Pinterest Tutorial

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Since I wrote about Pinterest earlier , I wanted to share a video about how to set up and use Pinterest. Pinterest is a social media pinboard now used by more than 10 million people per month. If you’re interested in the demographics, more women than men have started use it. Now how can your organization use it? Well, Pinterest has a pinboard with lots of examples including using it with blogging, education, YouTube, and many more. Here’s a story on fundraising ideas for Pinterest.

How to blur Background in Photoshop[Free Video Tutorial]

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The post How to blur Background in Photoshop[Free Video Tutorial] appeared first on Photoshop TutorialsThis article will show you how to use Adobe Photoshop to blur the background of pictures. You may have a picture that has too many places of focus.


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[Tutorial] How to Download Panda Helper for iPhone & Android

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The post [Tutorial] How to Download Panda Helper for iPhone & Android appeared first on TutorialsBetween the official iOS app store and the Google Play Store, there are more than 4 million apps on offer to both iOS and Android users. But that doesn’t really mean anything because a high proportion of those apps require payment and, out of the free ones, there is only a handful that is worth.

{Tutorial} How to Download vShare for iOS, Android and PC

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The post {Tutorial} How to Download vShare for iOS, Android and PC appeared first on Apps TutorialsvShare was one of the original third-party app installers, released initially as a Cydia app. Now anyone can use it with a jailbreak and take advantage of the thousands of apps, games, tweaks and more, all for free. And it comes in two options – Free and VIP. Read on to see what the installer.

[Tutorial] How to Jailbreak iOS 12 on your iPhone & iPad

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The post [Tutorial] How to Jailbreak iOS 12 on your iPhone & iPad appeared first on TutorialsWe are now halfway through the lifecycle of iOS 12, and it’s become clear that jailbreaks are becoming harder to achieve. Much of this is down to the increased security in the iOS firmware and to a lack of jailbreak developers. Over time, we’ve seen several jailbreaks hinted at but, until now, nothing has ever.

Tutorials for USB bootable softwares: How to make a bootable usb for windows

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The post Tutorials for USB bootable softwares: How to make a bootable usb for windows appeared first on TutorialsA bootable USB drive is the most convenient way to carry a ready solution for diagnostics, repairs and installations of the Windows operating system. A drive is more durable than a physical disk, and usually faster as well. What’s even more important, however, is that you have the right tools to create bootable USB drives.

TechSoup's Eligibility Quiz Tutorial

Tech Soup Blog

As a result, we have been rolling out short video tutorials in addition to our text and webinar content. Our newest video, the TechSoup Eligibility Quiz tutorial , was created to help you understand how to complete the eligibility quiz found on You can view the new video tutorial. To view some of our other videos on TechSoup, view the following previous blog posts: Microsoft Donation Program: Short Tutorials.

Two New Video Tutorials from Idealware

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Our content partners at Idealware have just launched a new series of video tutorials for nonprofits. There are two tutorials so far: Facebook vs. Twitter and Constituent Chaos. These short tutorials are full of great information. The Constituent Chaos tutorial does a great job of delineating the different types of constituent relationships and what interactions with each type of constituent it's useful for an organization to track.

#1 Ranked Member Check In Software Used Worldwide (With Step-by-Step Tutorial)

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This easy-to-implement member check in process helps you keep track of attendees, create records, and adds a level of professionalism for your members

Microsoft Donation Program: Short Tutorials

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Take a look at our Microsoft Donation Program: Short Tutorials page. Interested in learning about the recent updates to the Microsoft Software Donation Program? This page includes five extremely short videos (around 3 to 5 minutes each) covering key information regarding the Microsoft Software Donation Program. The hope behind these short videos is that you can quickly and easily gain answers to your questions regarding the program updates.

Introducing: TechSoup Registration and Eligibility Tutorials

Tech Soup Blog

The three videos, available on the TechSoup YouTube page : The TechSoup Eligibility Tutorial. In the TechSoup Eligibility Tutorial , you will find out where to go to check eligibility, what the best practices are for checking eligibility, and what you need to know before taking the TechSoup eligibility quiz. Are you interested in receiving TechSoup product donations and discounts, but do not know where to start?

Microsoft Donation Program: Webinars, Resources, and Tutorials

Tech Soup Blog

In addition, we will also soon be unveiling short video tutorials designed to help you learn more about the recent updates. Interested in TechSoup's Microsoft Donation Program ? Whether you are new or experienced with Microsoft donations, you may still have questions about recent updates. To help answer questions you may have about the recent updates, we hosted two webinars in August focusing on the program. In the first webinar, Microsoft Donation Program: How Does It Work? ,

New Tutorial: How to Go Green with Electronic Software Donations

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Wondering about the benefits of electronic software downloads? Check out our video, How to Go Green With Electronic Software Donations , to learn more. This video presents the major reasons to consider downloading your software electronically. It also covers general best practices of this downloading process, including: Verifying your operating system compatibility. Verifying Random Access Memory (RAM) requirements. Considering the use of a download manager.

New Tutorial: How to Get Started with the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center

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Over the past months, TechSoup has been answering the call from the community to provide short, video tutorials on topics of interest to nonprofits and libraries. Some of these videos have included tutorials on the eligibility and registration process , TechSoup's eligibility quiz , and updates to the Microsoft Software Donation Program. Check out Microsoft's tutorials on the Microsoft Volume Licensing site.

New Tutorial: How to Download Your Adobe Donation

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Are you interested in requesting an Adobe product through TechSoup ? Do you want to know more about the Adobe donation download process? If so, check out our newest video, How to Download Your Adobe Donation. In How to Download Your Adobe Donation , we explain how to download your Adobe donation request through TechSoup. Topics covered include license keys, download instructions, and file types. You can read more about Adobe products through TechSoup on the Adobe Product Donation Page.

Join me Tuesday, September 29 at 1:00 PM EST for Case Foundation's Social Media Tutorials

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

On Tuesday, September 29th, I'm participating in a social media tutorial hosted by the Case Foundation. It will be a live streamed event where folks can ask questions and get answers. Here's my guest post on their blog and the details. Meanwhile, I gotta go tidy up my office.

Video Tutorials and Webinars at Charity How To

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Charity How To is an online collection of videos to help nonprofits learn how to use the Internet more effectively. The site offers videos and recorded webinars from many luminaries in the sector (including our content partners at Idealware ), and now it features several of our recorded TechSoup Talks! webinars. According to Charity How To's About page , "Our on-demand video guides are designed specifically for small and midsized nonprofits with limited human and financial resources.

How to Create a 3D Model from Photos

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TutorialsTechnology can help us do some truly incredible things with photos. Apps can do everything from remove shine from photos and pictures to add incredibly unique filters and effects. But beyond editing photos, technology and apps can even help us use photos to create full 3D models.

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6 Time-Saving Hacks for Content Creation

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TutorialsNowadays, the contribution of social media to business development should not be underestimated. Consumers spend more time on the Internet, and more attention is paid to brand pages.

How to Reset Your Google Chromecast with 5 Ways to Solve Problem

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TutorialsAre you wondering how to reset Google Chromecast? This guide will take you through the various methods to reset your Chromecast without any issue. What is Chromecast? It is a little, however, a powerful device used for streaming content from your smartphone to a larger screen.

How to Post on Instagram from Your Computer

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Tools TutorialsDid you know that Instagram doesn’t allow feeds from a laptop or desktop? Well, it can be frustrating at first. We have put together these solutions to help solve the problem and make your Instagram experience better.

How to Turn Off Automatic Updates on Windows 10

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Tutorials WindowsOne of the most annoying features of Windows 10 is the way it forces users to update the system. Updates causing the problem? Wonder how to solve it? If so, in this guide, we share 6 different techniques to stop this behavior and decide when to install them.

How can I “vectorize” an image?

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Adobe Illustrator Photoshop TutorialsDo you know what a vector image or bitmap image is? Well, they are not complex format types. These commonly used formats include; JPEG, SVG, PNG, and PDF files. This article will help you be more enlightened on how to vectorize an image.

How to Load New Brushes in Adobe Photoshop

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Photoshop TutorialsHow creative are you? Do you know that you can create pictures using Photoshop brushes? There are a wide variety of brushes you can use to make anything you imagine. It ranges from animals, illustrations, weather conditions, the ocean, and much more. What are the Brushes?

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5 Ways That Can Help With Boosting Your Successful Artistic Career 

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TutorialsStarting any artistic career means turning your artistic talent into a job which is never an easy thing to do. Being creative and comping up with the content may come easy to artistically inclined people but that’s not all there is about building a career.

5 Ways to Build Your Internet Presence – Guide for Up and Coming Influencers

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TutorialsBeing an influencer can be one of the most rewarding works one can do. It’s true that you need to put in a lot of work but the gain is considerably big too. Or it can be, if you know how to package what you work on. If you are a part of the ever-growing.

Cell Phone Recycling: What To Do With Your Old Phone

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TutorialsIs your cell phone life on the verge of dying? Worry not. Your carrier is more likely to give you a free upgrade if you wish to turn in your old phone for recycling. Trading in your old device is the most common way to recycle old mobile phones. Even if your phone is in.

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How to Open And Convert PSD File

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Photoshop Software TutorialsHow many image formats do you know? Have you ever heard of PSD format? It is common to some and not to others. It is a file format used to save Photoshop documents to allow easy editing at some other time. What is PSD?

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How to Fix the “Scratch Disk are Full” Error in Photoshop on MAC

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Photoshop Software TutorialsHow often do you use Photoshop? Have you ever been alerted by your PS that your disk is full? Here are some tips on how to handle the issue.

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How to Insert PDF File Into Word Document

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TutorialsDo you know how you can insert a pdf into a word document? There are three approaches you can take depending on the pdf file size. You can convert it into text, insert a static image, or add it as an object. Here is how to do it. At times, you may want to insert.

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How to Open Without Adobe Illustrator

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Adobe Illustrator Software TutorialsHave you ever heard of ai files? In this article, you will learn about ai files, what they are, and how to open them. The AI Vector image file format Have you ever heard of AI files? They are a combination of illustrator and PDF formats.

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How to Remove Your Red-Eye in Photo

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Photo Editor Photoshop TutorialsHow many times have you noted red eyes on photos you have taken? Well, that shouldn’t be a bother anymore it can be as a result of several reasons. Here are some online red eye remover software you can use to fix that.

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Get Rid of Watermark Online & PS Skills

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Photo Editor Photoshop TutorialsHave you ever found a watermark on a document or image and wondered how to remove it? Here are some of the best online watermark removal sites you can use to make your media more appealing.

How to Delete a Wireless on Your MAC & Test Network Speed

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TutorialsDo you get bothered whenever your device connects to a WiFi network without your knowledge? Here is a guide on how to forget a WiFi network on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Also, get to know how to test network speed. How to forget a WiFi network on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad touch.

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Electric and Autonomous Vehicles: Everything You Need to Know

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TutorialsDue to the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the road, a rapid increase has taken place in road accidents. This large proportionality of road accidents have not only scared localisms but tourists.

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How to Use GetInsta to Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes

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TutorialsA few days ago, in a well-known discussion group, a girl wrote: “I have been on Instagram for about two years and I cannot go beyond 500 followers, where am I wrong?”

3 Easy Steps to Spoof Pokemon Go on iOS or iPhone

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Gaming TutorialsDr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS) may be a powerful and feature-rich app that actually will spoof your real location.

Marketing with Memes – How to use them to gain traction

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TutorialsMemes are an omnipresent part of the online experience, particularly on social channels. This internet phenomenon has grown in popularity, together with social media and the web’s visual nature. They are fascinating and now a large part of the online culture.

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5 Worst Web Hosting Mistakes: Fix Them Now

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TutorialsAs the internet strives to become a universal source of information, it is necessary to consider many factors that make the web accessible to everyone.

How to Get Your Startup to Stay Ahead of the Curve

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TutorialsThe competition between businesses, depending on the industry or trade, can be more than a little fierce. And if you want to give your startup a chance to thrive and grow amid other companies vying for the same attention, you must find ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Gear Up for Giving: Social Media Tutorials for Nonprofits


The Case Foundation is launching a new online series next week called Gear Up for Giving: Social Media Tutorials for Nonprofits featuring some of the best nonprofit communications and social media gurus like blogger and social media trainer Beth Kanter, Katya Andersen of Network for Good, Geoff Livingston of CRT/tanaka, activist and author Allison Fine, Holly Ross of NTEN and more.

How to Use Google Authenticator App on PC

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Password Manager TutorialsIf you use the internet on a frequent basis, then there are chances are that you must have a lot of user accounts on a wide range of websites and apps.

How to Access an External Drive Not Showing on Mac

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TutorialsWhat to do if Your External Hard Drive is Invisible on Desktop, or in Finder or in Disk Utility? Most of time, the Mac operating system will automatically recognize and mount the attached disks on desktop, in Finder and in Disk Utility for your easy access.