How To Make Engaging Presentations

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To sharpen your public-speaking and presentation skills, I recommend reading the book, Talk Like TED , by Carmine Gallo. Gallo explains that the most engaging presentations are: Emotional – They touch your heart. Memorable – They present content in ways you’ll never forget.

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Presentation: Social Media & Philanthropy

Amy Sample Ward

This morning I had the great opportunity to present to the Next Generation Philanthropy course, a part of Institute for Philanthropy, here in London. The talk: My talk may not be as easily captured in the slides as some of my other talks are since this was a smaller group and I had the time to dive into each example and discuss it with the participants, instead of a more traditional presentation. View more presentations from Amy Sample Ward.


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Style Guide: Investor Presentations

NonProfit Hub

This changes, however, when it comes to investor presentations. You don’t want to roll up to a presentation looking shabby—you want your presentation to pop. You can wear business casual to an investor presentation if you’ve already cultivated a relationship with the investors and feel confident that they’re on board with your cause. Smart casual is a great option for your investor presentation if your investors are younger or more progressive.

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5 Tips For Making An Effective Presentation

Eric Jacobsen Blog

There is lots of good advice in Bob Kulhan 's book, Getting To Yes And , One of my favorites is his tips for making a presentation. You've done all the prep work and you know what you're talking about, so give yourself permission to adapt to changes in your presentation as they occur. You cannot plan for every question, and no matter how much you prepare there will always be uncontrollable surprises that pop up and potentially undermine your presentation.

Tips for Remote Presenting

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

View more presentations from Beth Kanter. This morning Liz Karlin, who works at the Packard Foundation in Grant Operations , and I did a remote presentation for the Foundation Financial Officers Group on Organizational Change and Social Media Policy development. Liz gave a presentation on the process that Packard used to development its Social Media policy which is an important part of its an internal document called the “Communications Compass.&#.

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Community-Driven Social Impact: Presentation & Game

Amy Sample Ward

Today I had the great pleasure and honor of presenting at the National Conference on Service and Volunteering. I had a 90-minute workshop which was broken into two parts: a bit of presentation, and a bit of game time. The presentation focused on 4 strategic steps, 3 sets of best practices, and a few case studies for creating programs, services, content, and campaigns in a community-driven process. Presentation: Community-Driven Social Impact.

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New Presentation on Social Media and Fundraising

NCE Social Media

I had the privilege to give a presentation on Social Media and Fundraising to the Western PA chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals today. Here is my presentation. Tags: Education and Training AFP fundraise PPT presentation I hope you enjoy it.

Five Features Of Quality Digital Presentations


The number of poor online presentations is rapidly growing. The number of poor virtual presenters is expanding even faster. Vendors offer free presentations. Five Traits Of Successful Digital Presentations. Here are five traits of successful digital presentations with hat tips to Timothy J. Koegel, author of The Exceptional Presenter. Participant’s role in presentation. Solo presenters are out. Do not waste time in your presentation.

My Social Media Presentation

NCE Social Media

I led roundtable discussions to fund raising professionals today at an Association of Fundraising Professionals meeting on the topic of Social Media. I was limited to discussing only three social media tools, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, because of time. Here are my slides that I wanted to share with you. > > During my talk there was quite a bit of discussion on the difference between Facebook Causes and Fan Pages. Beth Kanter has an excellent explanation of them here.

TechSoup Tools for Desktop Publishing and Presentations

Tech Soup Blog

That's why TechSoup offers product donations that can help you with desktop publishing, presentations, sketches, graphs, charts, and more! Tools for Creating Presentations, Graphs, Sketches, and More. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 — This is of course the industry-standard slideshow presentation software. The presentation broadcasting feature allows viewers in other locations to view your presentation over the Internet, whether or not they have PowerPoint installed.

Community-Driven Social Impact: Presentation & Workshop at Amplified Leicester

Amy Sample Ward

This morning I had the great pleasure and honor to present at Amplified Leicester about Community-Driven Social Impact, and run a short strategy-building workshop. Presentation. View more presentations from Amy Sample Ward. I facilitated a modified version of the Social by Social game, created to focus on the 4 strategic points highlighted int he presentation: Who’s the community, where’s the sweet spot, what tools could help, which roles are needed.

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Community-Driven Social Impact: Presentation, Case Studies, and Workshop

Amy Sample Ward

Last week was the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference and not only did I have the pleasure of presenting a couple sessions, it was also my first NTC as a staffer, as I joined NTEN earlier this month. Presentation. View more presentations from Amy Sample Ward. presentation socialbysocial 11ntc community driven social impact nonprofit ntc nten social by social technology workshop

How to Be a Better Presenter, Even on the Fly

Connection Cafe

Instead, I’m going to give you some tips and tricks culled from my years of presenting as a designer, and now as Associate Creative Director for Here’s My Chance : Show Up. This gives you time to find a mirror, check yourself out for a minute (or two, or three) and run through your presentation. You also have to be mentally present. Okay, not so much “props” as much as graphics, slides, posters, handouts, or whatever it is that will help keep your presentation interesting.

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The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Presented in collaboration with African American Development Officers Network (AADO). Planet Philanthropy is the annual statewide conference presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Florida Caucus. It's finally here! If you loved our 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2019 calendar! We've searched far and wide for the best and brightest nonprofit conferences from all around the country!

The Final Step of the Nonprofit Audit: Presenting Financial Statements to Your Board

Connection Cafe

The last step of the nonprofit audit is to present our audited financial statements and shiny, clean opinion letter to the board. These presentations are often mind numbingly boring. The presentation for the GAAP financial statement gets pranced out once a year like a birthday cake. Our mind-numbing audit presentation now can become a dialogue!

7 Easy Ideas to Give Your Next Presentation Oomph

Tech Soup Blog

Did you know that audiences forget 90 percent of what's presented to them? You've sat through your fair share of screamingly dull presentations where you felt proud that you remembered even 1.7 percent of what was presented (well, at least the parts you were awake for). … Only, this time YOU'RE the one presenting! Check out these examples of great presentations. Find Quality, Free Photos for Your Next Presentation Here: [link].

Resources for See3?s #SM4NP Video Presentation

See What's Out There

Resources for the attendees of our #SM4NP presentation: "How to Leverage Video to Turbocharge Your Fundraising". The post Resources for See3′s #SM4NP Video Presentation appeared first on See3 Advice for Do-Gooders. Video

Adding Mission to Your Volunteering: Webinar Presentation & Video

Wild Apricot

Here is an overview of the Mission-Driven Volunteering Webinar we held this week as well as links to the full slide presentation and one-hour video for those of you who weren''t able to attend. webinar Volunteers

Five Tips For Making A Presentation

Eric Jacobson

There is lots of good advice in Bob Kulhan 's new book, Getting To Yes And , One of my favorites is his tips for making a presentation. You've done all the prep work and you know what you're talking about, so give yourself permission to adapt to changes in your presentation as they occur. You cannot plan for every question, and no matter how much you prepare there will always be uncontrollable surprises that pop up and potentially undermine your presentation.

Presenting - AFP's New Conference Mobile Site for Chicago!

AFP Blog

Presenting - AFP's New Conference Mobile Site for Chicago!: "AFP AFP is proud to announce, the exclusive mobile site that will allow attendees to access everything they need to optimize their AFP 2011 Conference experience—right on their smartphone! The conference mobile site can be viewed across all smartphone browsers (iPhones, Blackberries, Droids, etc.), no matter the

3 Steps to Getting Your Board More Involved in Fundraising


Prepare a statement of clear goals to present and discuss at the next board meeting. Getting development teams and their nonprofit boards to work in alignment can be challenging. Tensions often arise when both sides start to feel that they aren’t getting the support they need. Fundraisers often lament that board members are shirking their commitment to helping fundraise.

Twitter for Nonprofits: Presentation for the 140-Character Mission event

Amy Sample Ward

I was going to be presenting live via video but the time difference is just too much. Instead, I’m going to be presenting by proxy: the wonderful and talented John Haydon will be walking you through my slides. View more presentations from Amy Sample ward. This Wednesday, MIT and Tie-Boston are hosting The 140-Character Mission: Social Media & Entrepreneurship event.

Presentation: Making Advocacy Pay


Vinay Bhagat of Convio, Yvonne Garrett, of OMP, Randy Paynter of and Ryann Miller of did a great presentation about the importance of understanding the link between activism and fundraising. Click here to listen and view the presentation. What does online advocacy have to do with online fundraising? A lot.

2015 “Selfie Awards” Salute Philanthropic Narcissism (Recipients Boycott Ceremony…but Need Not Be Present to Win) - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly

AFP Blog

2015 “Selfie Awards” Salute Philanthropic Narcissism (Recipients Boycott Ceremony…but Need Not Be Present to Win) - NPQ - Nonprofit Quarterly : ''via Blog this

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Nonprofits Live Recap: Great Presentations

Tech Soup Blog

Great presentation skills always come handy whether you're offering an educational training, making a keynote speech, or bringing new funders aboard. In our ongoing mission to provide technology information and resources to nonprofit organizations and libraries, TechSoup’s latest Nonprofits Live (NPLive) explored advice and resources for creating great presentations. Presentations for Webinars. Make Presentations Social. How to Design a Bad Presentation.

Giving A Kick-Ass Presentation In The Age Of Social Media | Fast Company

AFP Blog

Giving A Kick-Ass Presentation In The Age Of Social Media | Fast Company : Seven (somewhat snarky) new rules for public speaking in the social media era

Before Making Your Next Presentation Do This

Eric Jacobson

Author John Baldoni suggests you consider the following six things before making your next presentation : How will you open your presentation on a high note? How can you make time to rehearse your presentation? How will you close your presentation? Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Presentations Public Speaking

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The Best Presentations Have Stories

Eric Jacobson

Joey Asher''s 100-page book, 15 Minutes Including Q&A provides a "plan to save the world from lousy presentations," proclaims Asher. In chapter 8, Asher explains that the best presentations have stories and if you want to be a good speaker, you need to know how to tell an effective story. Presentations Public Speaking Storytelling

5 Ways To Optimize Your Donation Pages for End-of-Year Fundraising


Present a Strong Value Proposition Once visitors have figured out what they can do on your donation page, the next question they ask themselves is, “Why should I do it?” Presenting a strong value proposition is essential to convincing more people to give. Improving your website donation pages is the single best way to raise more money during the year-end giving season.

The Top 5 Presentations You Won’t Want to Miss at AFP International 2015

NonProfit Hub

All of the speakers are top-notch, but picking presentations can be difficult. That’s technically three presentations. As a writer, this presentation excites me most. Last year, Tom Ahern made our list for his Loverizing Donors presentation (I’d still recommend that one). While Tom is still offering his Loverizing Donors presentation, he’s also offering this one. If you’re a newbie, the AFP International Fundraising Conference (AFPIcon) can be overwhelming.

Nonprofits Live: Great Presentations on August 26

Tech Soup Blog

Are you looking for secrets to giving great presentations? Whether offering a workshop, giving a keynote speech in your community, or persuading funders in a new campaign, nonprofit leaders require strong presentation skills — from designing amazing slides and visuals to listening to your audience as you share your ideas. Pacific time will explore great presentations. Event Online Seminar nplive presentations

Rethinking Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Tech Soup Blog

During our webinar on May 24, Creating Better Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint , we covered key points on effective presentations in PowerPoint. When creating your slides, you want your words to be complementary to your verbal presentation, not identical. Some great instances of economy of language can be found in the examples included in our recap blog post as well as in the following presentations. One example is the following presentation.

Mobile Commons Advocacy Presentation at the Personal Democracy Forum

Mobile Commons

Next Thursday, June 6, Mobile Commons will be presenting Mobile Commons Advocacy at the Personal Democracy Forum here in New York City. We’re particularly excited to present Mobile Commons Advocacy to the PDF audience, because MCA’s very purpose is to use technology to make political advocacy easy.

NetCentric Advocacy: Google Presentations: Tell a Story Together: Network Presentations

Network-Centric Advocacy

» September 20, 2007 Google Presentations: Tell a Story Together: Network Presentations I am really big into presentations. I think many of the presentations nonprofit groups and campaign do stink. Now Google has launched Google Presentations. Share them with others present them online. To start one go to google documents and hit NEW -> PRESENTATION. Lets see if I can start posting some more of my presentation materials on the blog.

Presentation: Integrating Social Marketing and Direct Response


View more presentations from Care2Team. These days nonprofits are facing new challenges as online channels grow and evolve. While there are multiple channels (ranging from email to Direct Mail and social networks) to ultilize to engage constituents, managing all of those relationships and integrating social marketing effectively is no easy feat. But is it doable?

Zen in the Art of Presentation

Connection Cafe

I’m terrified of presenting. Imagine my surprise when a few colleagues complimented me on a presentation I gave recently (thanks by the way!). Which must have helped because once I actually got into the presentation, I completely forgot my fear (well, almost…). In spite of my terror, I actually enjoy presenting now and I’ve been looking for ways to improve my style. I’m a huge advocate of imagery in presentations, as my colleagues can attest.

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Presenting With Visuals

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I'm a big fan of this style of presenting. It's the only way I can present. Speaking of presentations, I just fooled around with Google Presentations. I hate text and bullet points. What I am looking for now is the best advice on the accompanying verbal delivery. I've seen different styles -- the visual as a jumping off point for talking points or a story.

Pro Tips For Buying An Amazing Present For Someone You Love!

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

You will obviously have someone in your life to whom you would like to give some special present. Let us tell you that getting a present for someone is not as sophisticated as it seems to be. There are a lot of complications that you will have to go through in order to get a perfect present for your loved ones. We all want to get a present that is unique and special for the person who means a lot to us, and we are going to help you with this regard.

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Nonprofit Presenters: What are your best tips for preparing presentations?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I love doing presentations, the preparation, creating the content, and the performance. Many of my presentations are training, so it is also thinking through the instructional delivery. Rashmi Sinha asked me if I would do a session on how to present for nonprofits at the upcoming presentation camp. I've taught webinars and workshops on how to design and deliver effective training sessions and have written a few blog posts on training and presentation techniques.

Brain Rules for Presenters

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

| View | Upload your own. In addition to reminding me that I need to get back to the gym, the point about the human brain only having the capacity to pay attention for ten minutes if a good one. I love the frog. More from Vicky Davis , including some pointers to his videos

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10 Design Tips for Awesome Nonprofit Online Presentations

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Calling all presenters, trainers, and fundraisers! Crafting a kick-ass online presentation can help ensure that your most important contacts are still in your court. Here are 10 tips for making your next presentation your best presentation!

Catch EveryAction at NTC 2019


We'll be presenting on: Wednesday 12:45-1:15: Better Donor Engagement with Multi-Channel Communication Thursday 12:10-12:40: Optimizing your Donation Pages for Higher Conversions and More Sustainers Thursday 4:25-4:55: Metrics That Matter: Reporting Tools Every Nonprofit Needs. Want to meet EveryAction at this year's NTC? You've come to the right place for all our panels, demos, and happy hours.

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Introducing the 5 Winners of the SlideRocket Nonprofit Presentation Contest

Tech Soup Blog

Their web-based professional-grade service for creating and sharing presentations online is available to eligible nonprofits and public libraries through TechSoup. Presentation Contest! share the winning presentations below. And a big congratulations to all the presentation contest participants. The judges made their selections of the best presentations based on. So, without further ado, here are the winning presentations! #1 NCCS’s presentation.