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Using Music and Data to Measure Impact and Wellbeing

Saleforce Nonprofit

Whilst we can present as a music organisation that makes beeping noises with kids, we are actually interested in positively impacting their sense of wellbeing. The post Using Music and Data to Measure Impact and Wellbeing appeared first on Here’s how we’re doing it. Understand What You’re Doing and Why.

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9 Nonprofit Leadership Skills Every Founder & Director Must Master

Get Fully Funded

It’s like a band with no director – everyone is playing their own song and together it’s just noise instead of beautiful chords of music. What nonprofit leadership skills does a Founder or Executive Director need to steer the ship? Without good leadership, everything falls apart.

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Study the Data, But Eat the Cake—Put the Human Factor Forward


These functions put facts in the hands of CEOs, boards of directors, and any other leader who, in an increasingly competitive environment, must take off their rose-colored glasses and see that their pet pony is actually a nag. Why some country music professionals are not members. How the music business is evolving.

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How Anissa Cooke Left Old Sponsorship Mistakes Behind and Rose to New Heights with Her Synthetic Biotech Event

The Sponsorship Collective

Anissa Cooke’s Road to Success Recently, we looked at Chris Norwood’s journey to sponsorship as the marketing director for an Arizona music festival. Today, we’re diving into a completely different field, synthetic biotech, and how Anissa Cooke, the Director of Operations at SynBioBeta, utilized sponsorship to grow her company’s event.

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What Do Successful Associations Have in Common? What We’re Learning from the Associations Thrive Podcast

The MatrixFiles

Each week, I interview association and nonprofit CEOs, Presidents and Executive Directors about the things their organization is doing to increase membership, generate revenue, and ultimately thrive. The podcast is available on Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon Music and Stitcher (you have no reason not to listen!).

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How Chris Norwood Went from Sponsorship Student to Master and Doubled His Sponsorship Revenue 

The Sponsorship Collective

Chris Norwood is the Director of Marketing & Partnerships for the DUSK Music Festival, an annual music festival in Tucson, Arizona. The two-day festival features three stages of musical performances across genres, from hip-hop to EDM, country, indie, and rock.

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Making your Implementation Execution as Successful as Hamilton: An American Musical


Making your Implementation Execution as Successful as Hamilton: An American Musical. Implementation is a lot like staging the Broadway musical Hamilton. They understand the vision of the writer, director and producer. Blog #2 Customer Service Excellence during Implementation.

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