CTOs for Good: White Paper


The group addressed a number of issues over the course of the year, many of which are reflected in this white paper. > > Download the White Paper (PDF). You can read what these innovating CTOs are working on, worrying about, and planning for in their own words in this detailed white paper. Change Management Community ctos for good Data knight foundation Leadership nptech research Staffing Strategy white paper IT Staff


Data Exchange White Paper: Benefits


We have a new White Paper on the Thought Leadership section of our main VisionLink Web Site : Non Profits Sharing Data: Increasing Effectiveness Through Data Exchange As we work with a wide variety of social services, homeless management, elder care, 2-1-1s, disaster relief, volunteer, and donation networks, we often find ourselves at the center of data exchange conversations. To inform and kickstart the conversation in your partnership, check out the White Paper.


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NetSquared White Paper: Building Community To Foster Social Innovation

Amy Sample Ward

This new white paper captures just a few of the stories and the qualities that make up the special place where we all come together. Whether it’s small communities coming together offline to train and share knowledge about using technology or it’s innovation projects competing in the same contest working together instead – we hope you’ll find this short paper compelling and share it with your networks. You can download the paper directly here.

White Papers — SocialFish

AFP Blog

White Papers — SocialFish: "Social Media, Risk, and Policies for Associations, is now available for download. Risk management expert, Leslie White co-authored this great resource. SocialFish and Croydon Consulting shared the cost of producing this whitepaper so you can download it for free

White Paper: Top 10 Best Practices for State Health Reform Websites

Forum One

Explaining the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to consumers outside the beltway can sometimes be like translating a foreign language. Health reform and health insurance exchanges can be tricky. An authoritative, credible online resource for this information is vital for state governments to provide their populations. Explaining the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to consumers outside the beltway can sometimes be like translating a foreign language. Health reform and health insurance exchanges can be tricky.

A Closer Look at Giving Contests: Free White Paper Examines "Give to the Max DC"


In a new white paper, " How Giving Contests Can Strengthen Nonprofits and Communities ", long-time NTEN Member Geoff Livingston takes a look at the next level: coordinated integration. With his analysis of "Give to the Max DC", Geoff hits on some important points that make the entire paper well worth a read, but here are a few things that stood out to me. You know about integrated fundraising campaigns.

DC 49

Social Media Marketing White Paper: Key Findings and Nonprofit Lessons


I came across a great white paper about the use of social media by marketers. You can download the whole report for free. Kudos to Michael A. Stelzner , the author, for putting this together and making it available. It should be reassuring for many nonprofit professionals to learn that EVERYONE is relatively new to this stuff. One of the most common things I hear from nonprofit staff is something along the lines of, "I'm just learning about social media.

White Paper – Online Community Vendors — SocialFish

AFP Blog

White Paper – Online Community Vendors — SocialFish: "Six Online Community Vendors for Associations: An Analysis, is now available for download. It features six fabulous vendors who are committed to the association community–Higher Logic, NFi Studios, The Port, The Social Collective, Socious, and SusQtech

4 Foundational Tips for a Sure-Fire Fundraising Strategy in 2022

Top Nonprofits

EXPLORE OUR RESOURCES Courses Podcasts Webinars Papers Guides. Blog Featured White Paper fundraisingRemember, each passing year is another chance to improve.

New technology will make philanthropists of us all, says white paper | Philanthropy UK

AFP Blog

New technology will make philanthropists of us all, says white paper | Philanthropy UK : A white paper suggests that the use of mobile technology could revolutionise the way the arts are funded with more people becoming ‘philanthropists’. The increasing use of smartphones and social media channels provide a powerful platform to engage a wider range of donors, according to consultancy firm Panlogic’s paper entitled entitled We’re all philanthropists now

Arts 27

Grossman's White Paper Shows How Internal CEO Communications Shapes Financial Performance

Eric Jacobson

Communications expert David Grossman of Your Thought Partner has published a new white paper – What the most successful CEOs know: how internal CEO communications shapes financial performance. David''s white paper incorporates research compiled from a number of leading sources and points to some critical key headlines, including: Internal communications helps drive organizational financial performance and other key business results, and enhances organizational reputation.

Is Multivariate Testing Right for You? Beaconfire’s new white paper

Allegiance Group

I’m very pleased to announce the release of Beaconfire’s new white paper - Is Multivariate Testing Right for You? This white paper is a guide to understanding just what MVT is all about, what’s required to take advantage of it, and whether it’s a good fit for your nonprofit. The paper is available for download now at [link].

Group 40

Social Media: Distributed Influence Quantifying the Impact of Social Media - A New White Paper from Edelman

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Screencapture from Jonny Bentwood 's White Paper on measuring influence. On Twitter, Kami Huyse pointed over to her reflections on this paper which lead me again to the paper itself. The white paper is based on a roundtable held last year with a number of social media experts. Dave Webb answered my musings about quantifying the intangible with a pointer to this report and observation.

Meme 50

Making an Impact: Workflow in Nonprofit Management

NonProfit PRO

New Workflow White Paper features examples in bill pay, grants management, budget development, payroll, purchase orders and other critical areas where approval processes and key steps can be automated to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Impact 143

Giving and receiving

Steve Bridger

Two weeks ago the Government published the Giving White Paper. There is an encouraging theme running through the White Paper that backs up what I have heard with my own ears: an honest appraisal of the role of government. charities giving white paperDavid Mills at the Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network asked me for a quick 200-word response, which was included in the round-up of tweets and reaction on the day.

The Transformative Nonprofit Workplace

NonProfit PRO

Download this white paper to learn how nonprofits are using technology to improve and sustain operations for the years ahead

Policy 205

Sabre Foundation White Paper Offers New Digital Paths For Philanthropy To Make Nonprofits Self-Funding - Yahoo! News

AFP Blog

PRESS RELEASE Sabre Foundation White Paper Offers New Digital Paths For Philanthropy To Make Nonprofits Self-Funding - Yahoo! Entitled 'New Catalysts for Sustainability: A Global Opportunity for Digital Philanthropy,' the white paper describes a new challenge grant approach for philanthropies to encourage communities around the world to launch self-funding systems that expand grassroots access to learning, health care, and job opportunities

Grant 20

Selecting your FIRST technology vendor | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Pipes (1) Strategy Selecting your FIRST technology vendor 04.01.06 | 30 No Comments [link] Selecting+your+FIRST+technology+vendor 2006-04-01+05%3A07%3A57 Allan+Benamer NPower posted a white paper on February 22, 2006 to Techsoup called Selecting the Right Technology Vendor. Unfortunately, the paper is pretty useless in helping the smaller nonprofit select its FIRST technology vendor. NPower’s paper simply continues that trend.

Online Fundraising: What Your Nonprofit Needs to Do to Be Compliant in 2021

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Free White Paper: Charitable Solicitation Compliance. That is why the National Council of Nonprofits and Harbor Compliance have partnered to bring you a free white paper explaining the state charitable solicitation registration requirements. By Sharon Cody, J.D.

5 Free Non-profit Reports and Resources

Wild Apricot

Here is a round-up of five free reports, white papers and e-books offering insight on fundraising, resource-raising and mobile phone usage.( read more ). Donor management E-mail marketing Fundraising research

Non-profit Report & Resource Round-up

Wild Apricot

Here is a brief review of five recently published research reports, white papers, e-books and guides that might be of interest to non-profit and membership organizations.( read more ). nonprofit non-profit nptech research social media

Avoiding the False Positive

Wild Apricot

In this guest post, Elizabeth Engel and Peter Houstle introduce their newly released white paper, Getting to the “Good Stuff”: Evidence-Based Decision Making for Associations One of the biggest problems we encounter in decision-making is the problem of asking the right question.

Independent Fundraising Event Trends


Blackbaud and Event 360 have released a new white paper based on a joint research project to better understand the common denominators of a successful programmatic approach to third-party fundraising. Independent fundraising events (IFE) are activities designed and run by volunteers to raise money on behalf of a specific nonprofit organization.

Trend 100

Tell Us About Your Nonprofit Technology and Cloud Computing Needs


In late spring, TechSoup Global, along with our partner network, will publish a white paper with the survey results detailing the responses of nonprofits based in the United States and in 37 countries around the world. We’ll send you the white paper when it’s finished in late spring and it’ll be available for free on our site.

Survey 113

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society - Untitled Article

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I just completed a short paper on Google Print Accessibility. Feel free to share links to this white paper with people who would be interested: Google Print Accessibility white paper The potential of the huge scanning effort Google Print is undertaking is especially exciting for the community of people with print disabilities.

Google 100

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 197: Protecting Patient Information—A Candid Conversation on Healthcare Compliance


Download the free white paper: HIPAA and Fundraising: Understanding the Regulations, Roles, and Compliance. Protecting patient information is critical.

Advocates Seven Times More Likely to Donate Money to a Cause


If you’re looking for ways to integrate your advocacy and fundraising efforts and discover best practices to optimize advocacy appeals that lead to increased response rates and fundraising, this new white paper, “ Connecting Online Advocacy and Fundraising ,” co-authored by Blackbaud, M+R Strategic Services, and Amnesty International USA is a must read! Did you know advocates are seven-times more likely to give as compared to non-advocates?

Money 122

Are Your Members Creating Value – or Just Consuming Value?

Joy of Membership

Perhaps consider formalizing member contributions into Peer Sharing Sessions, or Fireside Chats, or Cornerstone Blog Posts, or Collaborative White Papers or Round Tables.

ROI and the Impact of Social CRM — SocialFish

AFP Blog

ROI and the Impact of Social CRM — SocialFish : ROI and the Impact of Social CRM [NEW WHITE PAPER]. Our latest white paper is out! This paper is the second in our Social CRM series. The first paper in the series, Social CRM for Associations, has had close to 2000 downloads to date by Maddie Grant on August 22, 2011 3 inShare. Introducing ROI and the Impact of Social CRM: 12 Forward-Looking Use Cases for Associations.

5 Ways To Build A Nonprofit Brand That Attracts Multimillion Dollar Donations


If you are trying to get more young people into STEM careers, craft a few simple and short white papers around the topic.

Build 75

Moving to the Cloud: A Practical Guide


There have been an overwhelming number of blogs, white papers, and webinars done on the topic of the cloud. Matt Eshleman. Chief Technology Officer. CommunityIT. Cloud platforms like Google Apps and Office 365 allow organizations to explore new ways of doing business. Explore some questions your organization should be asking before using the cloud to build a robust, resilient IT system.

4 Life-Enriching Reasons to Volunteer

Volunteer Hub

Download our white paper that provides 7 strategic tips for reviewing your volunteer program and provides insights on how to optimize it. Volunteering has the power to positively impact the community and provide you with life-changing benefits at the same time.

Philanthropy during COVID-19 in Brazil 


As highlighted in IDIS’s white paper, Perspectives for Brazilian Philanthropy in 2022 , there is new energy from younger generations.

What The Most Successful CEOs Know About Communication

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Communications expert David Grossman of Your Thought Partner awhile back published a white paper – What the most successful CEOs know: how internal CEO communications shapes financial performance. David's white paper incorporates research compiled from a number of leading sources and points to some critical key headlines, including: Internal communications helps drive organizational financial performance and other key business results, and enhances organizational reputation.

Devising a Print Management Strategy

Tech Soup Blog

Just for fun, we at GreenTech like to read corporate promotional white papers that may have a nugget of green IT value to nonprofits and really anyone running a small or medium sized office. First, the scary stats in the white paper: According to the Gartner Group, an average of 1% to 3% of a company’s annual revenues is consumed by document production. The average office employee consumes 10,000 pages of paper per year, equivalent to approximately 1.2

Membership Marketing Resources

Wild Apricot

For membership organizations that want to better understand relationship building - or breakup; the power of content; or if you simply want to hear what other nonprofit communicators have to say on these topics, we've identified a report that outlines what drives engagement through email, Facebook and Twitter; a white paper on why marketing is content; and a Guide to Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom.(

Psssst! Your Website Is Trying to Tell You Something

Tech Soup Blog

The Cardinal Path white paper, The State of Digital Data in the Top 50 Nonprofit Organizations in the U.S. The white paper's intent is to provide a quantified snapshot of the $316 billion philanthropic and nonprofit sector's maturity in web analytics. The website data tools examined in the Cardinal Path white paper are ones like Google Analytics , comScore , Webtrends , Adobe SiteCatalyst , and a tag management solution such as Google Tag Manager.

MultiChannel Donors: Real? Or Yeti?


Flickr photo: ibarir I know only the biggest nerds have favorite white papers, but we've already established my nerd street cred, right? Well, my favorite white paper of 2009 just became my favorite white paper of 2011! The 2011 donorCentrics Internet and MultiChannel Giving Benchmarking Report was just released last week, updating the version I excitedly blogged about , lo, those many moons ago.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits: 2022 Edition

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Building a donor base or subscriber base by collecting contact information from those subscribing to newsletters, white papers, and other resources that you make available.

Google 260

3 Reasons Why Your Participants Aren’t Raising Enough Money


Sign up for our monthly eNewsletter and you’ll receive the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Consumer Survey results and white paper. How do you get your supporters to raise more money for your cause? It’s the age old question isn’t it? The one question that keeps event directors and development officers awake at night. You know your participants are committed because they register for your event year-after year. They may even donate during your year-end appeals or volunteer for you.

Money 168

Mobile Computing and Telework: Can't Stop, Won't Stop!

Tech Soup Blog

I've been reading a recent white paper and blog post on the subject of telework posted by my colleague Jim Lynch, and I had to express my appreciation and reactions. Teleworking is so much greener as Citrix's white paper amply demonstrates. Thanks, Jim. My first reaction is "cool!" It's also more fun and more relaxing. By a certain age, must of us know ourselves well enough to understand better than anyone else what encourages our best work and what hinders it.

How Embracing Risk and Spending Money Can Help Nonprofits Make More Money


Learn more about that shift in my white paper on changing your funding model and mindset. People come to me all the time saying things like: We’re not growing. . We need more money. We just can’t seem to get ahead.

Money 73

How to amplify member voices to create a culture of thought leadership

Nimble AMS

Develop blog posts, white papers, webinars, videos, or podcasts for your association and share the resources with non-members, policymakers, and the general public. You owe it to your members to develop a thought leadership-driven culture at your association.

Voice 88