Building our Membership Knowledge Base

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We're conducting an online survey to find out what topics we should address in our Membership Knowledge Hub this Fall. Membership Knowledge HubWe hope you'll participate!

How to Unite Your Nonprofit Workforce—and Keep It United Through Misperceptions

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Our teams work from different operational levels and knowledge bases than we do. If we start to focus on our “slice” of the work and our knowledge of it myopically, or value our area of the work over others’, how […].


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Enhancing Student Success Across Campus with Western Michigan University + Salesforce

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This new experience would provide a single, digital source of internal information, a knowledge base, academic support, and engagement across campus.

Why You Need a Shopify Web Designer

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We’re not going to expect you to approach us with knowledge beyond what you want to sell and who your customer is. With the Shopify themes your customization is limited and needs to have a certain knowledge base to be utilized. At Byte Technology, we understand web-speak.

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To Build or Buy a Software Solution: Which is Right for You?

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Having this knowledge base available to you can be invaluable. We’ve all heard the catchphrase, “ if we build it, they will come. ” The “it” can be any software solution and “they” can be your staff, members or the general public.

[Webinar Series] Virtual Event Exhibitor Training


For further assistance, refer to our Knowledge Base article ! First time exhibiting at a virtual event? We’re here to help make it a success! Join us every Thursday for an interactive training on how to get your virtual booth up & running using the Accelevents platform.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


The best fundraising strategic plan tells a complete, organized, and analytics-based story that your team can actually use to help your campaign be more successful. Understanding your supporter base. Understanding your supporter base. Rather than adopting a all-hands-on-deck campaign mentality, you're better off applying the same segmenting tactics to your supporter base. Grant Space Knowledge Base (Foundation Center).

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5 common questions about starting a nonprofit organization


To learn more, visit Candid’s knowledge base for the full article on starting a nonprofit, with even more resources, tips, and in-depth webinars. .

Cracking into corporate giving


Sometimes companies base their giving on a CEO's favorite cause. . To learn more, visit Candid’s knowledge base for the full article on corporate giving. .

What Dreamforce 2022 Means for the Future of Education

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During the pilot of Salesforce’s Slack-based swarming model, a subset of 3.300 agents saw a 26% improvement in case close rates, a 19% improvement in same-day resolutions, and greater ease of building collective knowledge bases.

The basics of building a nonprofit budget


To learn more, visit Candid’s knowledge base for the full article on creating a project proposal budget. .

All you need to know about fiscal sponsorship


To learn more, visit Candid’s knowledge base for the full article on fiscal sponsorship. . Many people have amazing ideas for creating a nonprofit or public-benefit project, but aren’t sure how to get started or find funding.

Digging in: who donates to the nonprofits you care about? 


To learn more, visit Candid’s knowledge base for the full article on researching an organization’s individual and foundation donors. Ever wonder who donates to a specific organization?

Five tips to get you ready for a social media giving day


Learn more about Meta donations and setting them up from our Knowledge Base Article. It also allows you to share more than you would in a traditional graphic or text based message. . July 15 is officially Social Media Giving Day.

Reflections on TrailblazerDX 2022

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Several architects and technical leaders from Cloud for Good attended the conference to expand their knowledge and learn what’s next for Salesforce.

Support and Maintenance of Your University’s Salesforce Org: Staffing Recommendations

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When you’re putting together a plan on how to get the most out of your school’s Salesforce use, focus on ensuring that you have the right people on the team, based on their skills, that can take accountability for their essential responsibilities and then enable them to be successful.

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Get ready for GivingTuesday with a cohesive digital campaign 


Our Knowledge Base Article can help you collect demographics about your organization. You’ve probably been bombarded lately by expert advice on what to do for GivingTuesday campaign. I know I have. There’s a lot of pressure to get ready for this one day, and it can feel overwhelming. But, there is a way to simplify this.

5 Tips For Success With Your Hybrid Event Onsite Tech Support


Based on our experience with onsite hybrid event support, here are five questions to ask your onsite tech support before the day of your event: Exchange contact information. Our Knowledge Base is chock full of information! .

How to License Hyper-V on Windows 2008

Tech Soup Blog

Petri IT Knowledge Base, an excellent IT resource from Microsoft MVP in Israel, posted a plain-English post on Windows 2008 licensing concerns when using Hyper-V technology. Definitely bookmark-worthy if you are planning on virtualizing in the near future using this technology.

Revolutionizing Salesforce Staffing with Talent for Good

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Free resources offered by Trailhead and other platforms are accelerating theoretical knowledge but do not provide the hands-on experience employers are looking for. . Industry Knowledge: Cloud for Good trains our apprentices on nonprofit and higher education technology stacks and business.

Introducing Candid’s U.S. Social Sector Dashboard, Chapter 1 


nonprofit sector knowledge base from Independent Sector , Nonprofit Quarterly , and the Urban Institute , among others. . What’s the story of the social sector? And perhaps more fundamentally, what is the social sector?

How to Encourage a Knowledge Sharing Culture


Knowledge sharing adds another layer of social media value to the organization, a feedback loop for your social media efforts, an integrated approach to being social. Knowledge sharing results in stronger organizations that have a broader knowledge base about its online stakeholders and a wide net of useful information to meet organizational goals Debra Askanase. Partner. Socialbrite.

How nonprofits can benefit from knowledge management


Can your team take advantage of the new breed of knowledge management tools? The knowledge and experience its people bring will determine its institutional knowledge and dictate the direction in which it needs to head. This is where knowledge management comes in. .

3 Key Takeaways from Gearset’s DevOps Dreamin’

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After a packed morning absorbing new knowledge and listening to product experts, Eric Dreshfield’s and Melissa Hill Dees’s sessions provided a casual respite. Most everyone in attendance arrived with the same knowledge base and eager attitude to learn together as these tools mature.

5 Best Platforms for Virtual Expos


Extensive knowledge base. Attendees can use the exhibitor directory to locate specific virtual booths or find booths based on a number of search criteria. While live event spaces have been disrupted, virtual event spaces are booming.

Giving Season with DipJar


Check out this Knowledge Base article to enable SparkVirtual today. Did you know that 30% of annual giving occurs in the last month of the year?

Giving Season with DipJar


Check out this Knowledge Base article to enable SparkVirtual today. Did you know that 30% of annual giving occurs in the last month of the year?

Webinar Recap: Roadmap to Microsoft Training Resources

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From basic-level trainings on different office productivity suites to more advanced Microsoft Certification-level and server courses, there are a host of training materials, online courses, and knowledge-base resources available. We wrapped up this fantastic webinar with Microsoft yesterday.

4 Ways to Increase Non-Dues Revenue

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There are steps you can take to make sure you have the appropriate assets and knowledge base to make your eLearning Business a success. Do you currently manage an eLearning department at an association? Are your education programs bringing in value for the organization and for your members? Or do you need assistance generating non-dues revenue from your education offerings?

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Double the Donation’s Year in Review: 2021

Double the Donation

Expanding Client Base. To find out whether your favorite fundraising platform(s) integrates with Double the Donation, explore our Knowledge Base and search for the provider in question!

What Nonprofits Should Know About Process Automation


Here are a few concepts to build your knowledge base around automation and how it can be used in a nonprofit organization. Imagine you had an extra hour each day to do big-picture, meaningful work. What would you do?

Applications for the Nonprofit Tech Academy are due April 8


I was initially very timid, because my knowledge base was low, but feel much more adept as a result of the Academy. Participants will be selected based on the guidelines and their commitment to full participation. We still have a few slots available in our Nonprofit Tech Academy for spring 2014, but the application deadline is fast approaching. Does the following sound good to you?

5 Microsoft Word Features and Tips

Tech Soup Blog

While there are pages and pages of keyboard shortcuts and tips posted around the web in articles and knowledge bases, we'll start by focusing on 5 that we think may be particularly useful to nonprofit and library users. If you, like millions of other office-dwelling folks around the world, use Microsoft Word to do much of your daily word processing work, you have likely found a few shortcuts, tips, features, and tricks to help make your work more efficient over the years.

Radical Collaboration is Our Best Chance to Fight Climate Change

Saleforce Nonprofit

We draw upon their latest knowledge and innovation and then steer toward the solutions-based food economy.”. This means connecting across sectors, beliefs, and knowledge bases — and empowering local communities to protect the resources that sustain them.

Biggest Challenges Event Planners Face in 2021


Stay connected with communities as well, so you can continue to build your knowledge. Accelevents’ webinars and knowledge base is a great place to stay up to date on all the latest news around the events industry!

Apply for the Technology Leadership Academy by March 1st


I was initially very timid, because my knowledge base was low, but feel much more adept as a result of the Academy. Participants will be selected based on the guidelines and their commitment to full participation. We're approaching the March 1st application deadline for the Technology Leadership Academy -- but there's still time for qualifying organizations to apply!

10 Must-Have Skills for Nonprofit New Media Managers

Nonprofit Tech for Good

For very small nonprofits, this may not be true, but for medium and large nonprofits—or small nonprofits with a desire to grow their brand recognition and donors base—it’s becoming widely understood that new media managers have a unique and valuable skill set. HTML Knowledge. It’s rare that any web-based activity lasts longer than 30 minutes. Knowledge. Community building is now more strategic and based upon proven best practices.

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Jennifer Roller, The Raymond John Wean Foundation

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It’s when I have lost sight of the importance of leaning into the knowledge base of those closest to the challenges that I’ve gone off the rails or needed to course correct. Jennifer Roller President, The Raymond John Wean Foundation, Warren, OH.

Mission Blog: A New Tool for You

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One of the changes added was our new Knowledge Base. Mission Blog: A New Tool for You: "A New Tool for YouRecently our updated website went live, sprucing up our presentation. It looks great!One The format is still evolving. Our commitment is to keep growing and refining the content so that it becomes an ever better resource for you

Why Should You Provide Continuing Education to Your Members?  

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Professional education also allows your members to maintain and enhance their knowledge base so they can deliver the best possible services. Professional education is one of the top perks that young professionals are looking for in the 21st century. This is especially true for millennials entering the work force, because they tend to be more concerned about their career paths than older generations.

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6 Essential Enterprise LMS Features for Your Association

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Using our knowledge of extended enterprise LMSs, we created this guide to help you choose your next solution through the following points: Overview of the Extended Enterprise LMS. Virtual and Place-Based Event Capabilities. eLearning, place-based, live training, and virtual events.

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Sun Microsystems and San Francisco's McKinley Elementary School

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While it's recognized that a strong information and communications technology (ICT) foundation is crucial to flourish in a knowledge-based economy, these same school districts often lack the basic resources to ensure that our next generation has those ICT skills and tools. As the fiscal positions of states and municipalities across the United States deteriorate due to deficits and budget shortfalls, school districts and educational funding are often the first casualties.

Sales Operations Demystified: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How To Do It Right

Sales Hacker

Optimization of Sales Tools, Knowledge Base and other Assets. In the guide, Matt described the different stages — based on annual recurring revenue (ARR) — at which companies should hire its sales ops people. Based on his matrix (see below) , companies reeling in below one million dollars in ARR can hire a number of tech-savvy staff, analysts and administrators to: Manage the CRM. Content and knowledge base management. What is Sales Operations?