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Top Ten Data Challenges (And Solutions) for Associations

Association Analytics

Older models tended to be AMS-centric, leading to siloed data, static reports, and that trapped feeling. 4: Nobody Wants to Own Data Governance Challenge : Do you have a set of rules that nobody seems to follow? Or, did a brave soul volunteer to work on data governance only to find themselves restricted by those in higher positions?

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Philanthropy Delivers New Promise of Quality Education for All

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I had the opportunity to speak with both Gallucci and Roy about this unique funder collaborative and more specifically about how the Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education would measure the impact of their investments. This is where philanthropy comes in.


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Thoughts on the Social Collaboration Game from SHINE09

Amy Sample Ward

This past Saturday at the SHINE09 unconferance , David Wilcox , Andy Gibson , Drew Mackie and I facilitated a version of what was called the Social Collaboration Game. Tags: events collaboration shine09 social collaboration game socialmedia. Visit the SHINE socialreporter blog to read David’s post.

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How to Make Better Decisions Online

Non Profit Quarterly

Thousands of government institutions are already using digital participation platforms. They generally have several core functions that work well: collecting, reviewing, and revising ideas and proposals; voting on proposals; and reporting outcomes. They can make engagement easier, more transparent, and more accessible.

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Beyond the Idea Accelerator with Spencer Bolles: "Nonprofit InfoSec"


We are proposing a new entity that would work iteratively over time to fulfill four main purposes: 1. We must find ways to collaboratively and creatively address the nonprofit information security gap as a community. Information security professionals working in the government and the private sector. What is Nonprofit InfoSec?

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Libraries: The Oldest New Frontier for Innovation

Amy Sample Ward

That word change supports co-design, it encourages collaboration, and it ensures engagement. There are a few core elements of the way communities work that we can learn from as a model for innovation as well. Community-Driven Model. But in a community-driven model, you can’t just listen for the sake of learning.

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New on SSIR: Innovating at the Speed of Communities

Amy Sample Ward

Libraries, whether associated with a school, government, agency or geography, serve a community. Nonprofit organizations, local and federal governments, campaigners and even businesses are trying to innovate at the speed of communities. . Communities As A Model. Share the spotlight : Remember, you’re not driving.

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