Addressing Nonprofit Staff Turnover With Technology Training

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If so, your approach to technology training can impact employee satisfaction and efficiency as well as staff turnover. Software/Technology Software Technology training tunover

Volunteer Training: Exceeding Expectations

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Having a good training process is an important first interaction with volunteers. Is your volunteer training program exceeding expectations? Developing a training program with the foundation of engagement is worth the investment. Hands On Training. Take Training Online.


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Survey Finds Americans Want Broader Background Checks and Training for Volunteers

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In its new Risk Radar Report, "State of Volunteerism in America," Church Mutual Insurance Company found that Americans have high expectations when it comes to volunteer background checks and training.

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How 3 Nonprofits Invest in Training Via Learning Management Systems

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Learning management systems assist nonprofits with the tracking and delivery of education, training and more to all of its audiences, including staff at all levels, as well as professionals and volunteers for mission delivery.

Nonprofit Technology Adoption: Why It Matters and How to Be Successful

Discover how this high-level overview report can help get your organization in shape for technology adoption and read helpful best practices for facilitating this critical process.

How to Make Employees Excited for Training


Learn how you can make your employees excited for e-learning and training through engaging and interesting programs brought to you by Gyrus

Training Tips, Tactics, and Tools: Building a Comprehensive Training Plan

VQ Strategies

While the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the adoption of virtual training, online training is not the only way to equip volunteers and staff for success – though it is a valuable piece of effective training.

AI-Based Learning is the Future of Corporate Training


It is the future of their training platforms. The corporate sector realizes the vitality of AI-Based Learning. Click on this blog to know more

How to Set Realistic Training Objectives?


Training objective should describe the material that will be gained, as well as the outcomes that learners will be able to achieve as a result of learning it

Online Training System - The New age Employee Training System


Online training can provide effective learning and development sessions to employees. Constant employee upskilling and development matters to companies these days. Get the insights

The Fundamentals of Effective Technology Training for Your Nonprofit


User training is a big part of your nonprofit getting the most out of new technology. It helps to smooth the transition to new systems and processes by getting staff members comfortable and working efficiently as soon as possible. Education

Training Volunteers for Hybrid Events: 7 Best Practices

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Make the most of your volunteers’ time by training them to take on virtual and in-person tasks.  But to provide flexibility, you’ll need to put some thought into planning—including training your event volunteers.

Problems that Employees Face in a Corporate Training


Employees feel that training overloads them or is irrelevant to them. Also, remote working employees may feel disconnected and feel negative about training

Federal Agency To Award up to $2M to Nonprofit Cybersecurity Training Programs in Underserved Communities

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The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is looking for non-traditional training providers to help bring more cybersecurity workforce opportunities into underserved communities.

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[Webinar Series] Virtual Event Speaker Training


Join us every Monday for our interactive virtual event speaker training on how to live stream with us using the Accelevents platform. The post [Webinar Series] Virtual Event Speaker Training appeared first on Accelevents. Are you going to be speaker at an upcoming virtual event?

A Helpful (Unofficial) Digital Training Guide for New AmeriCorps Members

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AmeriCorps offer amazing training for new members before they embark on their service journeys, their online course catalog covers an amazing breadth of content. The post A Helpful (Unofficial) Digital Training Guide for New AmeriCorps Members appeared first on Whole Whale.

Why Is The Demand For Online Employee Training Systems Rising?


LMS is an employee training platform that can make it possible, the reason why its demand is constantly rising Professionals want to access the best learning courses to acquire in-demand skills.

Reasons Why Enterprises Don't Train People


Enterprises fear that training will not be worthwhile. If the employees leave after training, all the time and money spent to train them would be wasted

10 Challenges You Can Solve With Training And Development


It's advisable to solve employee challenges through training and development programs Every company has its own idealogy to follow and act upon.

10 Volunteer Training Ideas for Onboarding All Types of Volunteers


Before you get into the nitty gritty of training resources (like these nonprofit webinars rounded up Nonprofit.Courses ), start with these 10 tips for onboarding all types of volunteers! The post 10 Volunteer Training Ideas for Onboarding All Types of Volunteers appeared first on Qgiv Blog.

Join Me for a Free Training — Stop Resisting Money

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Now that I’m back from my summer sojourn taking my little Airstream camper all around the Western United States, I’m excited to reconvene our Free Training Series. This month’s training is Stop Resisting Money. Register Me For The Training!

Technology Training Resources for Nonprofits

Tech Soup Blog

Thankfully, there are many free or inexpensive training programs that can help you polish your technology skills. TechSoup Training Products. Did you know that you can get access to discounted training programs through TechSoup? Head on over to TechSoup's Training and Education page to find donated products as well as articles and blog posts on online training. Idealware Training in Technology Planning. Advanced/IT Training.

Top 10 Reasons To Leverage The Top Training Management System


Constant upskilling is crucial for competent professionals today. With the best learning management system, you can achieve your learning goals proactively. Read the blog to get the latest insights

5 signs your training methods are ineffective


Training methods provide trainees with a plan that guides them through their present situation to a desired solution or goal within an organization

Training Nonprofit Staff & Volunteers Effectively in 5 Steps

Get Fully Funded

More importantly, are your staff and volunteers ready and trained to perform productively in their roles? Step 3: Make a training plan. Today is the day you’re going to shed the “vacation” mentality of training your nonprofit staff and volunteers. Remember Captain Obvious?

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Salesforce Last Mile Training Director in the USA or Canada

Cloud 4 Good

Cloud for Good is seeking a director of Last Mile Training (LMT) to develop and deliver Salesforce training programs for several different roles. . The LMT Director will design, develop, and implement Salesforce training curricula for Cloud For Good’s ambitious Salesforce apprenticeship program (name TBD) and lead training delivery for new and recent graduates seeking to launch Salesforce careers. Fluency in current Salesforce training programs (e.g.,

Join Me for a Free Training — Your Roadmap to Abundance

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I’m so excited to announce a new, free training that will show you your roadmap to attracting all the abundance you need to achieve your social change goals. Register Me for the Training. The post Join Me for a Free Training — Your Roadmap to Abundance appeared first on Social Velocity.

Why is Compliance Training Important?


Know more about why compliance training is important and how it can lead to organizational success

12 Free Nonprofit Webinars and Training Videos You’ll Love


trainingIf you’re a nonprofit professional, then you probably know what it’s like to be short on time. Maintaining a work-life balance is hard enough without having to hunt down the resources you and need to develop your skills. That’s why we’re giving you a shortcut.

How Does LMS Deliver Successful Training Programs?


The learning management system can bring efficiency to training programs. It helps organizations to achieve successful results with improved employee performance. Get the relevant insights

How to Streamline the Training Evaluation Process?


Training program evaluation is analyzing the value addition provided by and how efficient and effective training programs are

The Real Impact of Effective Hospital Training and Development Programs


Engaging and effective learning programs can help hospitals reduce cost, increase efficiencies, ensure compliance, and keep the employee engaged. Here is how

[Webinar Series] Virtual Event Exhibitor Training


Join us every Thursday for an interactive training on how to get your virtual booth up & running using the Accelevents platform. The post [Webinar Series] Virtual Event Exhibitor Training appeared first on Accelevents. First time exhibiting at a virtual event?

Certifications In Corporate Training: Are They Important?


Professional certification is not intended to replace validated degree work; rather, meant to supplement your education or professional experience in your sector

How to boost employee wellbeing with training?


For an organization or a company, employee wellbeing plays a vital role in the overall performance level of the office as it could be seen that their working pace and productivity rate solely depend on their mental and physical wellbeing

How asynchronous learning is changing the way enterprises train workforce


Companies are pivoting their training modes towards asynchronous learning not only because it is practical, if not more, than the traditional online synchronous methods, but because it finds better resonance with employees

How can you meet your employee’s training expectations


Now employees have certain expectations when it comes to company training. While trainers might have their own objectives to accomplish through conducting training sessions, here are some of the employee’s expectations when it comes to training

Monitor Your Company's Success With A Training Tracking Software


The popularity of online software majorly depends on the performance tracking ability. Even LMS can monitor & regulate shortcomings and indicate the areas that need to be improved

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How does online training management help corporates upskill their employees?


To achieve productive output and planned organizational goals, constant upskilling of employees is a must. LMS is online learning management that can help companies accomplish this motive

Apply for the Thriving Nonprofits leadership training cohort

Charity Village

Applications are now open for the Thriving Nonprofits leadership training cohort. The training program helps nonprofit leaders explore nine entrepreneurial revenue diversification strategies. The post Apply for the Thriving Nonprofits leadership training cohort appeared first on CharityVillage. The program is designed for nonprofits of all sizes, ideally with annual revenue of $500,000-$5 million.

Best ways to manage training in a hybrid work culture


A hybrid workforce requires special training and treatment as solid teams may be split into physical and remote arrangements

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How E-Learning Is Revolutionizing Employee Training?


Learn more about how e-learning programs can transform employee training in the organizations with Gyrus

[Webinar Series] Virtual Event Speaker Training


Join us every Monday for our interactive virtual event speaker training on how to live stream with us using the Accelevents platform. The post [Webinar Series] Virtual Event Speaker Training appeared first on Accelevents. Are you going to be a speaker at an upcoming virtual event?