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In this episode of Hub Radio, host Randy Hawthorne is joined by Chad Williams, CEO of Five Q , a software and services company that builds products for nonprofits to bolster their impact. Randy and Chad go over the evolution of fundraising technology, including Five Q’s newest one-to-one experience platform, Journity. The post [PODCAST] Hub Radio with Chad Williams appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. This podcast is sponsored by Journity.

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Interact with NTEN Office Hours - Chad Norman's Webby Things

AFP Blog

From Chad Norman's Blog. Interact with NTEN Office Hours - Chad Norman's Webby Things: "Interact with NTEN Office HoursYesterday I participated in the NTEN Office Hours program by hosting a session in the Communication Track.which we all know these days means webby things.

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Guest Post by Chad Norman: Power to Your Peeps! Why Real-time Fundraising with Twitter Works

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Submitted by Chad Norman, publisher of I dig webby things.and I bet you do too I dig speaking at nonprofit conferences and events, and one of my favorite topics to cover is the real-time use of social media. This article was originally posted on I dig webby things.and I bet you do too at [link] by Chad Norman: Chad is an internet marketing, social web geeking, podcasting, skateboarding, family-oriented web guy running a green nonprofit at www.GoGreenCharleston.org/.

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Guest Post by Chad Norman: 5 Nonprofit Storytelling Lessons from a Master of Hip-Hop

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Submitted by Chad Norman, publisher of I dig webby things.and I bet you do too So much of social media and relationship marketing revolves around storytelling, and this is especially true for nonprofits. This article was originally posted on I dig webby things.and I bet you do too at [link] by Chad Norman: An internet marketing, social web geeking, podcasting, skateboarding, family-oriented web guy running a green nonprofit at www.GoGreenCharleston.org.

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Crowd-sourcing to Clean up Elections and Foil Chad - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


» Monday Nov 06 2006 Crowd-sourcing to Clean up Elections and Foil Chad Monday, November 6, 2006 at 04:58PM | by Jordan Wait Source: VoterStory Web site Voters, listen up. How could we forget the infamous "hanging chad?" " Im pretty sure Chad and I had gym class together in seventh grade. Well have to wait and see what effects they might have, but one thing is for certain: Chad probably wont be allowed to vote anymore.

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Benetech Human Rights Data Analysts Uncover Critical Evidence

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

In 2010, Benetech’s Human Rights Data Analysis Group examined once hidden government documents from Guatemala and Chad that provided key evidence needed to hold former national leaders and security forces accountable for human rights violations. The past year of research by HRDAG analysts has supported key criminal prosecutions and uncovered the truth about political violence in Guatemala, Iran, Colombia, Chad and Liberia.

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Benetech Statistician Megan Price talks to local ASA chapter

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

statistics statisticians HRP Daubert Chad HRDAG human rights Habre Kosovo ASA Guatemala MilosevicGuest Beneblog by Megan Price I recently had the opportunity to present several of HRP’s projects to the local San Francisco chapter of the American Statistical Association (SFASA).

The Top 4 Most Effective Fundraising Appeal Envelopes

NonProfit Hub

Author Bio: Chad Barger helps nonprofits overcome the barriers to fundraising success. If your donors don’t open your fundraising appeal letter it doesn’t even matter what’s inside it.

International Fundraising on The Baudcast

Amy Sample Ward

Chad Norman, the host of the Baudcast, has invited me to participate on podcasts in the past and I am really happy to get to be part of the latest episode focused on international fundraising. Featuring Chad Norman, Danielle Brigida, Amy Sample Ward, Marc Pitman, Robert McAllen, Steve MacLaughlin, and Melanie Mathos. The Baudcast , the podcast from Blackbaud , brings together industry experts from around the world to provide insights, ideas, and news in a chatty, panel format.

[Guest Post] Using Research to Jumpstart your Major Gift Program

Donor Search

With that said, join me in welcoming Chad Peddicord, the Executive Vice President at Averill Fundraising Solutions. This blog focuses on the world of prospect research and various related fundraising topics. To diversify our subject matter, we like to feature the work of our friends and colleagues in the community. Please enjoy his post on… Education Guest Post Major Giving

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SXSW Recap


To get a glimpse at the look and feel of the show from the nonprofit angle watch Chad Norman’s great animoto clip here “The sure thing boat never sails far from shore” sure wouldn’t describe SXSW Interactive’s show in Austin Texas. Returning home and reflecting, Cutting edge, new technology, smart people, networked and ideas more radical than you’d find at other shows is what comes to mind.

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11 Powerful Quotes about New Power at the 2019 Social Good Summit

Connection Cafe

They may not be in NYC, Paris or London, but they have the knowledge to create change.” – Hindou Ibrahim, Environmental Activist, Geographer and Coordinator of the Association of Peul Women & Autochthonous Peoples of Chad . This year marked the 10 th anniversary of the Social Good Summit , an annual conference hosted by the UN Foundation, Mashable, 92 nd Street Y and the United Nations Development Programme that celebrates advocacy and activism for social impact.

101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits: A Field Guide

Beth Kanter

My colleagues Chad Norman and Melanie Mathos (who have day jobs at Blackbaud) have published a new social media how-to book, 101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits: A Field Guide. The book is a collection of time saving tips for using social media organized into the following categories: set up, communicate, engage, fundraise, and measure. Click to view on Amazon.

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50 (More) Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

View more presentations from Chad Norman. The big downside is that you miss out on seeing your colleagues and hearing their presentations. Chad Norman and Melanie Mathos presented this awesome session which was not recorded. Chad graciously agreed to write up a guest post — and start a meme asking nonprofit and social media folks to add their favorite social media tactic in the comments below or using the hashtag #50smt and aggregated here.

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Faces of the TechSoup Community

Tech Soup Blog

Here is an excellent video featuring the National Service Inclusion Project 's Chad Gobert discussing the impact of their partnership with TechSoup. TechSoup's YouTube channel has now grown to several playlists, which feature our members that we meet at the various conferences we attend. Here are TechSoup members from HollabackDC talking about Flip Video cameras that they received from a donation through TechSoup (a new Flip bundle will be coming soon).

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The PB&J Principle: Managing expectations of data and how it flows to make an appetizing website


Chad Cappellman. Digital Strategist. Taoti Creative. Whether it's making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or designing the architecture of a new website, attention to detail is critical, and clarity is king. As it turns out, there''s a whole lot of detail you need to include in preparing something as simple as PB&J. And all of my years of experience as a consumer of the product did little to prepare me for how to instruct others in how to best create it.

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Vote and Comment for ALL these Awesome Nonprofit Panels at SXSW!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Chad Norman, Blackbaud. 101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits Melanie Mathos and Chad Norman, Blackbaud. 2008 SXSW Panel: Pimp Your Nonprofit Cause photo by Ed Schipul. The SXSW Interactive Festival (scheduled March, 2012 in Austin, Texas) is a mega huge social media industry event. The final program is selected through a combination of an open submission and voting process.

Benetech helps drive indictment of a former dictator.

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Our team has contributed critical information that has helped Human Rights Watch with its campaign to bring the former dictator of Chad to justice. Hissène Habré's rule over the former French colony of Chad from 1982 to 1990 was marked by numerous and credible allegations of systematic torture and crimes against humanity. Benetech helps drive indictment of a former dictator.

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Doing Museum Work: Your Thoughts

Museum 2.0

Seema Rao (@artlust) November 11, 2019 Also the picture at the header was my old desk, and it was part of Chad Weinard 's wonderful talk about work from an age old MCN conference. This week has turned out to be the hardest post I've written yet.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Online Forms

NonProfit Hub

Chad Reid is Director of Communications for JotForm , a popular online form building tool and has previously worked for several nonprofits. He currently lives in Oakland, California with his girlfriend and three cats. _. Online forms can help your nonprofit help others—whether you use them to improve your bottom line, acquire talented new workers, throw fundraising events or add members.

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10 Steps to a More Effective Nonprofit Website


Integrating the social experience into your organization’s web site will help promote the channel, engage supporters, and provide a constant source of dynamic content …” - Melanie Mathos and Chad Norman “101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits: A Field Guide.”. It’s official; we launched our new full service creative agency for nonprofits this week – GUIDE Creative – Where we LOVE web design and making effective nonprofit website(s)!

They're Finally Here! Video of the 09NTC Plenaries.


We know you’ve all been patiently waiting (and maybe even reading and re-reading Chad Norman’s blog post or Shelley Hamilton’s illustrated notes in anticipation) so with no further ado, we give you video. Clay Shirky , author of Here Comes Everybody , shared his insights into the world of organizing without organizations on Monday morning. If you want the full NTC experience, be sure to watch Holly’s Beyonce video remake immediately before the video below.

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Interactive Activism: Stop Genocide Now

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I just got an email from Stop Genocide Now alerting me that they're sending two citizen journalists back to the Chad/Darfur border for 14 consecutive days of reports starting Dec 21, 2006. I'm trying to clear the decks before I take off a few days. They will file text, video, and photographic reports. You can follow the reports on their blog. The video above is from their trip last year and gives you a taste of what to expect

Psychology, Pricing, and Pay As You Will at the Children's Museum of Tacoma

Museum 2.0

I spoke with Chad Russell, the Administrative Coordinator at the Children''s Museum of Tacoma, about their experience. Chad also told me: They have donation bins throughout the museum, so if people don''t want to give much when they first walk in, they can pay somewhere else. In 2010, the Children''s Museum of Tacoma was getting ready to move to a new, bigger facility.

2012 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference


Speakers: Chad Norman and Melanie Mathos. NTEN is back in San Francisco and the NTC conference is once again sold out. You can follow what’s happening on Twitter by searching for the #12NTC hash tag. If you can’t attend in person, then please check out NTC Online. It has lots of sessions available for viewing at a very affordable price. Once again this year, Blackbaud is live streaming a few of the sessions. To view any of these sessions live, simply go to www.blackbaud.tv/12ntc


Mapping Your Online/Offline Activism: Surfrider Foundation

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Today I attended an informative lunchtime presentation by Chad Nelsen who is the Environmental Director at the Surfrider Foundation where he has worked since 1998. Chad did a video clip explaining the slide. (He The above map that Chad explains gets at it. Chad pointed out that they rarely police what chapters are doing and while it might annoy the lawyers, they rarely have to intervene.

10 Reasons Your Email Appeal is Being Ignored


These social tools can be implemented quickly and will help your supporters promote the online campaign on behalf of your organization.” – Chad Norman. I volunteer with a small nonprofit called Fields to Families. We work with local farmers to distribute excess produce to families in need. Brilliant, right? Have you grabbed your credit card yet? Well, I wish more of our constituents did the last time we sent an email appeal! It was beautifully crafted (or at least I thought so.)

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Museum Work

Museum 2.0

Also the picture at the header was Rob Lancefield 's old desk, and it was part of Chad Weinard 's wonderful talk about work from an age old MCN conference. Author: Seema Rao This month we’re talking about work. Not the work we do, but the ways we do that work. While many American museums require 37.5 or 38 hours of work a week, most of us put in way more. In some old jobs, particularly when I was full-time at part-time, juggling multiple roles, I regularly put in 100 hours a week.

WeAreMedia Toolbox: The Final T-Shirt Winners

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In the meantime, here's another batch of T-Shirt Winners: Kristin Wolff Will Coley Amy Sample Ward Avi Kaplan Chad Norman Maggie McGary Congrats Throughout the month of October, NTEN's WeAreMedia. worked on building the Nonprofit Social Media Tool Box. Nonprofit social media techies filled the pages with links to tools, tips, and tutorials for these types of social media tools: Monitoring. RSS Readers. Social Bookmarking. Commenting. Blogging Tools. Podcasting. Photo Sharing.

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Get Email on Your Domain with Hands-On Office 365 Workshops

Tech Soup Blog

Image : Chad Leaman via Elijah van der Giessen / CC BY-NC-SA. Are you still using a Gmail, Yahoo!, or similar email address for your organization? Our free Office 365 workshops are designed to help nonprofits that want to use their domain name for their email service. Using a you@YourOrganization.org email address will make you look more professional and established, which will help when you apply for grants or recruit volunteers.

Changing the world, one sxsw session at a time

Allegiance Group

Chad Norman, Blackbaud. For some people, they can’t wait for excitement of christmas morning. I feel the same way about the day that the sxsw panel picker opens for voting. Sure, I’m weird. But in the best possible way, right? (of of course right). For sxsw 2012, not only have my awesome colleagues at Beaconfire, our partners and our clients come up with some amazing sessions, but this year’s batch of nonprofit/social good panels are some of the best ever.

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Surfrider Foundation: The Poster Child for a Networked Nonprofit

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Thank you Jim, Victoria, Chad and all the surfer dudes – you’ve made my day! I grew up in a small beach town on the South Jersey Shore where I spent summers swimming and building sand castles. A deep appreciation for the ocean and beach is in my DNA. My father (photographed above) was a life guard, swimmer, and one of the first to take up surfing in the early 1960’s on our beach. So, I always had a fondness for surfing.

Happy 10NTC Eve!

Connection Cafe

Tomorrow starts early when Chad Norman of the Baudcast and I are leading a We Are Media workshop on podcasting. Author: Corey Pudhorodsky. I’m in Atlanta on the eve of the 2010 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference and excited about the few people that I have already run into and looking forward to reuniting with more friends and NPTech peeps.

Shameless Ask, Looking for SXSW 2012 Nonprofit Votes!


Based on the recently released book 101 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits (Wiley, 2012), co-authors Melanie Mathos and Chad Norman will provide nonprofits 101 ways to engage supporters, share their missions and inspire action using the social web in a quick-paced, case study-driven format. SXSW 2012 session voting is nearing the end. We’ve got until Friday Sept 9th (right, tomorrow).

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Collaborative BRIDGE Project Makes Big Progress Toward Sharing Crucial Information Worldwide

Tech Soup Blog

This article was authored by Chad McEvoy; it is a cross-post of an article originally published on the BRIDGE blog. As always, if you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact the BRIDGE project manager, Chad McEvoy at cmcevoy [at] globalgiving [dot] org.

Vote Now for Your Favorite 17NTC Sessions

Tech Soup Blog

Tech for Good Show and Tell: A Crowdsourced Session submitted by Chad Leaman @chadleaman. Your opinion counts! Help put together the educational program for the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference , taking place March 23 – 25, 2017 in Washington, DC. Nonprofit educators, leaders, and consultants from multiple countries submitted over 540 session proposals to NTEN. Public voting will end August 1, 2016. You can be part of this community effort and vote.

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My Kumbaya Moments: Like Summer Camp for NPTechies, the NTEN Conference

Connection Cafe

Another personal favorite moment of mine was co-presenting in the “Nonprofit Radio: How to use Podcasting to Engage Your Constituents and Build Your Brand” session with Chad Norman of the Baudcast. Presenting to an engaged, overflowing into the hallway crowd, Chad and I shared our experience and examples of how nonprofits can use and produce podcasts.

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Join Stop Genocide Now's 14 Day Challenge

Have Fun - Do Good

While thousands of people board planes to visit family and friends during the holidays, Gabriel Stauring and Stacey Martino from Stop Genocide Now will be traveling to the Darfur/Chad border. You can see a video of stories they collected from refugees on the Darfur/Chad border during their last trip here.

Things I'm looking foward to at the 09 NTC

Connection Cafe

The 501c3cast Podcast founder and fellow Convion Corey Podhorodsky himself, along with Chad Norman, will discuss how to produce a podcast using free tools and from scratch, including pre-production, recording, editing, processing, and rendering, and then look at various ways to market podcasts via websites, the social web, and the iTunes Music Store.

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Recap: Community Organizing Tools from the Experts


CoP organizers Praan Misir ( CommBuild ) and Brett Ashley Crawford ( Arts Nonprofits ) and Tech Club organizers Regina Walton ( SFTech4Good ), Paula Jones ( NCTech4Good ), and Chad Leaman and Elijah van der Giessen (both from NetSquared Vancouver ) took time out to deliver the presentation. As we all know, the nonprofit tech community is loaded with smart and thoughtful organizers who give their time and efforts to help the rest of us do the good work we do.

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4 Ways to Use Your Nonprofit Blog for #GivingTuesday Storytelling

Tech Soup Blog

Image 5 : Chad Woolley / CC BY-ND. With less than a month to go before this year's #GivingTuesday on December 2, it's time to start nailing down your communications for your fundraising campaign. GivingTuesday is an excellent opportunity to use storytelling to draw in new and existing donors and supporters of your cause, on December 2 and beyond. One of the easiest ways to do that is through your organization's blog. Here are four ideas for making the most of this medium: 1.

NTEN Member Buzz Round-Up


Flickr: Chad_Norman I'm a little late in getting last week's round-up up, but better late than never, right? Here are highlights from the web of NTEN members doing their, you know, NTEN-type awesomeness: NARAL-Pro Choice America launched a contest on Twitter last week: submit hashtag (#) ideas for aggregating the discussion around "the Supreme Court battle that's just around the corner." " The online community will then vote on the one to use.

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2009 NTC: Community Tagging Wrap-Up


Flickr: Chad_Norman The 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference was a blast, but it sure felt like a whirlwind of information and people. We're lucky that so many attendees took photos, blogged, and tweeted to capture and share their conference experiences. Folks used "09ntc" as the primary tag when publishing information and media about the conference online.

Chad 36