Binance to Donate $10M to Ukraine Humanitarian Effort

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Binance, the world's leading crypto and blockchain infrastructure provider, has committed US$10 million minimum to help the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine through its Binance Charity Foundation.

What 10 Nonprofits Are Doing to Aid Ukraine and Its Refugees

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While there are many more notable organizations working on the humanitarian crisis, here is a look at what 10 of your nonprofit peers are doing to support Ukraine.


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Global philanthropy responds to the Ukraine crisis


Since February 24, more than two million people have fled Ukraine. Governments have also directed hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance for Ukraine. We have been tracking philanthropy’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

New Research: One in Four Americans Have Given in Response to the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

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Three weeks into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one of the largest humanitarian crises since World War II is unfolding. Fidelity Charitable conducted a survey among a general population of Americans on March 9, 2022, to understand how they are supporting those affected. International Affairs News/Stats/Studies Fidelity Charitable

How You Can Help The People of Ukraine Right Now


The Ukraine crisis has resulted in civilian casualties, injuries, and severe damage to civilian infrastructure. As the people of Ukraine oppose the invasion, many are forced to flee their homes and take up residence in shelters or in foreign countries as refugees.

Have You Received Charitable Donations From Russian Oligarchs?

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In light of the horrific war that has been unleashed on Ukraine, should your nonprofit continue to steward and receive their support? Accountability Major Gifts Major-gifts russian oligarchs war in UkraineOver the past two decades, hundreds of U.S.

How Nonprofits are Navigating the Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine


As nonprofits across the world work together to navigate the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Alexandra Toma, a leader in peace and security funding, says philanthropy “must increase its investment in peace and security broadly, and diversify who receives Read More ».

Update: Philanthropy’s response to Ukraine crisis


Since March 11, when Candid last looked at the global philanthropic response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, human suffering and economic devastation has only increased. Other marginalized groups fare even worse, accounting for less than 1% of Ukraine grant dollars. Ukraine.

Guidance for making grants to support Ukraine


This piece provides guidance for funders on making grants to support Ukraine. funders who want to make a grant to support Ukraine but don’t know where to start is to give through a U.S.-based It was original published on the Council on Foundations' website. .

What to Expect When Recruiting Software Developers from Ukraine? 

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Today, more and more business owners and entrepreneurs are finding Ukraine as the most attractive to outsource their IT services. The post What to Expect When Recruiting Software Developers from Ukraine?

Canada launches new temporary residence pathway to welcome those fleeing the war in Ukraine

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Last month, Russia began a military invasion of Ukraine, launching attacks on several cities. The Government of Canada has issued a call to all employers who wish to support Ukrainians with offers of employment to register these offers on Job Bank’s Jobs for Ukraine webpage.

Help Empower Women Rights Organizations in the Ukraine

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A branch of my family tree is from the Ukraine. I’m giving my support as well as sharing my teaching and technology skills with Women’s Rights organizations in Ukraine. In Ukraine, nearly 2 million people are internally displaced. Please make a donation to this crowd funding campaign to bring women’s organizations from across Ukraine to Kiev for our Tech2Empower workshop in October 2015.

9 questions to help you develop an equity mindset

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With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the anti-transgender laws in Texas, the “don’t say gay” bill in Florida, the. Hi everyone. Data Race, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

Vanguard Charitable Survey: More Than 1 in 3 Donors Contributed to Disaster Relief Efforts

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More than 1 in 3 American donors gave half or more of their charitable contributions to disaster relief efforts in the last year, such as the Ukraine humanitarian crisis, COVID-19 relief, and natural disasters like wildfires. News/Stats/Studies Disaster relief Vanguard Charitable

Want to Support the Ukrainian People? Here are 8 Nonprofits That Are Providing Help

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Doctors without Borders – “As the conflict escalates, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is stepping up its medical humanitarian response to the deepening humanitarian crisis, both in Ukraine and in neighboring countries.”

Leveraging Technology to Respond to Global Crises

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One of the most critical and well-known international crises today is happening in Ukraine. Over 14 million people, primarily women and children, have fled to other countries or locations inside Ukraine and are currently unsheltered.

Celebrating National Disability Independence Day


We're partnered with the World Institute on Disability to help evacuate individuals with disabilities from Ukraine--and more generally, to move the Visionlink platform from assistive compliance, to actually well designed usability.

Collecting data during a humanitarian crisis


When a crisis occurs—whether it’s the war in Ukraine or the COVID-19 pandemic—people seek up-to-date information. They want to understand, for example, how the crisis is evolving or how many people are affected.

Compassion Services International on Growing Your Nonprofit Email List, Donation Thank You’s, and Powerful Storytelling


In our effort to highlight brilliant changemakers, we sat down with Cylinda Nickel at Compassion Services International to dive deeper into their global fundraising initiatives – particularly their work for Ukraine- and hear about her top fundraising tips.

The 10th annual human rights report: collaborating to drive impact


Candid has also provided technical expertise and data to support HRFN’s recent deep dives into key human rights issues, from funding for Black feminist movements , to intersectionality , to resources reaching the frontlines in Ukraine.

The data/crisis catch-22: How the pandemic created a social sector data gap  


Visit our COVID-19 , racial equity, and Ukraine philanthropic funding pages). Chances are you’re aware of how the COVID pandemic—and accompanying shortages, shutdowns, layoffs, and resignations—has wreaked havoc on supply and demand for everything from toilet paper to lumber to used cars.

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Nonprofit Grants: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation To Fund $9 Billion


It’s hard to imagine that there are people in the world who didn’t feel the effects of at least one of the setbacks he listed: the pandemic , the war in Ukraine, the damage from climate change, the progress we’ve lost in the United States in the fight for gender equality and women’s health.

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Three emerging trends in European philanthropy


With the war in Ukraine raging, people passionately debated how European philanthropy can continue to support humanitarian crises and, more generally, what philanthropy’s role is and should be in global conflict.

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Crypto Donors Don’t Wear Tinfoil Hats: The 14 differences between Crypto & Traditional Donors

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The 2022 crisis in Ukraine has shown that the crypto community can be moved to give at unprecedented levels as some estimates show that over $80M has been donated in just the first month of the conflict ( Crypto Donations for Ukraine Cross $83 Million Led by Ethereum & Bitcoin ).

COVID-19 disrupted HIV, TB, malaria services, threatening progress


Reprinted from PND.

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How the Global Fund Continues the Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

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Ongoing political upheaval in places like Ukraine and Yemen have killed and displaced millions. Twenty years ago, AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis were the deadliest pandemics on earth.

Yemen 56

CDP recommendations for philanthropy and COVID-19


Does your funding for humanitarian recovery in Ukraine allocate for health care resources to address the compounded traumas of COVID-19 and displacement?

Charitable Giving in a down economy: Performance strategies for any market


In a similar way, the war in Ukraine has funneled support dollars to international relief organizations since Russia’s invasion at the end of February. Lori Collins – SVP, Giving Sciences, One & All.

Stop nonchalantly using the language of war

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Though the world has its focus on Ukraine and two-tone flags are blooming everywhere out of solidarity and resistance, wars have been ongoing across the world for the past hundred years.

6 Tips for a Compelling Cryptocurrency Donation Page

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Now, in 2022 it is clear crypto philanthropy is having its global watershed moment as over $80M has been donated via crypto to aid Ukraine in Q1 of 2022. The first big tip: don’t make your fiat (regular USD money) donation page the same as your crypto donation page.

Best Practices for Protecting Your Organization from Cyber Security Threats


As the situation in Ukraine has continued to evolve, many governmental agencies have continued to release notices regarding the awareness of increased cyberattacks impacting various industries, and guidance to strengthen cyber security threat detection and response capabilities.

Five Reasons to Attend Nonprofit Summit May 17-18

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Although this year is no different in how we will once again come together virtually as a community for Nonprofit Summit, we’ll do so with heavy hearts for the devastation taking place in Ukraine and the surrounding regions.

How Nonprofits can Better Engage Millennials & Gen Z

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Organizations like World Central Kitchen and UNHCR are doing incredible work on Instagram and TikTok during the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine — using photos and video to share stories of helpers and displaced people.

Spotlighting the Benefits of the Stakeholder Economy at Davos 2022

Saleforce Nonprofit was thrilled to be a part of the 2022 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland late last month, as the event was held in person for the first time in two years.

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How the WHO Foundation is Improving Global Health with Salesforce

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million to deliver urgent healthcare to those in Ukraine and refugees was already up and running.

Diversify Your Year-End Campaigns: How To Be Mindful And Inclusive Of Cultural Traditions


Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, Montenegro, Russia, Moldova, The Republic of North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Belarus are all Orthodox countries and all of them have healthy communities in the US.

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Send a Successful Annual Appeal: Tips and Strategies


Take a look at how the International Rescue Committee changed its homepage to call attention to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the impact it’s had on people in conflict zones.

Nail Your Request for Donations During Economic Ups, Downs, and Crisis Times

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I’ve heard many people decide not to send an appeal because the think their donors are giving all their money to relief in Ukraine. For most of us, fundraising isn’t something that comes naturally, especially a straight request for donations.

The One Secret To Better Virtual Meetings: Empathy

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In a few weeks, I’ll be facilitating a training in the Ukraine with Wake International. As part of the curriculum development, we needed to have meetings with our trainers, some who are here in the US, but also with our partners in the Ukraine and one from Poland.

How Lessons Learned During the Pandemic Help Prepare Nonprofits and Higher Education for a Recession

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We have seen the geopolitical instability and the war between Russia and Ukraine, the inflation in the United States is reaching a forty-year high, borrowing costs are rising precipitously, and there is ongoing supply chain disruption.

Two Opportunities for Nonprofits to Power their #GivingTuesday Campaigns — Facebook Ad Credits & #MyGivingStory

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I’m just back from two weeks of inspiring work where I participated in a training for women organizations in the Ukraine and the International Fundraising Congress in Holland. So, expect more some posts this week from about what I learned. But despite jet lag and an over flowing email in box, I wanted to write up two opportunities for nonprofits that could help them power up their year end and Giving Tuesday Campaigns.

International Women’s Day: Using Technology to Empower Women and Girls

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Last year, I was honored to work on an amazing project that brought me to the Ukraine along with a delegation of women technologists to work with local women’s groups on building technology skills. This work helped strengthen organizations that reach more than 38,000 women across Ukraine, connecting women and their families with resources and services for a better life. March 8th is International Women’s Day.

From Kiev With Love: Teresa Crawford's New Blog

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Her first post is about her experience leading a social media workshop for staff from NGOs in Ukraine. This was part two of a series of workshops sponsored by the Ukrainian Citizen Action Network which is a USAID funded program based in Kiev but serving all of Ukraine. Teresa Crawford is in Kiev doing a workshop on Web2.0 for NGOs there. She used the Social Media game developed by David Wilcox. We had a few Skype conversations about this week.