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AccuFund Announces New Module to Automate Bill Pay Functions

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Powered by AI technology, AccuFund Smart Capture automates the creation of AP Bills from scanned PDF documents. AccuFund announced the release of its new Smart Capture module to automate bill pay functions.

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T-Shirt Fundraising for Nonprofits: Video Demo

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Click to view the video demo and download a free Bonfire Basics PDF. Bonfire is a free t-shirt fundraising platform with features built specifically for nonprofits that lets you sell shirts promoting your cause without ever leaving home. Supporters have a new way to donate while showing off how connected they are to your mission.


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Free PDF Converter Keeps Your Clickable Links

Wild Apricot

The ability to retain hyperlinks when you convert documents to PDF format has been missing from most of the free or low-cost PDF tools to date. Finally, here’s a free online document converter that can keep those clickable links working in your PDFs. Tags: Non-profit technology nptech PDF application. read more ).

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6 Annual reports to inspire your organization


While many nonprofits present their annual reviews in a static PDF format, there are more hands-on options that you can pursue. It allows more engagement beyond simply scrolling on a PDF, making it more likely supporters will absorb the information. The Humane Society.

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Dear Think Tanks: No One is Reading Your PDF Report

Forum One

"What if someone had already figured out the answers to the world''s most pressing policy problems, but those solutions were buried deep in a PDF, somewhere nobody will ever read them?" " The dearth of PDF downloads has been known (and fretted over) for years, but what can be done about it?

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GTD Meets GPT: How to Adopt The AI 2-minute Rule

Whole Whale

Or as a hack, convert it to a PDF and process it. Or as a hack, convert it to a PDF and process it. Based on this PDF, create an executive summary for a board of directors Prompt: Based on the attached PDF titled “{title}”, create an executive summary suitable for a board of directors meeting.

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50-Euro Discount for PdF Europe

Tech Soup Blog

Next month, Personal Democracy Forum will be hosting PdF Europe , a gathering of leaders in technology, government, and the social sector in Europe and around the world. In June, Becky attended PdF 2010 in New York and covered it here. In June, Becky attended PdF 2010 in New York and covered it here. read more.

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