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Generous Blogger Poster So many of you enjoyed and shared my post, 20 Ways to Be a Generous Blogger , I asked the hubs to create a poster for us. You can download a PDF of it for free from Dropbox at [link] Generous Blogger Contest I'd love to highlight your favorite generous blogger on Have Fun, Do Good , so I'm holding a little Generous Blogger Contest. P.S. You can hear me chat about the Way of the Generous Blogger on the World's Biggest Summit.

Paired Up: Must Have Smartphone Apps for WordPress Bloggers

Byte Technology

The best and most noticed bloggers working on the WordPress platform no doubt attribute much of their success to being able to post, update and edit on the go. And even for those WordPress users who aren’t bloggers but rather do online marketing, manage a cause-related site or administer an e-commerce concern, having the ability to remotely work on their pages is of vital importance. To begin with, Ulysses is an awesome writing tool that gives bloggers a terrific experience.


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The Write Words: Great Themes for Authors and Bloggers

Byte Technology

it may be hard to remember that the entire endeavor was begun specifically as a place where bloggers and writers could craft and share their words with a simple out-of-the-box and easy to customize site. As such, budding writers and bloggers as well as though who’ve been operating on WordPress for years still have so many great choices for themes built around the simple idea of helping wordsmiths connect with a readership.

7 Blogging Secrets Most Successful Bloggers Won’t Talk About

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The post 7 Blogging Secrets Most Successful Bloggers Won’t Talk About appeared first on Are you a pro or even a wanna-be professional in the exciting world of blogging for a living?

29 Nonprofit Bloggers to Follow on Twitter

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Last week I asked the followers of @NonprofitOrgs to nominate their favorite nonprofit bloggers. This time around I limited the list to individuals bloggers, rather than blogs maintained by associations, publications, PR firms, etc. The 29 nonprofit bloggers below are posted in reverse alphabetical order, all equally valuable. The list below is the result of that “Tweet Out&#.

22 Must-Circle Nonprofit Bloggers and Resources on Google+

Nonprofit Tech for Good

I joined Google+ a few months ago as an individual, but it hasn’t been until the recent launch of Google+ Pages that I began investing time in the exploring the Google+ community and tool set. Google+ is a bit more complicated than Facebook or Twitter, but already a significant source of traffic to this blog, and like most communities that get a lot of initial buzz, the growth rate of new followers is exponentially much faster during the early adoption phase.

9 Apps Every Traveling Blogger Should Have on Their Smartphone

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An experienced travel blogger knows that a lot of planning and fine details go into any new trip. The post 9 Apps Every Traveling Blogger Should Have on Their Smartphone appeared first on There are tons of stuff to get through before the plane ever sets off. Blogging comes with its own set of demands too. A host of digital devices and tools need to tag along to get every.

Blogger creates trouble!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Late breaking news from the Gathering. Yours truly clearly ticked off our articulate and thought provoking keynote speaker, Carl Schramm, the head of the Kauffman Foundation. Carl's foundation is the foundation for entrepreneurship. Carl started off with a spirited advocacy for the power of entrepreneurship, touching on the vision of Ewing Kauffman, the founder of his foundation.

10 Best free blogging sites: BlogSpot & Blogger Alternatives

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The post 10 Best free blogging sites: BlogSpot & Blogger Alternatives appeared first on BlogSpot is a Google-owned platform for free domains. on, the other hand, is also Google-owned but specializes in free blog publishing. The two are used together on That is to say, whenever one creates a blog post on, they are automatically served with a free domain from BlogSpot. Getting started on your.

20 Ways to Be a Generous Blogger

Have Fun - Do Good

After six years of blogging, and teaching others how to blog, I've been playing around with the idea of what it means to be a "generous blogger." The generous blogger. Mentors new bloggers. What do you think it means to be a generous blogger? “[A] gift is something that is given. You don’t own it. The world does. The world is asking you to use it.

Herding Cats, er, Bloggers

Connection Cafe

The Blogger Alias. We have a blogger alias set up in Outlook that allows me to easily communicate with team members. I use this sparingly with the hope that my bloggers will know if I’m sending something to all of them, it must be pretty important. Because I want to make their blogging experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, I send reminders every Friday to the next two weeks worth of bloggers. Author: Cheryl Black. Image from

Passports With Purpose: Travel Bloggers Helping Cambodia

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

created by four Seattle-based travel bloggers, returns for a second. I started blogging as expat and honestly, expat bloggers saved my life. When I started to meet my fellow bloggers and they were 73 times more awesome in person, well. Tell me about this fundraiser - who, what, why, when, how much, etc Who: Four Seattle based travel bloggers. Last year, we had a vague idea about "doing something good" using the collective clout of travel bloggers.

Nonprofit Podcast and Blogger @joangarry Profiles Healthy Happy Nonprofit Book

Beth Kanter

If you don’t already read Joan Garry’s nonprofit blog and or listen to her podcast , you should. She is a must read and a must listen. She has the experience of being a nonprofit executive director, but now works with nonprofits, assisting with crisis management, executive coaching and the building of strong management teams to support the work of the CEO.

Cambodia Bloggers: Five Years Later – Part 2

Beth Kanter

I started blogging in 2003 about nonprofits and social media and started second blog about Cambodia, “Cambodia for Kids” after the arrival of my daughter, Sara and discovering that there was a vibrant community of bloggers in Cambodia. It was terrific to see Tharum who was one of the first Cambodia bloggers. I also got to reconnect with these Cambodia bloggers - Norbert Klein , Lux Mean , Ramana Sorn , and Kounila Keo.

So You Think You Can Blog? Guidelines For New Bloggers


You're happy with the new blog design, you understand the platform you've chosen, you've gotten sign-off from above to move forward, and you've signed a surprising number of your staff up to serve as regular bloggers. You want to offer your bloggers some guidance and make them comfortable with the process since many of them are nervous about blogging and most have never blogged before. Fill your bloggers in! How often do you expect your bloggers to post?

November 10: Bloggers Raise Awareness About Refugees During Bloggers Unite

Have Fun - Do Good

Monday, November 10th, in an initiative similar to Blog Action Day , thousands of bloggers will post about refugee issues to raise awareness as part of Bloggers Unite. This isn't the first Bloggers Unite campaign. In the past, bloggers have written posts on the same day about human rights, acts of kindness, abuse, and organ donation. Bloggers Unite activism refugees

Blogger's Choice Awards

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Thank BALEX for this

Tea, Cupcakes and Creative Bloggers in Your Town

Have Fun - Do Good

A couple weekends ago I facilitated a 3-hour Tea, Cupcakes and Creative Bloggers workshop at Teahouse Studio. It was so much fun, I want to teach it again soon. I'm planning on offering it at Teahouse again in the fall, but am also looking for other venues for this spring and summer. If you know of a place that might like to host a TCCB gathering/workshop in the Bay Area and beyond, let me know in the comments, or email me at britt AT brittbravo DOT com.

Bloggers Who Create Community Award

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Roger Carr from the Everyday Giving Blog presented the Bloggers Who Create Community Award to Beth's Blog! Michele is an amazing blogger and a master of reflection and learning. Here's what he had to say: Beth is a guru in the use of technology for nonprofits. She seems to be involved everywhere nonprofit technology is discussed online. Beth practices what she teaches (and let's others watch and participate as she does it).

Another Cambodian Video Blogger. Yeah!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Click To Play Earlier today I posted about discovering some new photo blogs, podcasts, and videos from Cambodian Bloggers. Any other video bloggers want to offer some advice? Vuthasurf left me a comment that he created a video clip, uploaded to, but was having trouble getting the video to display in his word press blog. So I posted it on my wordpress blog and discovered that perhaps he didn't use the drop down menu to set it to word press.

7 Things Which Make a Blogger Unique

Get Fully Funded

Seven Things Which Make a Blogger Unique. But still in this article I’m going to cover some of the important factors which according to me play a major role in making a blogger unique. Unique Viewpoint - No matter what you are writing about, you will not be the only blogger who is covering that topic. Relation with other bloggers – How many contacts do you have in your niche? These were the seven things which I think help a blogger to be unique.

RSS Side Links & Blogger

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How can you stream and RSS as headline links down your sidebar in blogger? I know how to do this in typepad, but not blogger. If you want to have a stream a RSS feed as headlines on your side bar in blogger, after you create the javascript, where do you put in the template This is one of those stupd questions one that reveals your own stupidity. Since questions are your best teachers. I posted it here.

RSS 50

The 25 Best Leadership Bloggers

Eric Jacobson

Leadership Dan McCarthy tops 's recently published list of the Top 25 Leadership Bloggers. All 25 of the selected bloggers were selected because of their outstanding leadership knowledge and strong writing ability. Other familiar names, such as John Maxwell , Ron Edmondson and John Baldoni , made the list. You'll also find perhaps some not so familiar names.

Top nonprofit bloggers to follow on Twitter

Get Fully Funded

VolunteerSpot named it’s top 29 nonprofit bloggers to follow on Twitter this week and guess who made the list? You’ll find me in the #8 spot! Woohoo! I’m so flattered that folks find my blog ramblings helpful and worthwhile. Check out the whole list at [link]. And if you’re not following me on Twitter, you can find me at

Nonprofit Bloggers at Blogher

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This is Nancy White making a toast at the Saturday night dinner which was going to be nonprofit bloggers, but was a large group of everyone who wanted to eat together. There was a "birds of feather" nonprofit table and I think I photographed most of the bloggers with an interest in nonprofit blogging.

23 Years Ago Today and How Not To Pitch A Blogger Redux (And Twitter pitches too)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last year, I marked the date with the above photo and a post with tips for cultivating bloggers and how it was like a long term relationship. Blogger relations (not to be confused with blogger's relationships like I'm describing above) that is blogger outreach came up as a topic in a workshop I did on social media and the arts last year. So, here's some advice on how to not to pitch a blogger. There's lots of great advice about blogger relations and outreach.

Tools for Blogger

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

So I started trolling the net for new ideas and sample scripts for improving my Blogger site. As I play with these tools over the next while I'll offer more substantial reviews that might be useful to other Blogger-based bloggers out there - but until then, let me leave you with a few useful sites: 1. Blogger Templates. BloggerHacks is has a couple great additions to blogger down as javaScript.

Time Management for Nonprofit Techies (and Bloggers)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I thought of that cartoon today as I read Chris Brogan's brilliant post " Scaling Yourself " which seems to be resonating with bloggers and micro-bloggers including me. Flickr Photo by Mangee. Some of you in the nonprofit technology field may remember this wonderful cartoon " Time Management for Techies " created by Miriam Engelberg who we lost breast cancer about two years ago.

International Bloggers Day for Burma

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

To track Burmese bloggers, at home or abroad, keep your eye on Global Voices For resources on the struggle against the repressive military government in Burma in the US go t0 the US Campaign for Burma. Some useful links: Brian Alexander has an interesting post on the role of mobile phones and web technology in the mobilization of the movement within Burma. Among other things, he points out the YouTube channel of video's from the Burmese struggle.

Burma 40

The Blogger Returns

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

I've been absent from these pages a long time. There's so much going on my blogging has just gone by the wayside. Let's get back on track. What have I been up to? Well, for one thing, planning a trip over the holidays to Morocco and Mali. I've never been to the African continent before, so you can imagine how excited I am. The Moroccan part of the trip is the briefer leg - we'll be there about a week, in Casablanca and Marrakesh. We'll be travelling in Morocco with some good friends.

Blogger's credo, straight from fortune cookie

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Blogger's credo, straight from fortune cookie Originally uploaded by lisa.williams. So true

America's Giving Challenge Days: Bloggers Campaign!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I can't do this alone and that's why I'm asking my blogger friends to join me and in helping to raise money to help the many children who are touched by the Sharing Foundation's programs. These bloggers are also helping out with posts, adding the widget to their side bar, and encouraging readers/friends to contribute: Roger Carr, Everyday Giving Blog Michael Pick, Screencaster Rebecca Krause-Hardie, Pema Ts'al Amy Jussel, Shaping Youth Darren Barefoot, (Buy his book!)

America's Giving Challenge: Bloggers Campaign Roundup

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I launched a bloggers campaign as part of the Sharing Foundation's America Giving Challenge. Roger recently shared some thoughts about why he is participating in the bloggers campaign. I turned to one of my favorite nonprofit marketing bloggers and colleagues, Marc Sirkin , for some advice and help with the America's Giving Challenge for the Sharing Foundation. If you are a blogger and want to participate in this blogger's campaign, you can sign up here

A few Expat Bloggers in Cambodia

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Cambodian Blog community has many facets, including an active group of "ex-pat" bloggers. Details Are Sketchy is an anonymous blogger who writes about life in Cambodia. I think he might be the first ex-pat Cambodian blogger. Preetam Rai is not technically an ex-pat Cambodian blogger. Photo by Mythicaldude. Ex-pats are people who are citizens from other countries, but are living in Cambodia.

The Top (insert type) Bloggers Lists

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Seems like the "top bloggers lists" or "the best of XYZ blogs" lists are circulating. Even the idea that there could be a ranking of 'best' bloggers is mistaken. A few days I noticed a " 20 PR Powerwoman blogs " list which has morphed into the magical list of outstanding women bloggers and question, "Who is Missing?"

Joint Statement from Museum Bloggers and Colleagues on Ferguson and Related Events

Museum 2.0

Gretchen Jennings convened a group of bloggers and colleagues online to develop a statement about museums'' responsibilities and opportunities in response to the events in Ferguson, Cleveland and Staten Island. We are a community of museum bloggers who write from a variety of perspectives and museum disciplines. When basketball players are offering more cogent commentary on racial issues than cultural institutions, you know we have a cultural relevance problem.

Empowering Women Bloggers

Have Fun - Do Good

Two projects supporting women bloggers launched yesterday, the new Blogher network and the Young Caucasus Women Project. This week the adult mentor blogger, Joitske Hulsebosch posted her answer to the question, "Who in the World Would you Really Like to Send an Email/Letter to, or to Read Your Blog Posts and Why?" blogher Young Caucasus Women women bloggers net2

Mentoring Young Women Bloggers

Have Fun - Do Good

They are looking for bloggers from around the world to be blogging mentors for 1 week as part of the Young Caucasus Women project, a group blog for young women from the Caucasus region (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia). youth Young Caucasus Women arts education young bloggersBeth Kanter posted information about an interesting youth mentoring opportunity on the blog recently.

Want to work at Wild Apricot? Marketing Writer/Blogger job posting

Wild Apricot

Are you an writer and blogger with social media experience, and a background working with associations or non-profits? Wild Apricot is looking for a new member to join our marketing team! Are you looking for a great challenge at a great company doing great things? Then we’re looking for YOUR help to grow even bigger and better!

Job 88

Cyber Cambodian Session - Cambodian Bloggers Summit

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I see several other Cambodian bloggers live blogging and will links to their posts. I would like the bloggers to write about need for Internet access. He wants bloggers to advocate about a telecommunications policy. find link on the clogger site) Says that Cambodian bloggers should demand that the government create an acton plan to realize existing e-policy. Cyber Cambodian ???