How Purpose-Driven Tech Is Blending Business and Charity

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Pairing profit with purpose in the age of greater transparency is vital to ensuring companies drive meaningful change in the world in which we all live. And charitable giving is becoming an essential component of consumer brand engagement with purpose-driven technology leading the way.

Advantages of Using Blended Learning in Organizations


A blended learning program can solve the issues that both ILT and eLearning face by combining the best of both methods. Here is why your organization blended learning


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Things To Follow While Implementing Blending Learning With LMS


The Learning and Management Industry is beaming with new innovative ways of e-learning and blended learning is one such method. Know how to drive maximum benefits while implementing blended learning corporate training

Advantages of Leveraging an LMS for Blended Learning


The utilization of LMS can significantly improve the blended learning experience. Here’s how an LMS like GyrusAim can help

Here’s Why Blended Asks Should Be A Strategy In Your Fundraising Toolbox


That kind of asking pattern can feel like “nickel and diming” to donors, which is why blended asks are so important. . How To Get Started With Blended Asks. It’s called blended, or combined, asking.

How Can Companies Provide Blended Learning With Learning Management Systems?


Blended learning fulfills their upskilling demands smartly. Learn how LMS offers the best blended learning to employees Employees expect a lot from companies when it comes to training programs.

Why Are Blended Learning Platforms Here To Stay?


The present circumstances have emphasized the importance of blended learning systems in training programs. Want to know why? Read this blog

Reasons Why Blended Learning is Important for Corporate Training


Make your corporate training program more impactful, engaging, and effective with our blended learning corporate training program today

Take A New Route To Your Training Programs With Blended Learning


Blended training programs can fulfill these needs The training demands are diversifying in the companies. Relying entirely on traditional or online methods doesn’t serve the upskilling purpose.

Here Are Some Tips to Create A Successful Blended Learning Programme


Blended learning offers a balanced mix of traditional teaching with online learning. With economies opening up, this hybrid learning model is gaining attention

Top 5 Reasons Why Blended Learning Platforms Are Ideal For Corporate Training


Blended learning platforms are a must in corporate training. Employees need to manage their learning and development with work pressures. Apart from it, there are other reasons as well. Read this blog

Putting Blended Learning to Work : How to Optimize Your Approach to Training Employees


Blended learning, when implemented successfully can increase engagement, improve flexibility, boost confidence, and encourage teamwork between employees. Here is how you can put blended learning at work

Informal vs. Formal Learning: Creating a Blend!


The post Informal vs. Formal Learning: Creating a Blend! The corporate training world often questions and evaluates the concept of incorporating informal learning. The question always arises whether informal learning can be added to the formal learning and if so, how both can be combined together.

Successful Blended Learning Program is assembled and managed.


Blended Learning program may be a video, an eLearning courses, or an instructor-led course. GyrusAim LMS system allows for drop-ins to take a part of a course

How to Blend SEO and Creativity for Influencer Marketing?

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Gone are those days when business entities had to put their manual efforts to adopt conventional modes to promote their products or services. Nowadays, everything is being simplified through innovation when it comes to digital marketing using websites. Having a website, a marketer may increase the value of his product and prevent future switching of customer that may cost him a lot.

Leadership through Blended Learning: Sorority LMS Success

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Blended Learning programs are the ideal way to deliver leadership development programs as they are more effective at creating behavioral change and deep learning. When your organization is concerned with “Building Strong Girls” as is Gamma Phi Beta, the first women’s organization to be called a ‘sorority’, a blended learning approach supports the development of both leadership skills and organizational growth.

4 Signs That You Need Blended Learning LMS For Your Training Needs


Hence, be aware of the major signs that show you need blended learning LMS for your training and learning needs Hybrid learning has become a hot topic today.

Is Blended Learning Necessary in 2022? Click To Get the Answer!


Blended learning is the new age training process that allows workers to proactively prepare for today’s work environment Constant upskilling and development is the need of every professional today.

Trend Blend 2009: A Map of Time and Tide

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

You may remember the very popular Trend Blend 2007 and Trend Blend 2008 which used transportation themes. Click to see a larger image This is a cool visualizations of trends for 2009 in different sectors. It's from Trends in Living Networks blogger Ross Dawson. Created by Future Exploration Network’s Chief Futurist Richard Watson, also of , the 2009 trend map uses a " multi-tentacled hydra."

Jed Emerson: Steady Returns With Social Impact

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

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The Concept of Microlearning


E-learning Mobile Learning Uncategorized blended learning eLL MlearningThe Concept of Microlearning. At Gyrus, we believe it is our duty to identify, discuss, and communicate our thoughts on upcoming industry trends. Today, we will evaluate microlearning and the potential it carries in reference to bolstering a learning program. To start the microlearning discussion we must first define what it is.

Elearning vs Classroom Training – Let’s Understand Their Pros and Cons


Business E-learning Training blended learning Classroom Training elearning eLLElearning is the new and inexpensive alternative to classroom training, which is becoming more popular and preferred method among organizations. However, the debate on the effectiveness of eLearning compared to classroom training is often a subject of interest among learning and training professionals. Some prefer the real-time interaction with an instructor while others like the flexibility brought by eLearning.

Debunking Misconceptions about Mobile Learning


Business blended learning eLL MlearningMore than half of the world’s population now has a mobile subscription. The Mobile Economy report by GSMA intelligence indicates that an additional one billion subscribers are predicted by 2020, taking the global penetration rate to approximately 60%. Mobile training not only offers learning on-the-go, but also allows learners to gain an instant access to information whenever and wherever they need it.

How We Learn – Capitalize On Knowing


Competency E-learning LMS blended learning eLL employee trainingHow We Learn – Capitalize On Knowing. Before I start, it is best to issue a few disclaimers: I am not a neuroscientist; this blog post is not written with appropriate scientific method. This post is written based on my personal understanding and could reflect deficiencies experienced in my own personal learning process. To begin we should evaluate what a younger version of myself experienced in the learning process.

Academic vs. Corporate LMS – Where the Lines Blur


LMS Training Workplace development blended learning choosing a learning management system eLLAcademic vs. Corporate LMS – Where the Lines Blur. In the vastness that is the LMS market, there are two clear market segments; referring of course to the Academic and Corporate Learning Management Systems. Though these two approaches may be very different, it appears as if everyday solutions are providing a means to bring them closer than many would care to believe.

Blending Old and New Tech to Make History Come to Life - Social Philanthropy - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas

AFP Blog

Blending Old and New Tech to Make History Come to Life - Social Philanthropy - The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with news, jobs, and ideas : "The site has been in an open test for the past year and won the 2011 Webby Award for the best site for a charitable organization.

How Notion Can Make Your Workspaces Work for You


Notion is an all-in-one tool, designed to blend workplace productivity apps into one service. Note taking, project management, wikis, and databases can all be created, managed, and accessed through Notion's customizable interface.

Creating a More Robust Volunteer Development Program During the Covid-19 Crisis

Blue Avocado

What does your volunteer engagement program look like right now?

[ASK AN EXPERT] How To Frame And Record Combined Asks For Capital, Endowment, And Operations


Many capital campaigns are “blended” in that they ask for money for brick and mortar today and operating expenses tomorrow. There are pros and cons to blended asks vs. separate capital and annual campaign appeals.

[Webinar] From Year-End Fundraising to Year-Round Engagement


In this session, Farra Trompeter, co-director of Big Duck, will explore ways you can evaluate and improve your donor engagement efforts year-round through smart communications and activities, blending both new and traditional approaches.

For sale for a cause: Peony

Judi Sohn

The yarn is a lace weight merino wool and silk blend that I bought in Massachusetts a couple of years ago. For more detail on what I’m doing this year, read this post first. If you get into lace knitting, sooner or later you have to try a Herbert Niebling. They’re intricate and very different than other lace styles. This shawl is an adaptation of one his designs by Hayley Tsang Sather. All-in-all, 10 different charts to follow and took me about 3 weeks to complete.

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Boosting Your Association's Revenue with Attractive Microcopy

Association TV

If you’ve ever worked on a single project long enough, you know that elements start to blend together over time. Have you ever been to a restaurant, museum or shopping mall and needed to use the bathroom? You begin by looking up and around for any sort of signage.

Giving Tuesday #Inspo: 14 Donation Pages That Know What They’re Doing


From the bright color scheme to the punny tagline, this page is the perfect example of blending a bit of humor with perfectly executed design for a great donation page. Kicking off with #GivingTuesday, year-end fundraising season will be in full swing. This busy time is marked with nonprofits around the world striving for new and exciting ways to engage with potential donors. You need to launch your campaign , test your email deliverability , craft your message , and more.

For sale for a cause: Edelweiss

Judi Sohn

It’s a lace weight merino/silk blend. For background on what I’m doing this year, read this post first. Update: Bid of $75 to Boston Area Gleaners in the comments. So if interested, please bid $100 or higher by 4/20! Next up for a donation for a great cause is Edelweiss. This shawl is a little bit smaller than the others, likely due to the smaller needle with lace weight yarn. Yet another translated-from-original-Russian shawl.

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For Sale For a Cause: Four Seasons

Judi Sohn

The yarn is Youghiogheny Yarns Wolly Yak, a blend of merino wool, yak and nylon. If you want to know what I’m doing, read this post. My 3rd shawl completed in 2018 is ready to go to a good home and support a great cause of your choice. This one is ‘Four Seasons’ by Kitman Figueroa, another favorite lace designer.

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Why Nonprofits Need to Be Early Explorers of the Metaverse

Nonprofit Tech for Good

In the metaverse today, AR and VR are blending to become one simultaneous user experience. The Metaverse is a broad term that encapsulates the next evolution of the internet.

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Bright Idea: United Against Poverty Orlando Created an Email Campaign to Engage Supporters


Consider an email campaign that will blend recognition with storytelling, mission information, and includes links to your event page or donation form.

How To Create A Powerful Corporate Culture

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The workforce included a blend of long-term employees with a rich company, product/service and customer history; employees who had been at the company for five to seven years; and then new hires with a fresh perspective and keen sense of new technologies and techniques.

Engaging Your Community in Hybrid Events: 4 Tips for Success

Cadmium CD

Hybrid events are a blend of the virtual events we’ve seen over the past year with the more traditional in-person format to accommodate different attendees.

Non-Profit Storytelling: Is It Really Worth It?

The Storytelling Non-profit

We want people to understand us and we hope that seeing us and understanding us blends itself to caring and I think in many cases that can be true. Being a copywriter and fundraiser, I think about the pros and cons of telling stories quite a bit. After all, we’re here in 2022.