An alternative to ice bucketers and slacktivists


Building on Monday''s conversation that questioned the ice-bucket challenge, today we talk why 100 dedicated volunteers are better than 10,000 slacktivists. Read on for a chat about this and several strategies you can use today to recruit genuine activists into your cause

Alternatives to MySQL

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

For those of us that depend on MySQL everyday, the buyout of Sun (which had bought MySQL) by Oracle did not bode well. A decidedly biased survey by the folks behind PostgreSQL suggests that many people worry about the health of MySQL in Oracle’s hands. I’ve mentioned this before, and I do think the conventional wisdom is that open source software (which includes, MySQL and Java) will not flourish at Oracle.

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Sponsorship As An Alternate Revenue Stream

Wild Apricot Blog

If you''re looking for some insight into using sponsorship to generate some non dues revenue, here are some ideas shared by our Small Membership Advisory Community members. sponsorship

Is Your Organization Looking At Alternative Audiences


One good way to identify alternative audiences is to look at the traffic from your existing users. That way you can highlight numbers around the obvious audiences and focus the group''s creative energy on coming up with alternatives.

DEMOCRACY 2.0: the Keep-It-Simple-Stupid alternative to Robert’s Rules.


Post By C.D. Madson. —————– DEMOCRACY 2.0 is a new ultra lightweight rules of order system for democratic meetings, tailored to fit the needs of small to medium-sized non-profits, and designed for practical use by ordinary people facing everyday realities.

Research Friday: Ten Types of Collaboration (an alternate view)

ASU Lodestar Center

From this, we developed an alternative list of ten types of collaboration, organized by increasing levels of integration, and which can be combined to make hybrids. posted by Craig Van Korlaar , CNP, Consultant and. Project Manager. Create Etc. Welcome to Research Friday !

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Training Your Staff: Online Alternatives

Tech Soup Blog

Idealware , a partner of TechSoup's recently posted an article addressing how to train staff in simpler, more cost-effective ways. All of the methods listed use the web or some form of computer technology in order to avoid the hassle of going to off-site training seminars or conferences.

Six Alternative (U.S.) Cultural Venues to Keep an Eye On

Museum 2.0

I've been spending time recently interviewing people who run unusual cultural and learning venues. Skill-sharing free schools. Community science workshops. Art spaces masquerading as laundromats and letterpresses.

Research Friday: Legal Structure Alternatives to Lead Social Change

ASU Lodestar Center

An alternative that is available in Arizona is for a for-profit company to become a certified B-Corporation through B-Lab. Yet another alternative is to form a Social Cooperative. posted by Karina Lungo , Research Aide, ASU Lodestar Center. Welcome to Research Friday ! As part of a.

RSS isn't dead: the best Google Reader alternatives | The Verge

AFP Blog

RSS isn't dead: the best Google Reader alternatives | The Verge : Feedly appears to be the heir apparent to Google Reader’s throne, a modern take on RSS that blends some of the niceties of Flipboard (like a “magazine view”) with useful Reader features like keyboard shortcuts and tags.

Your Alternatives For A Cash Loan Online

FI Space

Have you actually been in a negative scenario and you’ve unknown what direction to go about this? Obviously you’ve. All of us have. However, since that appears to assist us better when it comes to basically dealing with the problem, some of us have a tendency to walkaround like zombies while in the center of our depression.

6 Alternative Birthday Gift Ideas

Have Fun - Do Good

What are alternative birthday gift ideas you've given or received? Cross-posted on Flickr photo credit: Peace Begins With A Smile ~ Creative Commons uploaded by D Sharon Pruitt gift present alternative birthday holiday regift donation handmade

Sproutbuilder Update and Alternatives


While this is decidedly good news, I did feel the need in the interim to see what alternatives exist and if any are worth exploring in more depth. Alternatives I plan to check out in more depth include Wix, PopFly (from Microsoft) and iWidgets. Last month nifty WYSIWYG online flash widget maker Sproutbuilder announced its plan to move to all pay accounts by March and like a lot of organizations I was pretty concerned about what this meant for my nonprofit clients.

An Alternative Say Hello - Technology - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas

AFP Blog

An Alternative The effort to find an alternative comes at a time of big changes in the way Internet addresses are patrolled Say Hello - Technology - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas : But now the key organization that manages nonprofit addresses wants charities to adopt the

Save the Children Alternative Gift Catalog: Amazing

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Just adding to the meme of alternative gift giving ideas that Steve Garfield started last week. What is your favorite alternative gift-giving site or program Save the Children.

Free Alternatives to Ning


" Where does that leave those of us who need a free-for-use Ning alternative? The following were both collaboratively edited by dozens of people across the internet: Alternatives to Ning Spreadsheet. Alternatives to Ning Document. Ning , the leading free social media platform provider has recently lost not only its CEO, but also about 40 percent of its workforce. For its nearly 20 million monthly visitors, this means a rate increase.

Making Alternative Meaning out of Museum Artifacts

Museum 2.0

Seb Chan has a lovely, long interview up at Fresh+New with Helen Whitty about the Powerhouse Museum's new mini-exhibition, the Odditoreum.

Thinking Mobile in 2013 – Being Responsive


Let's dive into this term and discover what responsive design is all about, why it is important for nonprofits and what your alternatives are if responsive design is not the best fit for your organization. The mobile buzzword of the year is "responsive design." Interactive Mobile Nonprofit web design Nonprofit websites responsive design

Black Friday Alternatives: Sleep-In, Buy Nothing, Wear Plaid

Have Fun - Do Good

Today is "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving when everyone is supposed to hit the stores to do their holiday shopping. "To To buy, or not to buy?" seems to be the question on do-gooders' minds. Below are four ideas for how to spend, or not spend, today.

Ask Idealware: eAdvocacy Alternatives to Kintera?


Lenny asks : We're an all volunteer 501c4 that has been using Kintera. They're asking a great deal of money for continuing to use Kintera. We would greatly appreciate suggestions of other service providers. We talked to Democracy in Action but they only help c3's We do action alerts on state and local issues that enables our readers to send email to officials like the Governor, state legislators, city councils, and county commissions.

Twitter Replies by Email - Alternatives to TwitApps

Wild Apricot Blog

Sure, the code is going open source — inevitably, a new tool will come along — but what alternatives to TwitApps are out there right now? What do you do when a favorite web application goes away? That’s what some 4000 users of TwitApps are wondering, now that the Twitter-to-email tool is being dropped by its developer. When Christine Datillo tweeted, “ One of my favorite apps - Twitapps is shutting down. This kept me off twitter 24/7. I was emailed all replies.

About Hootsuite's Costly 'Freemium' Plans and Free Twitter Alternatives


In our trials, we did find it a worthwhile alternative, but ultimately stuck with Hootsuite because it is not as full-featured or easy to use. However, Twitter is the only supported social network, there is no mobile alternative, and there is no team collaboration. Recently, HootSuite, a prominent social media dashboard, introduced a new “Freemium” pricing structure, which offers basic Web services at different price points.

TechSoup Offices Closed July 5: And Alternatives for Your Fourth of July Enjoyment

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup offices will be closed Monday, July 5, 2010, in observance of the Independence Day holiday. We will resume normal hours of operation on Tuesday, July 6, 2010.

Google Reader Retirement Planning; Cultivating Engagement and More

Wild Apricot Blog

With details on what the cancellation of Google Reader might mean for associations and alternatives; ideas for cultivating engagement; and obsolete conference videos. Here are four of the latest links we've bookmarked on Apricot Jam.

How To Decipher What Donors Really Want

Connection Cafe

In fact, I seldom look at any alternatives, feeling disloyal if I do. What do donors really want? That’s something fundraisers are constantly grappling with.

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LinkedIn to remove lots of search fields


I believe it’s time for an industry-wide intervention – let’s call it #LinkedInaholicsAnonymous – to occur to inform our community of highly effective and alternative ways to identify, engage, and recruit great people.”. Just came across t his interesting post.

Donor-Advised Funds: Philanthropy’s Hot-Button Issue

Connection Cafe

For some, DAFs are a great alternative to setting up a charitable remainder trust or family foundation, and adoption rates prove their growing popularity. Donor-advised funds (DAFs) have become one of the hottest tools in philanthropy over the last few years.

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Instead of Selling Objects, Build Public Trust

Museum 2.0

CREATIVE ALTERNATIVES TO THE MARKET ECONOMY There are creative alternatives to traditional museum deaccessioning policies that could solve this problem. We have to be ingenious in coming up with alternative forms of economic value, accumulation, and transfer.

Engaging in the Moment: Leveraging Technology for Good

Connection Cafe

It’s as if we have become immune to the humanity that surrounds us at any given moment and find ourselves lost in a virtual, and often alternative, reality. When was the last time you were unexpectedly and unreservedly inspired?

8 Strategy Basics for Nonprofit Organizations

Connection Cafe

Nonprofits face competition not only from other nonprofits or businesses but from alternative ways individuals could meet their needs. What comes to mind when you think of nonprofit strategy? Multi-day retreats? Long, dry, planning documents that are unfrequently read? SWOT analyses?

Say What? Build a Social Media Listening Dashboard for Your Nonprofit


These tools provide great in-depth resources, but most of us will need to find an alternative due to financial constraints.

Are you ready for Google’s next search algorithm update?

Beaconfire Wire

First, you must annotate both your desktop and mobile URLs with the proper ca nonical and alternate tags to tell Google which is preferred version of the page and which page is the alternate content.

BREAKING: Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1


Users and developers interested in RSS alternatives can export their data, including their subscriptions, with Google Takeout over the course of the next four months.

Mobile Messaging News Roundup

Mobile Commons

US Government plans unhackable alternative to WhatsApp – The US Government is planning to build an “unhackable” alternative to current over-the-top messengers, like WhatsApp.

Applying Design Thinking to Your Organization: New CEO Workshop


On December 15, a small group of forward looking executives will spend a day learning about and practicing alternative paths to leadership and innovation by applying Design Thinking tools to product, innovation and engagement “laboratories.”

How Nonprofits Can Increase Reach and Engagement Using Facebook Notes

Nonprofit Tech for Good

If you are like most nonprofits on Facebook and have experienced dramatic loss in reach and engagement over the last year, then experimenting with publishing Notes on Facebook to increase reach and engagement as an alternative to spending on adverting is worth a shot.

Five Tips for Nonprofits Using Social Media During the #JointSession Address

Connection Cafe

On February 28, 2017, President Trump will give an address to a joint session of Congress, alternative to a State of the Union address (which happens after a full year in office).

Analytics: It’s About More Than Just the Data

Connection Cafe

It’s not rocket science but it does require an analytical mind, disciplined in the rigor of data analysis, capable of explaining what it all means and making recommendations on opportunities, risks and alternative options.

Nonprofit Marketing Research Made Simple, No Matter Your Budget

Connection Cafe

Are you looking to explore options, or make a decision between two or more alternatives? If you’re seeking to make a decision between two or more alternatives, your research question might sound something like: Do our customers prefer product X or product Y?

8 Tips for Radical Collaboration to Advance Your Mission and Help Strengthen the Social Economy

Connection Cafe

This recommendation is about remembering, always, to seek alternative points of view. I celebrated a big anniversary recently (25 years as a professional serving at the same company). Besides the fact that people just don’t seem to do that anymore, it’s made me reflect on a lot of things.