Carfree Ciclovia in Colombia

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Earlier this year I posted about how Ode Magazine reported that The Happy Planet Index , a project of the New Economics Foundation , ranked Colombia as the 2nd happiest place for the planet. Because my hubs is from Colombia, I like to keep up with the positive Colombia stories, so I wanted to share this 9-minute online video, Ciclovia: Bogotá, Colombia by StreetFilms. Bogotá Colombia Ciclovia biking public space

Nancy White is in Colombia Playing the Social Media Game

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Nancy White is doing some workshops in Colombia. Nancy's Flickr Set. Here are some photos. She is using the Social Media Game -- can't wait to read about it! The live stream is here. More here from Stephen Downes


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Colombia is the 2nd Happiest Place for the Planet

Have Fun - Do Good

According to Ode Magazine , The Happy Planet Index , a project of the New Economics Foundation , ranks Colombia as the 2nd happiest place for the planet. Colombia 3. I'm not sure if everyone in Colombia would agree with this index, but it is nice to see a positive portrayal of Colombia for once. My husband is from Colombia, and whenever we meet someone new, and he tells them that he's Colombian, there is an awkward pause, and then they make a joke about cocaine.

Dr. Karen Ramey Burns

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Over the last 17 years, Kar and I crossed paths in Haiti, Guatemala, Colombia, and many times at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS. Equitas human rights AAAS ColombiaA Guest Reflection by Dr. Patrick Ball, Benetech's Chief Scientist I am terribly sad to learn today of the untimely death of a friend and mentor, Dr. Karen Ramey Burns.

Why Toms Shoes And AT&T Are Taking A Virtual Reality Trip To Colombia | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce

AFP Blog

Why Toms Shoes And AT&T Are Taking A Virtual Reality Trip To Colombia | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce : "Almost seven years after that original ad, AT&T once again teamed up with MyCoskie and Toms to show how far the business had come, with another ad profile, this time during the Oscars.

Four Food Charities Fighting Hunger Locally During a Pandemic


We spoke to four food security organizations in Colombia, Portugal, South Africa, and the United States to better understand the challenges facing organizations working in food security and the ways the pandemic has shifted operations for them.

Counting Deaths in the Rionegro Cemetery

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Although I began reading academic papers that described the social and political climate in Colombia, as I dove into the data, I never saw the names of victims-- only counts of those who had died. And then we went to Colombia. Tags: NNs Rionegro HRDAG human rights Casanare Colombia

Colombia’s “False Positives�

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Guest blog from Beatriz, one of Benetech's human rights team members in Colombia. But today's mood in Colombia is more somber than usual. We Colombians are a resilient breed, accustomed to waking up to all kinds of distressing news and still somehow managing to go about our daily business. El Espectador, one of the two most important national daily newspapers, screams out in today's editorial: "Shame!"

Clinton Global Initiative

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Clinton has a great talent for making everybody feel like they're important: I liked the way he interacted with Vicky Colbert, the great education social entrepreneur from Colombia I'm greatly enjoying the CGI event this week in New York. Many great social entrepreneurs running around along with the world leaders (and of course, Angelina Jolie). I've been taking a fair number of pictures.

Global 100

How Nonprofits Can Steward Corporate Donors on Social Media

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Because of the ingenuity of GFN’s corporate donors, a Colombian hunger-relief organization – Banco de Alimentos Bogotá, a member of the national food bank network system, Asocación de Bancos de Alimentos de Colombia – was able to distribute a large quantity of high-value groceries.

Dancing for Peace: Big Vision Podcast with Sara Potler

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Dance 4 Peace began in Bogotá, Colombia as part of Sara's Fulbright Scholarship project in 2007. New York City, Colombia, the Philippines, and Nepal. "We had a blast! These kids over the course of the next 18 months did not really fully comprehend that they were learning basic social, emotional, and civic competencies because they were moving and dancing the entire time." -- Sara Potler Sara Potler is the Founder and CEO of Dance 4 Peace.

International Human Rights Day 2011

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Through projects that integrated statistical analyses into multidisciplinary human rights work, we engaged in the public debate about human rights violations in Colombia. This analysis is now helping to reframe how sexual violence is studied and understood by groups in Colombia and by the United Nations. Second, we strengthened the public debate about the free trade agreements that Colombia negotiates with the U.S.

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society - Untitled Article

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Patrick Ball is in Colombia for most of the next three months teaching the techniques of human rights statistics and information processing at the National University there. Our human rights group is active all over the place right now. Africa is definitely getting more attention from us. Kristen Cibelli is on her way to Uganda right now.

Make #GivingTuesday 2021 Count!


Andrea Ortega, Director of Nonprofit Services Andrea hails from Cali, Colombia by way of Miami, FL. She has a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from the University of Central Florida (UCF) and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Public Affairs at UCF with a focus in Nonprofit Management.

Bill Clinton Taps Revamped Causes ‘Birthday Wish’ To Raise Money For Charity

AFP Blog

Bill Clinton Taps Revamped Causes ‘Birthday Wish’ To Raise Money For Charity: "Former President Bill Clinton is looking to turn his 64th birthday into an opportunity to counter malnutrition in Colombia, reduce childhood obesity in the US, and improve lives around the world.

Local Stories, Global Audience

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The text reads: Colombia, land of images. There is a lot of talk about war in Colombia. About a month ago, Globels announced the first five citizen media outreach projects to receive Rising s microgrants. So, I'm keeping an eye on the progress reports for inspiration. This video blogging workshop in Columbia caught my eye: ??lvaro lvaro Ramirez , Jorge Montoya , and Juliana Rinc??n.

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society - Untitled Article

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

One of our biggest areas of work is in Colombia, a place where violence and human rights abuses are not a thing of the past. They concentrate on recovering the remains of the many people disappeared during Colombia's complex and violent internal conflicts. Helping protect human rights information is one of our critical goals at Benetech.

Benetech Human Rights Data Analysts Uncover Critical Evidence

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The past year of research by HRDAG analysts has supported key criminal prosecutions and uncovered the truth about political violence in Guatemala, Iran, Colombia, Chad and Liberia. As the worldwide debate continues about the release of government information by Wikileaks, history has shown that the uncovering of government data can be an important factor in human rights investigations.

Chad 116

Announcing The Art of Relevance Audiobook! Get Your for Free Today.

Museum 2.0

Last year, when I released The Art of Relevance , people asked if there was an audiobook version in the works. It honestly hadn't crossed my mind. Since then, I've learned how many people read books with their ears instead of their eyes. I knew if I wanted to make the book relevant and accessible, I should get on it. So I am thrilled to announce that The Art of Relevance audiobook is now available for YOU to listen to on Audible , Amazon , and iTunes.

Nonprofit Technology Celebrates International Women's Day

Tech Soup Blog

Catalina Escobar , executive director of MAKAIA in Colombia. Full disclosure. I'm not a woman, but I am a wholehearted celebrant of International Women's Day. One of my great joys in my long career in nonprofit technology has been seeing the extraordinary success of so many women in our field. I just want to mention a few of them. More About International Women's Day. International Women's Day came about in its current form in 1975.

Guatemalan Police Archive Finds Evidence in Disappearance Case

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

A Guest Beneblog by Tamy Guberek (Benetech HRDAG team member from Colombia) There is important news this month from our partners at the Guatemalan National Police Archive, which has worked since 2006 with Benetech’s Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG).

Daniel Ben-Horin on Campus Party

Tech Soup Blog

Since 1997, in Spain , Mexico , Brazil , Chile, Ecuador , Colombia - and soon in Peru - Paco and his team have been serving up their magic brew. TechSoup's founder and co-CEO Daniel Ben-Horin, took to the Huffington Post last week to talk about an innovative technology phenomenon that's growing around the globe and coming to the U.S. soon: Campus Party. Campus Party. is one of those names that doesn't translate perfectly. It's not a.

Win 2 Tickets to the Global Fund for Women 20th Anniversary Gala

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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Honorable President of Liberia, as well as women leaders from Colombia, South Africa, Malaysia, Liberia, Bosnia/Herzogovina and Egypt will be honored at the event. Many of you contacted me to say that you enjoyed my interview with Kavita Ramdas , the President and CEO of the Global Fund for Women.

Wikileaks War Data Reveal Underreporting of Iraqi Civilian Casualties

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This method has been used for estimating large-scale killings in Guatemala , Kosovo , Perú , Srebrenica , East Timor , and Colombia , among others. A Guest Beneblog by Anita Gohdes, Jeff Klingner, Megan Price and Patrick Ball The recent release of almost 400,000 secret US military files on the war in Iraq through Wikileaks has attracted wide media coverage.

Iraq 122

8 Superpowers For Thriving In Constant Change

Eric Jacobsen Blog

v, AnyRoad, and Unsettled, as well as governments ranging from Singapore to South Africa, Canada to Colombia, Italy to India. Change is universal and inevitable. Change is disorienting. Change clouds your horizons and paralyzes your courage.

President's Update: Summer 2008

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Here are the highlights of this update: for Education awarded $32 million over five years Miradi, our new project management software for the environment Human rights: the International Criminal Court, Colombia, Liberia and Darfur Recruiting: Betsy Burgess joins as our first Director of Marketing Landmine Detector Project on ice, Route 66 Literacy revived for Education awarded $32 million The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) of the U.S.

Training Afghani NGOs in Cambodia

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

You can read about some of the NGOs that have used Martus to back up their data in Guatemala, Sri Lanka, the Phillippines, and Colombia. Guest Beneblog by Vijaya Tripathi As a Program Associate for the Benetech Human Rights Program (HRP), I train and support human rights advocates who use Benetech’s free and open source Martus program to securely document human rights violations. Human rights documentation can take many forms including interviews, photographs, and official documentation.

Drive Attention and Gain Donations on Facebook with Video Storytelling

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Using a handful of photos and video clips shot entirely on a mobile phone, ShelterBox created a video days after the landslides hit Peru and Colombia in an effort to drive donations in the wake of the devastation. Sponsored by Animoto. Nonprofits have a unique advantage on Facebook. Facebook is an environment where billions of people go to check in on what matters most to them and this includes the causes they’re most passionate about.

Social Media Game in Khmer

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Most recently Nancy White did a version in Colombia. Back in January for the LASA Conference, I did a session with David Wilcox on Social Media that include an introduction and the social media game. I done various remixes -- for example most recently for fundraising and a version for Filmmakers. A number of o ther folks have remixed the game -- and it's been translated into different languages too.

Remix 50

Fueling Progress Towards Gender Equality and the 2030 Global Goals

Connection Cafe

And, in our initial six pilot countries (which include Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Senegal) we plan to take a deeper look, using national data, research and story-gathering to understand where progress is being made and where it is lagging. .

Goal 25

How a Multi-Sectoral Partnership is Fueling Progress Towards Gender Equality and the 2030 Global Goals

Connection Cafe

And, in our initial six pilot countries (which include Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Senegal) we plan to take a deeper look, using national data, research and story-gathering to understand where progress is being made and where it is lagging. .

NpTechTag Summary: NpTech Events, Twitters, and Green Web Hosting

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Global NpTech: African Civil Society to Colombia Saidia.Org Blog is gathering stories about Web2.0 and African civil society for Web2 for Dev Nancy White is doing workshops in Colombia. Net2 Houston, August Photo by Eschipul Nonprofits in Second Life Gala Opening Photo by RubyJi By looking at the photos tagged with NpTech, nonprofit techies were either on vacation or attending events.

The Steep Challenges of Philanthropy to the Muslim World

Tech Soup Blog

I also liked the work we did a few years ago to support telecentres in poor communities affected by civil war in Colombia. TechSoup Global’s Dara Westling attended the recent Global Donors Forum in Washington, D.C. to report on Tech for Good trends and also to find out how things are going in one of the most challenging areas of philanthropy: providing much needed help and support to people in the Muslim world. Dara Westling. Dara has possibly the longest title at TechSoup.

This Young Woman Keeps Her Gloves On: Maria Estela Godinez

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Colombia???s story and photo via Ricardo's Blog. The young woman in the pink shirt and gloves is Maria Estela Godinez. She recently shared the stage with Intel Chairman, Craig R. Barrett , during his keynote at the Digital Leaders Forum as part of his Latin America trip. Maria Estela Godinez is currently studying high school in her hometown San Francisco del Rinc??n, n, M??xico. She lives with her mother, a single parent, and five other siblings. Her passion is electronics.

Lessons on Policymakers, Gender Equality, and Data

Connection Cafe

By surveying 109 policymakers across Indonesia, India, Kenya, Senegal and Colombia, Equal Measures 2030 was able to get some insight into policymakers’ perspectives on gender equality and how much these were grounded in data and evidence—a crucial part of understanding where change needs to happen in order to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for girls and women by 2030.

Doctors without Borders Podcast Creates Connection

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It was a little over 10 minutes long and talked about medical needs in Sudan, the ongoing challenges in Colombia and how people with HIV/AIDS in the developing world are being denied access to new "second-line" AIDS medicine. (My I got a press release this week (I feel so alternative media), announcing that Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontiéres has started podcasting (yay!).

How Nonprofits Have Reframed Their Messaging in the Wake of COVID-19

Connection Cafe

Imagine living amidst conflict in Yemen, or avoiding your backyard in Colombia because there may be weapons leftover from war that are contaminating your land. Nonprofit work is essential in this country.

Yemen 41

In Search of Hope: The Global Diaries of Mariane Pearl

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"[N]ow I have an answer for my son, who lost his father to blind hatred. Yes, there is hope in the world, and it isn't naive or even idealistic. It is real."--Mariane Mariane Pearl, In Search of Hope. In 2006, journalist Mariane Pearl traveled the globe for Glamour magazine to profile women who are changing the world. She traveled over 100,000 miles and interviewed 12 women activists who are working on solutions to everything from sex trafficking, to global warming, to AIDS.

Guest Post by Ivan Boothe: Social change takes more than social media

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Where it has been getting integrated into social justice organizing, it's largely been outside the United States, in places like Colombia and Egypt. Submitted by Ivan Boothe, publisher of the Rootwork Blog Over at the NetSquared blog, Joe Solomon provided a great roundup of reasons people might be "jaded about social media for change" and ways they overcome it.

Snapshot of Worldwide Electronics Recycling 2013

Tech Soup Blog

Four countries in Latin America now have e-waste laws or rules: Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. Just thought I'd take a look at the state of electronics recycling around the world to see how we're doing. World Snapshot. According to the International Environmental Technology Center of the United Nations Environment Program. UNEP) the volume of e-waste is increasing by 40 percent per year worldwide.

Support Women Survivors of War with $27/month

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T he program works in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sudan. "The program 'has dared me to hope-of having a house, of living in peace, of reclaiming my dynamism, my dignity. If not director of a school, I would like to be someone of importance, someone of value again.'"--Honorata (pictured left) about her experience with Women for Women International.

Congo 40

Jewish Television Network Delivers Online Religious Service


From Colombia, South America… we are very far from a synagogue. Once again the Jewish Television Network let people remotely watch Kol Nidre (Jewish High Holiday) service from their home via live webcast. And, for the second year in a row it was a hit. Now I don’t think the point was that people should stay home and experience religious services that way. But there is real demand for this among people who don’t have a choice, because of their location, or illness, etc.

Reflections on the Science Center World Congress

Museum 2.0

One woman stood up at a keynote to tell the other delegates how expensive it had been for her to come to the Congress from Colombia and how desperately she wanted help and support from other centers to be able to serve her visitors. What is the Science Center World Congress ? It's a question whose answer eluded me from the day I registered eight months ago through the first few days of the conference this week.