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Finding the Usual Suspects in your Database

Connection Cafe

In my last blog I talked about a segment of your audience that could use a bit more love: non-donors, prospects, casual observers—the usual suspects.

Spring Cleaning Your Database

Connection Cafe

Bad data is bad business, and there’s a cost to it: Inaccurate reporting, … Technology Cleanup data DBA Maintenance Training

4 Tips For Maintaining Your Nonprofit’s Databases


Database are extremely useful in simplifying business operations, communication, and workflow for both the for-profit sector and nonprofit sector.

Data Deduping Tips for a Tidy Database

John Haydon

I’m no database expert, and I’m not going to claim to be one. The post Data Deduping Tips for a Tidy Database appeared first on John Haydon.

Training on your new database

Robert Weiner

A question was posted to a listserve for nonprofit techies looking for tips on training staff on a new database. The trainer needs to understand the database, present technical concepts clearly and without jargon, teach at the students' level, and be incredibly patient. Train end users on a sample database, not production data.

Do It Yourself Cloud Databases


Ten years ago, if you had standard database needs (like CRM) you could use a desktop-based application like ACT or the Organizers DataBase – but if you had needs that were not served by a shrink-wrapped product, you would buy MS Access or Filemaker and someone would build a special database for you. Eric Segal. President.

Data on Databases


Databases are the technology that nonprofits love to hate. If you’re unsure about your current database, you aren’t alone.

3 Ways to Ruin Your Donor Database Before Entering Any Data

NonProfit Hub

But a donor database doesn’t just go bad on its own, and no system is immune from neglect or over-indulgence. Age/Birthday. Gender.

Reigning in shadow databases

Robert Weiner

The following story, posted with permission, was sent to the FUNDSVCS list in response to a question about how to reign in schools and departments at a university that keep their own shadow databases of contacts. I have a story that we have used quite often: A few years ago, we imported a shadow database into Raiser''s Edge.

Want To Learn How To Use Your Database To Grow Your Membership?

Wild Apricot Blog

What exactly is a membership database and how can it help you achieve your organization's goals? Here are details on an Expert Webinar with Wes Trochlil that can answer your database questions. webinar membership database

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3 Reasons Why Your Donor Database Should Be Used By Multiple Employees

NonProfit Hub

Here are three reasons why everyone in your organization should have their hands in the donor database regularly: 1. Major Gift Impact.

Data Therapy: 10 tips to optimize your Database Administrator


Data data culture database administration IT Staff Alan Gordon. Data Operations Manager. Society for Science & the Public.

Spring Cleaning Your Database, Part 2

Connection Cafe

If you haven’t already, take a look at my Spring Cleaning Your Database article from this time last year. Blocking and Tackling.

10 Mandatory Membership Fields to Track in Your Database

Wild Apricot Blog

It’s important to keep track of the right member information, because you can analyze it to develop growth, retention, or engagement strategies for your organization. From our experience, here are the 10 mandatory membership fields to track. form registration application strategy membership fields

On the value of donor database ratings

Robert Weiner

Donor Databases Nonprofit Management Nonprofit Technology SoftwareA colleague forwarded the following email from a vendor and asked how I think a potential buyer should respond. They have published numerous reports and whitepapers on technology for nonprofit organizations. Needs vary tremendously from one organization to the next.

Time to Review Your Membership Database?

Wild Apricot Blog

Wild Apricot has created a Guide to help small organizations identify your membership database needs; understand your options as well as offering tips and tools to help you make an informed software or system choice. membership records membership database management

Guide 19

Wes Trochlil’s Top 5 Tips on Effective Database Management

Wild Apricot Blog

Database expert and consultant, Wes Trochlil, gives us a quick run-down of his top 5 database management tips and speaks about his upcoming Wild Apricot Free Expert Webinar. database management

Take The Quiz: Are You Managing Your Membership Database Like The Top Nonprofits?

Wild Apricot Blog

To find out how your database management processes stack up against the top nonprofits, take this short quiz that Wes Trochlil (Founder of Effective Database Management) helped us put together. data management management trochlil wes membership database data quizAt the bottom of the quiz, compare your score against others.

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Is your Database Costing you Crucial Donations?


This is why the database you use is really vital to enabling you to effectively appeal to your various segments. Your database could be a goldmine of data just waiting to be put to the test. Also consider what historical and transactional information you need to bring over from Common Ground to your new database. ’ Yikes!

Membership Database Selection Blog Series

Wild Apricot Blog

One of the issues facing small membership organizations identified in our Blog Reader Survey was finding ways to better manage membership databases. association management Associations database database management Membership management membership records Non-profit technology nptechread more ).

Thinking about a donor database selection workshop

Robert Weiner

I'm planning a new workshop on selecting donor databases, focusing on the question, "Why is this so friggin' complicated?"

Membership Database Selection Part 2 - Understanding Your Choices

Wild Apricot Blog

Part 2 of our 3-part blog series on membership database selection outlines the software/system options available and their pros and cons in meeting small non-profit/membership needs.( read more ).

What Do You Need to Track in a Donor Database?


A donor management system is sometimes called a fundraising system or a donor database. Can you log a “soft credit” for gifts that someone else in the database—say, a board member—helped to bring in? Data data management databases donor database idealware low-cost donor databases nptech nten:research Fundraising

Finding the Right Donor Database for Your Nonprofit

NonProfit Hub

Get all of your organization’s information in one centralized database. One database manages your supporter relationships and their gifts, pledges and payments. The post Finding the Right Donor Database for Your Nonprofit appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Consider this—7 out of every 10 donors only donate once. Small Nonprofits.

Dirty data be gone! Five tips to spring-clean your database - Information, research and resources for fundraisers and their leaders

AFP Blog

Five tips to spring-clean your database - Information, research and resources for fundraisers and their leaders : "What about your database? Dirty data be gone! When was the last time you conducted some spring cleaning on your donor data so that data pulls, analysis and reporting didn’t require extra manual manipulation? NPDatabase

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Moving Your Database to the Cloud: Key Considerations to Prepare Your Move


Change Management Cloud cloud database cloud technology Data infrastructure in the cloud Leadership migrating to the cloud nonprofit IT infrastructure nptech IT Staff Tal Frankfurt. Founder and CEO. Cloud for Good. Here are my top ten (and a bonus one at the end). Here are my top ten (and a bonus one at the end).

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To raise money with social media, start with social data

Connection Cafe

Fundraising CARE data insights database nonprofit social mediaI’m sorry to say it, but.your social media presence is not the key to fundraising.

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Who are the people in your database?

Connection Cafe

At the end of last year, I spent a good deal of time analyzing our database (yes, my inner geek is showing) and asking the big questions: where do I need to make an investment? The reason marketers start here is the same reason a nonprofit should – making a connection to the real people in your database. Author: Jennifer Atkins.

Five Signs Your Nonprofit Is Ready to Migrate Your Database to the Cloud

Tech Soup Blog

In our 2012 Global Cloud Survey we found that only 12 percent of respondents, mostly from larger organizations, are using cloud-based client relationship management (CRM) database services like Salesforce for Nonprofits , or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We asked nonprofit cloud database expert, Tal Frankfurt of Cloud4Good. Very handy.

Finding the Perfect Donor Database

Wild Apricot Blog

If you’re facing the prospect of choosing a donor database system for your organization, drop by the Meeting Archives at to check out this recent addition: Finding the Perfect Donor Database in an Imperfect World. There are nearly two hundred donor databases on the market. Robert Weiner, independent.( read more ).

Infographic Friday: 2015 Nonprofit & Association Technology Trends


General cloud cloud computing cloud technology data database fundraising nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTechCloud computing continues to intrigue the nonprofit community. We’ve all have, or hopefully had, one of those servers in the back closet of the office. […].

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Managing Your Membership Database - Webinar Wed. May 2

Wild Apricot Blog

Here's a reminder about our Membership Database webinar on Wednesday, May 2. membership database management Wild Apricot webinar

How to Use Data to Achieve Your Mission

Wild Apricot Blog

Most nonprofits don't use their database to help achieve their mission. Database expert Wes Trochlil reveals how the most successful organizations use their data efficiently and effectively by asking the right questions. database management database data Wes-Trochlil

Infographic: Optimizing Your Nonprofit Donation Page


With online donations to nonprofit organizations on the rise, the onus is on the nonprofit to make the donation process as simple as possible.

7 Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs To Go Mobile


Mobile Tech database donation donors fundraising infographic mobile Mobile Fundraising Mobile Technology nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTechWhether you like it or not, the world is getting smaller. Not literally, of course. We would feel that pretty quickly.

Webinar: Hidden Heroes - the Buried Treasure in Your Database


“Hidden Heroes: the Buried Treasure in Your Database” TUESDAY, MARCH 19TH, 2013 at 2PM ET. In this webinar you'll learn: Where to look in your database to find your own HERO prospects. Just 3% of your existing donors who are giving average amounts today can boost your annual revenue by 30%. To do more with less!

Data hoarding: Does the term apply to your donor data?

3rd Sector Labs

Now, let’s talk about your donor database. Nobody gets rid of anything in your donor database. When was the last time you cleaned it up?

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How To Track Everyone Who's Anyone To You: Is A Single Database Right for Your Org?


In reality, a single constituent database usually means some sort of compromise. In reality, a single database means some compromise.

More fundraising software = more data headaches

3rd Sector Labs

Start with contact databases, donor management systems, and CRMs. Technology both simplifies and complicates our lives. There’s a lot.

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5 Content Marketing Tips That Yield Donors


General content marketing data database donation donations donors nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTech social media technology Content marketing is constantly transforming the information we produce and consume. Now more than ever it is being utilized to extend reach, bring in more traffic and produce leads for organizations.