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Spoontember' Campaign Aims to Spur Action on Hunger - The Chronicle of Philanthropy : "National food-bank network Feeding America is running a monthlong multimedia effort branding September as "Spoontember" to raise awareness and spur giving to combat hunger, writes Digiday." 'via

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Try Eating for $4 a Day. Join The Hunger Challenge

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I didn't, until I read about the San Francisco Food Bank's Hunger Challenge. Last year, 6 food bloggers and recipe developers tried to eat 3 meals on $3 per day during the 2008 San Francisco Food Bank's Hunger Challenge. This year, Hunger Challenge participants will try to eat 3 meals for $4 per day, per person, during the week of September 20-26, 2009. Hat tip to Tyson Foods Hunger Relief 's post Hunger Twitterers ). food bank hunger food stamp blogger

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I'm Taking the Pledge Against Hunger, Won't You?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

As our nation's needs soar, and charitable donations plunge, it is taking its toll on the nonprofit sector. Foodbanks, soup kitchens, and many other nonprofits that address the hunger issue are being hit by a triple whammy. That's why I'm taking the pledge to end hunger because if we all do a little bit - it can go a long way. PledgeToEndHunger.com , a website designed to shine a bright light on the very real problem of childhood hunger in America. It's hard times.

Great reads from around the web on June 15th

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Twive and Receive Reveals the Top 20 Most Generous Cities & Who Would Win In A Fight Between the Hulk and a Kitten | Razoo Media Room – "Julie Nations, the Executive Director of The Ellie Fund said “It’s been the best communications outreach program we’ve ever done. They work in tandem with a nationwide network of member food banks in the fight to end hunger. I come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day.

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Fight Hunger's Click To Feed A Child Campaign Facebook App

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Today I discovered the Fight Hunger's Click to Feed a Child. I also discovered a group called " I will donate $1 for every person that joins this group to Fight Hunger " which is being organized by some super activists high school kids.). I'm sure that the Fight Hunger folks are vigorously tracking how many people participate in the campaign via Facebook, how many actually opt in to give name or do shopping on the site or support them in other ways.

Second Life Joins Worldwide Effort to End Child Hunger

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

On Sunday, 13 May 2007, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and partners are teaming up to call for an end to child hunger. Fight Hunger: Walk the World??? There will also be an opportunity to donate to help end child hunger in real life by donating in donation boxes surrounding the Auditorium. Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe are expected to literally ???Fight to raise awareness and funds to assist the world's poorest children.

United Nations Sets a New Agenda for Global Philanthropy

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Now that the United Nations Millennium Development Goals have expired and in some ways, have succeeded surprisingly well , the UN has developed a new set of even more ambitious goals. The previous UN Millennium Development Goals addressed eradicating poverty and hunger, combatting diseases, promoting maternal and childhood health, increasing primary education, and sustaining the environment. ending hunger. Image : United Nations and Project Everyone / CC BY-SA.

Our EveryAction Hero: Feeding Wisconsin


With over 750 affiliate agencies across the state of Wisconsin, Feeding Wisconsin is dedicated to eradicating hunger and improving their community. Our mission is to help our food banks as well as our partners and stakeholders fight hunger and improve health and strengthen communities. We work to help improve the conditions for food banks and food pantries and also to ensure that people who are at risk of hunger have easy access to a meal.

New Intranet for Feeding America | Beaconfire Wire

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Feeding America is the nation’s largest charitable hunger-relief organization. The existing Intranet, used by the network members and the national staff, was not well organized, not intuitive, hard to update and difficult to use. Feeding America needed a new site and system that would allow them to promote 2-way communications and knowledge sharing between national staff and network members.

I'll Text for Food

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Hunger is a serious issue in America, especially in these hard times. Amy Sherman, who does the Cooking With Amy blog, participated in the Hunger Challenge along with several Bay Area food bloggers, including The Kitchn , Tablehopper , Alanna Kellogg , Blog Appetit and The Inadvertent Gardener who documented their experiences of living on $21 a week (a typical Food Stamp allotment). President-elect Obama pledged to end childhood hunger by 2015 during his presidential campaign.

How to write a Strong Nonprofit Mission Statement [Template + Examples]

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Project Concern International: PCI’s mission is to empower people to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship. National Wildlife Federation : Inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.

Achieving the SDGs: Taking Action for the 2030 Agenda In Your Community

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“We can end hunger around the world by 2030.”. When you consider a goal like ending hunger, you have a couple of choices. In 2015, the United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—also known as the Global Goals—to change the world for the better and leave no one behind by 2030. Now, back to our big “end hunger” goal. If that feels like trying to visualize the universe , what if we said this instead: We can end hunger in your city by 2030.

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5 Corporate Philanthropy Examples to Inspire Your CSR Strategy

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Each of these examples uses a unique tactic to engage employees and increase impact on the local, national, or international community. Kraft Heinz’s Rise Against Hunger Partnership. Several years ago, Kraft Heinz began a digital giving campaign called Huddle to Fight Hunger. After a successful first campaign the arrangement evolved into a permanent partnership with Rise Against Hunger, an international nonprofit that’s working to end world hunger.

At the table with Share Our Strength | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

Their mission of “No Kid Hungry&# is one we stand behind and their 10 point strategy for ending childhood hunger in America is smart and effective. The new Web sites for Share Our Strength, Great American Bake Sale, Operation Frontline, Taste of the Nation and Great American Dine Out are all part of the fun work we’ll be doing in the next few months.

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22 Statistics About #GivingTuesday Donors Worldwide

Nonprofit Tech for Good

5) The causes that donors give to on GivingTuesday: Hunger and homelessness – 13%. 14) 96% regularly vote in local and national elections and 37% donate to political campaigns.

10 Nonprofits to Support on World Humanitarian Day


Founded by the United Nations , WHD advocates for the "safety and security of humanitarian aid workers, and for the survival, well-being and dignity of people affected by crises.". Providing tools for sustainable change to populations most vulnerable to hunger, violence, and disease, CARE has earned its place in the hall of fame of nonprofits continuing to make the world a better place.

#KeepThePeopleDancing: Futures in Digital Engagement

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Here were her thoughts when I asked her to share her ideas about taking stock: Author: Adrienne Lalli Hills (Wyandotte Nation) While many of us might look to the 1918 pandemic as the last analog to this current crisis, the reality is that many marginalized communities have in the century since have endured systemic disease, hunger, and violence at degrees unimaginable to folks of privilege. This week, we're hearing from Adrienne Lalli Hills.

5 Community Needs That Companies Can Impact Now

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In response, many companies are funding hunger relief organizations including Feeding America , Meals on Wheels , and World Central Kitchen , which are quickly and efficiently deploying meals and groceries through trusted community partners. Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) is a national organization that supports a network of CDFI’s and companies are partnering with them to direct their funds locally.

How Successful Nonprofits Invest, and Reinvest, in their Online Presence

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In 2017, Race Forward merged with the Center for Social Inclusion to become the nation’s largest research, advocacy and services organization devoted to racial justice. A few years ago, Hunger Solutions New York (HSNY) targeted service providers as their primary audience. HSNY’s website now also targets individuals looking for hunger-relief services for themselves and their families, and offers content that reflects this shift, such as a SNAP pre-screening tool.

Lessons from the Field: How Food Lifeline is Operating During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Food do nations have had a sharp decline, especially from retail donors and so they begun food sourcing to cased-out essential groceries and produce. They have spun up project-based fundraisers when necessary to meet specific needs and have found their constituents and the community at large very generous to meet such critical needs for those facing hunger. .

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No Kid Hungry’s #SaveSummer Campaign Wins a Blackbaud Impact Award

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A multi-channel campaign to end childhood hunger. As part of their mission to end childhood hunger in America, No Kid Hungry launched the 2014 #SaveSummer campaign to engage their supporters across the country. To kick off the texting program, No Kid Hungry hosted a national Stand Up For Summer texting day on June 3rd, 2014. Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign is one of the most innovative and successful examples of nonprofit achievement.

Mary Robinson

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The first was the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. These goals commit all countries of the world to make progress on critical social objectives, such as ending poverty and hunger, improving access to clean water, education, and gender equality, as well as a dozen others. Thanks to being a Skoll Award winner, I am frequently blessed with the opportunity to hear from the world’s most inspiring leaders.

82 Fundraising and Social Media Stats for Nonprofits

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Donating money has increased in 2017 among those donors from developed nations (from 40% in 2016 to 42%), but has declined among developing countries (from 25% in 2016 to 24%). The top five causes for women are children and youth (15%), animals and wildlife (13%), health and wellness (10%), human and social services (8%), and hunger and homelessness (8%) ( Global Trends in Giving Report ). Fundraising Stats. The average online gift in 2018 was $96.40

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SocNets for Associations | Beaconfire Wire

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To Nonprofits Everywhere: Thank You

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A blog post done by The Borgen Project , a Seattle-based organization that works to address poverty and hunger, asserts that that there are multiple ways nonprofit work contributes to the national economy. Well, it’s getting to be that time of year again: the season where we sit down with everyone we care about and remind ourselves of what we’re truly grateful for. It sounds cliche, but it’s an important thing to acknowledge.

Why You Need to Game Your Supporters


Whether your nonprofit is addressing more recent issues like the digital divide or societal ills as old as hunger, your mission can feel Herculean, even impossible. The United Nations Foundation made the massive health issue of malaria in Africa accessible with its easy-to-use Nothing But Nets game. This is a guest post by Jesse Noyes. He’s a Corporate Reporter at Eloqua.

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Upcoming Webinar May 28: Help Youth Find a Free Meal this Summer

Tech Soup Blog

Libraries, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations can help fight youth hunger by sharing information about local free summer meal sites. Only one in six children who are eligible for the National School Lunch Program take advantage of the Summer Food Service Program. Patrice Chamberlain, Director, California Summer Meal Coalition will talk about youth hunger and share how the Summer Meals program improves access to nutritious meals and builds community in the process.

Work on Stuff that Matters

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I see this hunger for meaning in most of the people I'm privileged to meet: from the college freshman to the fresh grad to the mid-career professional and the senior executive. Education the way we've always done it isn't meeting the needs of our nation. I was impressed when I heard Tim O'Reilly recommending to all tech folks last year that they Work on Stuff that Matters.

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Caltech: Founding Values

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Think of the freedom that can be promoted by greater sharing of the benefits of science and technology: freedom from hunger, from thirst, from illness, freedom from ignorance, illiteracy, from lack of education, freedom from human rights abuses, from tyranny. Address on receiving Caltech’s Distinguished Alumni Award May 18, 2013 Caltech was founded to give back to society through science and engineering, to discover knowledge and apply that knowledge.

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17 Goals in 14 Years—This is Impact 2030. Let’s Build a Better World.

Connection Cafe

That’s 14 years to end discrimination against women, to give everyone access to clean water, to achieve inclusive and quality education, to protect our oceans, to build safer and sustainable cities, to eradicate hunger, and to develop partnerships that make it all happen. The even starker reality is that the majority of countries effected are, and will be, developing nations.

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Feeding a Need: New App Helps Youth Find Free Summer Meals

Tech Soup Blog

The statistics on hunger in America are startling: 14.5% During the school year, federal programs like the National School Lunch Program help close this nutrition gap by providing free or reduced cost meals to low-income students. Unfortunately, only one in six youth who are eligible for the National School Lunch Program take advantage of the Summer Food Service Program. Millions of low-income students rely on free or low-cost school meals.

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[Case Study] Why Nonprofits Should Save Some Marketing Budget for Facebook Advertising


nonprofit fighting to end child hunger in America, wanted to increase registrations for its Bake Sale for No Kid Hungry , a national fundraising initiative that encourages people to host bake sales in their communities to help end childhood hunger. Guest post by Amanda Sides.

Can Nonprofits Really Raise Money With 5Ks?

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You are trying to cure sickness, end hunger, or advocate for the homeless. The Run to Home Base is a 5 and 9K race benefiting the nation’s first and largest private sector clinic devoted to healing invisible wounds for post-9/11 veterans, service members, and their families. According to the 2015 Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Benchmark Study , 5K events are struggling to recruit participants and raise funds.

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How Skills-Based Volunteerism Creates Transformational Experiences

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The most prominent answers were hunger, poverty, racism, education, police brutality, and pollution. Then I showed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and asked if anyone knew what they were, or if they had ever seen them. One of my core values, both personally and professionally, is to give back to my local community.

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Book Review: “Charity Case”

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Back then, Dan was the chair of the Harvard Hunger Action Committee that led a 4,200 mile cross-country bike ride to fight hunger. Gather the best thinkers to design a national civil rights act for charity and social enterprise. “Our sector does have an extremely proficient and hard-working national advocacy organization: Independent Sector.

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What Best Practices Exist in the Nonprofit Sector to Improve Operational Effectiveness and Achieve Greater Impact?

ASU Lodestar Center

Over the past decade, efforts have been increasingly made to encourage the adoption of effective practice methodologies in the nonprofit sector (National Resource Center, 2010). It is important to understand how the identification and implementation of effective practices can impact an organizations success (National Resource Center, 2010). This step involves not only considering immediate needs, but also anticipating future needs (National Resource Center, 2010).

Donors needed for our friends in Japan. Will you help?

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American National Red Cross. Action Against Hunger ACF-USA. Stop Hunger Now. Author: Molly Brooksbank. It’s just few days after the worst earthquake ever recorded in Japan, followed by a devastating tsunami and still uncertain consequences around affected nuclear plants, and many of us are thinking about how we can help. I’m thinking about Japan a lot this week because I lived in the Kansai area (about 3 hours southwest of Tokyo on the bullet train) for 4 years.

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Cisco Strengthens Three Square Food Bank's Network

Tech Soup Blog

One of Cisco's less-known good works is its signature Global Hunger Relief Campaign each year. Cisco donation recipient Three Square Food Bank in Las Vegas is a strong ally in this essential hunger relief work. The food bank really needs a modern IT system to organize and execute this hunger relief work. One in six Southern Nevadans — more than 315,000 people — struggle with hunger.

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Times are hard. Associations make the world better.


We were at the National Building Museum, with it’s spectacular architecture highlighted with uplights, an understated stage set, and beautiful party decor. There was a live performance of the national anthem by Northwestern High School’s talented choir, and later a performance by Nashville music star, Gabe Dixon. With as many as 40,000 people in their community impacted by hunger, their member farmers are making a difference.

Zoetica Salon Summary: Feeding America’s Social Media Measurement Strategy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Feeding America is the nation’s leading hunger organization with a network of over 200 food banks serving 37 million Americans struggling with hunger. “ For example, during Hunger Action Month in September, Feeding America created a tab on their Facebook page where people could share a different action every day. At the end of the month, we could gauge our share of conversation in the hunger through listening tools.

Cool Association Jobs This Week – December 8


Founded in 1988, RGI manages associations of varying sizes and budgets, ranging from local, to regional, to national, to international. Network Programs Officer , The Global FoodBanking Network – The Global FoodBanking Network works to alleviate hunger and malnutrition by launching and accelerating the development of food banks around the world. Here are some of the most interesting jobs you can find via the SocialFish job board !

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Why I Do Good: Starry Night

Have Fun - Do Good

I studied sociology, did a summer internship for the National Coalition for the Homeless , studied in Sweden for a semester (so that I could understand how their public policy worked), co-chaired Vassar''s Hunger Action chapter, and wrote a couple pieces about social-changey things for the student newspapers. I''m exploring the roots of my desire/need/compulsion to "do good."

10 Free Nonprofit iPhone Apps

Nonprofit Tech for Good

National Public Radio :: Download. The ultimate portable NPR experience for your iPhone or iPod Touch, the NPR News App allows you to follow local and national news and listen to your favorite NPR stations wherever you are and whenever you want to. MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger :: Download. First there was 10 Nonprofit Text Alert Campaigns. Then 10 Nonprofit Mobile Websites. Now 10 Free Nonprofit iPhone Apps.

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