Going Virtual – An Alternative Volunteer Event Guide

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Even before our current health situation arose , technology has been the leading method of engaging employees in today’s society. The challenge – how do companies create meaningful volunteer opportunities for their global employees that engage, connect , and create impact?

Nonprofit Innovation Toolkits: Methods To Invent, Adopt, and Adapt Ideas to Deliver Better Results

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How would they engage enough of the global development community to test the prototype, and after that how would they get people to actually use it? Lucy Kimbell: Social Design Menu Method. Imagine scenarios of use, and provoke and inspire alternatives.


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Money Talks: The Latest and Greatest in Online Payment Services

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Behemoth Google—which doesn’t always get everything right but which certainly deserves credit for trying—has launched Google Wallet as a PayPal alternative. The first two are incredibly easy to set up, they both accept a wide variety of payment methods and each works across more than 100 different currencies. For a very long time PayPal has ruled the world of online payments and ecommerce transactions.

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Fair Use Victory Advances a Future of Accessibility for All

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

They decided that it is fair use both to create a full-text searchable database of copyrighted works and to provide those works in alternate formats that are accessible to patrons with disabilities. This fair use victory is crucial not only for our present work, but also for our social mission at large and for the future of our work under our Global Literacy program.

Getting Close to a Treaty!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Everyone who is not disabled globally can directly access Amazon.com and order books. Alternative B qualifies this issue so much as to make it ineffective. Information Point at WIPO Article J needs to be watched, to ensure it doesn’t become a back-door method of control used to exclude authorized entities that would otherwise meet the requirements of the treaty.

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5 Text Message Fundraising Ideas to Inspire You


Learning to use text fundraising now will help your organization pivot and raise emergency funds quickly in the event of a natural disaster, global pandemic, or other crisis situation. Would you be surprised to know that my favorite way to donate is by text?

31 Free And Affordable Software Options For Nonprofits On A Budget


Kindful CRM Integration: No, Salesforce is an alternative to Kindful. If you like the Kanban project management method, Trello is a great choice for project management.

How To Create A WordPress Website For Nonprofits On A Budget

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Nonprofit’s use SEO as a method to distribute their content and drive visitors to their website through organic search. In other words, SEO is an alternative marketing distribution channel to social media or online advertising that nonprofits are leveraging to drive real results. Thorn is a global nonprofit organization that tackles the growing problem of child trafficking and sexual exploitation.

3 South Florida Nonprofits Sucessfully Fundraising Amid COVID-19


Providing a variety of ways to donate allows your donors to select the method easiest for them. Alternatively, this event kept it simple with a Zoom call for up to 300 participants. As we all navigate this global pandemic together, when communicating with donors remember.

[VIDEO] Keeping Your Donor Database Healthy, Wealth, and Wise


But the one universal global thing is that data, data is just bad. Use fields provided for alternate names if you can for those nicknames. Preferred method of contact, how often you want to contact them? Robin L.

What’s Your Calling?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

At SXSW and facilitating a panel called A Global Discussion About Networked Nonprofits and Free Agents , I introduced myself with this photo of me and Lena, the master trainer from Yemen for the E-Mediat Project. He described the method as an alternative to technology lab classroom skills-based trainings. Sticky Note from TechSoup Global Summit (click on image for wiki). Flickr Photo by SMEXbeirut.

Report: Insights from the Google AI Impact Challenge

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There are also research reports , events, fellowships, and bootcamps , and an annual AI4Good Global Summit. If technical expertise is needed to scope an AI project, reach out to organizations or individuals with that expertise to pressure test whether there is a faster, simpler, cheaper alternative. . Where possible, make transparent modeling decisions and use transparent data collection methods to allow others to pressure test for responsible use of your technology. .

KONY, Networked Nonprofits, and Transparency

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I shared the video on my personal profile and it prompted quite a heated discussion in the comments between my colleagues. The controversy on my Facebook wall boiled down to those who felt the emotional pull of the story and those who had an alternative view. Our increasing connectedness should be celebrated as an effective method of achieving change, not as the change itself.

Live Blog: Is Technology Really Good for Human Rights

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Annabelle Sreberny, Professor of Global Media and Communication, School of Oriental and African Studies (with special interest in Iran, bloggers & social media). These are sophisticated attacks and as the regimes become more sophisticated in espionage methods, people engaged in human rights will have to live in a new threat environment. Susan Pointer: We took the decision as a very complex – google.cn It was not an alternative to the normal site.

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Bloggers Needed for Young Caucasus Women Project

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I met Katy Pearce via the Global s and I'm going to participate in her blog mentoring project and you can too! To promote citizen journalism in developing countries as an alternative to mainstream media. To promote weblogs as a method of democratic expression. Here's the description: Interested in developing the worldwide blogosphere? Like working with young people?

Preparing for Planned Giving Conversations—24 Terms You Need to Know

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There is no standard method between organizations, so CPDR can vary widely depending on what expense items are being included. In a more global setting however, ROI has non-monetary objectives such as public awareness of a product or new sales leads. Contingent Bequest: This is a provision in a will, trust, or estate plan that allocates a gift to a designated charity as an alternative to a higher priority bequest or condition to be met.

Solutionary Women: Mei-ying Ho

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In focusing on those four systems, we recognize institutionally how critical it is to merge the discussion about these various systems and political education to organizing, and how organizing is one method to initiate change for a more just world. For the first year and a half I was working as the coordinator of the educational alternative program that goes out into the high schools, and then was recruited to apply for the position of co-directorship here. Their method.

Should Museums Be Happiness Engines?

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For people who receive poor extrinsic feedback in their lives--students who are told they are dumb, workers in unstimulating jobs, people who feel shy and lonely--games may provide an alternative motivational structure that supports their growth and happiness. Might relate to how to interpret the global happiness findings. I see games and game design methods as underutilized, exciting systems that museums should add to our experience design toolbox.