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How Wikipedia Faces Emerging Knowledge with Collective Capital

Non Profit Quarterly

Health crises such as the recent outbreak of coronavirus add a heightened level of urgency to the work that Wikipedia does on a daily basis, and so Marketplace ’s Molly Wood sat down with Katherine Maher, chief executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation , to talk about the challenges of misinformation and the future.

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Open Source Feminism: An Intervention with Wikipedia


Open source is meant to be free and equal, but then why do men continue to dominate open source sites like Wikipedia? In February 2014, groups of artists and tech-savvy folks staged what called they called a “feminist intervention” to Wikipedia. community Community feminism Open Source Open Source sarah mirk Wikipedia Communications'


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Getting Forward to Normal: What Ketchup Packets, Yeast and Nonprofit Mail Pieces Have in Common

NonProfit PRO

There's even a Wikipedia page called "Shortages related to the COVID-19 pandemic," that includes not just the titular ketchup packets and yeast. During the pandemic, it seemed like every week there was a shortage of something you just assumed would always be available.

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How To Get a Wikipedia Page for Your Nonprofit

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

What has been your experience getting a Wikipedia Page for your nonprofit? Because it was such a painfully long process and because I couldn’t find too many complete articles when I googled “ Wikipedia nonprofits “, I decided to share the lessons we learned so that you may not make the same mistakes we made.

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Google Search Results Now Prominently Feature Nonprofit Google+ Pages

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Data is pulled from multiple sources including Wikipedia , GuideStar and of course Google+ Pages. Sierra Club :: Impact of Google+ Page and Wikipedia. Finally, for those nonprofits that are using Google+ Local , your reviews and location details are now prominently featured in Google Search results as well.

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What’s in My Inbox | Anatomy of the “perfect” email ask

Pamela Grow

I made my largest gift to Wikipedia ever (okay, only $35). Download Wikipedia’s email by clicking the image below. The fact that, more and more, propaganda disguised as “news” offered by Fox, Breitbart, and the like, is free and readily accessible, while fact-based journalism is often behind a paywall, should scare us all.

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Want to Get Your Content Out There? Put it on Wikipedia.

Museum 2.0

It might be Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an incredible place to reach hungry learners and join a community of dedicated researchers who care deeply about making knowledge accessible to everyone. This isn't rocket science, but it's surprising how few museums have gotten involved with Wikipedia. Anyone can contribute to it.