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IREX staffer Haratounian wrongly imprisoned for spying in Iran

Forum One

While much of the US media has focused on the recent release of Roxana Saberi after being falsely accused of spying in Iran, other cases similar remain unresolved. Haratounian's family has set up a web site and invited the public to sign an appeal to Iran?s s government using your voice to help Silva regain her freedom.

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The “All In” Woman Philanthropist


the #MeToo movement in Asia , reproductive rights activism in Honduras , and the ongoing fight for women’s equality in Iran. In addition, there is increased global awareness of women’s issues such as reproductive rights in the U.S., What does this mean for grantmakers and philanthropy as a whole?


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Do Hashtags Help a Twitter Topic Search?

Wild Apricot

In a recent comment on An Introduction to Twitter Hashtags , Wild Apricot reader 88keyman came through with a really great question: Suppose I’m writing on a topic concerning Iran. If I include the hashtag #Iran, how does that differ from merely using the word Iran in my Tweet? read more ).

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Live Blog: Is Technology Really Good for Human Rights

Amy Sample Ward

That ethos continued until the last three years or so with issues in Burma, Iran, and China. In Iran we’ve seen it used to get out information and resist censorship but have also seen it used by the government to alter a mobile phone system and monitoring calls. Technology is amoral – it doesn’t care.

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Social Media: Not Just a Revolution, but a Voice for the Silenced


Women in Iran and protestors on Wall Street think so. During the Iran protests in February of 2011, a woman who was raped, sexually assaulted and beaten once she was identified as a "rioter" simply for voting, had no voice and little way to speak out about her experience. ., Social media may be changing that across the globe.

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Can Social Media Create and Spread Revolution?


Similar discussions surfaced last year during Iran’s Green Revolution, when many people on social media overlaid a green shade to their avatars and profile pictures to show their solidarity with the people of Iran. The Iran related hashtags also trended on Twitter.

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Beneblog: Technology Meets Society - Untitled Article

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Their website , found at [link] is an on-line memorial honoring over nine thousand victims allegedly killed by the Islamic Republic of Iran since the revolution in 1979 and an extensive library of documents relating to human rights and democracy. But you would hardly know it from looking at the beautiful website they just released.

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