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Grow the Human Skills: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication


The 4Cs or critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication complement technology and will serve any organization well in competitive markets. Set the example by modeling the behavior you would like to see. Welcome every proposal. Promote Collaboration Creative people understand the power of group thinking.

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article thumbnail 101 – Can A Robot Write Better Than You?

The Fundraising Authority

Maybe you need to create an appeal for an email campaign, a proposal, or a new set of thank you letters and you’re at your desk just wishing that coherent sentences would magically start appearing? I have used it to help me write appeals, emails, thank you letters, and draft some 1 and 2-page proposals.

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Six Steps On The Leadership Journey Of Development Professionals


Your proposals serve to gain their interest and “buy-in.” Be open to collaborating on programs, events, and funding opportunities with other local organizations that serve the same or complementary constituencies. Develops new programming Writing proposals introduces the opportunity for new or enhanced programming.

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8 Tips for Facilitating Nonprofit Hybrid Meetings

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Leaders can leverage the hybrid meeting model to change this by looking around the table and making sure all voices are seen and heard, whether participating on-screen or in-person. 50-50 Time Split: This model allows staff to work from home half the time. Hybrid Work Model. Hybrid Handouts. Hybrid Meeting Facilitation.

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Thoughts on the Social Collaboration Game from SHINE09

Amy Sample Ward

This past Saturday at the SHINE09 unconferance , David Wilcox , Andy Gibson , Drew Mackie and I facilitated a version of what was called the Social Collaboration Game. Tags: events collaboration shine09 social collaboration game socialmedia. Visit the SHINE socialreporter blog to read David’s post.

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Citizen Philanthropy: Delivering Impactful Pro Bono Support From Anywhere

Saleforce Nonprofit

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Venture2Impact (V2I) — a nonprofit organization based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada — had a business model that was entirely based on global travel. We developed stronger relationships within our team and across regions — even as we collaborated on this project from our homes. Kate O’Connor.

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Top Ten Data Challenges (And Solutions) for Associations

Association Analytics

Older models tended to be AMS-centric, leading to siloed data, static reports, and that trapped feeling. To help with this collaboration, those in leadership positions should make an effort to get everyone involved; working in silos keeps employees from doing their best work and providing the best member experience possible.