Awesome Video, Awful Sound? Record Audio Like a Pro

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TechSoup has put together some great tips for how to make a good video, including pointers on how to optimize composition , lighting , and sound. Check out our tips on audio below: Don't Miss Our Storymakers Gala. Video is one of the best ways to tell your nonprofit's story.

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The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Signature Sounds, Writing It Down, and Picking Up Tabs.

Connection Cafe

Here are this week’s nonprofit highlights: What’s the sound of your nonprofit’s brand? Colleen Fahey’s article, How Audio Enhances Your Brand Content: Find Your Signature Sound , provides guidance for how your nonprofit can strengthen its voice.

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Take an Audio Ramble across Downtown Manhattan with StoryCorps

Mobile Commons

Earlier this month, Mobile Commons worked with StoryCorps to debut their Lower Manhattan audio walking tour. The “sound ramble” was a selection of geo-located stories that guided the listener along and across Lower Manhattan.

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[Guide] Creating Video for Nonprofits

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

How do you think about sound when you’re creating a video? Sound inspires me. Aside from music, the quality of your audio is really key. It’s okay for the footage to be blurry or black and white, as long as the audio quality is great.

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7 Tips to Make Sure That Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event Doesn't Flop

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Add the total for all the line items for the event (drinks, food, sound equipment, etc) to your net fundraising goal to get a gross dollar amount that needs to be raised from the event.

Where to Find Great Free Music for a Video

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If you're creating a video, a podcast, an online training, or any other project that might benefit from adding some sweet tunes, the Free Music Archive (FMA) offers more than 80,000 free, completely legal-to-use audio downloads. Give new sounds a chance.

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Attention all business book enthusiasts!


I also have a big pile of books on my desk that I want to get to (Sound familiar? summarizes best-selling business books into short video, audio and text summaries and give you the most essential lessons from them. Do you love to read? I do!

8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling


If you’re planning to use Facebook’s new video tool, you’ll want a silent hook—meaning, a striking image, sequence of images or words that really grab people, since videos play in the Facebook feed without sound until someone clicks. 6 – Care About Audio.

From Mushmouth to Morgan Freeman in Eight Steps: Absolute Beginner's Guide to Voiceovers


One skill that has come in handy more often than I expected is audio production—specifically, recording and editing voice-overs. In the same way that people may dislike how they appear on camera, many people, when first hearing their recorded voice, will hate how it sounds. You’ll have a richer, deeper tone, greater vocal range, and most importantly, you’ll sound more confident. Make notes on how the lines should sound. Then, get an audio editing program.

Announcing The Art of Relevance Audiobook! Get Your for Free Today.

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You can also listen to a five-minute sample from the introduction to get a sense of what it sounds like. Last year, when I released The Art of Relevance , people asked if there was an audiobook version in the works. It honestly hadn't crossed my mind.

Online Jobs for College Students


Media editing refers to both video and audio. If you are a student, this figure must sound quite exciting. Wow, this must sound like such a great job. A transcriber is simply a typist who listens and records live audio files; then he converts the audio into text.

Cheap and Cheerful Video Conferencing


Why this rocks: Mobility – this will work in any room assuming a power supply and an Ethernet connection are within reach of our cables (WiFi is fine, but you get better audio and video quality generally if you are plugged in).

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How To Humanize Your Business


Sound interesting? Here’s what you get for that: Video recordings (the A/V presentation plus speaker audio) of nearly all sessions at BlogWorld & New Media Expo. MP3 audio recordings of every session in #1 and #2 above. and Jamie and me! How To Humanize Your Business.

How to Create Video Content for Nonprofit Donations

NonProfit Hub

Don’t be afraid to take multiple shots from different angles, and make sure the audio is high enough quality that you can hear the subject’s message. Since the auto-scroll feature doesn’t allow sound until they click your video, subtitles will get the message across without them clicking into the video first. __. In our Hubinar with Jeremy Vest, we learned that video is powerful. We also learned that the problem with video is that it’s difficult.

ICYMI: What Old School Hip Hop Teaches Us About Content Marketing


We showed how one record is a compilation of many sounds lifted from many other records and the end result is something completely new. Like a DJ, but working with images, and text, and stories, and information instead of samples and sounds.

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How to Produce Your Own Podcast

Have Fun - Do Good

Overall, the recording sounds best if the call is Skype to Skype, but it's usually OK if I call the interviewee's land line too. What does not sound good is if person is on their cell phone.

Nonprofit Film School Primer: Or, The Idealware School of Video for Nonprofits That Don’t Video Good (Part 2)


Part Two: Improving Audio and Content. If you follow the basic principles of video production, and know how and when to use certain equipment, you can avoid such common mistakes as shaky video, poor lighting, inaudible audio, and boring scenes that make videos look amateurish and cut through the crowd of bad cat videos. This time we look at how to improve the audio—and, more importantly, the content. Improving audio quality. Audio is, after all, the “A” in A/V).

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Open Thread: How Do You Feel About Music in Museums?

Museum 2.0

A low level of sound (music and or speaking) can provide a hum that helps people feel relaxed about talking in the museum. Should museums play music - in public spaces and or in galleries? If so, how should they determine what to play?

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Further adventures in the world that Google is creating: Google Voice

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

3) I don't like listening to voice mail , because the messages always sound garbled to me. 2) Text messages take up much less bandwidth than audio. Thanks to the inspiration of my nptech colleague Joel Remigio , I am now experimenting with a Google Voice phone number!

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09NTC Nonprofit Radio: How to Make Podcasts That Promote Your Brand and Engage Supporters

Amy Sample Ward

general awareness at around 40%, though… people don’t necessarily know they are consuming a podcast, audio embedded in rss etc. if you are recroding with multiple people, you can record them to separate audio files so you can edit more easily. Great to have a lapel mic and ear phones (to monitor how the recording sounds). Sony Sound Forge - much like audacity but is single track.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling More Tickets

Connection Cafe

It sounds so simple, but while you have the attention of patrons, offer a deal on a future event. For example, if you comped their entry to an exhibit, sell them an audio or a guided tour. Today, when organizations fiercely compete to get the attention of an over stimulated patron, you must find creative ways to sell tickets. Increasing ticket sales will help alleviate stress and keep your organization afloat.

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How To Facilitate Effective Virtual Meetings

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Use phone line with audio clarity and stability. Here are some more tips for making audio-only conference calls more impactful. In light of the Coronavirus, many nonprofits are engaging in scenario planning.

Midwest Progressive Communicators Gather in Chicago

See What's Out There

Good audio is critical – viewers don’t mind if the picture is fuzzy as long as they can hear what’s going on. Flip is good for minimal shooting but has no external mic input so you need to stay close to your subjects to pick up good sound.

[SLIDES] What Old School Hip Hop Teaches Us About Content Marketing


We showed how one record is a compilation of many sounds lifted from many other records and the end result is something completely new. Like a DJ, but working with images, and text, and stories, and information instead of samples and sounds.

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Game Friday: DJ Your Collection

Museum 2.0

This week, an audio mixing game called Break in the Road. Like many DJ games, you have access to many audio pieces which you can lay on multiple tracks, mash up, etc., Instead of those audio bits being immediately at your disposal, you have to go get them.

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[SLIDES] What Old School Hip Hop Teaches Us About Content Marketing


We showed how one record is a compilation of many sounds lifted from many other records and the end result is something completely new. Like a DJ, but working with images, and text, and stories, and information instead of samples and sounds. We were in costume; we had props; we used audio and video clips; we incorporated different kinds of discussions.

Oh Yeah, and I shoved a camera in his face

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

If you want to get acceptable audio for video blogging on an inexpensive camera you need to control the noise/environment or get really close to your subject. Certainly not everyone can afford to purchase expensive equipment to ensure broadcast quality audio.

Smart Canes: Bringing High Tech to a Common Assistive Tool

Tech Soup Blog

The piece uses vibrations to communicate information so the user can focus on other sounds. Like XploR, the BlindSpot cane uses audio notifications by way of Bluetooth.

Knock Off That Racket! Or, Thoughts About Soundproofing


It was also a public building, with people walking and talking up and down the stairs all day, and the sound of footsteps from the office upstairs. As you can imagine, it was a nightmare to record any video or audio there. We even have a room dedicated solely to small meetings and audio recording. In case you haven't noticed, we at Idealware are a talkative bunch. With all sorts of videos, webinars and phone calls, noise is a major part of life in the Idealware office.

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Got Mic?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Preferably, a mic that will plug into our Powerbook although I'm assuming audio inputs are standard? For Microphones there are two basic varieties that you will encounter: Stereo Mini-Plug Mics: These have the headphone jack-like plugs on the end of them and are often marketed to the mini-disc recording crowd but they will plug into a laptop, they are generally better for recording stereo audio from concerts or presentations (i.e. They even make me sound like deep and senseous.

Fascinating Meeting at the Copyright Office

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

That worries me, because I don’t think I’ve heard about a groundswell of demand for changing Chafee in the United States, other than when one textbook publisher's representatives get up in public and sound like banking executives from five years ago (if the government would just stop regulating us, we'd take care of everything). I actually think they’re getting less by stopping people from buying ebooks who are unlikely to buy audio books at higher prices.

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Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

That sounded like good advice, since it might take me quite a while to get to step 1. (If, I’m on week 3 of my Ubuntu laptop migration – things are smoothing out – I’ve got audio working, I can listen to mp3 and audio streams. Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Varied and sundry June 1, 2007 It’s been a week of mostly not work, which is a nice rest.

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Thank You Marissa Mayer for Yahoo’s No Work From Home Policy

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Amidst all the sound and fury it became clear that the famous Yahoo telecommuting ban affected just full-time home workers, around 200 out of 12,000 Yahoo employees or 1.6 The service essentially: Enables telecommuting through scheduled and impromptu audio and web conferences.

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Jonny Goldstein's Shooting Techniques

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I have to stick it in people's faces to get acceptable (to me) audio quality. Speaking of good audio, I raised this question on the video bloggers listserv and David Tames (who took the photo stills in the video) offered some great tricks here. How to use more than one audio track

How Chestnut Ridge Church Reinvents the Church Experience with Technology

Tech Soup Blog

The core of the church is a 2,000-seat theater with a fully functional performance stage and state-of-the-art audio and video capability. As creative director, she and a staff of five people plan and run all the technology for music, audio, visual, multimedia, and communications.

First impressions of the HTC Rezound smartphone

Robert Weiner

The reviews of Windows phones were intriguing, but the OS doesn't sound mature yet. Great video and audio. Since HP abandoned the Palm Pre I decided to do the same. I'm sad about it -- I've been a Palm user since the Pilot days and loved Palm's WebOS. But my Pre's keypad was no longer reliable, the erratic GPS was constantly vexing, and the lack of apps was annoying (and not likely to get better).

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What I Learned from Beck (the rock star) about Participatory Arts

Museum 2.0

Song Reader didn''t come as a CD, or an LP, or a bunch of digital audio files. It is what it sounds like: a book of original sheet music, beautifully designed and complemented with artwork and text. In December of 2012, the rock musician Beck released his latest album, Song Reader.

Guest Post: Lessons Learned Designing a Mobile Game for Balboa Park

Museum 2.0

The goal was to design an audio tour for people who never do audio tours. It’s hard to explain this well in words, but it’s dead obvious when you’re in Balboa Park and listening to a spooky-sounding voice out of World War 2: you wish this were really real.

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How Much Time Does Web 2.0 Take?

Museum 2.0

Yes, it sounds overwhelming when David talks about monitoring all the boards on the USHMM website. Same as the blog, but requires a microphone and some audio editing software. If you are comfortable producing audio content, it's quite simple to start a podcast.

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Raspberry Pi for Educators

Tech Soup Blog

It includes a CPU, graphics processor, RAM, USB port (multiple ports in later models), audio and video ports, and an Ethernet port (later models only), and runs a Linux-based operating system. Creating sounds. Audio. Raspberry Pi Model B.

Helping Strangers Participate through Instructions: Deconstructing the MP3 Experiment

Museum 2.0

I particularly like the MP3 experiments , events at which Improv Everywhere distribute an audio file to people for free as a podcast. Participants gather in a physical venue with their own digital audio players, and everyone hits “play” at the same time.

Tips for Shooting A Winning Video For Your Nonprofit

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

DSLR Audio Isn’t Good. To capture better audio get a camera with a mic-in jack (these are a bit more expensive) or get a portable recorder. Either way you’ll need to add a microphone to the mix to get the best sound. Photo by Global Fund for Children.

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Podcasting 101 Live Blogging from Boston Podcamp

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Record Two families of mics Dynamic mic - $80 SHURE SM57 or 58is top of the line- any $20 USB mic Castblaster - can que up your audio files and sound effects - DJ tool. Adjust the audio signal and keeps the quality high. Audacity or goldwave can help you get a soft audio louder.