the interface and functionality of the site. How about a warmer, fluffier article about Office 365 Nonprofit? Literally.

Tech Training Tips from the Experts: Free Live Event

Tech Soup Blog

He works with large and small nonprofits to adopt technology, including Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. Are you interested in learning how to create and deliver effective tech training? Are you ready to take your staff or volunteer training to the next level? You're in the right place! TechSoup will host a live event featuring three training experts on Thursday, September 15 at 11 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m. Eastern time).