The 6 Modules Of Human Resource Software

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

This software again comes with many different modules, each dealing with one specific aspect of a company’s human resource. Some of the most important modules of the human resource software are: Database: This is a comprehensive store of all personal information pertaining to individual employees of a company and can be easily assessed round the clock from anywhere. These modules, while being interconnected, are also singular in their day to day accounts keeping.

Gateway Pet Guardians Create a Unique Points-Based Reward Program Using VolunteerHub’s Gamification Module

Volunteer Hub

The post Gateway Pet Guardians Create a Unique Points-Based Reward Program Using VolunteerHub’s Gamification Module appeared first on VolunteerHub. Gateway Pet Guardians is using VolunteerHub to engage in-person and virtual volunteers amid COVID-19 through a unique gamification strategy.


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Why use contributed Salesforce modules for Drupal?

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

What I didn’t say is that a number of shops that have done Drupal/SF integration for production sites chose not to use the contributed modules – they built (or are building) their own custom Salesforce/Drupal integration modules. Although we certainly could have chosen, like others, to go our own way, we have committed ourselves to using, and contributing to the modules on

Module 127

What are the best strategies to create high learning impact modules


Here are ways to create effective strategies for high learning impact modules Carefully planned training programs are a must if organizations want to maximize their returns on learning technology.

New Public Search Module


Public users searching for resources, services and other community assets are about to enjoy a powerfully effective search algorithm, and a new interface as well. Released to our customers for review, each of our customers can now review their own online resource directory with these new tools and provide feedback before we release this into production. The search algorithm uses a linguistically aware solution, reducing words to their core roots.

Module 100

WeAreMedia Tactical Module 2: Participate in the Conversation

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

During the month of September and into October, the WeAreMedia project is discussing the content in the tactical modules on the wiki. The Tactical modules get to the nitty gritty, but with a lens of how many hours does it take. Each module discussing ideas and content that will progressively take more time to implement. Last week, talked about the first module, which was about Listening and focused on what you can do a few hours a week. Photo by Briefbanofsky.

NTEN Project: Week 1 - Module 1 - Are we there yet?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

On Monday, we started down the road to build Module 1: What is Social Media and Why It is Important To Nonprofits. So, take a look at Module 1 and give us your feedback in the discussion tab. There are a couple of small holes in the first module that would be great to fill -- in the resource section. Photo by Travelin' Librarian. If you have kids and have ever taken a long road trip, you've heard that question.

WeAreMedia Module 5: Social Networks (and widgets) for Community Building, Taking Action and/or Fundraising

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

NTEN's WeAreMedia project has been discussing and building six tactical modules on social media - the practical tips and resources you need before you start to focus on the tools. In the last four weeks, the community has shared tips, resources, and case studies to create four awesome tactical modules: Listening is the first step. This week, we're talking about Module 5: Social Networks (and widgets) for Community Building, Taking Action and/or Fundraising.

We Are Media Module 3: Social Media Ready Nonprofit - Dealing With Resistance

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This week we'll be discussing and building Module 3: The Social Media Ready Nonprofit Organization: Dealing with Resistance as part of NTEN's We Are Media : Social Media Starter Kit for Nonprofits project. Last week in Module 2 , we covered how to think about social media strategically so it supports your organization's mission and reaches your target audience or group of stakeholders. This module is about organization change issues you may encounter and and how to manage them.

Congrats to Mazarine Treyz - The First Wiki Contributor to WeAreMedia Module 5

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

She was the first one to contribute something to the WeAreMedia Module 5: Online Community Engagement Strategy and Skills. Six more lucky wiki contributors to Module 5 between now and August 3rd will have an opportunity to get a free copy of either Media Rules and Mobilizing Generation 2.0. Congrats to Mazarine Treyz, Senior Development & Communications Officer, Urban League of Portland.

WeAreMedia Module 6: What are the best blogs, books, and other resources to guide our thinking about Social Media Metrics, ROI, and Nonprofits?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

To round out the module, we want to put together an awesome list of Social Media ROI blogs, books, and other resources. Photo by Oolong. This week in WeAreMedia , we're focused on Return on Investment. Earlier this week, I asked folks to have fun with Social Media ROI Mad Libs. Holly Ross at NTEN put this one together for their blogging strategy: NTEN is implementing a social media strategy that includes BLOGGING. The key benefits are: INCREASED website traffic overall.

USA Today Offers News Modules Users Can Put On Personal Pages

AFP Blog

USA Today Offers News Modules Users Can Put On Personal Pages: "NEW YORK (AP)--USA Today is plunging into a hot new Internet technology, offering users the ability to install 'widgets' on their blogs and personal Web pages that contain news updates and other information from the newspaper.

Timing is Everything… Proposals in the Prospect Tab of The Raiser’s Edge®

Connection Cafe

Lately I have seen some discussion groups, listservs, and blogs on when to create a proposal in the Prospect Module of Raiser’s Edge® or for that matter in any fundraising legacy system. So below I am listing typical stages and moments where you might consider utilizing the Prospect Module in RE for optimal reporting and management.

Understanding Digital Tracking

Byte Technology

Inquiry Tracker Module : During the development of your site’s back end, you want to ensure that it is well fortified with an excellent inquiry form module. This module will store all inquiries that come from a site.

Track 208

Interesting sites I’m looking at (weekly)

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Jackson River Drupal Modules | Jackson River. tags: drupal modules salesforce toblog. The average web design project, illustrated – TNW Design & Dev. tags: toblog webdesign. Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here. Blogs I read

Drupal 123

November Update: 6 Ways to Level up Your Volunteer Program in 2020   

Wild Apricot

In the November newsletter, we share a guide on the new finances module in the mobile app, resources to help you use the new email editor, and a Meet the Team interview with Sundus from our Support team

Version 5.5 Released: Includes New Event Registration Features

Wild Apricot

It brings new events module features that will help you grow your organization! We’re glad to announce the release of Version 5.5! Wild Apricot

Government Websites on Drupal 9

Forum One

While Drupal 9 had already been released, the NEA website first migrated live to Drupal 8 in order to allow for new Drupal 9 modules to mature and become compatible with their needs. . which was instrumental in being able to then quickly update contributing modules in core.

A Guide to Preparing for Drupal 9

Forum One

The Drupal upgrade process used to involve: Using a migration module or have a developer write migration scripts to move your data from your old Drupal site into a new one. Checking to see if the contributed modules you were using had a new release for the newer version of Drupal.

Help Colorado Now - Visionlink Tech Helps Fight COVID-19


Read more about our Disaster Technologies Suite and its volunteer, donor, shelter, client, case management and COVID-19 tracker modules

Drupal and Salesforce

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

There are several contributed modules: salesforce – main module, with API, node, and user integration possibilities. This module provides the basic salesforce API connection (via SOAP), and includes field mapping, and basic import/export. Web-to-lead is quite nice and flexible with this module. parser-salesforce – Integration with FeedAPI – pulling data from salesforce into drupal nodes via FeedAPI (I hope to start maintaining this module).

Drupal 138

How to Add a Recurring Donation Payment Form in Joomla


For all you Joomla users out there, here is a quick guide on how to embed your Donorbox donation forms into your Joomla sites: Because we are using an embed code instead of a preset donation module, you will need to make sure your Joomla website allows iframe codes before you copy and paste your donation […].

Wild Apricot Launches Online Store Options

Wild Apricot

We've added four new features to our Online Store module - read on to find out how they can benefit your organization, how to use them, and where to find out more. online payments taxes feature-release new-feature Online-Store store

NetForum solutions for Hybrid Meetings


Each of the modules can be sold separately and all the data automatically appears in your NetForum system as the transactions are being posted. We can install exactly the modules that make sense for you.

Activating for Hurricane Laura


Activate one or modules as needed. With one of the highest 24-hour intensification rates, Hurricane Laura will be a tremendously serious storm, and another of nearly 300 named disasters from which we build expertise and readiness to offer help.

3 Ways to Collect More Revenue at Events With the Mobile App

Wild Apricot

Here's how to use the new finances module in the app for admins to make that easier than ever Every event you run could be an opportunity to follow up on unpaid invoices and make sure you don't miss out on a dime of your revenue.

Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Cheek to Cheek Cheek to Cheek Last Updated on Thursday, 27 July 2006 09:46 Written by Steve Thursday, 27 July 2006 09:46 Appexchange is a really great system for packaging up modules for easy installing in instances.

To Build or Buy a Software Solution: Which is Right for You?

Association Analytics

If the hundreds of existing visualizations do not deliver what an association needs, Acumen also has a module that allows for the development of completely customized reports as well. We’ve all heard the catchphrase, “ if we build it, they will come. ”

Why the Most Advanced Disaster Relief Software Saves You Time & Money


Visionlink announces new disaster relief and disaster operations modules, and now all listed on one page to share with your staff and stakeholders. Every module works the same —saving you tremendous training and support time.

Drupal/Salesforce Integration

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

At the moment, if you want to integrate Drupal and Salesforce, you have three options: Use the contributed modules (or have a developer install and configure them for you). I don’t know enough about it to match it to the contributed modules, but it’s hard to imagine that it’s possible for it to keep up, given the nature of open source development. So what is the status of the Drupal modules?

Drupal 158

[Pre-Register Now]: How to Build A Successful Major Donor Program For Your Nonprofit


In this two-module masterclass, fundraising expert Joe Garecht will teach you how to build a successful major donor program, no matter the size of your non-profit. Here are the modules you’ll be receiving: Module #1: How To Find New Major Donors and Build Relationships With Them.

Visionlink Supports Dorian Response


NVOAD is deploying a new situational reporting module for some states from Visionlink, to better coordinate the activities of partner agencies. Visionlink offers advanced, expertly-designed solutions including volunteer, gifts-in-kind, situational awareness, client intake, case management, and other modules for disaster response. Visionlink systems are fully engaged with Hurricane Dorian response.

Drupal Themeing, and other projects

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

There is already a SSO Module for Drupal 5.x, Unfortunately, the module Drake , which is meant to be a bridge allowing you to run Cake applications within Drupal, seems moribund. There is, for sure, another whole blog entry about Drupal modules I’m learning Drupal bit by bit - one of the first tasks was to learn how to make a new theme. It’s one of those things which is actually fairly straightforward-seeming … until you hit a snag.

Drupal 100

UBC launches free online course on autism and neurodiversity in the workplace

Charity Village

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaboration in Autism at the University of British Columbia (UBC) has launched a free online course on autism and neurodiversity in the workplace that includes a series of five self-paced, interactive modules filled with useful activities and videos.

Navigating Your Upgrade from Drupal 7

Forum One

The product of every Drupal upgrade is a website that runs the latest version of Drupal Core and Drupal modules, with a frontend theme that uses the updated framework. Keep your modules up-to-date. Are you ready to upgrade your organization’s Drupal 7 website?

Drupal 7

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Of course, mostly, Drupal is only as good as it’s contributed modules (that’s a bit more of a stretch, now, because many of the key contributed modules, like CCK, are now in core Drupal.) So when folks like us, who build sites that depend on Drupal 7 can start using it is a bit up in the air, although there is a movement to get many modules ready for Drupal 7 at it’s release. The salesforce module maintainers recently made that decision, as have others.)

Drupal 127

Social Change Leaders, Take a Leap of Faith With Me

Social Velocity

Bonus #2: Worksheets and guides tailored to each module’s content in order to speed up your move toward abundance. We had a really great training earlier this week, The Roadmap to Abundance.

Version 5.6 Brings New Themes, Features and Functionality

Wild Apricot

We’ve also included yet another feature to our events module. Version 5.6 has been released! It brings in some significant improvements to the process of inserting files and images, resulting in a better user experience. Plus we’re proud to introduce two new fully responsive theme sets: Terra and Firma. Wild Apricot

Drupal Commerce

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Although it’s not often used in nonprofit settings, the Drupal module (or, more correctly, a large suite of modules) called “ Ubercart &# is a pretty amazing tool if you need to create a shopping cart system. By the way, there is a module done by DharmaTech that integrates CiviCRM and the current Ubercart.).

Drupal 127

Last 10 (selected) links

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Maintaining a Drupal module using Git | Yammer : Enterprise Microblogging. Git – SVN Crash Course. Pivotal Tracker – Free Lightweight Agile Project Management & Team Collaboration, from Pivotal Labs. Web Services API Developer’s Guide. SOQL SELECT Syntax. AIM Implementation Guide. » Blog Archive » Using Sites to easily publish data out of Salesforce. DrupalMad developer :: Add-ons for Firefox.

Drupal 123

Enhanced Searching for Public Access


The interface offers a greatly simplified initial display for the public, with quick links to details and maps, and to an advanced searching module as well. The new mapping module is integrated as well, as is our new linguistically aware searching algorithms. We have released a completely redesigned interface for public access to community resources, assets, and services.

Search 100

New to TechSoup: Litmos Learning Management System

Tech Soup Blog

Courses consist of modules. For each module you create, you upload one type of content, such as PowerPoint, Flash, video, or audio. Litmos automatically optimizes the module for playback on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Litmos course window showing completed modules and the Additional Reference tab. In assessment modules, you can create quizzes and exams. You have the option to require your learners to pass them before they proceed to a new module.

Epic Upgrade Releasing Next Week


Overall, this upgrade provides a number of modules: a linguistically aware full text searching module with ranked results; a mapping module which can display client and resource data simultaneously; a real-time situational analysis module with multiple boundaries; integration of US Census Bureau data; and some additional taxonomy tools for Information & Referral specialists. Over the next week, I''ll summarize each module. A major (perhaps epic?)

Module 100