Who’s Coming? A New Free Toolkit for Respectful Audience Surveying

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Today, OF/BY/FOR ALL is introducing a new free resource - a guide to creating and implementing demographic audience surveys that are accurate, respectful, and useful. We talked to colleagues in other institutions who were struggling with the same questions.

7 Questions on Marketing Automation for Nonprofits


Marketing automation for nonprofits takes communications ingredients like the right audience segment, the best ask, compelling stories, and powerful calls-to-action and combines them to cook up smart, fruitful campaigns while you work on everything else.

Cheap and Cheerful Audience Analysis for Nonprofits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: One of the most common questions I get at workshops or webinars is, “Should our organization be on XYZ social or mobile platform?” ” My answer is: ”Don’t ask me, ask your audience.” But not all kinds of audience analysis are evil.

12 of Your Email Deliverability Questions Answered


Unfortunately, there were so many questions from the audience that we weren't able answer them all during the alotted time. Here are some great, thoughtful questions that we received and Brett's email wisdom. " My bigger question is: why continue to keep sending?

Using Social Media to Speak *With* Your Audience.


Have a policy change to communicate to your audience? But what does your audience do when they want to reach you with a question, idea, concern, or suggestion? So building a custom experience to learn from an audience or host a Q&A is simply not an option.

Audience Demographics and the Census: Do We Have a Match?

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Now, as a museum director, I''m thinking about that goal less abstractly and more concretely in terms of what a target audience can and should look like. Arts audiences, on average, are older, whiter, and more affluent than the American population.

4 Questions to Ask Before Going Mobile

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And that means asking if mobile is right for your audience. A good mobile strategy starts with your audiences and works backwards from them – rather than thinking of your audience after you’ve selected a shiny mobile solution! Author: Guest Blogger.

Active Training: To Get Nonprofit Audiences Engaged, Keep Them Moving

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Keeping nonprofit audiences engaged during training can improve your outcomes. Energizers are activities designed to awaken a sleeping audience or activate a jaded one.

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Yes, Audience Participation Can Have Significant Value

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For years, I'd give talks about community participation in museums and cultural institutions, and I'd always get the inevitable question: "but what value does this really have when it comes to dollars and cents?"

Trainer’s Notebook: Online Interaction Tools To Engage Your Audience in the Room and Beyond

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This past month I’ve done several workshops where I experimented with different audience online interaction tools to engage people in the room as well as a remote audience tuning in through a live video stream. I did not have a remote audience.

Use This: Audience Research in Rotterdam Provides a Template for Smarter Segmenting

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Imagine a concise, well-designed report on audiences for cultural activities in a large urban city. Imagine it peppered with snappy graphics and thought-provoking questions about connections to research and audience development in your community.

[Cool Social Tools] Mattr Segments Your Social Audience To Identify Influencers


—————– Segment Your Social Audience To Identify Influencers with Similar Values. There’s a common question amongst marketers who are new to influencer marketing- how can these tools assist in increasing our brand awareness in new and exciting ways?

Engage Your Audience and Sell Out Your Next Show with These Super Simple Tips

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Not only are we fighting giving fatigue, there’s also audience burnout to consider. One way to increase buzz for a new performance is to let our potential audience members hear all about it from their peers. Ask questions like: Why do you like attending our performances?

Building Your Blog Audience: Answering Fern Thai's Question

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The question is about building a community around your blog. One quick question I???d To answer question about how long I've been blogging - I started in 2001 (doing it manually, but not consistently). What are your best tips and advice for building an audience for your blog?

Ask These Questions Before Changing Your P2P Program in 2016

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The question itself signified one of our biggest struggles in the nonprofit sector. We tend to ask the wrong questions and focus on the wrong things. Changing one thing or changing everything is a question of tactics, and fails to recognize the strategy behind either choice.

To CAPTCHA or Not to CAPTCHA, That is The Question?


automated questions the user may not know the answer to. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, some CAPTCHA programs are better than others, but none are perfect. With that said I recommend gauging your audience. Or is your audience a combination of the two?

How To Use Facebook Metrics To Give Your Audience the Content They Want Most

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

4. Consistency is Not the Hobgoblin of Small Minds: Research has shown that if you have a consistent posting schedule of high quality content that your audience wants, they will come to you. Dan Zarrella’s research suggests posting every other day is is optimal.

Using Facebook Groups for Deeper Engagement with Audience or Your Peers

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Facebook Groups can be used to help build communities and for deeper engagement and learning with your audience or peers. We began the Book Club by carefully crafting a couple questions per chapter, and focusing on about one chapter per week.

Tips and Techniques for Making Good Webinars: Engaging Your Audience


Unlike in a live training, where you have a (mostly) captive audience, it’s easier for participants in a webinar to wander off. The key then, is to make webinars that the audience wants to pay attention to. Asking people to share their personal experiences, asking questions, taking polls, or showing a little bit of humor can help “break the ice” so your audience will jump in and stay involved. Call for questions often.

Pinterest: A Tool To Curate Relevant Visual Content for Your Audience

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Content curation should link to your integrated strategy objectives and identified audience. Here’s a site that already has the audience everyone wants: women and moms who make most of the household buying decisions. My Pinboards on Pinterest.

5 Questions before you start before building your social media

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Paul Miller wrote a brief article on the “ 5 Questions to Ask Before Build Social Media Campaigns “ It’s worth a read. His five questions are: 1. How does your target audience use social media? Tags: Marketing and Awareness Policy list media questions social Who are you targeting? How should you come across? What do you want to achieve? Are you ready for a long engagement? You have to read the story to see his answers.

How to Expand Your Audience Reach with Interactive Webcasts and Hybrid Events


The secret to being heard loud and clear over all of the noise is to maximize your organization’s media footprint, and engage your virtual audience. If you are hosting a conference, then make sure to stream it live to your audience members who are unable to attend.

What Does it Really Mean to Serve "Underserved" Audiences?

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Let's say you work at an organization that mostly caters to a middle and upper-class, white audience. Let's say you have a sincere interest in reaching and working with more ethnically, racially, and economically diverse audiences.

Adventures in Participatory Audience Engagement at the Henry Art Gallery

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These nontraditional audience engagement techniques helped make complex goals and visions explicit and understandable to visitors. We had one big issue with Xavier when staff raised the question of whether the students were modifying the artwork or activating engagement around it.

Why Your Audience Should Be #1 in Any Social Media Strategy

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Whatever you’re posting, from quirky videos at the office to educational infographics, your social media should have a defined goal—and that starts with identifying an audience. Step 1: Knowing Your Audience. However, with multiple audiences, it’s important to stay consistent.

The Diversity Question in the Arts Blogosphere

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But this month, it's as if there was a subliminal email sent to a crew of bloggers in the arts suggesting a salon about audience diversity, and how/why to move in that direction.

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Pre-marketing: Is there an audience for your campaign??


More than simply asking a couple friends or colleagues if it's a "good idea", customer development asks hard questions early on so that uncomfortable facts aren't discovered too late. Customer creation : How are you going to reach out to new users and build your audience base?

Conviction? Check. Money? Check. So What's Keeping the Arts Sector from Embracing Active, Diverse Audience Engagement?

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Some have raised the question of whether the Irvine Foundation is "too far ahead of the field" with a grantmaking strategy that focuses on active arts engagement for all Californians. A couple weeks ago, I had a conversation with a funder that shocked me.

How Useful is the "Audience vs. Expert" Dichotomy?

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Instead, I'd like to see us asking broader questions about process, like: How do different people arbitrate the value of a piece of art, a historical artifact, or a piece of scientific evidence? This isn't a direct "audience versus expert" comparison.

Fundraising is all about people connecting with people. The question is, how well do you know yours?

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How well do your know your audience? These are simple questions but incredibly difficult to answer without spending quality time with your people – grabbing a cup of coffee , going to dinner, meeting in their home. Ask them the questions above.

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If you could Ask One Question what would it be?


Once the panel discussion begins I’ll be taking questions from the audience as well as fielding questions via Twitter. We’ll have a great time and you’ll be able to ask all the questions that didn’t get answered during the session.

Uncomplicate Your Communications Strategy

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Yet, if we’re able to separate our audiences and build mini-strategies tailored to each group of stakeholders individually, suddenly it all comes together. Surely, at the very least, you’ve answered a survey or poll question.

Crafting Sticky, Emotional Stories That Reach Your Audience

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So, isn't it obvious that's how you should be reaching your audience? Understand Your Audience. The more you write directly for your audience, the more they will relate to your story. You should also ask yourself a couple of questions.

Mobile Mapping: 7 Ways to get your audience involved

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To find out more, we opened up the story to our listeners around the city with a question: Has your block been plowed? After the success of the WNYC mobile mapping project, Jim has gotten creative with using mobile mapping to engage audiences. One way to get your audience involved is to combine the ease of mobile texting with the visual appeal of a map. Remember when a blizzard hit New York City last December ?

2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Successful fundraising campaigns come in many shapes and sizes, and not every tactic works for every organization's audience. With Giving Tuesday behind us, it's time to highlight just a few of the organizations who ran stellar campaigns, activated supporters, and beat their fundraising goals.

Museum 2.0 Rerun: What Does it Really Mean to Serve "Underserved" Audiences?

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This post is even more relevant today to the broader conversation about audience diversity in the arts than when it was published three years ago. Let''s say you work at an organization that mostly caters to a middle and upper-class, white audience. Let''s say you have a sincere interest in reaching and working with more ethnically, racially, and economically diverse audiences. This August/September, I am "rerunning" popular Museum 2.0 blog posts from the past.

Crafting Sticky, Emotional Stories That Reach Your Audience (Part 2)

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'" That opening in Graves of Cotton by Fernando Molina Cortés immediately grabs your attention, and leaves you asking questions and demanding more information. People don't connect with other organizations; they connect with other people, Mr. Pcholkin said to our audience.

Get Your Nonprofit Grant Funded By Asking These 5 Questions

John Haydon

Every nonprofit grant proposal is both a funding opportunity and a chance to share your vision and connect with a new audience. The post Get Your Nonprofit Grant Funded By Asking These 5 Questions appeared first on John Haydon.

Have Questions, Not Answers for 2011


Similar to commercial marketing, a social marketing approach prioritizes the consumer--learning what they want, need and would respond to (working upstream) rather than trying to "push" a product, service or message "at" an audience (working downstream).

Webinar Recap: Training an Invisible Audience

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If you were one of the many people who attended our webinar Training an Invisible Audience: Delivering Effective Webinars , I'd like to thank you for being such an eager and inquisitive audience. Some trainers even advocate interacting with an audience every 2 to 3 minutes. However, that can be easier said than done, especially if you have a large audience or limited resources. Take more than one question break. Webinar Platforms and Additional Questions.

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Answers to the Ten Questions I am Most Often Asked

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I've spent much of the past three years on the road giving workshops and talks about audience participation in museums. This post shares some of the most interesting questions I've heard throughout these experiences. Feel free to add your own questions and answers in the comments!

Who is the Audience in Your Head?

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Ze Frank recently posed this question to several designers, filmmakers, and artists here , asking: When you make things with an audience in mind, do you have internal representations of that audience to help guide you in the process?

Performance Anxiety: Visitors and their Audience

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She told me an anecdote about an experience with the Stanford Art Museum exhibition, Question , which included a keyboard where visitors could type their own thoughts about art, to be projected on a wall along with quotes by famous people. But the audience can't be ignored.