Comparison between Sling TV and YouTube TV: Compare in 4 Terms

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This guide will provide you with the best comparisons between the two streaming platforms. The post Comparison between Sling TV and YouTube TV: Compare in 4 Terms appeared first on Are you wondering about the best streaming service between Sling TV and YouTube TV?

Comparison between Youtube TV and Hulu TV: Compare in Device Availability, Subscription & Features

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This guide will provide you with the best comparisons between the two streaming platforms. The post Comparison between Youtube TV and Hulu TV: Compare in Device Availability, Subscription & Features appeared first on


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Ridiculously easy YTD comparison reports in Salesforce

Judi Sohn

Happy New Year! Ever struggle with a problem for months, if not years, and then when the solution comes it's so painfully simple that you have a bruise on the side of your head from where you keep slapping yourself? The problem: Salesforce reporting is great when you want to look at the whole of a period of time. This fiscal year. Last month. Last year. Yesterday. 12/25/2010. It can also compare. This year vs last year. This month vs last month. Yesterday vs today.

An In-Depth Comparison: Essay Writing Services Vs. Freelance Platforms

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The post An In-Depth Comparison: Essay Writing Services Vs. Freelance Platforms appeared first on Wondering what the difference between writing services and freelance platforms is? Check out this article and find out their pros and cons! Essays and other types of academic papers are meant to assess the level of knowledge of their writers. Being able to write an essay compliant with all the existing rules and standards can.

Comparison Of The Top 6 Email Marketing Services For Nonprofits


The post Comparison Of The Top 6 Email Marketing Services For Nonprofits appeared first on Tech Impact Blog. Image courtesy of Business Marketing Blog. Sarah Boisvert, a guest writer on Socialbrite , compares the top email marketing services, including MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, SendGrid, HubSpot, and Vertical Response. Here is a brief overview of her findings: MailChimp. Inexpensive. Easy email-targeting. Mobile app.

Here is the comparison of HubSpot and Marketo specifications

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

HubSpot and Marketo software are marketing tools used by a businessman to promote their business in a broader area. The use of HubSpot and Marketo software depends upon the size of the company. So, in small and medium scale businesses choosing Hub spot software is biter, and similarly, in large scale industries, Marketo is more suitable. But this is not compulsory because every business keeps on adding new features so they can change their software according to the area of the company.

Worst movie remake comparisons: Footloose Vs. Psycho: Which one is the Worst?

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Sometimes, The post Worst movie remake comparisons: Footloose Vs. Psycho: Which one is the Worst? It’s very bizarre when movie studios decide to remake a film that doesn’t need to be redone. It already had a great story, was well-acted, and used a technique that could never be repeated in the same way by another director. Other times movies are remade for a new look. Will they work out? appeared first on Movie

Grants Management Software: Download Idealware's New Comparison

Tech Soup Blog

Grantmakers of all sizes should check out Idealware's recently updated Consumer’s Guide to Grants Management Systems. Available from Idealware's website as a free download, the updated guide compares 20 grants management systems, including popular offerings from Bromelkamp and MicroEdge. The guide includes six-page reviews of each system, outlining how each one stacks up based on more than 125 criteria. More Hosted Options for Grantmakers.

The Ultimate Video Host Comparison Chart/Article from Robin Good

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Robin Good's Web-Based Delivery of Audio and Video Materials provides a great feature-by-feature comparison. I've been looking around for an article just on this topic! of the most popular video sharing tools. He also tells us what users need to know before taking advantages of these services. The requirements to start benefiting from these new services and opportunities include: some familiarity with the basic audio and video file formats existing out there.

Comparison of Email Newsletter Tools - Updated for 2008


Download Comparison of Email Newsletter Service Providers [Word 200Kb Last year I wrote a paper comparing email service providers (ESPs) for email newsletter blasting. The paper was based on research conducted by ONE/Northwest to figure out what the range of tools was for our typical non-profit client, and which ones seemed to be the best fit.

Flash vs. jQuery Slideshows

Allegiance Group

For the sake of this comparison, I am going to talk specifically about slideshows that are created in Flash compared to those using jQuery because that is the vast majority of the Flash that we have traditionally used in our projects. Tags: Accessibility Cool Tools and Tips Usability Web Design Adobe Flash comparison HTML iphone JavaScript jquery MooTools slideshow

Flash 46

Tech Quick Take: MS Search Server 2008 vs Google Mini

Allegiance Group

While Google has a couple prepared reports like content type stats, most of the appliance uses a byzantine method of creating a report, naming it, refreshing the page to see that it already finished by the time you named it, and then viewing, is terribly unfriendly by comparison. Microsoft quietly launched their free Microsoft Search Server 2008 product earlier this year as a product that heavily leverages the same Enterprise Search technology found in their Sharepoint 2007 product.

Hulu TV and Sling TV: Which Streaming Platform is Better for You to Choose

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This guide will provide you with the best comparisons between the two streaming platforms. Are you wondering about the best streaming service between Hulu and Sling TV? In this present age, everyone is gradually moving from using Satellite or Cable TV to renowned streaming applications.

Netflix and Disney Plus: Which Streaming Platform is Better for You to Choose

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This guide will provide you with the best comparisons between the two streaming platforms. Are you wondering about the best streaming service between Netflix and Disney Plus? These days, people are all into Netflix and Disney Plus to stream their favorite movies, TV shows, and TV series.

Luminar 4 vs Lightroom: Which is Better for Photo Edit

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Check out the comparison between Luminar 4 and Lightroom to see which has the best features for you. If you are a photographer, you need to have image editing software to ensure your images remain perfect.

Photo 52

The Lack of Risk Performance Metrics Impedes Banks

360 Factors

The number of risks detected in a time period can be compared to the number of risks detected in another time period, but the insights obtained from such a comparison are relatively shallow.

Another way of looking at the OSS CMS competition | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Pipes (1) Internet Another way of looking at the OSS CMS competition 04.19.06 | 41 No Comments [link] Another+way+of+looking+at+the+OSS+CMS+competition 2006-04-20+02%3A03%3A10 Allan+Benamer Let’s talk about blog buzz — if blog traffic is any indication of upcoming trends in web technology, feast your eyes on [link] Drupal fares better here than in any other comparison I’ve done.

3 Steps to Finding the Right Technology Vendor for Your Nonprofit


Quantify values to help compare When possible, assign number values to desires and compatibility to aid in comparison. If you like working with numbers, you might also try ranking priorities with a numeric scale (awarding higher and lower point numbers to top and medium priority features, and subtracting points for drawbacks), to allow you to get a clear comparison of the pros and cons of multiple systems.

Open Source vs. Proprietary: Overview

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Since I wrote my post on “Open Source vs. Proprietary&# last week, and especially after Thomas Taylor’s very apt comment that the battle is not over in many corners, I decided that, well, what the heck, it was a good time to write a series about open source software options, and their comparisons to proprietary, in 2011, more than 12 years after this whole thing started. Comparisons of open source vs. proprietary development environments (i.e.

Pick the Best VPNs for Windows – Helpful Setup VPN Guides for Windows 10

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Simplify things with our top 5 VPN comparison for Windows! What is the Best VPN for windows? Finding the best VPN for Windows is difficult with all the brands and options available. VPN is a fantastic way to keep yourself private on the internet and protect your Windows computer from hackers and other individuals who. The post Pick the Best VPNs for Windows – Helpful Setup VPN Guides for Windows 10 appeared first on Private VPN Service

Befitting things one must be aware of the

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

While seeking at, we provide comparisons like flight time to get to know about the context at [link]. What are the Featured Drone Comparisons? This comparison number drones in order by the excellent speed to cost number. It also includes the featured drone comparisons speed-to-cost score and flight time-to-cost score which one has given above. is a newest website of early 2019.

5 Ways to Effectively Use Your CRM


Quantifying actions with a point system enables a quick comparison of engagement level across various channels, so that you can easily see who your most active members are. A CRM is no different than any other tool that your nonprofit uses, in the sense that there is a difference between using it well enough to get by, and really getting the most bang for your buck.

A look at organizations that have earned GuideStar Seals of Transparency


ii] As a point of comparison, the proportion of all U.S. At Candid, we believe that transparency and the flow of information between social sector actors are fundamental to a vibrant, successful, and trusted sector.

Grant 70

Event Data Management: How To Make The Most Of Your Data


You can look at it in comparison to what your nonprofit was projected to raise. This can give you a year-over-year comparison to gauge whether your event this year outperformed last year’s event or if you lost momentum. Donor data can help nonprofits make better fundraising decisions.

Data 52

Paycheck Protection Program for Nonprofits: Requirements & Benefits

Volunteer Hub

Finally, organizations hoping to qualify for the second wave of PPP must be able to demonstrate a 25% loss in receipts from any quarter in 2020, in comparison to the previous quarter in 2019.

What is a dedicated server? Some uses of it mentioned

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Make a comparison for the dedicated server providers. Comparison is the best way to get the best option in the market for your help to manage all the data storage.

What 2020 year-end fundraising can tell us about 2021 


We also use the median for our comparisons, so that one outlier doesn’t skew the whole set. Read time: 5 minutes. Yes, there are many, many things about 2020 that we’d just as soon forget. And yes, 2021 has already been roughly 7,000 days long.

Gift 62

Twitter, Nonprofits, and You - How to Effectively Engage Members through Social Media


Based on Software Advice’s 2015 industry review from Software Advice (an association management technology comparison agency) on how to best use Twitter to foster member engagement, it is clear that having a measurable, valuable, and substantial communication strategy on social media can help save your nonprofit and reach a broader audience

Charity online transactions least likely to be abandoned, research suggests » Charity Digital News

AFP Blog

Charity online transactions least likely to be abandoned, research suggests » Charity Digital News : "Online transactions on charity websites are the least likely to be abandoned in comparison to other commercial sectors, according to research by the ecommerce platform provider Ve." 'via

Authenticity as a Strategy

The Storytelling Non-profit

Comparison is a killer of creativity and authenticity. Over the last two posts in my series on build strategy I’ve talked about making decisions about strategy. I’ve shared 4 Questions To Make Strategic Decisio ns and Do You Need to Start From Scratch?

Facebook is Great, but Does it Really Work for Fundraising?


By comparison only 70% of small businesses use Facebook as part of their online strategy. Last weeks post highlighting a few statistics from the business world seems to have resonated with readers here. That got me thinking more about how we, in the non-profit space, should look to learn from examples, trends and best practices found outside of our sector. So here’s another great bit of learning for us.

Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Systems

Robert Weiner

The guide presents detailed comparisons of 33 donor databases that cost less than $4,250 in the first year. It includes a high-level overview of common features, comparisons and summaries of the systems they reviewed, recommendations for which systems might be suited to a variety of nonprofit scenarios, and a directory of consultants who can help you select a database. Our friends at Idealware and NTEN have released their Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Systems.

Five Nonprofits Maximizing YouTube’s Nonprofit Program

Nonprofit Tech for Good

First impressions are very important online and non-branded YouTube channesl pale in comparison to those nonprofits that utilize YouTube’s Nonprofit Program features, such as: UNICEF USA :: A quick browse of nonprofits on YouTube reveals that the vast majority of nonprofits are not taking advantage of YouTube’s Nonprofit Program.

Be Fundraising Alert! Lift Your Nonprofit and Boost Your Career


Think of this comparison. Matt Hugg is an author and instructor in nonprofit management in the US and abroad.

Gift 56

The Idealware Research Fund

Robert Weiner

In addition, since Idealware must maintain its independence in order to produce their high-quality, unbiased reports and product comparisons, some potential funding sources are simply off limits. Our friends at Idealware (a nonprofit technology resource provider) have created a new fund to support their research. Many of Idealware's reports have been funded by foundations and some have had corporate sponsorship (and some are commissioned by too).

Fund 100

Which Online Fundraising Platform Is Best For Your Nonprofit?


Online Fundraising Software Comparison. It may be 2021 now, but that doesn’t mean that nonprofits are back to business as usual. You’re likely still having to adjust your strategies for today’s climate. One of the most obvious ways? Fundraising.

Adobe Acrobat XI vs. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Tech Soup Blog

Additional Feature Comparisons. Adobe provides a comparison between these two versions. Check out its Acrobat version comparison for more information. Version comparison (Adobe). Pricing comparison (Adobe). In 2015, Adobe released Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Integrating with its companion, Adobe Creative Cloud, the DC ("Document Cloud") version features a new interface, cloud storage support, and other new features.

Adobe 56

Is Your Nonprofit Half Way to Your 2020 Fundraising Goal$?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Once you’ve done a side-by-side comparison of the first half of the year, it’s time to look to the future. By Christy Smaglio , Instructional Writer at Donor Perfect – a top-rated donor management system and fundraising platform for nonprofits.

Goal 163

Key Findings from the 2021 donorCentrics® Sustainer Summit


This year’s summit included data from a variety of sectors, drawn directly from participant CRMs and standardized to allow for consistent comparisons. The seventh annual donorCentrics® Sustainer Summit brought together, via webinar, 31 of the nation’s largest national fundraising organizations to share results and discuss sustainer growth and retention strategies against the backdrop of the pandemic and other significant events that impacted donors and giving in 2020.

Gift 44

3 things your association should know before purchasing a new AMS

Nimble AMS

Plus, pricing between any two AMS systems is not always an apples-to-apples comparison. Price is a big factor in any large purchase. But determining cost can be tricky. Here are three things I would want to know before buying a new association management system. How much does it cost?”.

Comparing the Flickrs of Video.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Here is a review/comparison from TechCrunch. I had been wondering what the selection of flickr like tools where you can share your videos was like. Technorati Tags: net2 , nptech

Beyond the Pie Chart: When to Use a Bar Chart or Line Chart

Tech Soup Blog

Use Bar Charts for Comparison and Ranking. Another method for analyzing data is comparison and ranking. A bar chart is great for comparison and ranking because it encodes quantitative values as length on the same baseline, making it extremely easy to compare values. Are you struggling to turn your data into meaningful insights that can improve your work or tell your organization's story? At Tableau, we want to empower nonprofits to make a difference with their data.

Chart 55


Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

In my daily life, Git has 2 major advantages: version control and comparison of versions even when I’m not connected to the internet (you have your own actual repository, not just a working copy), and its speed. I became sold on version control fairly far back in my programming life. Back when CVS (C0ncurrent Version System) was the standard. I learned it, although there were varied gaps in my use of it, so it never became second nature.