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Comparison of ShareThis, AddThis and Gigya (Now w/ Convio Integration!)

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Integrating social sharing on your website can be as easy to implement as adding a script into your webpage templates. I recently took a look at three of the most popular utilities for social sharing: ShareThis, AddThis, and Gigya.

Comparison Of The Top 6 Email Marketing Services For Nonprofits


The post Comparison Of The Top 6 Email Marketing Services For Nonprofits appeared first on Tech Impact Blog. Image courtesy of Business Marketing Blog.

Ridiculously easy YTD comparison reports in Salesforce

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Happy New Year! Ever struggle with a problem for months, if not years, and then when the solution comes it's so painfully simple that you have a bruise on the side of your head from where you keep slapping yourself?

Facebook ads vs Google Ads [INFOGRAPHIC]


Check out this infographic from WordStream who did a ton of research to test out the comparison between Facebook ads and Google ads. As always, click on the image to enlarge. The winner? Google. Potluck

DOL Releases Disability Employment Stats for January

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By comparison, the percentage of persons with no disability in the labor force was 69.5. The SocialPath The Vertex Systems Newsletter Skip to content Home ← What is the Strategic Value of New Nonprofit Software?

The Ultimate Video Host Comparison Chart/Article from Robin Good

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Robin Good's Web-Based Delivery of Audio and Video Materials provides a great feature-by-feature comparison. I've been looking around for an article just on this topic! of the most popular video sharing tools. He also tells us what users need to know before taking advantages of these services. The requirements to start benefiting from these new services and opportunities include: some familiarity with the basic audio and video file formats existing out there.

Comparison of Email Newsletter Tools - Updated for 2008


Download Comparison of Email Newsletter Service Providers [Word 200Kb Last year I wrote a paper comparing email service providers (ESPs) for email newsletter blasting. The paper was based on research conducted by ONE/Northwest to figure out what the range of tools was for our typical non-profit client, and which ones seemed to be the best fit.

Overcoming Declining Nonprofit Website Traffic

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Assuming you’re using Google Analytics*, here are 4 steps you can take: Year-Over-Year Comparison. Setup Google Analytics to do a year-over-year comparison. But know seasonal events/activities could affect that comparison.

Association TRENDS Social Media Report and Rankings 2012


We get asked for comparisons all the time. The wide, global comparison across hundreds of associations that Association TRENDS is now offering in their new Association Social Media Report 2012: Adoption and Activity Levels, Rankings and Best Practices. It’s natural, I suppose.

Beyond the Pie Chart: When to Use a Bar Chart or Line Chart

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Use Bar Charts for Comparison and Ranking. Another method for analyzing data is comparison and ranking. A bar chart is great for comparison and ranking because it encodes quantitative values as length on the same baseline, making it extremely easy to compare values.

Chart 31

Facebook is Great, but Does it Really Work for Fundraising?


By comparison only 70% of small businesses use Facebook as part of their online strategy. Last weeks post highlighting a few statistics from the business world seems to have resonated with readers here.

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Online Benchmark Reveals Key Insights for Nonprofits in 2017

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3 Benchmark Insights for Nonprofits in 2017: Note: Any industry benchmark report should be used for comparison, but it’s only one of many data points you should consider.

The State of Community Management 2014


You know, it, it’s that time again! From the Community Roundtable comes the awesomest comprehensive report on communities.

How Does Your Content Compare? Tips for Improving Click-Through & Conversion Rates


If you’re using Blackbaud NetCommunity , the Content Comparison part will run the test for you. Nonprofits have become more sophisticated at driving traffic to their websites. Direct mail may use different friendly URLs to test response rates.

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Full Case Study Report from GiveToTheMax Day


It includes a contextual comparison to other similar one-day fundraising events in other states; comparison to nonprofits’ own online fundraising campaigns; and surveyed feedback from participating nonprofits, including challenges and ideas for improvement.

5 Web Reports Every Nonprofit Should Know


Although a great report in itself, I suggest opening the date range filter to include “past comparison,&# for year to year comparison (if you have previous year’s data). Use this comparison to survey peaks and valleys of traffic.

Report 121

How Do I Say It With Charts?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

For step 1, she suggested using Juice Analytics chart chooser tool. I wanted to learn more about what particular chart format is better suited to visualize a particular comparison or insight from social media data. Time Series Comparisons. Source: Juice Lab Chart Chooser.

Chart 61

Is 2013 the Year of Video for Nonprofits?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The results will provide a comparison as to where to you stand among your peers and the nonprofit sector as a whole. •

Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Systems

Robert Weiner

The guide presents detailed comparisons of 33 donor databases that cost less than $4,250 in the first year. It includes a high-level overview of common features, comparisons and summaries of the systems they reviewed, recommendations for which systems might be suited to a variety of nonprofit scenarios, and a directory of consultants who can help you select a database. Our friends at Idealware and NTEN have released their Consumers Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Systems.

The 7 Steps to Choosing Nonprofit Accounting Software

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Review third-party product comparisons. Software Advice works with hundreds of nonprofit professionals searching for new accounting software every year. This gives us insights into the challenges they face when researching products. The bottom line—it’s overwhelming.

Feb. Unemployment Rate for People with Disabilities

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By comparison, the percentage of persons with no disability in the labor force was 69.5. The SocialPath The Vertex Systems Newsletter Skip to content Home ← A GPS for Your Nonprofit? 16 Twitter Tools for Nonprofits → Feb.

Pinterest: Is It Really Worth Your Time?


For comparison sake, people typically spend about 12 minutes on Facebook, 3 minutes on Twitter and 16 minutes on YouTube. Up until January 2012, Pinterest had been slowly gaining momentum and growing a user base over 22 months. Then suddenly, boom, Pinterest became the social media world’s new darling. According to ComScore’s data, Pinterest hit 1 1.7 million unique monthly U.S.

The Free 2016 Guide to Grants Management Is Now Available

Tech Soup Blog

The new edition of the Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems is a 300-plus page downloadable report that provides detailed comparisons of 29 grants management systems. One of the best free things in foundation technology came out in late May this year.

11 Outstanding Nonprofit Reports You Should Read


The guide includes a comparison of 29 different systems and offers detailed reviews of 10 of the most popular. There are a ton of smart people writing about nonprofit technology and communications to help nonprofit communicators keep up on the latest online trends and developments.

A Simple Way to Add to Your Donations with AmazonSmile

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billion American spent online on Cyber Monday (which pales in comparison to the more than $14 billion that was spent on Nov. Chances are if the day has a special moniker, Americans like to spend money on it. Black Friday. Shop Local Saturday. Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday.

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Five Nonprofits Maximizing YouTube’s Nonprofit Program

Nonprofit Tech for Good

First impressions are very important online and non-branded YouTube channesl pale in comparison to those nonprofits that utilize YouTube’s Nonprofit Program features, such as: UNICEF USA ::

Foundation Revenue Grows 4.7 Percent

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In comparison, overall charitable giving to 5,170 nonprofits representing over $17 billion in annual giving grew 1.4 Overall giving to 96 foundations representing over $414.6 million in annual revenue grew 4.7

Five Tips for Nonprofits Data Visualization

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Give people points of comparison to understand how the data relates to larger trends, other geographies, etc.

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One Tweet from a CEO is worth 100 Tweets from Staff


Chris made the comparison between a free, 30-second, well-timed and worded tweet and the amount of money spent to fly people to Washington (plus fancy dinners and whatnot) – a practice he said is FAR LESS EFFECTIVE to catch his attention.

How To Incorporate More Movement Into Your Nonprofit Training

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The scan shows a comparison of the brain after sitting vs walking for 20 minutes. There is more red in the walking scan which shows more connections in the brain and more ability to concentrate and that is good for learning. Photo: Americans for the Arts.

Train 58

How to Protect Yourself from the New ISP Law

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VPN services are available for a small monthly fee, usually between $5 to $10 per month ( here's a VPN comparison site ). On April 3, 2017, President Trump signed into law a bill that compromises consumers ' Internet privacy.

Law 30

How Do World Leaders Use Twitter? New Findings from Annual Twiplomacy Study

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In comparison, @BarackObama ’s tweets are only retweeted an average 1,400 times each, despite his massive following. Twiplomacy aims to identify the extent to which world leaders use Twitter and how they connect on the social network.

Emotions vs. Numbers| Developing the Right Strategy for Your Next Fundraising Appeal

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While both are apt comparisons to soliciting donors, they actually represent entirely different ways of asking for money. There are two ways these posts about soliciting donors start: Either we begin with a metaphor about how asking a donor for time or money is like a.

The New Facebook Insights Explained in Plain Engish

John Haydon

The percent increase or decrease next to this number is a comparison with the previous 7-day period. The percent increase or decrease next to this number is a comparison with the previous 7-day period.

Breaking News: Twiddling Thumbs of Nonprofit Professionals Causing Sore Thumbs

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Whether you’re interested in participant loyalty, fundraiser status, or team performance, this will give you a comparison for your program and help you make sure you aren’t missing a beat. April Fools.

Ask A Nonprofit Specialist - Engaging the Board in Financial Reports

ASU Lodestar Center

expectations); Compare actual activity to expectations (comparison of budget/prior year to actual); Present a picture of the financial health of the organization. posted by. Anne Byrne , Professional-in-Residence, ASU Lodestar Center.

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May the Source Be with You: The Importance of Multichannel Reporting at End-of-Year

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You’ll also want to include a year-over-year column or section to this dashboard for easy-to-reference comparison reporting. You’ve no doubt labored over the perfect end-of-year plan that falls in line with the continuing trend of covering all of your multi-touch, multichannel donor experiences. While it is extremely important to have your cross-channel content locked down, remember that you must be able to look back and tell your own story once the campaign comes to an end.

5 Creative Technologies to Inspire Your Nonprofit’s Efforts

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It’ll also inspire people to donate because they’re getting a lot out of it in comparison to a normal donation. Kayla Matthews is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub. She is a writer and blogger with a passion for self-improvement and helping others. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter to read all of her latest posts. _. Look around you. How much technology is in your general area? We use technology every day of our lives, whether that be using our phones or surfing the Web.

Securely Manage Your Accounting Files with QuickBooks Online Plus

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See this comparison for more information. TechSoup is proud to announce QuickBooks Online Plus , a new offering from our donation partner Intuit. QuickBooks Online is the cloud-based version of Intuit's popular accounting and financial management software.

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Get your Online Community Software Selection Guide!


Remember the white paper we produced in 2009 that included a comparison of private online community vendors? It’s hard to believe that was five years ago but even harder to believe that more than half of those providers are no longer in business! That’s why it’s time for a new paper.

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