The Nerdery to provide free Websites for Twin Cities nonprofits in Overnight Website Challenge - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

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The Nerdery to provide free Websites for Twin Cities nonprofits in Overnight Website Challenge - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal : "Overnight Website Challenge," during which scores of programmers will create new (and free) Websites for Twin Cities nonprofits

Target will let Facebook users steer charity dollars - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal:

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Target will let Facebook users steer charity dollars - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal:: "Target Corp. is letting Facebook users decide how the bulk of its weekly $3 million donation will be spent in its “Bullseye Gives” charity campaign.From May 10 to May 25, Web users can go to Target’s Facebook page (at ) and vote between 10 national charities

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Your Tips for NTC Part 2: Discover Minneapolis


We previously posted your tips for navigating the NTC itself, but a fun part of the conference is also exploring the Minneapolis area. If you hear the term "The Cities", it refers to Minneapolis and St Paul, once known as the twin cities. Most people now refer to "The Cities" as any of the attached suburbs as well as Minneapolis or St Paul. In between conference activities and eating great food, there's a number of sites in Minneapolis you will want to get to.

ADA Lawsuits Against Website Owners Are Increasing: Mitigate Risk By Making Your Site Web Accessible

Byte Technology

Byte Technology has extensive experience in Minneapolis and St. Dunkin Donuts. Domino’s Pizza. CVS Pharmacy. Winn Dixie. These recognizable retailers, restaurants, and service providers are fan favorites for millions of Americans.

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The Diversity Network / Minneapolis, MN / Not available. Thousands of nonprofit pros rely on our annual Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar to discover skill-building, strategy-slaying, network-enhancing nonprofit events. Today, we're excited to announce the all-new list for 2017!

What Causes Technology Donors to Give Up on American Charities -

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What Causes Technology Donors to Give Up on American Charities - "Speaking at the annual conference of the Association of Fundraising Professionals in San Diego on Monday, Mr. Carson — who led the Minneapolis Foundation before spending the past 14 months working with Silicon Valley entrepreneurial donors — outlined a dozen characteristics of Silicon Valley donors that have

The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits / Minneapolis, MN / $209. It's finally here! If you loved our 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2018 calendar!

Can't-Miss Sessions at the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference


This time, I''m in snowy Minneapolis. First, I am helping to organize the following by Forum One staff: Are you attending the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Minneapolis this week? Well, here I am, once again, at another Nonprofit Technology Conference. I''ve attended six – seven? I''ve lost count – NTC events over the past ten years.

Reminder: The Early Bird Price for the 2013 NTC Expires January 11th


We've posted the full list of breakout sessions , organized by time and track, on our conference social networking platform, myNTC , so you can now peruse the learning opportunities that will be available to you in Minneapolis, April 11-13. Where : Hilton Minneapolis, 1001 Marquette Ave.

Live from NTC! A Sneak Peak at the 2013 Online Benchmark Report


Dennis McCarthy and I had the pleasure of presenting Online Benchmarking: What Worked in 2012 at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

Report on Community Internet Space for People who are Homeless released ? Open Access Connections

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At a public meeting attended by a diverse group of people representing many organizations on June 20th at the Communication Workers Hall on Lake Street in Minneapolis, we outlined our vision for a community internet space for people who are homeless. Report on Community Internet Space for People who are Homeless released  Open Access Connections : "Report on Community Internet Space for People who are Homeless released “I speak to many homeless individuals, being one myself.

[PREVIEW] Top Nonprofit Conferences of Spring 2016


Where: Minneapolis, MN. If you're like us, you can't wait to ditch those winter layers and welcome the springtime bloom. Why not celebrate the start of spring with some terrific nonprofit events?

Hope is the engine that will move Boston forward

John Haydon

I was at the airport in Minneapolis (coming home from NTC ) when my love called me about the bombing. I live in Boston so you can imagine how chaotic it was yesterday for me and my family ( family, friends and loved ones are all fine ).

MNCN Nonprofit Technology and Communications Conference

Amy Sample Ward

Location : Minneapolis, MN. Date : February 23rd, 2011. Topic : Keynote. Description : When it comes to nonprofit technology, successful strategy and implementation can mean the difference between staying current and getting left behind. Nonprofit leaders need to keep up with the constantly changing techcomm environment by remaining curious, flexible and ever able to adapt. As technology advances, the demand for personalization increases.

Register Today to Change Tomorrow: Registration for the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference Is Now Open!


We hope you'll be able to join us in Minneapolis, April 11-13, for three days of learning, community, and fun. > You'll leave Minneapolis energized and brimming with actionable strategies. Registration for the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference is now open!

The Anatomy of a Content Model

Connection Cafe

I recently spoke about Content Modeling for a nonprofit at the IA Summit in Minneapolis. What is a Content Model? Content Modeling is a hot topic in the Information Architecture community these days.

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Online NTC Livestream Interviews [LIVE] #13ntc


I’m here at the Nonprofit Technology Conference, in snowy (yes really) Minneapolis. Sessions can be watched by registering here , but the interviews we’ve planned can all be viewed below. Whoo hoo!

NTC 101

Most Generous Cities in America

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Minneapolis, MN. Author: Cheryl Black. How generous is your city? Check out the cities that made the top 10 for most generous online. Alexandria, VA. Cambridge, MA. Arlington, VA. Seattle, WA. Washington, DC. Berkeley, CA. Louis, MO. San Francisco, CA. Ann Arbor, MI. The ranking comes from 273 cities with total population of more than 100,000 based on per capita online giving and total amount donated online through Convio’s online marketing and fundraising suite.

The 2016 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits / Minneapolis, MN / Less than $200. Grantmakers for Effective Organizing (GEO) / Minneapolis, MN / $800. Minnesota Council of Nonprofits / Minneapolis, MN / Price TBA.

DCM Services, LLC (You’re dead? That Won’t Stop the Debt Collector)


They are headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the company was established in 2006. Minneapolis, MN 55423-3645. At some point in your life, you might fall behind on a financial obligation, and end up in debt.

Big Data and Big Benefits for YOU!

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Get Social at NTC: Join the Party!


The NPO Engagement party is at 7pm on Friday, April 12th in Minneapolis, at the NTC. The party is only five blocks away from the Minneapolis Hilton (conference headquarters) at Studio B, a classy new space in the heart of the city. NTC wouldn''t be NTC without the social part!

NTC 59

10 Reasons to be at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (#14NTC)

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Last year was my inaugural year attending NTC, and within a few hours of landing in snowy Minneapolis, I was meeting hundreds of nptechies at the pre-conference party, #NTCBeer. We’re one month out from NTEN’s annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in Washington, DC.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Want You to Demand Action

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Rybak of Minneapolis, Ed Lee of San Francisco, and a dozen other mayors from across the country. Last year, in the wake of the horrible shootings at Sandy Hook, the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns launched their initiative “Demand a Plan.”

Fact or Fiction? Web ROI can be both qualitative and quantitative

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In April, we’ll be in Minneapolis for the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) doing a session on this very topic. Aren’t you just dying to know the answer? So were the folks at NTEN, so they asked us to write an article for their blog and accepted our proposed session for the upcoming NTC. My colleague Marissa Goldsmith and I have been ruminating on this subject for quite some time. Now it’s time to put our money where our mouth is (so to speak).

Nonprofit Technology Conference 2013: Our Reflections and Predictions for the Future


Last week, at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) in Minneapolis , Forum One attendees were busy making the most of the annual nationwide meet up of technologists and non-profiteers. Our conference presentations included data strategy, mobile strategy, Drupal upgrades, and Drupal Administration. Last week at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC), Forum One attendees were busy making the most of the annual nationwide meet up of technologists and nonprofiteers.

Great reads from around the web on May 24th

Amy Sample Ward

"Visitors to Chino Latino restaurant in Minneapolis recently found something new sticking out of their drinks. I come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day. Here are some of the most interesting things I’ve found recently (as of May 24th). You can join the conversations in the comments, or click through to the original posts to find what others are saying.

Web 115

Stewardship: The “Healing White Light” of Fundraising

Connection Cafe

” I felt it all the way here in Minneapolis! So you might be wondering about the title and what it all means. Let me explain.

Where Do You Want to Go in 2015?


April 11-13, 2013: Minneapolis, MN. Nope, that's not a typo: it's time for us to start thinking about where we will host the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference. We want to know where you would like to go! In an attempt to serve our diverse audience, the NTC follows this pattern: Washington, DC - Wildcard City - San Francisco - Wildcard City - Repeat. Our current bookings: April 3-5, 2012: San Francisco, CA. March 13-15, 2014: Washington, DC. 2015: Wildcard!

The Bigger Picture


Meyer first heard about Idealware at NTEN’s National Technology Conference (NTC) in Minneapolis. Jill Meyer is like a lot of nonprofit tech geeks. After more than 15 years working in a corporate setting, she decided it wasn’t satisfying enough.

Care2 Impact Prize Awarded to Jamie Biggar of Canadian organization Leadnow


Care2 Vice President of Nonprofit Services Clint O''Brien announced that Biggar had won the prize on Saturday (April 13th) during the awards luncheon at the annual NTEN (NTC) conference in Minneapolis.

Award 101

Community Voting for 2013 NTC Sessions Open Until September 7


Because the 2013 conference will be in beautiful Minneapolis, it will also be an opportunity to try these delicious-looking walleye cookies.) Our good friends an partners at NTEN put on the Nonprofit Technology Conference every spring. It’s always a wonderful opportunity to get up-to-date on what’s happening in the field. You can help shape how the conference will look by taking part in community voting for the session proposals, which is open until midnight EST on September 7.

New Article Launch: Constituent Relationship Management Systems


Next week Laura will join our friends at MAP for Nonprofits in Minneapolis/St. We're between reports at Idealware. Last month we released our Nonprofit Social Media Policy Workbook and our 2012 Field Guide to Software for Nonprofits.

13NTC: A Message of Thanks from the NTEN Board


Just a week ago my colleagues on the board and I were in Minneapolis for this year''s Nonprofit Technology Conference. Amy Borgstrom, Chair, NTEN Board of Directors Wow! We''ve all heard the United States Postal Service creed, the one that starts "neither snow nor rain."

Reminder: Register for the NTC by March 11th (to Save $100)


This is just a reminder that the registration rate for the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference is about to go up. >

Check out the Agenda for the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference


The early bird deadline for the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference is coming right up -- and it just wouldn't be the same without you.

NetSquared Local: Week of June 10, 2013

Tech Soup Blog

That’s why NetSquared Twin Cities is co-hosting a happy hour this week for nonprofits and technology folk in Minneapolis-St. Minneapolis, MN: 501 Tech Club Happy Hour feat. Sometimes it’s easier to solve a problem by discussing it with a friend over beer.

My City Made the Top 10 – So What?

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Cambridge, MA fell three to #5 and Minneapolis, MN fell out of the top 10 for the first time into the #14 spot. Author: Karoline McLaughlin. Almost every day I see some sort of “These cities made the top 10 because … they are the greatest places to live, they have the most active lifestyles for singles, they raise the most organic chickens,” and so on. If your city makes one of these lists, that is great and good reason to celebrate!

Moving Forward from NTC 2012


Plans for next year's NTC, in the Minneapolis/St. NTEN's 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference is in our rearview mirror, but we filled our tank with all sorts of new information that will move us forward in the coming months.

NTC 63

Nonprofit Technology Conference Withdrawal

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It is always hard to see the NTC Conference come to an end, so now I start the count down to the 2013 NTC which will be Minneapolis, MN. See you there next year.

NetSquared: The Place for Free Nonprofit Tech Help

Tech Soup Blog

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Communications Networking Lunches: Visual Communications. What if there was a place for your nonprofit to get free technology support from local experts?

Place 93

Launching the First Wave of the OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network

Museum 2.0

How do you build a movement for institutional change? That's the question we've been grappling with as we start the OF/BY/FOR ALL initiative. Our goal is to help civic and cultural institutions become more representative OF, co-created BY, and welcoming FOR their diverse communities.

NetSquared Local Events: Week of July 8, 2013

Tech Soup Blog

Minneapolis, MN: NPTech Social Club - NetSquared TC July Meetup. The Internet has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to online nonprofit tech education. Webinars? Check! Tutorials? You betcha! Blogs? Heck yeah! But what if you learn best face-to-face or with a group?