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Philanthropy’s response to the Turkey and Syria earthquake 


The earthquakes on February 6 that devastated southern Turkey and northern Syria have left an estimated 54,000 people dead. million people in Turkey have fled the earthquake zone, creating even greater humanitarian hardships in a region already affected by hyperinflation, civil war, and political tensions. billion) to Turkey.

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10 Fun Ideas to Spice Up Your Turkey Trot Fundraiser | FrontStream


It's the time of the year for your organization to build a community by organizing an outdoor “turkey trot” (don’t worry, outdoor peer-to-peer events aren’t only for spring and summer season!). A Turkey Trot fundraiser, either a run or walk, is a popular Thanksgiving-themed fundraiser.

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How to Help After the Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria


The devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have left massive casualties in its wake. With thousands dead and more now homeless as a result of these earthquakes, it’s imperative that relief organizations mobilize quickly to help stabilize the situation in Turkey and Syria. Feed the Hunger, Inc.

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Thanksgiving Greetings


A friend of mine ordered her turkey from a farm. She wanted to be sure she would have the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving. Her request was for a 20 pounder. Unfortunately, all the daintier birds were spoken for. So, she’s getting a 30-pound behemoth. Will it fit in the roaster and the oven? Who knows? […].

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Visionlink Supports: 2023 Colorado Emergency Management Conference


We are honored to support the work of disaster relief professionals here in Colorado, across the US and territories, and internationally, as with relief operations in Turkey.

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The three secrets of resilient leadership

Charity Village

Hagia Sophia is the iconic cultural monument of Istanbul, Turkey. What do Lady Gaga, ancient architecture and a gold-medallist soccer goalie have to tell us about thriving through adversity? Completed in the year 537, […] The post The three secrets of resilient leadership appeared first on CharityVillage.

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What is the Turkey and the Bread (or the Sourdough Starter) of the MAH?

Museum 2.0

But they suggested another metaphor: the turkey sandwich. Imagine that your existing project is a turkey sandwich. You've spent years making it the perfect, artisanal turkey sandwich. But if you want to share and spread that turkey sandwich, you've got to focus on the basics. it is dialed-in delicious. Social bridging?

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