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Creating Fundraising Systems for Your Nonprofit

The Fundraising Authority

This is a two part article on how to create fundraising systems for your nonprofit. In Part 1, we will talk about what fundraising systems are and why they are important for development. In Part 2, we will show you how to create systems at your organization. In short, this nonprofit lacked fundraising systems.

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A Deep Dive with CMAA: Getting the Most From All Your System Data

Association Analytics

As associations grow, so does their need for better technology and systems to help them operate. This has been especially true for the Construction Managemen.

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iWave Launches Generative AI With the Acquisition of Nonprofit Operating System

NonProfit PRO

iWave has acquired Nonprofit Operating System. This acquisition will make iWave's fundraising insights more actionable so nonprofit organizations can expand their reach, more actively engage donors, and ultimately have a greater impact on the causes they care about.

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CURE International to Develop a Free Open-Source Electronic Medical Record System

NonProfit PRO

CURE International is building an open-source electronic medical record system that will be available to other hospitals in developing countries. The system will allow hospitals to safely and reliably digitize, store, and easily access patient data in one centralized system.

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Nonprofit Technology Kick Start: Free World Class Board Meeting Software

Why not consider modernizing with a digital board management system that's designed to work with remote meetings, with immediate cost reductions if you still distribute paper packets to members? Looking for cost reductions for your nonprofit?

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How 3 Nonprofits Invest in Training Via Learning Management Systems

NonProfit PRO

Learning management systems assist nonprofits with the tracking and delivery of education, training and more to all of its audiences, including staff at all levels, as well as professionals and volunteers for mission delivery.

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Activating Damage Assessment System for Hurricane Ian


. • Quick link for public messaging on social media and city/county websites • Real time mapping and situational awareness tools for decision support • Integration with Case Management and Sheltering modules on Visionlink's platform Informed client consent governs the use of the system.

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