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How To Perform a Database Cleanse

NonProfit PRO

But far too often, nonprofit databases are filled with random (and often meaningless) fields while also failing to track and report on key data fields for the purpose of analysis and strategic planning. When it comes to direct response, data is truly your most valuable asset.

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Your Complete Guide to Membership Database Software

Neon CRM

The first thing to understand about membership database software is that the name itself is pretty misleading. It’s actually a combination of two different functions: The database itself that holds information on your members and the platform that allows you to do things with that information.


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The Complete Membership Database Selection Guide

Wild Apricot

This membership database selection guide is perfect to help small organizations, associations and nonprofits just getting started with formally managing their member data or looking to switch systems.

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Ask Maureen: Cleaning Up a Messy Fundraising Database


Dear Maureen, My organization’s fundraising database is a hot mess! There are no rules, and that means our database is almost useless. Here’s what I’d recommend: I’d like you to schedule a meeting with everyone who uses the database and facilitate a few fact-finding sessions. These aren’t about placing blame!

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Database Management, Part 2


The post Database Management, Part 2 appeared first on Bloomerang.

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How to Set Up a Free Church Database Template Quickly and Easily

Wild Apricot

Here's how our free church database template can help and how to set one up quickly and easily. Wondering how to save time and money when it comes to managing your church?

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4 Tips For Maintaining Your Nonprofit’s Databases


Database are extremely useful in simplifying business operations, communication, and workflow for both the for-profit sector and nonprofit sector. Nonprofits and charities use databases to manage donor, volunteer, and B2B profiles and aggregate data. But of course, a good database can go down-hill if it is not properly maintained.

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